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Leyenda de Ocho/Spooky Doom vs Retour des Centres


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Leyenda de Ocho and Spooky Doom vs Retour des Centres (pain Grille and Rendre Singe)

This match up pits two separate handlers verse one. In the name of fairness, the team of Ocho and Spooky Doom will be allowed there normal as per the rule book. The team of Retour de Centres, however will be allowed double the normal limit of posts to give the handler the opportunity to keep up with the other team. However, as always quality over quantity.

Winning team advances to main event in a three way tag match. Main event winners receive Emerald City Title match on Chain Reaction 12.

Deadline: Sept. 30, 2012 11:59 pm EST


Mar 11, 2012
A Dinner with DEATH! (Okay, lunch but work with me here...)

Gail Martin: "Spooky Doom! Spooky Doom!"

[Following the events of Chain Reaction 10 where Leyenda De Ocho refused to face Jake Evans, IWF staff members have been scrambling for explanations; with Gail Martin in particular looking for further statements. You'll recall she's the young professional reporter who interviewed Spooky Doom throughout the telecast last show. With de Ocho having spoken his piece during the broadcast, the only one worth listening to anymore is an infamous lil' Grim Reaper thingy with a hankering for the souls of professional wrestlers!]

Gail Martin: You're in your old outfit again!

Spooky Doom: Cuz I'm back in action, rising from the grave to face the new challenges ahead: lucha en parejas with a side of French toast crunch and funky bananas! Anyone else feels hungry right now?

[The Deadkid flashes a rocking and triumphant pair of devil horns as he mugs for the camera. Back in his trademark sleeveless bodysuit, white pleather pants with green flame designs, the black Pacman ghost across his chest, the trademark hoodie/mask combination... It's the return of a familiar Spooky Doom, as he first appeared in the IWF.]

Spooky Doom: The leg's better too, BTW. Don't know what I did skipping the show in Seattle, fighting hurt never stopped me before.

Gail Martin: Spooky, hyper-extension injuries are a serious matter!

Spooky Doom: So's wrestling, baby. So's wrestling.

[Gail Martin sticks her new iPhone with recorder app in front of the Deadkid as they walk and talk. A walk with purpose, Spooky Doom making his way... towards lunch.]

Spooky Doom: Can't kick ass and take souls on an empty stomach, now can I?

Gail Martin: So you really do dress that way everywhere that you go.

Spooky Doom: I'm Spooky Doom. An otherworldly reaper trained in lucha libre that enters the ring and fights those who've got nothing left so as to capture their souls for final judgement in the deepest recesses of Hell. In my spare time, I rock out. These are my business clothes, the only workplace attire one get's funky in.

Gail Martin: Alright, never mind the clothing. Though I'm sure the IWFanatics are glad to know you're back in action, they'd be EVEN MORE glad to know just how you'll be treating your tag partner for the night. Leyenda de Ocho has said that he couldn't move on until he gets a satisfying conclusion to his current rivalry; effectively forfeiting his match against Jake Evans at Chain Reaction 10...

[Spooky Doom listens but has nothing to offer. Nor is he currently stuffing his face with choice food, if that's what you thought was happening. Gail presses on, hungry for statements.]

Gail Martin: He's quoted as treating his opponents much like a child treats video games; not moving on until he finishes the current cartridge. In this case, you. Spooky Doom, you need to change Leyenda's ways if you want a tag partner and even a hope of winning this tag tournament!

Spooky Doom: I know, Gail; I'm disappointed too. Who ever imagined that a man who spends all his days playing video games and basing his life on his various video games could be so... immature! Comes to me as a complete surprise.

[Snark thrown out as if it were second nature, a professional deformation stemming from countless ringside interviews intended for grandiose self-deluded villains. Spooky regrets the outburst immediately, choosing his following words with a great deal more care. The problem however is dead simple: Spooky Doom simply cannot accept his tag partner as he is.]

Spooky Doom: Needless to say, Leyenda de Ocho has it all wrong. Wrestling isn't this stage-by-stage video game one must defeat, and I certainly ain't level 1 in his quest to superstardom. You know it's funny: I was all for wishing the best to de Ocho before his match. I really wanted him to win against Jake Evans. I looked at de Ocho and saw someone who just might be the next great luchador...

[There's a pause.]

