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MAIN EVENT- Great Lakes Title Four Way Match



Ignorance in action

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-28-03 AT 00:56 AM (EST)](FADE IN:..... an impromptu appearance by Maelstrom, still in the hotel room, just about fully dressed though as he sits in a chair lacing up his Timberlands. He glances our way briefly and starts packing his bags and as he does so, without looking our way, he begins to speak.....)

MAELSTROM: If there's one thing certain, is that ya don't have to look for to see ignorance in action.... seems that whenever it's bein' sought out, Manson suddenly begins his rant, yakking away but never ever really sayin' anythin'. Yes Manson, I'm selfish, an' I'm arrogant, an' I don't claim to be the smartest or the savior or GOD as you do.... nah, that sorta carries the stench of insecurity and cowardice. Yet STILL, with ALL the faults you've bestowed upon me, I somehow managed to REPEATEDLY humble YER A$$ eh Manson? Now, ya claim to be an intelligent man... so why don't ya explain THAT ONE to us all?

(pauses as he takes a minute to search around the room for any last minute belongings)

MAELSTROM: Whether Goldie or anyone for that matter is EVER there to TRY an' help me or not... means SH!T to me! Manson, you and yer lackeys REPEATEDLY attack me an' ya STILL haven't gotten the job done! You guys bring NEW meaning to the word incompetence.... among other things. But what I'd really like to know Manson is since ya say that I couldn't have trapped 'Narky in the Mortal Sin without Goldie's help, then does that make you INFERIOR to 'Narky since I trapped YOU in the Mortal Sin with NO ONE'S help?! (smirks) For all I care Goldie can join yer lil' band of PIZZLES.... not that it would make any difference. You an' he agree on something an' ya ask 'bout the last time anyone agreed with me?

(begins clapping in a very exaggerated manner)

MAELSTROM: Well, now am I supposed to be concerned or what? Maybe reevaluate my direction?

(feigns thinking for a minute then....)

MAELSTROM: Nah! Considerin' the fact that I don't care 'bout whether anyone agrees with me... cheers me.... hates..... disagrees with me..... or whatever, I think I prefer to do what matters to me.....

(zips up his bag and tosses it over his shoulder)

MAELSTROM: An' that's to continue humblin' ANYONE that wants to step to me......

(Maelstrom pushes his way past the cameras and is disappears down the hallway, as we in turn.... FADE OUT....)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
RE: Cause and effect





What? Are you trying to seduce me, you sick bastard?

What am I supposed to tell the impressionable Jonathna Marx when he comes up to me and askes what was blurred out. Are you trying to sexually confuse our young audience?

Why, Maelstrom, why? Because I'm right? Because Hawk is right? You can't take the fact that you're wrong so you have to transform yourself into a pervert.

This is enough, I demand you throw some pants on and renounce your Pandorian heritage. Because that is something for only Jarod Poe to see.


The line

(FADE IN:.... a break in our regularly scheduled programming as we see Maelstrom standing in front of a yellow cab, a bag over his shoulder. He motions for the cameramen to come closer as he begins to speak.....)

MAELSTROM: That line is still there for ya to cross when ya grow a pair Goldie....

(Maelstrom winks and smirks facetiously as he enters the cab and pulls away, leaving us return back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress....)


In search of....

(FADING IN:... back to our regularly scheduled program which was just seconds ago disrupted by Maelstrom's impromptu appearance.... we begin to hear Leonard Nimoy's voice as the screen displays the caption "In Search Of Ignorance". That soon fades away and we find ourselves staring at one of Michael Manson's latest mic spots, before we mercifully .... FADE OUT....)


Jan 1, 1970
RE: The line


"I don't switch-hit freak. Nor have I turned to the dark side..."

"But when you wanna step in that ring and see what's up - just tell me where to sign."



The dotted line

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-28-03 AT 00:17 AM (EST)](FADE IN:... as we see Maelstrom staring at us, apparently attempting to restrain himself from laughing....)

MAELSTROM: An' to think that it only took 'bout 3 or 4 times of me wavin' ya forward for ya to finally grasp that invitation?

(shakes his head in feigned disbelief)

MAELSTROM: An' now ya need me to tell ya where the dotted line on my open contract is? Do ya also need help spellin' yer name?

(Mocking laughter is heard as we ... FADE OUT....)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Rest and Recovery

{{...FADE-IN: "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan is still lying in his bed at home. The "red spots" that were on his face last time are now blue, but everything else is the same, including the GLCW TV Title draped over his waist....}}

"STUPENDOUS" STEPHEN MORGAN: " You know, I've just HAVE to thank you gentleman. I mean, my goal when I heard I was getting this match, I mean OTHER THAN taking the GLCW Title home, was to expose Maelstrom for what he truly is. And I've just GOT to say, that all the jabbering going on back and forth between Manson and Maelstrom has done it FOR ME. It shows that while Maelstrom truly is a big, bag of hot air, when he's taken to task for his statements, he just can't back them up. Goldy-hawk, HI GOLDY, {{...Morgan winks...}} has even stepped into the game and show Maelstrom to be an ungrateful, uh...HATER...yeah. Manson has basically backed up everything I've been trying to tell Maelstrom...so really, there's no point in me continuing to cut promos. "

" So this is my LAST one gentleman. You can talk back and forth until your BLUE in the face, I could care less. I need to conserve my STRENGTH, I need to rest up if I'm going to be expected to show up for this match. It's been quite obvious over the last few days that you really don't need ME to inject into the conversation...I mean, you two could entertain my german shepard for three days with all that talk. And the thing about it, it's all the SAME old rehashed stuff. "

" I'm sick of it. "

" It hurts my head to even think about it. "

" So I take my leave of you now. HOPEFULLY I will be rested and ready to take the reigns of the GLCW horse and ride it to victory at RIPTIDE. The PEOPLE deserve it, they NEED IT...and if you don't think so, you can just..."

" Keep dreaming. "

{{...FADE OUT as Morgan flashes an evil grin...}}

OORP: Guys, I am horrendously busy at work and home right now...so this will probably be my last RP for the card unless RP extends past the weekend. Great job and I'm sorry I couldn't interject a little more. - Jason



[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-28-03 AT 09:42 PM (EST)](FADE IN:.... to a white hospital room, much like Morgan's, where we see Maelstrom sitting up on a bed. An IV bag with a "Kool-Aide" insignia on it sits on a stand next to him with the line running from the bag straight into his fist, which he raises to his mouth and uses as a straw. After a few sips from the line, he pulls it from his mouth and begins to speak.....)

MAELSTROM: Not really much to say 'bout yer last comments Morgan.... only that yer obviously STILL delirious from yer afflictions!

(grins as he sips a bit more "Kool-Aide" from the IV line)

MAELSTROM: But don't fret none Morgan, a cure's on the way, one that'll chase away all yer deliriums.... reality has a way of doin' that ya know.....

(with a knowing nod and wink, Maelstrom puts the "Kool-Aide" filled IV straw-line back into his mouth and sips away just as we begin to ..... FADE OUT.....)

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