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Los Planetarios


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Team Name: Los Planetarios

Alignment: Face (though El Hacha is a heel at heart)

Leyenda de Ocho [Heart]
El Hacha (Steve "Axion" Jackson) [Earth]
Harmattan [Wind]
Normalidad ("Normal" John Johnson) [Water]
La Luciernaga (April Monday) [Fire]

LDO: 5'8", 188 lbs
El Hacha: 6'5", 235 lbs
Harmattan: 6'0", 204 lbs
Normalidad: 6'0", 234 lbs
LL: 5'6", 144 lbs

Theme Music: "Battery (8-Bit)" - Metallica

The Galacta-tron shows shots of the solar system, zooming past planets and cutting to highlights of each individual member of Los Planetarios. The masked members of the team (all except El Hacha) are very smiley/high-fivey/crowd-pump-uppy, while El Hacha is very focused, unsmiling, and intense. All five members will come out in support of their team, even if only a couple are competing.

El Hacha

Team Finisher:
"[Element 1] and [Element 2]" - double-teamed simultaneous top rope maneuvers to opponent on the floor. The "Element 1" and "Element 2" is determined by who is participating in the match:

"Heart" (LDO) - Actualizar (corkscrew Lionsault/moonsault/quebrada/wherever the hell he feels like jumping)
"Earth" (Hacha) - Axion Bomb (fist first top-rope senton bomb)
"Wind" (Harmattan) - *****1/2 Frog Splash
"Water" (Normalidad) - Moonsault
"Fire" (LL) - Bullet With Butterfly Wings (630 degree corkscrew high angle senton bomb)

For example, "Earth and Fire" would be a simultaneous Axion Bomb/Bullet With Butterfly Wings to an opponent on the ground, "Wind and Heart" would be a simultaneous *****1/2 Frog Splash and Actualizar, etc.

Los Planetarios has never attempted to perform 3 elements simultaneously, as it could result in too much awesome and disaster.

Backstory: Ocho, April Monday and John Johnson became friends in their brief time in WREX. Back then, there was a time where the touring roster took a stand against the powers-that-be who were running the company down the drain almost before it began; their efforts were a part of a movement that brought friends and enemies alike under one unified banner. Steve Jackson, though no friend to Ocho/Monday/Johnson, respected their ability and their willingness to stand up against "corporate bullshit". He and Ocho have tangled a few times in the ring in the past, and their matches as well as their shared Chicago roots have given them a begrudging trust of one another. Together, they decided to band together to continue standing up for themselves and for each other, with April and Johnson adopting Lucha-style monikers and putting on masks to signify their unity and friendship. Jackson chose not to wear a mask, thinking it to be "gimmicky bullshit", and is a bit begrudging of being called El Hacha.

No one has any clue where Harmattan came from or when he arrived, but after realizing what a chaotic wildcard he can be, the group was happy he was on their side.

Together, they each represent one element of Los Planetarios: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart.

Only a couple of them are major Captain Planet fans.
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