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LVW Big Risk Big Reward (10)

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: Jeff Mayes in front of a LVW banner. Mayes has on a black suit jacket, blue shirt, and black pants.)

MAYES: "The Floor has just released the line up for LVW BIG RISK BIG REWARD."

"Leading off the night, two new comers to LVW as Nate Dakota will square off against Jack "7-10" Hudgins."

"J1D squares off against some headcase claiming to be a super hero when he takes on Super Spade."

"Richard Andrews gets a tough draw to start his LVW career as he's put up against the beloved Viking Porn Star Olvir Arsvinnar."

"And the main event features Aaron Roddick, known to Empire fans as A-Rod, taking on the "Cowboy" himself...Jimmy Donovan!"

"Tickets as always start a very reasonable 10 dollars moving up to 25 dollars for ringside...We don't got many to sell, so get them fast!"


Nate Dakota VS Jack "7-10" Hudgins

J1D Vs Super Spade

Richard Andrews Vs Olvir Arsvinnar


Aaron "A-Rod" Roddick Vs "Cowboy" Jimmy Donovan

NOTE: Remember the stipulation on all matches, loses get stuck drawing 1 to 15 for the High Stakes Battle Royal, winners get to draw from 16 to 30

If anyone on the card or not on the card wants to do a "Leisure Time" Segment send me a PM.

RP threads will be up in a moment, RP closes at Midnight PDT the 26th (Next Thursday).

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
LVW Big Risk Big Reward Show!

(FADEIN: The LVW Logo. MUSIC UP: "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" by Dean Martin, as a does an fly over of the Las Vegas strip, starting at Encore and The Wynn, then swooping down the strip towards Belliago and the Monte Carlo, before flying towards the intersection where New York, New York, Tropicana, MGM Grand, and Escalibur are all beside one another, then to the Luxor, and finally stopping at Mandalay Bay.)

(CUTTO: Jimmy Donovan hitting the Oklahoma Stampede on Hans Nowak.)
(CUTTO: A slot machine coming up three 7's)
(CUTTO: J1D hitting the Chill Pill)
(CUTTO: A shooter throwing the dice at a craps table.)
(CUTTO: Olvir Arsvinnar carrrying a woman off.)
(CUTTO: A Jack laying on the felt of a table, and then a dealer throwing over an Ace of spades on top, giving the lucky player blackjack)
(CUTTO: "Broadway" Johnny Doll, in his sequin jacket and bow tie, smiling big at the crowd)
(CUTTO: A roulette wheel spinning.)


V/O: "Welcome to Las Vegas...And welcome...TO EL! VEE! DOUBLE-U!"

(FADEIN: JEFF MAYES and VIC WATERS standing in the LVW ring. MAYES wearing a steel grey suit jacket and pants and light blue **** and dark blue tie. WATERS, far less formal, in a white button up shirt and black pants.)

MAYES: "I'm Jeff Mayes, and my partner as always Vic Waters...Apparently fresh from his auditon to deal the WSOP."

WATERS: "Hey this place doesn't pay the bills, let's not kid ourselves Mayes, I need a second AND a third job to grace you morons with my insightful color commentary every week."

MAYES: "Enough about your impending fall into alcoholism and bankrupty, tonight, it's LVW BIG RISK...BIG REWARD! (Crowd pops!)...Tonight 4 big matches and all of them will play a large part in the crowning of the new LVW World Champion at the High Stakes Battle Royal happening next week!"

(Mayes points to ringside where THE FLOOR, in a black suit jacket and black pants with a deep green shirt and no tie is sitting behind a table with two punch bowls filled with opaque black balls, one punch bowl marked "Winners" and the other marked "Losers")

MAYES: "Yes, everyone who wins tonight will get a big leg up on their opponents, the chance to pick from numbers 16 to 30...The losers put themselves behind the eight ball and must draw from 1 to 15."

WATERS: "Everyone who signed on to be a part of tonight's show is a moron. They know that an inside cradle, a roll up, anything, could give them DOUBLE the odds of drawing number 1 then if they just sat it out..."

MAYES: "But by that same token a victory doubles their odds of drawing number 30 then if they just sat it out...That's why it's called BIG RISK BIG REWARD Waters!"

WATERS: "Bah...With the LVW Title hanging in the balance, now is not the time for big risks, now is the time for smart plays. Bill Bellmoth knew better, he took the night off..."

MAYES: "Well enough of your naysaying, we're gonna get this show on the road after this break, with two newcomers to LVW as Nate Dakota battles Jack "7-10" Hudgins!"

