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Li vs. Garza


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Jan 1, 2000
Something to watch


The scene opened in a simple looking office space. Half the space possessing a series of black leather chairs in front of a big screen television. Next to it was a desk upon which sat a simple legal pad, a pen, and a series of monitors all connected to several vcrs. Sifting through a drawer full of dvds below the big screen was the fire haired tank top and jean wearing wild child of the Nighthawks Julia Easter. After a few minutes of digging she looked back toward the desk at her darker more mysterious business suit dressed raven haired assassin Angel and amusingly inquired.

Easter “Leary, Rollins, Maher, Miller or Varney.”

Angel looked away from the monitors each of which seemed to be showing different points and matches in the career of Yeh Li and Twin Phoenix. Her expression was that of base confusion.

Angel “What?”

Easter laughed amused at how deep Angel got when she was in study mode and cast her Cheshire grin while responding.

Easter “I’m in the mood for a laugh. What would you recommend?”

Angel returned to taking ever elaborate notes on what she was watching while going for a stretch of comedy in her response.

Angel “The drama it took to get a match signed at Revolution.”

Easter shook her head a little disappointed but defiantly in agreement.

Easter “Angel. Please don’t forget that your the boring honor bound one. Humor is not anywhere near your specialty. What are you watching now anyway?”

Angel not turning her attention to Easter. But instead writing feverishly. Plotting counters to counters to counters.

Angel “Well with there being an hour before we go to the gym and continue this weeks preparations. I did think it best to study my opponent.”

Easter pulled out a few selections and rolled back into one of the chairs while still debating her choice. Not needing to stretch for humor her smile took on a sarcastic air.

Easter “So what are you gonna do with the other fifty nine minutes?”

Angel annoyed more by the constant attempt at distraction then she did the commentary. Paused the tapes and turned toward Easter sighting the GXW cameraman trying to blend in with one of the ferns in the room.

Angel “must you constantly take pot shots at our opponents especially those that with honorable means defeated us?”

Easter put a hand to her chest in mock shock that Angel needed even ask and added the sarcasm from her smile to her voice.

Easter “Of course I have to. It’s the only way to properly counter your material. So her and Wang caught us napping. It ain’t gonna happen twice. I’ll even go so far as to say Li’s odds of winning are almost as creepy as people walking around with cell phones near medically graphed to they’re ears.”

Angel further annoyed now by Easter’s complete lack of respect for past in ring encounters.

Angel “Easter since you seem to be in one of your better moods do continue to explain why it is you feel without even a moments tale of the tape research on the combatants you already declare me the winner?”

Another smile and series of laughs came from Easter as she popped in “Snowboard Academy” one of Jim Varneys non Ernest roles. But still a classic and cast a few thoughts Angel way.

Easter “No research? Please. I’ve been your partner how long again? But since you asked. Sure. That is if this global camera kid trying to double as a potted plant has that kind of time.”

Easter looked over smiling, winking, blowing a kiss, and then returned to the film.

Easter “But for fun and for the sake of the slowly developing GXW hawks fan base I do have a cliff notes version.”

“First off Li looks to be a lover of the gimmick and stipulation matches. You know the extreme type, the fun and messy kind. You know my kind of fight. You just happen to be the complete and absolute contradiction. Methodical, technical, submission stylist. Clearly giving your way a instant thumbs up in a standard match.”

“Second. She is the junior side of they’re coin. Kinda like me on our side. So time served in the industry again gives you the advantage.”

“Last but not least. She has a touch of ego about her. Especially with they’re past win, and you well. Ego is the last thing any one could charge you with. Your cold heartless and always willing to heap praise on everyone including your opponents.”

“But I guess for more advantages I could almost draw connections to you and the comic actors I have interest in watching at this point.”

“Take the late Jim Varney for instance. The man best known as Ernest. A man who no matter how underrated he was played characters with heart and humanity. So much more then most any of our so called physical comic actors today and when it comes to heart and a senseof the humanities clearly you out rank a great deal of the wrestling community.”

“Like Miller and Maher you tend to be more well read and educated then you look and every now and then show that in your promotional alliterations and your submission move variety.”

“And when all else fails and an opponent some how digs so deep that they find your wrath and anger you like Rollins or leary have no hesitation to go right into the thick of things pull against the mainstream and tear it up and get as gritty and as dirty as any wrestler has to to make sure the job gets done and your honor isn’t stained. But I know I may be a little biased. So I guess I should let you talk to and about this fight yourself.”

Easter stopped and rewinded what she missed talking to Angel and the camera. Angel in some humor extended and returned Easters prior barbs.

Angel “Please. Over zealous compliment and intellectual assessment is far from your specialty.”

Angel turned her chair full from the desk she was at. Rose, adjusted her suit, and directed her commentary at the camera ridding the camera mans need to hide.

Angel “Miss Li an honor to once more be facing one half of Twin Phoenix. Particularly after the less then epic match we had last time. Honor however sees this as an amazing chance to correct that and to show what was gained from it. A single force augmented by battle. But surviving the first taught me of you and now leads to mirror, mirror combat. A chance to correct a loss and to bring us to an impasse and a much needed final battle.”