Spooky Doom: But if he's gonna cherry-pick his fights, then screw that guy. Real wrestlers never stop fighting.

[And then there's real silence, both Gail Martin and the Spooky Doom at a loss for words. Gail is shocked to hear Spooky speak so harshly about a fellow luchador, not to mention his upcoming tag partner. Spooky Doom merely broods. Which is an altogether rare position for the usually dynamic and effervescent lil' Grim Reaper thingy.]

Gail Martin: What about-

Spooky Doom: No. I was forced out of fighting and never liked sitting out in the first place. The difference is that for me, the decision whether to fight or not was taken out of my hands. You know, because of injury. I'm a guy who's always looking for the next battle, trying to be the best damned wrestler there is by taking on all comers... Leyenda de Ocho s'just pouting cuz he couldn't get his way.

Gail Martin: Is that honestly so bad?

Spooky Doom: YES! You don't refuse to fight just cuz you're not happy with how a previous match turned out! Wrestling is supposed to be an adventure! You get to meet new people and punch 'em in the face! You take on the world in all of its absurdity and come back home with a shiny gold belt! But you can't force whatever happens inside the ring... As a genuine authorized Grim Reaper thingy, I can vouch that obsession is the beginning to the death of the soul.

[So distraught is Doom that he hasn't touched his food yet.]

Spooky Doom: Also he's full of shit. I mean, really? "My one shot to truly know if I had what it takes"- AWWWWW COME OFF IT! Who talks like that, anyways? Never mind who talks like that; who actually believes there aren't any rematches in pro-wrestling?

Gail Martin: I know, there's a three way for the Emerald City Title announced for Chain Reaction 12!

Spooky Doom: EXACTLY! But imagine what happens if we don't win and he keeps ducking fights until he get's the one he wants? Is that man seriously gonna hold the IWF hostage until he's happy?

Gail Martin: Well-

Spooky Doom: I need to teach de Ocho a lesson about human respect. As in respecting your opponents as people rather than as games you play through. We don't give out points or achievements or anything... No, we hit back and force you to acknowledge us and the hardships we went through. Even guys like Pain GRILLE and Rendre Singe. They're not costumes, they don't exist merely as challenges... They're people. They have lives. I know, I gotta reap their souls.

Gail Martin: Retour des Centres qualifies as "those who've nothing left"? They're part of the soulless who's souls you must collect or however that works out?

Spooky Doom: Some guys never had much to begin with so it's almost the same thing. I dunno, maybe I should give the French kids a chance. I might look young but I've been soul reaping for a long time now; and it's always the souls of the soulless. And like I said, Leyenda De Ocho is heading down that path, obsession leading towards destruction and all that. But maybe instead of putting someone through the Doom Reaper and the Wheel of Doom, maybe there's another way... a way to- and this might sound crazy but hear me out, a way to save their souls!

[Gail Martin turns her head towards the camera and rolls her eyes. Meanwhile, Spooky carries on.]

Spooky Doom: Whatever happens happens at the Moss Bay Event Center. And no matter what happens, I'll be there fighting. Undead and unstoppable, Spooky Doom is the shining star of the IWF. Think of it as a challenge: anyone can defeat a couple of French misfits, this is my opportunity to inspire my fellow luchador and prevent another tragedy from happening. I'm not gonna just beat Retour des Centres and anyone else at Chain Reaction 11, I'm gonna make it a show they'll never forget. Whether it's Leyenda de Ocho or anyone else; Spooky Doom ain't no one's stepping stone. I'm the greatest wrestler there ever was.

Gail Martin: You do realize that you haven't defeated Leyenda de Ocho anymore than he defeated you? I mean, you two had ONE MATCH; granted it was a good one, now Leyenda acts as if his whole life depends on getting a rematch while you're acting as if you've already beaten the guy!

[Spooky Doom smiles, the horseshoe-shaped design of his mask revealing all the swagger beneath said smile. You see, Spooky Doom is a luchador, a Grim Reaper thingy and all sorts of other incredible things. He's a character and when you live a larger-than-life existence such as Spooky Doom does, you tend to forget that the rest of the people you meet are just regular ordinary human beings. They don't understand what it means to be great. And since Spooky Doom finally notices the protruding microphone attached to the Apple device, the Deadkid takes the opportunity to give a lesson to both interviewer and upcoming opponent.]