WATERS: "Sounds amazing...No really it does."

MAYES: "You're insufferable."

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Dakota Vs 7-10

(CUTTO: the entranceway as NATE DAKOTA heads to the ring. He's wearing tights with one leg in black and one leg in white, a brace on his right knee and black ring boots. "Horizon On Fire" by Weapon Of Choice plays as he makes his way to the ring, the crowd gives him a solid cheer.)

MAYES: "Newcomer Nate Dakota getting a pretty warm reaction from the normally jaded LVW faithful."

WATERS: "The guy is in wrestling gear, most of these bums off the street fight in street clothes and look like morons."

MAYES: "Didn't your hero fight in a T-Shirt and sweatpants?"

WATERS: "That was different Mayes and you know it."

(The music fades out, And then after a few moments of silence walks out JACK "7-10" HUDGINS, wearing a red and black bowling shirt with "Jack" written on the right breast. He has on way to tight blue pants, old looking sneakers, an elbow brace, a bowling glove, and he's carrying a bowling ball bag, the crowd reacts with a sort of confused indifference as HUDGINS shambles his way to the ring.)

MAYES: "This guy...I really don't have any idea what to say about him..."

WATERS: "I've seen that double gutterball clip on Youtube, that would break a man I'd have to think...It clearly did here."

(HUDGINS gets into the ring and starts screaming at DAKOTA "We gonna bowl?! WE GONNA F*CKING BOWL?! DAKOTA looks confused as HUDGINS gets louder and louder and ref BRIAN PUTER has to keep the two men apart.)

HARWELL: "The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first fighting out of the RED corner, he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 270 pounds...NATE...DAKOTA!!!"

(Crowd gives a bigger pop then before, most likely due to their new found distaste for DAKOTA'S opponent)

HARWELL: "And his opponent, fighting out of the BLUE corner, weighing in at 220 pounds, also hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada...JACK "7-10" HUDGINS!"

(HUDGINS gets a smattering of jeers, and a mild "1248" chant as he spins his head around looking confused.)

HARWELL: "The ref in charge for this contest is Brian Puter."

(Puter gives a mild salute to the crowd as Harwell departs the ring, the bells rings and we're off!)

MAYES: "Hudgins trying to get his bowling ball out of his bag, and Puter fighting with him to not take it out...Hudgins yelling incoherently at Puter...DATOKA ATTACKS! He hammers Hudgins with a right hand and another, making him drop the bowling ball bag...Dakota powers Hudgins into the corner and now punches and kicks away at him!"

WATERS: "This Hudgins guy thinks we're supposed to be bowling here? Is he soft?"

MAYES: "He might well be. Nate Dakota whips him to the other corner, Hudgins staggers out and is POWERSLAMMED! THE COVER! ONE...TWO...NO!! Hudgins escapes!"

WATERS: "I don't think he kicked out so much as he just fought to get out from under Dakota, I really don't think this guy knows what's going on here!"

MAYES: "Dakota pushes Hudgins back into another corner and hammers him with a couple of right hands to the chest, he sends him again for the ride and charges in...BIG FOOT TO THE SKULL BY HUDGINS who follows it up with a CLOTHESLINE! Dakota sent hard to the mat!"

WATERS: "Maybe this nutjob does know what's happening."

MAYES: "Hudgins stomping away on Dakota now and grabs his arm...He wrenches the arm and now pulls him in for a short arm clothesline! NO! Dakota ducks! Hudgins turns around, AND GETS HIT WITH A SNAP SUPLEX! The bigger, stronger Dakota getting Hudgins over and a cover! ONE....TWO...TH-NO! Hudgins again escapes!"

WATERS: "This putz can take a bit of abuse, he has that going for him!"

MAYES: "Dakota now backing Hudgins into the corner...And gets gouged in the eye for his trouble! Puter telling Hudgins to stop with the illegal antics as Dakota staggers away...HUDGINS WITH A SPEAR ON DAKOTA!"

WATERS: "Maybe he calls it a spare!"

MAYES: "Oh you're to funny...Hudgins now...Wait a minute, he's going to his bowling ball bag...He's got that bowling ball out! What the hell is he doing!"

WATERS: "I guess he figures he's fought enough and it's time to hit the lanes again..."

MAYES: "Puter trying to get that ball away from him...OH LORD! HUDGINS JUST HIT PUTER IN THE HEAD WITH THE BOWLING BALL!! Puter crumples into a corner and he's motionless!"

