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Live for the Moment


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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville US
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-05-02 AT 04:28 PM (EDT)](Fade into the Cameron home of Marcus Alexander Slayton, more commonly known to the wrestling world as the Reaver, we also can see the GXW Television champion sitting on the deck on the south side of the house. He is flipping through this months issue of eNWA Monthly-on the cover is a shot of Devon Slayton holding up the eNWA Title while blood covers the young man's form. However, there is a blurb down on the right side of the cover-stating "Reaver...CSWA Bound?" in blue block letters on it. The former Mechanical Animal seems to be rather pleased with himself as he puts down the magazine. He looks towards where the camera is with a slight smirk.)

Reaver: You know Kin, you came into Warfare thinking that you were going to come out as the new Global Xtreme Wrestling World's Television champion and all you did was come out with nothing. Now, I'm not going to insult you by saying that you did a shitty job-when in fact you gave me more of a run for my money than some of the other wrestlers that I faced to get the title including Jayson Carter. So, I take my hat off to you Kin. But on the other hand, what the hell is up with that wentch that came out to ringside? But if you want a rematch-then you can have one at any given time...but I pick the place kid.

(The Reaver stands up as Alucard comes outside with a piece of paper)

Alucard: Mate, I think you'd best look at this.

Reaver: What is it?

(The Reaver takes the paper from Alucard and looks it over for a moment before turning to face his bodyguard)

Reaver: They have to be kidding me, they're putting me in a rematch against Kin at the new GXW show? Where is it Alucard?

Alucard: I think Charlotte, but EZ wants you on the phone ASAP mate.

Reaver: Alright. Let's go...

(Fade to black with "End of Everything" by Stereomud playing as the words to be continued appear on the screen before fading out)


I Stand Alone

(Camera fades in on the Dumont Mansion located in Charleston, SC. It's a dark and cloudy night. Roughly eleven at night. The trees in the front yard bend as the wind blows. It begins blowing faster and faster. It's obvious a storm's brewing. The camera then pans closer to the mansion. The front door is standing open and no lights are shining from the house. The camera pans into the mansion, it's still in shambles. The camera follows the halls until it reaches the staircase to the basement. The familiar green light iminates from below. The camera begins moving down the staircase. As it does it notices the familiar form of Paul Dumont once again sitting alone at an antique buisness desk. He's wearing black leather pants, black boots, and a black sweater. His mid length hair hangs down hiding his face. Dumont is writing something on a piece of paper. It can't be seen what he's writing. He grips his antique pen tightly as he writes. There's a look of insane determination on his face. The scars from his last match are painfully evident. They haven't been so much as cleaned yet. Dumont mumbles as he writes.)

Dumont: Crazy....crazy...they all call me crazy. Crazy because I have a vision. Crazy because I do what it takes to make that vision a reality.

When will they see. They made me this way. They created the monster. I'm innocent.

(Dumont laughs.)

Dumont: I am a product of my surroundings. I'm not responsible for what I do. All the usual **** excuses America makes for people like me. No matter what I do it's not my fault.

(Dumont stops laughing as he grows angry.)

Dumont: But it is my fault. No one elses, I am what I want to be. I do what I want to do. No matter what doctors and friends say. I'm the only one that is sane in this f***** up world....

(A female whimper is heard in the darkness.)

Dumont: Shut up! Right now! Do not make me do something that I'll regret!

(The camera pans closer into the darkness. Kelly can be seen cowering in a corner crying. Dumont finally get's fed up. He stands up fast and flips the desk he was sitting at. He rushes over to Kelly and kneels in front of her. He grabs her hair.)

Dumont: I said shut up!

(Dumont jerks her to her feet.)

Dumont: Did you honestly think I'd let you play me again!? I've known your plans all along. You come in to console me in my time of need so you

can sneak your way back into this life. A life of power and money! Didn't work out quite like you planned did it!?

Kelly: *crying* What are you talking about!?

(Dumont sighs.)

Dumont: Still you lie...all I ask for is honesty...something you could never give...

(Dumont pushes Kelly back to the ground.)

Dumont: Your street corner a** isn't even worth my time! I know you've been having your meetings with Reaver...I mean Marcus! Why though!?

Armen and Marcus need a spy!?

(Kelly shakes her head as she continues crying.)

Dumont: I see....things that were said to be over aren't actually over....

Kelly: *crying* I'm sorry!

(Dumont kneels down again very angry as Kelly slides backwards. Dumonts face then seems to switch from a look of anger to a look of happy calmness.)

Dumont: No need to be sorry. It's not like we're together or anything. I just want...no....demand honesty. From everyone, failure to be honest results in pain for everyone. Understand?

(Kelly gets a look of fear on her face. She's still upset as she speaks.)

Kelly: *crying* Yes....

Dumont: Good...

(Dumont stands and straightens his shirt as he lets out a sigh of relief. He begins dusting off his clothes.)

Dumont: Now, it's time to get things underway again.

(Dumont pulls a band from his pocket and pulls his hair back into a pony tail. He then walks over to a nearby sink and begins cleaning his scars.)

Dumont: We have alot to do. I proved what I needed to when I defeated Armen. Now it's time to revive the Mechanical Animals.

