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Jan 1, 2000
(fade into a dark room, a single candle is seen buring, a voices begins to talk)

"You know now that the unknown has been cleared up, and now that I have gotten what I have seeked out, I really do not need the darkness anymore.

(A light goes on, as Adam Benjamin blows out the candle he was holding as he continues talking)


"You know Maelstrom I enjoyed watching you little Family Feud, Brother beatings wow, your really are the man you are made out to be. And then you showed skill in taking out the what was it time keeper, I don't know for sure but regardless you showed your level of class for sure.

(Adam smiles)


"Live on PPV your legacy becomes mine, your moment in time takes a back seat to the man you see before you. You might be able to put fear in the eyes of some, but get it straight right now I fear no man, for no man is my equal. Take care of your family matters in the next few weeks, but keep in the back of your head that at the PPV "Yours Truly" is going to give you one last autograph so to speak, one last stamp with my name on it.

(Adam laughes as he looks at the contract"


"Now as far as the next couple of weeks go? You want me to prove myself Pres, fine that is cool with me, i will do it for my fans not your sorry bum, or your silly company. Give me anyone you wish, but let it be know when I shatter your roster it will be your fault and your sorry bum picking up the medical bills. Because I am "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin the name that everyone knows, and everyone fears. I am the best mat wrestler walking the face of the earth, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

(Fade to black)

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