WATERS: "We're gonna need a padded cell here..."

(THE FLOOR on the outside yells at the timekeeper to ring the bell...The bell rings repeatedly)

MAYES: "I have to think Hudgins has been disqualified for his attack on the ref...Mandalay bay security staff now entering the ring, they've gotten Nate Dakota out of the ring and are now trying to restrain Jack Hudgins...OH DEAR LORD! HUDGINS WINDMILLING THAT BOWLING BALL SENDING SECURITY SPRAWLING!"

WATERS: "Try saying that three times fast!"

MAYES: "Hudgins now going over to the prone body of Puter in the corner...Oh no...OH NO...He's spread his legs and now Hudgins backs to the opposite corner...BOWLS THE BOWLING BALL RIGHT INTO HIS GROIN!"

(LOUD GROAN from the crowd! Bell continues to ring!)

WATERS: "He's gonna feel that in the morning...and for the rest of his life..."

MAYES: "Security now subduing the bowling ball-less Hudgins, order being restored here."

HARWELL: "The time 5 minutes, 45 seconds...The winner of this contest as a result of a disqualification...NATE...DAKOTA!!"

(Crowd pops)

MAYES: "Hudgins now being led over to the punch bowl for losers...I don't really think he knows what he's supposed to do..."

(THE FLOOR can be heard yelling at HUDGINS "Pick one!" and pointing at the bowl. Finally after a few tense moments HUDGINS grabs a ball and throws it at THE FLOOR, who opens it.)

FLOOR: "Jack Hudgins has drawn #10 for the High Stakes Battle Royal"

(HUDGINS has to be held back by security as he's screaming "TEN?! I DIDN'T LEAVE NO F*CKING TEN!")

MAYES: "Hudgins for all his madness and losing this match didn't exactly end up doing so badly, getting a pretty high number out of the losing bowl."

WATERS: "Trying to spin getting number 10 in the High Stakes Battle Royal is like trying to defend that piece of horsesh*t the Republicans trotted out Wednesday...4th graders could make something more professional looking."

(NATE DAKOTA, looking pissed off at this whole absurd turn of events walks over to the winner's punch bowl, and then grabs a ball...He cracks it open and then opens it such that he and THE FLOOR can both see the number. Almost instantly DAKOTA throws his arms into the air!)

FLOOR: "Nate Dakota has drawn #27 For the High Stakes Battle Royal!"

(DAKOTA gives a yell and is pumped up. He starts high fiving fans and celebrating.)

MAYES: "Wow! What a big time break for Nate Dakota! Just like that he's drawn one of the best possible numbers for the High Stakes Battle Royal!"

WATERS: "Man some guys get all the luck, his idiot opponent loses his mind and gets himself DQ'ed, and on top of that he pulls a number people would kill for...He should go throw twenty bucks into a Wheel of Fortune slot machine and see if he can hit the jackpot."

MAYES: "Hey when you're hot you're hot, we'll be right back fans!"

(We fade to the ad break as NATE DAKOTA heads to the back, still high-fiving people, a "TWENTY-SEVEN!" chant can be heard.)

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
J1D Vs Super Spade

(FADEIN: The LVW crowd rocking along to "Down" by 311, J1D makes his entrance, barefoot, wearing white knee length board shorts with blue lines on the sides. J1D smells overpoweringly of pot.)

MAYES: "J1D making his return to the ring after his successful debut, and these fans are solidly behind him!"

WATERS: "I think they are just trying to get near him for a contact high, my lord...LVW's drug testing program isn't exactly tough is it."

MAYES: "Well, it's not our #1 cash cow of a storyline, let's leave it at that..."

(The music fades out, and then after a few beats suddenly the lights go out)

WATERS: "Dammit, I knew it, they didn't pay the bills...Gawd dammit."

MAYES: "Our mics still work you idiot..."

WATERS: "Oh...Well you can never tell what's a dramatic entrance and what' s the end of the line with a company line this."

(The lights come back on to reveal SUPER SPADE perched on the top rope. Only his hands, and small parts of his masked face can be seen from his superhero get up, which is a black body suit with green and yellow lines on it and a red interlocking SS on the chest, with black wrestling boots. The crowd begins booing loudly at the insanely cornball character. SUPER SPADE'S mask is pure black)

WATERS: "Man, between the stoner, the bowler suffering fro PTSD and now this guy, I can't say who's the biggest nut in this company."

