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Nov 5, 2005
LVW Owner Javid Dones, from LVW Week 2 on KCLV Channel 2:

“Yours truly stands here before this most elegant of crowds… (The crowd screams in approval!) …to send a message that shall span the landscape of professional wrestling, and be heard by all grapplers through the far reaches of the globe!”

“The message is one of opportunity! Opportunity for growth! Opportunity… for a refreshened beginning! Opportunity… to change the course of one’s career! Opportunity to openly present to the world of wrestling one’s wares in the organization that shall make a mercurial rise in the New Year – a rise emanating from this land, the ultimate land of opportunity, Las Vegas! (Cheers!)”

“Las Vegas is the fastest-growing metropolis in all of the continuous forty-eight states, if not the world - a metropolis befitting a wrestling organization that shall rise at a parallel speed, and in the New Year become the fastest-growing in all the world, LAS! VEGAS! WRESTLING!”


(DONES holds in a good laugh at the chant.)

JAVID DONES: “Let it be known that Las Vegas Wrestling shall not be an organization over-run by egotistical, false general managers and authority figures hijacking valuable camera time! Rather, let it be known that Las Vegas Wrestling shall be an organization where it is the WRESTLER that reigns triumphantly! (Cheers!)”

“Let it be known that Las Vegas Wrestling shall not be an organization heavily populated with the names of grapplers of yore suffocating yet another marquee! Rather, let it be known that Las Vegas Wrestling shall be an organization where newcomers and those seeking to progress their careers shall populate the marquee, and become the future generation of superstars! (Cheers!)”

“Let it be known that Las Vegas Wrestling IS the wrestling organization of opportunity! And that this, this right here before you, IS the opportunity to seize the day!”

(The room ERUPTS in cheer! DONES raises an open palm to the crowd, head slightly bowed, calmly waiting for the room to settle to a lower decibel!)

JAVID DONES: “Today, yours truly comes before you with the opportunity of a lifetime – the opportunity to grasp onto Red Rock Mountain and ascend to the apex of all of wrestling – the opportunity to become WORLD – HEAVYWEIGHT – CHAMPION!”

(The room gets loud again!)

JAVID DONES: “The tangled web we weave shall happen as follows - an allotment of time shall be given so that yours truly’s message shall reach the depths of the earth – but then, at Las Vegas Wrestling’s next show, originating from right here, at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay (Cheers!)… the prodigious announcement shall be made declaring the participants in what will be a series of matches, all leading to the finale – a 4-WAY, SIXTY-MINUTE IRONMAN MATCH! (Cheers!) The winner of which shall be crowned THE… LAS VEGAS WRESTLING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!”


That's right, NOW is the time to join Las Vegas Wrestling. Most of the pertinent information regarding the FW backgrounds of Mike and I, and some ground-rules for the league will be found at http://fwrestling.com/fwc/showthread.php?t=12493.

The big difference now is we're no longer stressing all new wrestlers be thought up in order to join the league. LVW is opening it's arms to the vast majority of wrestlers in FW, from far and wide. The only exceptions we're still making is that it be a character of yours that isn't your Ace #1, your "A" character, that you use in 10 different leagues, or even a "B" guy that's in a fair chunk of leagues.

We're looking for fresh faces, and for you to use the league to expand some of your lesser-used guys, or to re-package an old lesser character you had from a time ago, or to break out a tag wrestler (FW still has tag teams, right?) and make him a singles star, or, as always preferred, to come up with a new, original character and bring him to Las Vegas. Also, if you wish to join with someone new and can't think of anything, contact Mike via AOL IM at War on Eurasia. We've got a few ideas for guys sitting in the kitty that we're more than willing to give and talk out. Vegas is a land chock-full of character ideas.

The biggest bonus is that if you join RIGHT NOW, before Wednesday, January 4th, and get involved in our next card, "Viva Las New Year 2006", you will have an opportunity to get in on being lined up at a shot to become the very first LVW World Heavyweight Champion.

So are you ready to seize the opportunity? If so, e-mail the app with the pertinent info to lvw.prez@gmail.com, and join us, at Las Vegas Wrestling!

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