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MAIN EVENT: Ladies Tag Team Match - Foxx/FHart v CDaymon/Starr


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the MAIN EVENT ladies tag team match between FELICIA HART / FOXX and CAITLYN DAYMON / KARLA STARR (c) at RAPTURE should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

** RAPTURE matches have a RP limit of 2 RP's per participant..

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on SUNDAY, December 17th, 2006. Angles should be sent to secandido@san.rr.com ...


League Member
Feb 1, 2005
About an hour's drive from Detroit, MI...
Fade in to what would appear to be a hotel gym. Foxx is getting an early start as usual, but takes a break to speak her mind once again, leaning back against a treadmill. The only visible remnant of her beating at Battlebrawl is the good sized cut healing just over one eye. Before the camera is even finished fading in, a wicked grin creeps over her face.

"Well! It would seem that you have indeed outwitted me, Mrs. Daymon."

She huffs out a scoffing laugh.

"I'd really LIKE to say that I'm surprised, but I was really going against every fiber of my being with my original guess."

"Now the only question is: What made the player become a pawn?"

"Actually there are two questions here."

Her face quickly changes to a disgusted frown.

"Why can I look through the archives and NEVER find a good showing from whomever I'm tagged with?!"

"It's like...Am I even really expected to get any help? It's baffling...really!"

She throws her arms up in defeat and quickly drops them again.

"Then I look back and realize. I don't remember ever losing a tag match. Now why is that I wonder?"

"I think...no matter how poor a showing the other tag member puts forth, every little bit counts. Krist Blue proved that point quite well."

"It's about faith."

"This has already been done. There's nothing big here beyond the return of Caitlyn Daymon and her new buddy relationship with Karla Starr. The only surprise there'll be in the ring is how many times they try to cheat to win. I've got my cash laid out somewhere between five and ten."

"But no matter how many chairs you pull out, I won't be cheated out of what was rightfully mine again. Karla Starr will fall...and if that means Caitlyn Daymon falls with her? I'm all about equal opportunity."

"No matter how many people come out of the freakin woodwork to stand at her side. It doesn't matter at all. I WILL be the one to end this."

"I'll never give in and I'll never let go. Better hope you can say the same...both of you."

That same grin comes back as she walks out of the picture...


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(Fadein, Karla Starr in front of a NEW ERA RAPTURE backdrop.)

STARR: Is the weather over here really so horrible that you're delusional about what happened or are you THAT retarded??

Normally, I'd just assume the latter, but I'll give you credit where credit is due, ya dirty whore...this isn't a normal situation. But allow me to get something straight, regardless.

Caitlyn isn't a pawn and never was.

She just wasn't aware of what the name of the game was. This...

(Starr holds up the NEW ERA Women's title)

Was mine even before Marceau and LaRoque had the idea to even INVENT it. As far as Caitlyn is concerned...who knows?? Perhaps she was the one that decided that getting her ass kicked wasn't worth the time as it was joining me TO kick ass.

We HAVE tagged before...she just chose to go to a better team.

Unlike that fatass Johnny Damon...who should've stayed with Boston when he had the chance, but then again, that's nor here or there...

See...I told you before Battle Brawl, and I'm telling you now.

You'll NEVER get a chance to have this (holds up the NEW ERA Women's championship.). You can take all the time you need to prepare, watch film, swim laps, hell, you can take a short sabbatical for all I care when it comes to getting ready for this belt, even "Run-The-Country" like Forrest Gump did in the movie.

But I'm telling ya now....if you think that I think you're disgusting now...

Just wait until someone trips over you in the gutter on the street with ripped up garters and a beard. Then you REALLY won't need a partner to help you out of that mess.

Krist Blue might try to do ya in really uncomfortable place, though...trust me...it ain't pretty.

Just ask Jason Payne, Em Dubya Gee's got pictures.



The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
Hart Attack!

FADE IN: FELICIA HART, NEW's resident Dancing Queen, is standing by at a swanky club with her brother, #1 contender to Jonathan Marx's heavyweight title, SHAWN HART

FELICIA: "So bro, what do you think of this Foxx?"

HART: "Foxxxxxy..."

FELICIA: "But not as much as me, right?"

HART: "Errrrrrrrrr..."

FELICIA: "Ehh.. Either way, I'm pleased as punch to have her in my corner."

HART: "I'd rather have her in my bed."

FELICIA: "You have bunk beds, Shawn.."

HART: "PSHH!! How would YOU know?!"

FELICIA: "Because I sleep in the bottom bunk."

HART: "Touche, sister... Touche!"

FELICIA: "So anyways.................. why are we here again?"

HART: "Haven't I taught you anything?! Whenever you're shooting a hot new promo for a big match, it should ALWAYS be filmed in exotic locales."

FELICIA: "But this is a gay bar, Shawn..."

The Phenom looks at his sister with disgust and disbelief in his eyes.

HART: "Yeeeeeah right, I pick up chicks at this club ALL the time!!"

CUT TO: The club's sign: 'The Glory Hole' in neon lights.

FELICIA: "You pick up chicks at THIS club?"

HART: "Heck yeah I do! Ryan... Ashley... Pat... Billie... I met them ALL here!"

FELICIA: "Really........"

HART: "You bet'cher boots baby, and lemme tell ya... these girls aren't like any you've EVER seen!"

Felicia whispers under her breath...

FELICIA: "I bet."

HART: "What was that?"

FELICIA: "Oh, uh.... NOTHING!!! But hey, can I just tell Daymon and Starr that they are b(FCC)tches and that they're going down so we can leave?"

HART: "Go for it."

Felicia shoots a deadpan expression into the camera.

FELICIA: "You two are b(FCC)tches.... Oh, yeah... and you're going down too."

HART: "That's hot."

FELICIA: "And so am I, but hey... let's get out of here before you get STUCK in that closet."

HART: "Waddaya mean?"

FELICIA: "Errrrrrrrrrrrr..."


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