HARWELL: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall...Introducing first, fighting out of the BLUE corner,..He hails from San Diego, California and weighs in at 236 pounds...JAY!!!!! ONE!!!!! DEEEE!!!!"

(Crowd pops loud! J1D nods to the fans, gives a thumbs up)

HARWELL: "And his opponent...fighting out of the RED corner...He hails from His Secret Lair...Weighing in at 224 pounds...SUPER!!! SPADE!!!!"

(The crowd boos loudly as Spade hops off the top rope)

HARWELL: "The referee for this contest is Lamont Jackson"

(Harwell exits the ring, and the bell rings!)

MAYES: "And we're underway...These two men lock up and they struggle with each other...HIPTOSS BY J1D! Spade gets to his feet...ANOTHER HIPTOSS! Into an armbar by J1D who's got it sunk in...Super Spade now fighting to his feet as J1D gives his arm another crank, and then pops him with a jab! J1D with a series of left jabs and a BIG RIGHT sends Super Spade crashing to the mat!"

WATERS: "For being such a peace loving guy he sure doesn't mind fighting in the ring!"

MAYES: "In the ring J1D is all business, or about as all business as he's ever going to be...Spade back to his feet...He eats a dropkick! Spade sent to the floor!"

WATER: "Let's see if the flower child lays off him or if he goes for the kill here."

MAYES: "J1D to the outside and he's giving Super Spade a good beating with those right hands...Wait...SUPER SPADE GRABS J1D'S SHORTS AND PULLS HIM INTO THE STEEL RINGPOST!"

(Crowd "Ahhh's" as it looked bad when J1D hit the ring post)

WATERS: "Well that might put the stoner down but good Mayes!"

MAYES: "Lamont Jackson out to check on both men as Super Spade gets to his feet and he's back in the ring, and now J1D is stirring and he gets up, he's on the apron and puts his head through the top and middle ropes...SUPER SPADE WITH A BIG ELBOW TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! He covers! ONE....TWO...NO! J1D kicks out! Spade seems unhappy with that count and now he's stomping the hell out of J1D....Spade gets J1D up...SIDEWALK SLAM! The cover! ONE...TWO...NO! J1D again powers out!"

("JAY-ONE-DEE!" chants)

WATERS: "These idiot fans...I don't have any idea what they see in this guy."

MAYES: "Well he's not dressed up like a moron for one thing...Spade now whips J1D to the corner...CHEST FIRST!!! J1D staggers back...INTO A BACK BRAIN KICK! THAT COULD BE IT!! ONE...TWO...THR---NO! NO! J1D kicks out!"

(Crowd pops! "TWO!" Shouts)

MAYES: "Spade now with a scoop and a slam...With a florish he extends his arms...I think he's gonna try to end it...Spade going up top...Wait...He's losing his balance...OH!!!! HE CROTCHED HIMSELF ON THE TOP ROPE!"

("YOU F*CKED UP!" Chants!)

WATER: "I would have thought a superhero would have cat like grace, guess not."

MAYES: "Both men down, J1D and Super Spade both up, Spade with a right...Blocked and a right from J1D! a Right from Spade, a right from J1D! ("YEAH!") A right from Spade! ("BOO!") Another right from J1D ("YEAH!") A right from Spade ("BOO!") A right from J1D ("YEAH!") Another right from J1D! ("YEAH!") And ANOTHER ONE SENDS SUPER SPADE DOWN! ("YEAH!" turning into clapping from the crowd)

WATERS: "Man, it's hard to be on the side of the heels when you gotta defend a demented bowler and a costumed freak..."

MAYES: "J1D gets Spade back to his feet and sends him to the ropes...BACKBODY DROP! Spade hits hard, J1D off the ropes...FLYING FOREARM! HE CLOCKED HIM! THE COVER!! ONE...TWO...NO! Super Spade kicks out!"

(Crowd boos. Mild "Two!" shouts)

MAYES: "J1D waiting on Super Spade to get up, Spade staggers to his feet...HURRICANRANA!! He just nailed that! Now J1D stomping his feet on the mat, he can sense it...Spade up...J1D HOOKS HIM...CHILL PILL!! NO! SUPER SPADE FREES HIS ARMS...HE HOOKS J1D UP!!! NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE!! ONE....TWO...THREE!! NO! YES! WHAT?!"

(Lamont Jackson calls for the bell, the crowd erupts in a "BULLSH*T" chant!)

HARWELL: "The time of the fall 7 minutes and 3 seconds...The winner of the contest by pinfall SUPER SPADE!!!!"