Spooky Doom: I'm looking to be the greatest that there ever was. Every match I'm in is a chance to show the world that I'm the greatest that there ever was. Every match I miss is an opportunity that I miss to do this thing I do better than anyone else. I'm not who I am until I'm in the ring, doing the moves that make me famous. Because I'm defined by what I do, not who I beat.

[There's nodding, tacit approval from Gail Martin. "What you do, not who you beat", she softly repeats to herself. Meanwhile, Spooky Doom finally digs in on his tepid plate. Between two bites, a thought occurs to him.]

Spooky Doom: Well I say that, but...

Gail Martin: Yes?

Spooky Doom: Between the two of us, I'm the only one still undefeated here, aren't I?

[Imagine the biggest, most shit-eating grin you ever saw. Now magnify that one thousand folds and put it on Spooky Doom's face. This is what we leave you with as we FADE TO BLACK.]


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Re: A Dinner with DEATH! (Okay, lunch but work with me here...)

(A pitch black room. A single light above the center of the room flicks on, and we see Leyenda de Ocho standing face-down. He is wearing fairly clean blue jeans and his pastel pink sweatshirt with the hood up, obscuring his face from view of the camera. Surrounding him are a sea of classic arcade machines; Pac Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Street Figher, etc. All machines are turned off; with only the one light illuminating the room, the walls and machines are darkened to the point where it is night-like.)

Ocho (slowly and sternly): “Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat…I do not like this partnership. Not. One. Bit.

Let’s flash back to Chain Reaction 9, Spooky Doom. Do you remember why I challenged you, of all the people on the roster? Not Minstrel, not Perfection, not Vizier ta Seti? I challenged you as a sign of respect. I challenged you because I’ve seen what you’ve done in your short time in IWF, establishing yourself as the premier high flyer in the company. After the post-Surge hiatus, I wasn’t sure if I would ever get the chance again to go one-on-one with the ‘Lil Grim Reaper Thingy’ himself…and so I went for it. I wanted the 5-star match, I wanted the show to be stolen. A single moment of glory that, even if I were to be defeated, I could proudly boast about the rest of my career.

But most importantly of all…I wanted to know if I had what it took to be where you are. You’ve had the gold, you’ve had the big moments, you’ve had success virtually everywhere you’ve been…my resume is short. But the way I see it, careers are short in this business, and you have to take your shot the first chance you get, because you never know if you’ll have that opportunity again.”

(The camera begins to move ever so slowly forward. Ocho keeps his head down as he continues to measure his words.)

Ocho: “What happened after that, Spooky? What happened after I, the lowly and n00bile Leyenda de Ocho threw down the challenge to the one wrestler in this company that was most like me? I was insulted. Demeaned. Belittled. I was treated as a little kid. But, I brushed that aside – like I said before, my career’s been short. I know that words are only words…it is in the actions we take that we are defined. Until I prove the kind of man I am, I haven’t earned a thing.

We had a hell of a match, Spooky. We put on a lucha libre clinic in the Moss Bay Events Center, and we put everything we had into that ring. I was completely exhausted…I went for the Shining Wizard, we crashed, and we were both too battered and bruised to meet the ten count. Disappointment flooded me, and my heart sunk. I wanted the win so badly, but even a loss is better than a draw; a loss gives you a goal, a new direction, a road sign that says ‘you are not the best, not yet’.

And then what happened, Spooky? Do you remember?

You attacked me after the bell. You picked me up and threw me across the ring.

Things are personal between us, Spooky. It was not my intention to add an injury to your earlier insult, but you triggered my fight-or-flight instinct that night. This matter has transcended wrestling and has become a single, burning question in my mind: can I, in good conscience, allow someone like you to be the face of the IWF? A two-face who demeans me one night, then says he really wants me to succeed on another? A two-face who makes fun of the way people carry themselves, then talks with true sincerity about reaping souls?

Man-to-man, Spooky. I can’t.”

(Ocho raises his head, though with the room as dimly lit as it is, a shadow covers his face; it is unclear what resides beneath his hood. The camera continues to move at a turtle’s pace forward.)

Ocho: “You are, however, right about one thing. I can’t always cherry-pick my opponent. At Chain Reaction 11, we are forced to face two IWF newcomers who are on the same page. This presents a moral dilemma, as teaming up with someone whose true colors I detest is a mortifying prospect.