“But all focus, brutal and effective force, and focus of the Nighthawk war machine is focused on the here and now and our battle at Revolution shall reflect that. But Miss Li there is some time between then and now and my partner has done well enough this time to promote the match. All I can really say is that last time was simply a taste of what is to come, and what is to come is something else and something much anticipated both by the fans and I’m sure even to some degree to you and those seeking to see the truth and simplicity of honor based wrestling of the sport ahead of spectacle. Adieu.”

Angel nodded once to the camera man dismissing him and returned to her study leaving the scene to fade to black.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
The honor is all mine...and then some.

*{Fade In}

*{The scene opens up inside a hotel room where we see Yeh Shen Li kneeling quietly in front of a small mantle like setting with candles and incents set up around it. Off in the background, on a large television is playing the latest promo of Selphie Easter and Angel Garza, also known as the Nighthawks. Yeh Shen seems to be in deep thought while the promo is playing. After a few moments, the promo ends. Yeh Shen comes out of her meditative like trance, stands up, and walks over to the television to turn it off. She awaits for few moments while she allows the words to sink deep into her mind, thinking of the right words to respond to. After a moment to collect her thoughts, Yeh Shen turns her attention toward the camera. Let's listen in.}

Yeh Shen Li: "I consider this as just as much of an honor to fight you one on one Angel. I enjoyed...

{Yeh Shen smiles really big in a pause before starting up again.}

...Defeating you and your tag team partner Selphie Easter. But that was then and this is NOW. Now I get to face you one on one Garza, and you know what they say...

Meeeeoooowwwww....Here Kitty Cat, I'm where the money's at!

Point being, that's where and how people really show what their made of, when they can face each other one on one without relying on others to help them. There will be no excuses after Revolution when I officially reveal to the world like a bride pulling off her veil that I am the better wrestler."

"I've noticed something, every girl in this division is so worried about championship gold, and for a while I was, but since this new year, I am had a change...a new lease on life, and that is don't try to come to the title, you let the title come to you. So I am not worried about the title right now because I know in time it will come, but for now I will focus solely on one thing...

...To destroy every single person that comes across my path, and if it means possibly injuring everybody to be the best then so be it. That's none of my concern, for now I am focused on how many people I can take out. Championshp gold is trival to me for now. I will just let the GWE front office line people up in line in front of me, and I will just take you all down, until I am the only one left standing. That ONE will be ONLY ME!"

"Be focused, be vigilent, be defiant, it fuels me and in the end makes your defeat all the more sweeter. Make me work for my win, but when the time comes just do the thing that you are good at. LOSE."

"And further more...

{Interupting Yeh Shen, cutting her off in mid sentence. Her cell phone rings, she walks over to answer it.}

Yeh Shen: "Yes?"

{Yeh Shen listens on the other end, and it is almost like Yeh Shen's mood changes from feircely determined to a sound that almost sounds more sensual and seductive.}

Yeh Shen: "Oh hi, I was just thinking about you. Well you and my oponant for Revolution, Miss Angel Garza. Yeah she thinks that she has a chance to beat me this time, but I think I have news for her. And to think that people think that I am way more traditional than Trynyty, well after getting inspired during the break, and watching those tapes of some of the old school wrestlers like that one guy who goes...WOOOOO all the time, I have really good idea as to being a little more American styled tradional. "


{Yeh Shen listens on the other end for a few moments to whoever is talking before she responds again.}

Yeh Shen: "Well here are my thoughts on that. I'm not like Trynyty, I will not push away help if it comes my way. I will accept it. I just assume that it is all part of the game. Hey its either me or it's Angel right? I'll tell you what, if you do decide to make a LITTLE appearance...and succeed, I won't stop you, and if I win...I'll make sure that you will win. Let me put it to you this way. Remember BelFast Northern Ireland? The things that I did to you then will seem like child's play with what I have in store for you after next week, and you know what the best part is? I won't be drunk, and I will have all of my senses just to know that I laying in a pool of your own ectasy."

{She pauses once more.}

Yeh Shen: "A taste of what I am talking about. Well have you ever heard of the Rodeo burger?

{Quick pause}


"Well you just be at the Gund Arena for Revolution and be ready for anything. Oh and don't let anybody know that it is you. We don't want them to know our little affair now do we? I mean we need to keep this on the downlow, I mean what would Brunk, Dupree, and Zieba do if they knew that two of their superstars were fraternizing with one another? Exactly, it is kind of frowned upon. We'll reveal everything in due time, but for now just do as I say okay?

"Okay I love you and I will see you soon...sooner than you think. Bye."

{Yeh Shen clicks off her cell phone and closes it up for a moment and lets out a huge sigh as she brings the cell phone up to her chest like she is on "cloud 9", after a moment she comes out of her trance and looks directly at the camera changing her tone from being seductive back to being obsessively determined like she was before at the start of the promo.}

Yeh Shen: "Hey what the hell are you still doing her, turn that thing off now. There's nothing left to see here. Get out."

{The cameraman complies with Yeh Shen's demand and turns off the camera, everything goes to static and fades out.}

*{Fade Out}

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