(Crowd boos loudly, going back to the "BULLSH*T chants)

MAYES: "Controversy here folks, I can't say if J1D kicked out of that pin or not!"

WATERS: "Well it doesn't matter what you say Mayes, this one is in the books!"

MAYES: "I guess so, J1D still pleading his case to Jackson, who's having none of it and telling him his shoulders were down...J1D dejectedly now heads over to the punch bowl for those who lost..."

WATERS: "We call them losers Mayes."

MAYES: "You really know how to twist the knife...You're a real piece of garbage."

WATERS: "Hey don't bring up the good old days, it drives me to drink"

MAYES: "You'll drink anyways..."

(J1D pulls out a ball from the loser's punch bowl and cracks it open, suddenly his eyes light up as he shows THE FLOOR his number)

FLOOR: "J1D has drawn #15 for the High Stakes Battle Royal!"

(Crowd pops for J1D catching a break!)

MAYES: "Well there's some justice in that! I really don't know about that pin."

WATERS: "What?! He lost Mayes, get over it!"

(SUPER SPADE heads over to the winner's punch bowl and pulls out a ball, he cracks it open and looks at the number, he throws the paper on the table at THE FLOOR and shouts "Gawd dammit mon!"

FLOOR: "Super Spade has drawn #16 for the High Stakes Battle Royal!"

(Crowd laughs, then starts a "You suck!" chant at Super Spade, who shakes his head, disgusted.)

MAYES: "What a turn of events, as J1D just had the best luck possible, and Super Spade just had the worst luck possible!"

WATERS: "Hell if they had switched punch bowls, J1D would be #30 and Super Spade would be #1!"

MAYES: "What a turn of events here, we'll be right back fans!"

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Andrews Vs Olvir

(FADEIN: The crowd waiting for the next match when MUSIC UP: "Never Gonna Give You Up!" by Rick Ashley plays and the crowd instantly turns hostile as RICH ANDREWS, wearing a bright red blazer over a tightly stretched blue wrestling singlet heads towards the ring. He dances around with his cartoonish red hair a mess on top of his head.)

MAYES: "Now this! This is a man I can get behind!"

WATERS: "Your eye for talent is amazing sir."

MAYES: "How can you not love this?! He's rickrolled the House of Blues!"

("You suck!" and "1248" chants break out as ANDREWS enters the ring and continues to dance around the ring, seemingly uncaring about the crowd's hostile reaction.)

MAYES: "Well no matter how you feel about this clown, he's got a real task ahead of him"

(The music fades out..."OLVIR!" chants start up...Morphing finally into "OLVIR'S GONNA KILL YOU!" chants...Before finally MUSIC UP: “I Am A Viking” by Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force and the crowd pops HUGE as OLVIR ARSVINNAR power walks towards the ring, holding a giant flash of mead in his right hand. OLVIR'S ringwear consists of knee high leather boots, a wolf skin loincloth covering black trunks and a viking helmet that he knocks off his head halfway to the ring, the helmet falls into the crowd causing a scrum as people battle to win it.)

MAYES: "This place has gone crazy for Olvir!"

WATERS: "These people claim to be such wrestling insiders and true followers of the sport, and yet their celebrating this moron...I can only pray he and all these clowns get rickrolled!"

(Olvir's music fades out as he stomps around the ring, the crowd buzzing)

HARWELL: "The following contest is set for one fall...Introducing first fighting out of the RED corner, he weighs in at 200 pounds...Fighting out of the South Shore of Massachusetts...RICHARD...ANDREWS!!!"

(Crowd boos loudly as ANDREWS raises his arms.)

HARWELL: "And his opponent...He hails from LAS VEGAS, NEVADA....Weighing in at 310 pounds...OLVIR!!! ARSVINNAR!!!!"

(Crowd pops HUGE as OLVIR continues to stomp around the ring, waiting for battle!)

HARWELL: "The referee in charge of this contest is Tim Hathcock"

(Harwell gets out of the ring and the bell rings!)

MAYES: "We're underway as Andrews and Olvir circle...Andrews quickly grabs an arm and locks in an armbar...Olvir sent to one knee as Andrews is wrenching on the arm...Olvir fights back to his feet and Andrews sends him back down with a kick to the stomach..."

WATERS: "This overgrown moron has no idea how to deal with technical wrestling Mayes, he's lost in there!"

MAYES: "Andrews now locks in a side headlock on Olvir and is cranking away on it. Olvir trying to fight back to his feet...Andrews really using his skill here to keep the big man from getting on track."

