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Jan 1, 2000
OOC: Read Anniversary before this

{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is sitting in front of a monitor backstage at Primetime. Since he's not scheduled tonight, he's dressed in jeans, cowboy boots, and a Charlotte Hornets basketball jersey. His hair is neatly pulled back in a pony tail and he's cleanly shaven. He still is sporting a band-aid above his eye from a cut sustained in his tag team match at Showtime, but otherwise he looks refreshed. He stares intently at the monitor as he listens to Commissioner Merritt finishes the lineup for Anniversary 2001...Southern then turns around to face the camera, a smile on his face...}}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " First of all, congratulations Evan. Ya' deserve ta' wear that title. Ya' know, I never dreamt it would happen this fast fer' me. I'll be quite honest, when I first got here, I was quite intimidated ta' say tha' least. But as tha' weeks go on, I get more n' more confident. Winnin' tha' Greensboro title in Na'lins was very special, it got mah' blood pumpin, it got me wantin' more. N' now, thanks ta' Merritt, it looks like I've got my chance...it looks like maybe, just maybe, Evan n' I will meet again, this time fer a bigger prize. That's not ta' say I ain't totally focused on tha' match I've got comin' up. Six man brawl fer' it all. Five guys I've gotta' tremendous amount of respect for. Can't say I agree with somea' tha' things they're doin' right now, but they're ALL great wrestlers, n' I know it's gonna' take ever'thin' I got ta' come out on top. "

" Now, praise is over. "

" I don't pretend ta' be tha' best in tha' business. I don't claim ta' be tha' smartest or tha' strongest. I don't walk around claimin' EYE'M a legend, don't ask ta' be treated like one either. Legends earn that title after years of earnin' respect. When I broke inta' this business I respected guys like Tom Adler...now, as I watch him try n' hang on ta' that "legendary" status by gettin' his flunkies ta' help him win matches...it saddens me. I hate ta' see guys like Adler turn ta' underhanded tactics when it gets down ta' crunch time, but it seems, that's what's happened ta' him. He's still a great wrester, question is...does he know it? "

" Speakin' of great wrestlers, I havn't yet had tha' privilege ta' meet Mister Poe...however, I think we'll be introduced quite nicely at Anniversary. Ta' be honest, Poe scares me. He's a monster, n' he don't back down from nobody. It's gonna' be tough ta' get my shots in onna' guy like that...don't mean I won't, but it's gonna' be tough. My question about Poe is not does he have tha' ability ta' win this match, but does he have tha' HEART. Does he have tha' raw WILL that it'll take ta' get past five other guys who'll be lookin' ta' take him out. {{...shrugs...}} I suppose we'll see. "

" Finally, tha' Presidential Trio. Triple X, Cruise, Sight. It's hard ta' say what I think 'bout these three. They seem wrapped up in thier own war against each other, n' EYE think it'll be thier downfall. I won't try n' pretend I know tha' whole story behind tha' madness, n' in all honesty, I don't really care. Let them three beat tha' holy hell outta' each other, makes mah' job that much easier. "

" So Shane Southern's the odd man out. Each of tha' other five men in this circus have some kinda vendetta' ta' settle. That's gonna' be just enough ta' allow me tha' one chance I need ta' win this thing. Of course I'd rather wrestle one on one, that's my strength, but I can fight too, and you five get ta' find out just how good I really am. "

{{...The monitor behind Southern shows the main event about to get started. Shane glances over his shoulder, then turns back to the camera with a crooked smile...}}

" Party's Over. "

{{...FADE OUT as Southern turns around to watch the match...}}

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