Should I instead turn on you in the center of that ring and get the sweet satisfaction of you getting your comeuppance? No…that is no victory. My quest to topple Spooky-Doom-The-Man would be subverted and bastardized if I didn’t do this alone. I must accept my present circumstances and look for the future…and this, my supposedly distraught fellow luchador, is how I can accept you as my tag team partner.”

(Suddenly, every machine in the room illuminates. A cacophony of 8-bit sounds and music emanates, and the glow of this veritable wall of machinery reflects off of Ocho’s face. He is wearing a familiar mask: the Pac Man mask he wore in his debut match at Surge. Ocho is staring hard into the camera.)

Ocho: “I know of one surefire path to facing you once more in the ring. You and I will do what we do best: high-flying, technically precise lucha libre wrestling. We will tag in and out smoothly and with no malice. We will work together. I will not abandon you, for the good of the team.

We will defeat Retour des Centres as a focused, powerful, burning unit – Pac Man and the Ghost. And then, we will continue our run through the night. We will stand side by side, and we will push each other to pull off moves no one else in this company can do – because we can. And we will win the three-way tag match at the end of Chain Reaction 11.

…and then. Then, I will have another chance. It will be you, me, and the Emerald City Champion himself in the middle of the ring. And for you, there will be no escape.”

(Ocho walks over to the Pac Man machine and begins to play as the camera fades to black.)


Mar 11, 2012
We don't need any angels where we're going.

"I will never, ever, EVER be ashamed for fighting."

[Spooky Doom stands in front of a computer generated backdrop; the theme for the night being skulls, bones and the face of the Reaper. He's treating his partner's words with all due seriousness; those that were aired barely a few days ago. Never mind Retour des Centres, never mind any of the other teams; the Deadkid has had his integrity questioned and he's not taking this lying down.]

"My name is Spooky Doom and I fight like the living breathe. Born in a cemetery under the sign of the moon; I rose from the grave, started kicking ass and never looked back. Whatever happened at Chain Reaction 9, I don't have to apologize for. Maybe the ref made a mistake in stopping the match. Maybe you're right and I just didn't hear the bell. What happened is that I kept on fighting because that is what I do. I'm a professional wrestler. I beat people up and take their souls."

[The decor might come off as kitch, leftover technology from the 80's bought off the cheap by the regional promotion. The heart of the lil' Phenom however, speaks all too real.]

"Now I'm glad to hear you've suspended this mad quest where you refuse to wrestle until facing me once more inside the ring. Maybe you realized how we in the IWF don't give achievement points if you defeat us one after the other or all out of order. Actually, I'm just glad to know you can move on; period. Because rest assured that if you're gonna tag with me, then you will most definitely need to toughen the F' up."

[It speaks of anger, of frustration...]

"You're butthurt over me attacking you when I did, you're butthurt over the mean things I've said to you... God, you are such a wuss! Do you whine each time you get sniped in Counterstrike too? You complain on your Facebook account every time a guild ganks you on WoW? Call projectile spam cheap and leave angry messages on Xbox live?"

"You are a professional wrestler. The toughest breed of men on the planet. We're respected because of our strength; not just talking about the hardest hitting force in the world here, I'm referring to our ability to take more punishment than anyone else as well... IT'S WHY I LEARNED TO HIT SO HARD IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!"

[It speaks of a lifetime of pain and hardship...]

"You talk about being the face of the company as if it were a title that belongs only to the righteous. Naw dawg, you got it all wrong. I'm the face of the company because of my good customer relationship with the clientele. See, the fans pay to see me fight, and I go out there and fight. This pleases those fans who express such satisfaction in a most vocal manner. I might not be the devil's favorite demon but I do get to be employee of the month every so often. Now if you're billed to fight and don't go out and fight, the fans; who paid to see you fight, are left wondering why they paid in the first place. That's a service based economy for you."

[Hey, for those who've followed the ULTRATITLE, it's the return of professor (and not doctor) Doom!]

"Even when I can't go out and fight... I get behind the mic and let my words hit harder than my fists ever could. I'm the Ghost Warrior of the IWF through and through; if Death couldn't keep my uncle down then how dare I let a little ol' leg injury stop me? Leyenda de Ocho; you have your morals and you have your honor, but I got something more important than either of these things. I got grit."