(Crowd chanting "Boring!")

WATERS: "These rubes want 720 backflips and steel chairs every moment, no understanding of the art of this sport...Bah."

MAYES: "I'd think you would want this over so you could get to drinking."

WATERS: "You think I'm not half in the bag already? Get a clue Mayes."

MAYES: "Olvir now grabbing Andrews hands and fighting with him to free himself from the hold...Both men fighting and Olvir now powering out of the headlock...Andrews lets go and gets shoots a double leg...He puts Olvir flat on his back!"

WATERS: "This is pure wrestling! This is a clinic! Olvir has no idea what to do in there!"

MAYES: "Olvir tries to sit up but that just allows Andrews to take his back and get a waistlock...Olvir fighting to his feet, he's up and now trying to pull apart Andrews hands...Andrews with a quick roll up! ONE...TWO...NO! Olvir explodes out of that and now HAMMERS AWAY WITH RIGHT HANDS TO THE SKULL OF ANDREWS!"

WATERS: "Such outragious cheating! We were seeing a technical masterpiece and now this heathen has to ruin everything with his closed fists!"

MAYES: "Olvir ROCKS Andrews with a big right hand and sends him into the ropes...Andrews back...BIG FOOT! Andrews drops like a ton of bricks! Olvir now stomping around the ring as Andrews staggers back up...OLVIR HOOKS HIM UP!!!! NORDIC BOMB!!! OH MY!!! THE COVER!!!! (Fans counting along!) ONE...TWO...THREE!!!"

(Bell rings. MUSIC UP: “I Am A Viking” by Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force )

WATERS: "Bah I hate this lumbering oaf and his ability to luck out constantly."

HARWELL: "The time of the fall 6 minutes even, your winner by pinfall...OLVIR ARSVINNAR!!!"

(OLVIR gets out of the ring and heads over to the punch bowl of victory, he grabs 6 balls and tries to open one before THE FLOOR grabs at them, screaming "You only get one!" at the rather clueless giant who finally grabs one ball and begins to walk away with it.)

FLOOR: "Olvir, you have to open it!"

(OLVIR looks confused and then CRUSHES the ball in his hands, he then reaches through the shards and finds the piece of paper that he opens.)

FLOOR: "Olvir has drawn #20 for the High Stakes Battle Royal!"

(Crowd boos at the less then excellent number, OLVIR shambles towards the back. He reaches for a young lady in the crowd but her boyfriend stops him from taking her to the back, drawing LOUD heat in the process...OLVIR gives the boyfriend a jolly smile before cocking back a fist, making the guy flinch. OLVIR then wonders to the back, the crowd contining to give sh*t to the boyfriend, while all this is happening a groggy and out of it RICHARD ANDREWS has made his way to the loser's punch bowl)

MAYES: "Andrews now has to make his pick..."

(Andrews grabs a ball and opens it, upon looking at the number he falls to his knees in defeat)

FLOOR: "Richard Andrews has drawn #2 in the High Stakes Battle Royal!"

(Crowd pops big for ANDREWS misfortune. A loud "You suck!" chant erupts from the crowd)

MAYES: "The ever compassionate LVW fans letting Richard Andrews know they feel bad for his horrible luck. The main event is next!"

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Donovan Vs A-Rod

(FADEIN: the broadcaster's table where JEFF MAYES and VIC WATERS are sitting.)

MAYES: "We're back fans, and the big news so far tonight has been Nate Dakota capturing the #27 spot in the High Stakes Battle Royal."

WATERS: "And Rich Andrews on the other end getting stuck with #2! Poor guy is doomed!"

MAYES: "The main event is up next, with two more men, one of whom might beat Dakota's very high number...The other of which might be stuck with #1 and have to enter the ring with Andrews to start things off."

(MUSIC UP: "Imperial March" by John Williams as AARON RODDICK, wearing grey uniform pants with a grey uniform top, that reads "Empire" across the chest in black block letters. The rop is somewhat unbuttoned to show a white wifebeater underneath. On the back of the jersey is the number 13. The crowd boos loudly as RODDICK enters the ring.)

MAYES: "The normally Empire friendly fans here in LVW not really getting behind A-Rod here tonight."

WATERS: "I'm telling you, this guy hasn't earned it! If he ever makes good, maybe things will change."

(The music fades out as A-ROD paces around the ring, warming up, MUSIC UP: "Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold as the crowd pops HUGE as "COWBOY" JIMMY DONOVAN comes out from behind the curtain, black trunks with "Cowboy" in in gold on the seat. His black ring boots have an interlocking :"JD" in gold on them as he walks to the ring, high fiving the cheering fans, and catching one room key thrown at him.)

