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Lining up the ducks.



(A car comes to a stop in front of a upscale restaurant in Los Angles. The passenger door opens and a pair of silk clad legs step out, as the camera pans up to reveal, Sydney, Cole Steele’s business manager. Sydney is wearing a red dress suit. Cole Steele exits the vehicle, wearing a blue suit with a blue shirt. Cole escorts Sydney into the restaurant. They are seated in a secluded spot towards the back of the restaurant. The waiter brings over a bottle of champagne and pours a glass for Sydney, Cole covers his glass.)

Steele: No thanks, I only drink champagne after a victory. You can bring me a MGD.

(The waiter nods and leaves.)

Sydney: Well, Eric sure is treating us right.

Steele: Yes, As a member of Takeover Enterprise, I can honestly say that life has been good. There’s only one thing missing.

Sydney: What’s that?

Steele: Wrestling.

(The waiter comes back and sets glass of beer on the table.)

Waiter: Sir, Where you and the lady ready to order?

Steele: Can we have a few minutes please?

(The waiter nods and heads off.)

Steele: Man, I had Marcus Johnson backed into a corner. The time was right to pluck that World Title from his grasp. I need to keep my sights focused on, even though we’ve temporarily closed.

Sydney: You’ll get your chances. I’ve been on the phone with Eric and he’s spoken with both Mr. Dupree and Mr. Zieba. They both agree that you deserve a shot at the World Title. It’s just a matter of getting the ducks lined up in a row. Marcus can cherish his precious time with the World Title for now.

(Cole takes a drink of his MGD and leans back in his chair.)

Steele: It doesn’t look like Markie has anyone to help him out. I mean, JT Savage was screwed out of the title by Dupree and Johnson. Talk about not knowing our allies. It’s kind of amusing isn’t it? Now JT hasn’t been seen from in quite awhile. Look at the way that foundation is crumbling?

Sydney: That alliance wouldn’t have held up under the pressure of Takeover Enterprise anyway. JT should count himself lucky that he’s out of harms way. We would have squashed him on our way to Marcus anyway.

(Sydney picks up her glass of champagne.)

Sydney: To Takeover Enterprise.

(Cole picks up his glass and clanks it with Sydney’s)

Steele: To control of the GXW.

(Both take drinks and Cole waves over the waiter.)

Steele: Let’s eat.

(Camera fades to black)

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