"Remember what I told you before Chain Reaction 9? No, not the John Cena line; when I told you not to step up against the Doomster until you were ready to destroy everything in the name of that which you loved... That's the moral of the story. You look down on me because of my insults or because I (maybe) attacked you after the bell... But everyone else who watches our program can plainly see a lil' Grim Reaper thingy pushing forwards through good conduct because he wants to win!"

"And those humans who lead their regular lives, they recognize that! They want to win at life too! They got no respect for someone spouting how things should be; they know how things should be! It doesn't help them! So when they see someone who doesn't even try... Well it just insults them. And if that person who didn't try starts looking down on others? That makes them angry. People start looking for justice, karmic retribution... Well I usually deal in wrestler's souls and soul-related accessories but I'm sure I can do something to make 'em happy."

[So much menace in the air! Tension you could cut with a knife! Spooky Doom's indignation making way to a sinister smile that speaks only of further violence to come! Camera executes a close-up so you can admire this scene even better.]

"Then again, the best tag teams are the ones where both members can't stand each other. Studies show how shared resentment between two partners leads towards increased aggression against all others in the ring. If that's the case and I were any of the other teams, I'd be running scared by now. But I'm not. I'm Spooky Doom. And my conscience tells me to knock people unconscious."

"And I really couldn't share any more with my tag partner, de Ocho. I mean seriously, 8-bit video games? Geez, how ancient is he? I only recently get to enjoy the next gen systems considering I spent my formative years avenging uncle and chasing Aztec secrets of lucha libre before learning they resurrected him as a redneck bad ass. What's his excuse?"



Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
The course of inevitability

"Spooky...if you've never heard the phrase 'the pot calling the kettle black', I suggest you learn it. If you can't understand why your words are shameless, backwards, and completely alienating to all who hear them, you will never understand why your opinion is worth less than nothing to me."

(The camera opens to Leyenda de Ocho in his full Pac Man ring gear, sitting in the back of a mostly-empty Sounder Train in Seattle. The scene out the window is a glorious array of nature; lakes, plains, fields. Ocho looks out the window, contemplative.)

Ocho: "Unlike my teammate, I've spent a lot of time over the last few days thinking about our upcoming opponents, Retour des Centres. And unlike my teammate, I'm a little familiar with them.

pain GRILLE...I won't let his incredible humor blind me. He is fond of all things hardcore, and he will come into the match with the full intention to make us bleed and break our bones, whether it gets him the win or not.

Rendre Singe...small, but tricky as all else. He's going to be a major thorn in our sides if we underestimate him. His head is hard and he'll try to blind us with his silliness as well - if that happens, we are sunk."

(Ocho turns towards the camera.)

Ocho: "But that won't happen, will it? Let's be honest...as much disdain as I have for my teammate, there is still one indisputable fact about him - he hasn't lost here in IWF. I know his fighting spirit, and I know that he is fully invested in maintaining his pristine fighting record.

And me? Well...let's just say, my focus has never been more honed. I know what's at stake here. I need to be on the winning side of this match as well as the next one if I'm going to have another shot at Spooky in the ring. When the four of us face off, I am not concerned about what my partner is up to - I am concerned solely with victory over the two of you.

I have to be."

(The train stops in the middle of downtown and Ocho exits. The camera follows him as he continues his thoughts.)

Ocho: "If I'm not, what happens? I couldn't tell you. I'm a man who practices extreme focus in everything I do. It's how I destroy video games, it's how I succeed in wrestling - I devote my entire mind, body, and heart into one goal. If I fail, I fail knowing that I have more to learn - but my successes are pure. You can throw all the misdirection and mindgames you want at me, Retour des Centres - it will not grant you victory.

I hope you understand that I hold you in higher regard than my tag team partner - you two have loyalty and respect towards each other. You both acknowledge who you genuinely are, and you embrace it - and you don't try to pretend you're something you're not. You're not putting on a show with the hope that the crowd will love you - you are you, for better or for worse. I appreciate that part of you - that's a part of who I am as well.

Just know that when I beat your team, it is not out of hatred - it is out of necessity. My only satisfaction will come when I get another chance to destroy Spooky Doom, and your defeat is a means to that end.

Perhaps we will meet again on different terms. Until that time, you will understand what true and absolute desperation will bring out of a man."

(Ocho walks through downtown Seattle towards the Moss Bay Events Center as the camera fades to black.)

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