MAYES: "This crowd is going crazy as the Cowboy makes his way to the ring!"

WATERS: "Man, I wish I had a gimmick that got me this over with the women...I guess I need to be a time traveling porn star or ride bulls in my spare time."

MAYES: "Or not be 50 pounds overweight and a drunk...That might help also..."

HARWELL: "The following contest is set for ONE FALL and it is the MAIN EVENT of the evening...Introducing first, fighting out of the RED corner, he weighs in at 245 pounds, hailing from The Bronx, New York...Representing the Empire...AARON...A-ROD RODDICK!"

(Crowd boos! Some "Captain!" chants)

HARWELL: "And his opponent, fighting out of the BLUE corner, he weighs in at 242 pounds...Hailing from Enid, Oklahoma..."COWBOY!" JIMMY!!! DONOVAN!!!"

(Crowd pops HUGE for DONOVAN who raises his right arm in the air and gives a big smile to the crowd.)

HARWELL: "your referee for this contest is Tim Hathcock"

(Harwell walks out of the ring, Hathcock waits a beat and calls for the bell, starting the match.)

MAYES: "The two men circle and lock up...Donovan drives A-Rod back into the corner ...A clean break given by the Cowboy and the two men lock up again...Side headlock by Donovan who now is sent to the ropes...Shoulderblock by Donovan sends A-Rod Down...Donovan off the ropes again, A-Rod goes low and Donovan jumps over him...Donovan comes back...LEAPFROG by A-Rod...Donovan back...HIPTOSS by A-ROD..Donovan blocks and he goes for a hiptoss of his own, A-Rod blocks that... The rwo men disengage from each other and back away."

(Crowd gives a round of applause for the chain wrestling.)

MAYES: "They lock up again and Donovan gets control with a forearm to the chest and another, now a right hand sends A-Rod to the corner. Donovan with a kick to the stomach and now he whips A-Rod to the ropes...Clothesline by Donovan...DUCKED by A-Rod...A-Rod off the ropes...FLYING CLOTHESLINE! NO! DONOVAN DUCKS! A-Rod hits the mat hard!"

WATERS: "He just takes dumb chances at dumb times...This kid's got all the talent in the world, if only he'd get a clue!"

MAYES: "Donovan attacking A-Rod quickly with a series of stomps to the back A-Rod trying to get to his feet and taking a couple kicks to the ribs also...A-Rod sent to the corner...He staggers out RUNNING BULLDOG BY DONOVAN! HE COVERS!!! ONE...TWO...NO! A-Rod fights out. Donovan grabs him and elevates...BACK SUPLEX! NO! A-ROD LANDS ON HIS FEET! Donovan turns around and eats a series of right hands that stagger him into the ropes...A-Rod sends him into the ropes...A-ROD ELEVATES DONOVAN...SPINEBUSTER!!! The cover! ONE...TWO...NO! Donovan escapes!"

(Crowd pops! "TWO!" yells)

WATERS: "Oh lord, he didn't hook the leg, the crazys on VFAN are going to be up in arms over this, just sloppy!"

MAYES: "A-Rod giving Hathcock a little speech about that count and he grabs Donovan...He drags Donovan over towards a corner...A-Rod grabs Donovan's legs...SLINGSHOTS DONOVAN INTO THE CORNER! DONOVAN LANDS ON THE SECOND ROPE! A-ROD GETS UP! CROSSBODY BY THE COWBOY! ONE...TWO...NO!!"

(A few boos, some "Two!" shouts)

WATERS: "And he just GAVE Donovan that move...Unreal...I wish Scotty was still on the Empire."

MAYES: "Donovan and A-Rod both up, Donovan with a right hand, blocks a right from A-Rod and now a series of rights from the Cowboy! A-Rod sent into the ropes and a DROPKICK on the button by Donovan! He covers! ONE....TWO...NO!"

("TWO!" shouts)

WATERS: "Where is the manager?! There is nobody at ringside to give him leadership! I mean Joe didn't always make the right moves as of late, but I'd still want him out there!"

MAYES: "Donovan sends A-Rod into the corner...STINGER SPLASH! A-ROD JUST GOT SQUASHED...Donovan now pushes A-Rod into the corner...He's setting up A-Rod up top...DONOVAN WITH A SUPERPLEX OFF THE TOP! NO!! A-ROD SHIFTED HIS WEIGHT AND LANDED ON TOP OF DONOVAN!! THE LEG IS HOOKED!!!! ONE...TWO...THR---NO! NIO! DONOVAN KICKED OUT!!"

