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Looking for Arc partner for upcoming Arc (Arcs)


League Member
Aug 23, 2012
Hey All,

With the upcoming ARC I've found myself back to the drawing board with ideas at the moment and looking for a few good people to have some matches with that could spawn something more. The character I'll be using is not one that's new to me, I've been writing him for 18 years, and I'm really flexible about what alignment I run him as since he's kind of a bastard at times anyway, but one with a pretty solid moral code.

character name: Derrick Logan (formerly known as Ulfrc)
He's 6'5
primarily mixes brawling with high impact moves (suplexes, slams, ect.) does have several submissions he uses regularly (bio page will be up ASAP)
He's a veteran to the ring, but has been away for over a year
I'm open to pretty much any and all ideas, shoot me a PM if you think we'd work well together.


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