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Lost Soul Speaks


the EX-QUEEN of FW~!
Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
(FADE IN: Rudy Seizter sits with Sunshine Del Payne, and Mark Windham in a upscale, modernly designed living room. Sunshine is killing a sleek, black cocktail dress. Mark looks oddly relaxed in red leather pants, and an off white “Greatest American Hero” T-shirt.

Rudy, a living legend in his own right, is nervous. Through deep breathes and the experience he’s won throughout the years Seizter does the best he can to hide his emotions.)

RUDY SEIZTER: I’m on location for the second time this week in the home...of a CSWA legend. Mark thanks for having me.

MARK WINDHAM: You phrased that like it was a question.

RUDY: That wasn’t my intention I had just heard that you didn’t live like this anymore.

SUNSHINE: (giggling) He heard. You gotta love the Lost Soul rumor mill.

MARK: (smiles) Exactly. Which one were you referring to?

RUDY: I didn’t mean to offend you...okay you drift from city to city staying in worn down motels, or in the alley behind them.

MARK: Right. No I stopped doing that a year ago...Public health concerns.

Mark looks at Sunshine and laughs)

RUDY: You’re penniless and happily finding food wherever you may.

SUNSHINE: I have to admit Mark I’ve heard that one too. Tell me the man I love isn’t broke. Honestly that would change everything.

MARK: I thought it might. That’s why I invested my last dollar six months ago. Personally I’m ashamed it took me that long to play the market.

SUNSHINE: And when you do look what happens.

RUDY: You’ve made your point.

MARK: Baby should we show Rudy the basement?

(Rudy perks up)

RUDY: The basement?

MARK: It’s where I keep Bobo the amazing chimp, my fusion experiments, dug up coffins, and it’s also the place where Sunny and I will be married some day.

SUNSHINE: That’s a promise. I have it on tape.

RUDY: So you two just invited me here to make me look like an...

MARK: No, you’ve done that pretty well on your own. The Lost Soul, Rudy, is a myth of truths and rumors. You’re free to believe any of them that you like. I guess it’s what’s kept my name in the tribune of late.

RUDY: If you’re actually ready to be serious let’s discuss such a rumor.


RUDY: Are you coming back to the CSWA?

MARK: (grins) Do you think I should? I’ll lay the decision in your hands. Come back. Rudy Merritt hasn’t called. There haven’t been contracts faxed over, no discussions. There haven’t existed because I won’t allow it.

RUDY: So no?

MARK: I’m not coming back for money. At this stage in my life I’m certainly not going to sign anything that’s filtered through Merritt’s office. Why? I dunno, I guess I can’t see myself put in a box, marked and sold. I’ve made my share of money from that company and been cheated out of as much. I’ve played that game, but not today.

RUDY: Merritt is keeping you away?

MARK: Look around Rudy. I’m not sick, penniless, or hanging upside down at night. I can’t deny the past, how I feel, or the fact I might be a little mad. What I do have, are convictions. I haven’t before but I do now. I won’t comprise those to be able to fly to San Diego and find “Lost Soul” trench coats. Get all four colors to complete the set!

SUNSHINE: Awakening T-shirts with an opened eye on the back. That might be cool.

MARK: (smiles) Are there convictions in the CSWA anymore, in the world? No. It’s been taken over by material idealists like Eddy Love and my brother. Get what you can, fight the dying of the light, and pop over to VH1 five years later. That’s the problem. Merritt’s contracts want to own the E! True Hollywood story rights. I can’t give those up.

RUDY: In other words this is the end of Windham? The Living Legend?

MARK: This is the beginning of my soul and the return of such to the gates I broke open. Yes Rudy the living X-file is coming back. And one reason is for him.

RUDY: Him? Him who?

MARK: Our greatest American hero. Hornet. The man who ‘didn’t sleep with my wife. The man who rewrites my own history, I’m the bastard father leaving my family for life on the run. Hornet’s truth is subjective. In reality there’s nothing really true about his words or the man at all. I know what he did, but that’s past. Because if wasn’t Hornet it was already another man. He may have left me to the wolves, and I think for a time I really did die. I thank God for that. Now I’m back to see if I can save my ‘friend’ from the same hungry pack. You see Hornet it is personal with me. Troy, and Eli they’ll know as well.

There was talk of a outline being faxed. I don’t want it. I told Chad my pay was the door cracked open. Some questions still have to be answered, mainly to myself.

Rudy, I admit to hiding. Maybe not behind the rumored walls to fit a Lost Soul, but I’ve been away. The sleeping giant is wide-awake, and another awakening is what I bring.


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