(Crowd pops big! Loud "TWO" shouts)

WATERS: "How did he kick out of that?! What the hell?!"

MAYES: "Donovan has the heart of the champion! A-Rod gets Donovan up he hooks him for a suplex...Donovan blocks...Another attempt...Another block! DONOVAN WITH THE SUPLEX! Both me slow to get to their feet, but Donovan gets there first and starts hammerng away with rights into the face of A-Rod,..A-Rod rocked...Donovan with a knee to the gut doubles over A-Rod...RUNNING KNEE LIFT FLOORS A-ROD!"

(Crowd pops big! DONOVAN gives a thumbs down to the crowd, getting another pop!)


(Crowd pops! "TWO!" yells)


MAYES: "It was a close two! A-Rod can't believe it..."

WATERS: "Don't get rattled, these rubes and this punk ref are all against you, but I believe in ya!"

MAYES: "A-Rod scoops up Donovan and a slam...He's climbing the ropes."

WATERS: "Oh Gawd dammit, what is he thinking?!"

MAYES: "A-ROD WITH A MOONSAULT!! NOBODY HOME!!! A-ROD HIT HARD! Donovan gets to his feet, A-Rod trying to get to his feet...Donovan gets him up...He throws A-Rod over his shoulder...OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE!!! HE NAILED IT!! (Fans counting along!)ONE...TWO...THREE!!!!

(Bell rings. MUSIC UP: "Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold as the crowd continues to cheer big for Donovan.)

HARWELL: "The time of the fall 8 minutes, 24 seconds...The winner of this contest by pinfall..."COWBOY!" JIMMY!!! DON! O! VAN!"

(Crowd continues cheering, A-ROD rolls out of the ring, clutching his stomach as he stumbles towards the Loser's Punch Bowl. He quickly grabs a ball and hands it to THE FLOOR who opens it.)

FLOOR: "A-Rod has drawn #6 for the High Stakes Battle Royal!"

(Crowd starts mockingly laughing at A-ROD who leans over the table, still holding his stomach.)

MAYES: "Not the best of draws for A-Rod...The Cowboy now up to the plate."

(DONOVAN pulls three balls out of the Winner's Punch Bowl and then gives the Hogan 'hand to ear' spot, he points at the one on the left, the crowd roars in disapproval...He throws it back into the punch bowl...He points to the one on the right, again getting loud boos, and throws it in the punch bowl...Finally he points to the middle one and gets a huge cheer!)

WATERS: "Must he be a ham about everything?! I wanna get out of here I got a date tonight."

MAYES: "Appointments at asian massage parlors aren't dates Vic"

WATERS: "Hey, you see things your way, I see them mine."

(DONOVAN holds his ball aloft, the crowd starts a loud "THIRTY!" chant before he finally cracks it open, then poker faced, shows his number to THE FLOOR)

FLOOR: "'Cowboy' Jimmy Donovan has draw...NUMBER 25 in the High Stakes Battle Royal!"

(Crowd pops for DONOVAN'S good draw, Donovan re-enters the ring and soaks in the cheers of the crowd.)

MAYES: "This crowd is loving it, the cowboy, has caught lucky and has a great chance at winning the LVW Title next week!"

WATERS: "Bah, nothing ever goes my way."

MAYES: "Wait a second! A-Rod from behind hammering on Donovan, the two men trading punches...Now here comes The Captain! Both members of the Empire working over Donovan, they send him to the ropes...FLAP-JACK!"

(Loud "Olvir!" chant.)

MAYES: "AND HERE COMES THE VIKING!!! OLVIR HITTING THE RING AND ATTACKING BOTH MEMBERS OF THE EMPIRE! And now here comes Nate Dakota, the man who drew best of all, he's swinging away at Olvir...J1D and Super Spade charging out, they are now fighting in the ring with the Empire, Oh lord, here comes that nut Hudgins...He's throwing down...Rich Andrews out here...It's broken down here!"

WATERS: "You knew this HAD to happen, Vegas wouldn't take odds on this!"

MAYES: "It's total chaos, just as it'll be next week, tune in next time, LVW will crown a champion next week...IN THE HIGH STAKES BATTLE ROYAL!"

(The entire roster keeps fighting each other in the ring, the crowd chanting "EL VEE DUB!" as we FADEOUT)

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