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LVW Gaming Rulebook


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Nov 5, 2005
Here are the LVW Facts & Information!

LVW Gaming Rulebook

1) This is going to be the peoples’ league, and a collaboration by all.

Instead of one or two people writing the card, which usually ends in delays and tears, everyone is going to have a piece of the card to write.

First, this will allow everyone to help each other out in case someone gets into a jam, and secondly, allow cards to go live in a timely fashion.

Once all the pieces of the card are together, I will edit it all together one-two and have it ready to post. All cards are going to be put up on a league-dedicated Google Drive on share for all to see, with the link being posted in the forum.

2) A card’s cycle will go down as follows:

a) The Challenge Note will be posted. Approximately 3-4 days will be given for everyone to call people out, etc. Some cards will have some peoples’ match pre-booked and ready to go.

b) The Lineup and RP subjects will then be posted.

The Lineup will not just announcing matches, but will be the full rundown of the show. Here is an example of what it will look like:

2. Match 1
5. Match 2
8. Match 3
11. Match 4

This is where everyone comes in.

At this point, people will get to request segments they want to use for their characters/storylines. It can be a promo, a post-match or pre-match angle, an in-ring interview or a quick backstage 30-second mic spot - whatever comes to the imagination. You will just have to reply in the Lineup topic which segment(s) you wish to use.

Alongside this, RP will be open. We will be running RP for 7 days; on cards that require it, 10. Also, there will be a 2 RP cap. It’s all that’s really needed, honestly. You can go back and forth with your opponent, do two back-to-back, however you want to do it. On cards that will require more RP, we will specify it.

During the week we will finalize as many segments as possible. At the end of the 7 days comes the last step.

c) Final Lineup posted

At this point, we’ll give out matches for people to write. Anyone who wanted a segment and got it will write it themselves to be sent in. Mike and I will write a thing or two, do editing, and piece the card together. Once that’s done...

d) Card posted.

In my mind I’m looking at a 21-24 day turnaround per card. 3-4 for challenges, 7 for RP, 10-14 to write it and post.

With everyone working together, it should be doable.

3) Championships.

There will be two Championships.

a) LVW Heavyweight Champion

The primary championship. This title will be initially up for grabs at the LVW Roulette Rumble, which is currently scheduled to be our 3rd card.

b) LVW TV Champion

Sponsored by KLAS Channel 8 in Las Vegas. This title will very likely be initially up for grabs on the card following the LVW Roulette Rumble.

The TV Championship will be required to be defended on every card once its rewarded.

4) Schedule

Currently, the Challenge note for the first card is due to go live on June 1st.

We will have two cards, and then on our third show hold the Roulette Rumble, where we will be crowning our first LVW Heavyweight Champion.

Any questions? Just ask!


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