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Looking ahead to right now


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(fadein on a blue and white CSWA backdrop)

Voice: T had to be pretty nice view for you to look at with the CSWA World title, looking down at us from the top of the mountain. Then all of us sudden...whoops....

(Cruise walks into view wearing loose-fitting jeans, and a black shirt with the words "Pissing off the whole planet....one person at a time...." on it and his trademark Anarchy shades, gesturing the camera to a man who wears a white shirt with Radder's name marked in big lettering on the front, who deliberately slips off of a table, falling on his backside, then back on him.)

Cruise: Iceman....fall down....(gestures again) go boom. Just like Humpty Dumpty, you had a great fall off of that wall with one exception to the rule: You're wanting to go right back where you were the hard way.

That's admirable. Really it is. But I just have one problem with it, Radder. Why in the world would you like 'little drummer boy' Joseph Melton, wait so long? Most people, would pick themselves up and try again. Instead you've been letting idiots like Hornet, Sight, Adler, and Southern, take precious time away...*YOUR* time....and WASTE IT.

Now, because you've been sitting in the time-out chair too long, I've had to go out and find you *MYSELF*, to drag you sorry butt back in the ring.

Why would I wanna do that? Simple.

We, like Houdini-himself, Tom Adler, have unfinished business. The first time we met, was years back, when you weren't even *THINKING* about the world title, you were all about the Greensboro tournament back in the days of *cough* Seeley *cough*.

But I couldn't catch a break even then could I? No, some moron named JT Tyler, like the 'greatest American *ZERO*', had to stick his nose in the match for his own benefit, and that match in my humble opinion....was for naught. Tyler spoiled, soiled, toiled, Broiled that match to CRAP.

I have a brand new list of things to prove, Iceman, and right before I prove to the whole WORLD, that I should still be Presidential Champion RIGHT NOW in Oklahoma City....I just gots ta know:

Can Cameron Cruise *BEAT* 'The Iceman' Steve Radder? Can he have a simple contest match-up without imbeciles like Captain Oblivious or Insect-man interrupt for their own well-being, their benefit?

Only time will tell Mr. Freeze, only time will tell.


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