Kelly: *whimpering* No....

Dumont: No?

Kelly: *whimpering* You need help. At first I thought you were just putting on a show but you need some serious help. Something in your head has broke....it needs to be fixed.

(Dumont laughs.)

Dumont: Not really.

Kelly: What?

Dumont: These past few years have been killing me. The Dumont you've known was a front I put on to keep Jessica and the investors at Dumont Enterprises happy. Now that all doesn't matter anymore. It's time to awaken myself.

Kelly: Then I can have no part of you any longer. I can't be with someone who would do the things you do...you can't be trusted.

Dumont: No one's holding you here. Feel free to leave. If you do though you can never show your face here again. It's your choice.

(Kelly slowly starts to back up towards the stairs while clutching at her stomach and finally runs out. Dumont finishes cleaning his face and turns off the water. He then pulls out his cell phone and dials a number.)

Dumont: Yes, it's me. It's time to get things moving foreward again. Are you ready? Good. Ok, bye.

(Dumont hangs up the phone and dials another number. As he does he walks out of the basement and into the main mansion. He then begins turning on the lights in his home.)

Dumont: Yes, I need you to do me a favor. I have some repairs that need to be made to my mansion and I need a few maids. Can you handle it?

Good. I'll be waiting. Bye.

(Dumont hangs up the phone and puts it back in his pocket. Suddenly two men in suits enter the house. Dumont turns to see them.)

Dumont: Well, well. You guys again.

Man 1: The boss wants to see you.

Dumont: Tell "the boss" I'm busy.

(The men start walking toward Dumont.)

Man 2: We said the boss wants to see you. Now.

(Dumont laughs.)

Dumont: Be very careful guys. I'm sure "the boss" told you not to force me. The reason for that is your boss is a peon compared to me. He's not stupid though. Tell him his money's going to a good place. Tell him he'll see the results soon. If he wishes to push me though we'll cut the deal off here and now...

(The men scowl and turn to leave.)

Dumont: Oh, and I love that whole gangster look guys. Very "Soprano's".

(Dumont laughs as the two men glare at him and leave.)

Dumont: *to himself* Finally, the time has come. In a couple months things will change. Everything will change...

(Camera pans out and fades to black.)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville US

(Fade into the Delta Center in Salt Lake City Utah where we see none other than the current reigning IWA Light-Heavyweight champion in the form of the "Sandman" Devon Slayton hitting the ECWA Hazard Division champion "Dr.Death" Nick Vorpal with the "Final Breath" and then getting the three count victory over Vorpal and the ECWA Hazard title. We then cut back to the locker room area where Devon is sliding on his normal shoes. For a young man almost twenty years old, his now shoulder length purple hair is pulled back into dreadlocks as he stands up.)

Devon: Another grand night in the IWA, feh....

(There is a knock on the door and IWA Road Agent Reeve enters the room)

Reeve: Hey, D-Man, great job against the bad doc tonight my man!!

Devon: Thanks, is that all you came in here for?

Reeve: Nope, you've got a vistor. Real impantent to see you, claims she's family or some ##### like that. You want me to get rid of her?

Devon: Nah, I can judge for myself.

Reeve: Gotcha, be back in a jif!

(Reeve leaves the room and comes back a couple of minutes later with Kelly Gellar. She seems to be a bit distressed and wearing a black canvas duster that seems to be a bit big on her)

Devon: KELLY!!

Reeve: I take it you know her then?

Devon: Yeah, she's family...of a sort. Thanks Reeve.

Reeve: No problemo, see you in Dallas!!

(Reeve leaves the two ex-Mechanical Animals in the room together as Devon motions for Kelly to sit down.)

Devon: You want anything to drink?

Kelly: No, I'm just happy to be with family you know?

Devon: Feh, I only told him that because unlike some people think-you're family to me. Hell, even my old man seems to be less and less in the sport now a days.

Kelly: Yeah, he seems a bit distracted. I mean he fell for Cameron Cruise's attack on Onslaught with the help of Boogie Smallz.

(The misbegotten son of the Reaver looks at the older woman with a raised eyebrow and then proceds to cross his arms across his chest as leans against the wall)

Devon: Funny, I don't think you're here to talk about the past are you?

Kelly: (lowering her head) No, I'm not. I need to get in touch with Marcus.

Devon: Why, the old man left you for that wretch Miso?!

Kelly: Yeah, but I never did answer a question of yours...why did I really leave him...

Devon: Yeah, that did bother me for a while. But I got over it. The only thing that's bothering me now is why are you wearing a duster that's a couple of sizes too big for you?

Kelly: Promise not to freak if I show you why?

Devon: (Shrugging) Yeah, why not?

(The camera switches the back of Kelly as she opens up the duster and we can visiblly see Devon's eyes shoot wide open with amazement)

Devon: Damn, how...when...who!?!?!

Kelly: See why I need to get ahold of your father Devon? Now where is he?

Devon: I think he's heading for Texas, if we're lucky we can catch him before the next GXW show. Come on.

(The camera fades out with "Deeper into you" by TRUSTcompany playing with the words to be continued appearing on the screen)

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