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MAIN EVENT: Minion & Red (c) v Golem & Hart (c)


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the MAIN EVENT Tag Team Turmoil match between MINION & FELIX RED (c) and GOLEM & SHAWN HART (c) at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on SUNDAY, January 10, 2010. Angles should be sent to wfwnewrestling@gmail.com ..

There will be NO RP EXTENSIONS for this show.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Viewing Life in Higher New Year Resolutions

(Cue up: "The Day the World Went Away" by Nine Inch Nails. Fade into Golem, sitting in a dark room. He's wearing a nice suit and a pointed "Happy New Year" hat.)

Golem: 'Tis the season, right? The season of wishing and hoping and changing? The time when the collected chaff wish to be so much more? The time where I make a New Year's wish to not be forced onto a tag team with an incompetent teammate and have my valuable time wasted. So let's see what's on the docket for RAUCOUS.

(Golem reaches over to a nearby desk and picks up a sheet of paper. He sighs very audibly and runs his clawed hand down over his face.)

Golem: Maybe these wishes take a while to take effect. I say that, because here I am, again tied to a partner who has no business carrying the scrap metal on his shoulder, let alone getting the privilege of teaming with the one they call Golem. Shawn Hart...this isn't our first trip down the well together. If you're in this business as long as I have been and as long as you have been, it's inevitable. Realistically, I should already have Felix Red's belt and preparing to take yours and unify them under the glorious banner of Golem if it weren't Minion and his incompetent refereeing. But the message is simple, Mr. Hart. Keep the belt warm for me, do your job, stay out of my way, and be less terrible than Psycho. Those are the only job qualifications you need. I'll worry about the competition. Heh....the "competition."

(Golem makes air quotes. Golem glances back at the sheet as if in stunned disbelief of what he had previously read.)

Golem: So I finally get my rightfully earned shot at Felix Red and again, Minion rears his ugly head. Beating Felix Red in tag team matches is starting to become passe' for me, but in this case I will make a special exception. I'll won't lie to you, Felix, I hope that when the time comes, you beat Hart to unify the titles. I hope that Golem gets his chance to sink the ship of the last remaining member of LOVE worth anything here. It would be fitting payback due to the continued mediocrity of LOVE and it's constant holding back of the superior Golem. If I didn't get tethered to you collection of misfits, not unlike how I'm currently tethered to Hart, I'd already have that title. But things don't always work out the way you'd hope, I suppose. I've learned that firsthand. So I'll pretend to dance like a puppet for the WFW as I manipulate the strings. The belt coming to it's rightful master is an inevitability at this point. Somewhere in your incoherent proselytizing, Red, you must know it to be true. Somewhere you have to understand that, despite your best efforts to pretend it may not be, a spade is still a spade. You are what you are Golem is what he is. Golem is the superior animal. Now don't get me wrong, Felix. I respect you. You're as talented as they come. But you are simply of an inferior makeup. No amount of heroine or heroism will change the fact that you simply lack the tools necessary to defeat Golem. Soon enough I'll get to sink my claw into the belt. But as is, I'll settle for the opportunity to sink my claw into you. That's better than nothing I suppose. I suspect you and I will have an eventful 2010, Felix. Not unlike my 2009 with Minion.

(Golem grabs a glass of water and takes a sip before setting it back down. Golem points up at the hat.)

Golem: It's a brand new day, Minion. We're pushing into a brand new year, but it's still the same thing with you. If you're not losing to me, you're losing to everyone else. The last time I saw you in the ring, you were busy trying, successfully I suppose, to cheat me out of my rightful opportunity against Felix Red. But that isn't the last time our paths have crossed, is it? Not with me taking the time to drug you and you taking the time to cheapshot me and whatnot. And so it's brand new year and we can end this cycle of violence. Here's the thing, though, Minion....I don't want to. Despite the fact that my inevitable title reign was put on hold because of this torch I carry for you, I enjoyed 2009 quite thoroughly. I returned to the wrestling business almost entirely for the sake of getting the opportunity to do things like I did to you throughout the year. Here's the only problem....you're not progressing at the speed I was hoping for. I expected you to be more of a challenge. I implore you, Minion, please step your efforts up before I take Felix Red under my wing as my new plaything. He even has the title to incentivize me. You? I'm not sure what it is that you offer. I had previously thought that you had a rabid monster hidden beneath your medication. But maybe, time has caught up with you. Maybe you've been on the medication too long and just can't reclaim the past. I'm not sure. I'm starting to wonder if I even care anymore. Eventually, I might simply choose to end our spat by just ending your career. You wouldn't be the first and you likely won't be the last. Because like the day, you're career rose and has begun to fall. It's your twilight and perhaps you just don't have another year in you.

(Golem takes the hat off an examines it.)

Golem: What makes 2009 and 2010 so different? Is it because a calendar rolls over? Is it because the decade changes and we can start new "Best of the Decade" lists? Or is it, perhaps, because those men who shape this world take the opportunity to MAKE the new year different? Some people evolve. Minion can't or won't. Felix Red probably doesn't know what day it is, let alone what year. Hart is irrelevant by pretty much every definition of the word. So the weight falls onto the shoulders of Golem, the Atlas of the WFW, to carry the WFW into the new decade. I will be the beast of burden for the coming nights. When the time comes to battle the EPW, it will be the force of the one they call Golem who will propel us forward. It is my birthright to lead. Hart, you will be the first to get to experience this fact. You have no right to be allowed to ride my coattails to the top, but if it must be so, it must be so.

(Golem takes another sip.)

Golem: Just try not to pull a Psycho.

(Fade to black.)


League Member
Jun 19, 2009
(screen fades in as we see ourselves in Minion's apartment. Things have changed since the last time we were. Missing are the broken pieces of furniture. Gone are the shattered pieces of glass and drawers ripped off their hinges. Instead the apartment is well taken care of, with little to no sign of abuse.The camera pans around and we see Minion sitting in front of the TV, Minion unscrews one of his pills an pours the contents into a fizzling drink and takes several sips before sitting back and relaxing. On the TV we can see Minion's last gig, screwing over Golem. Minion motions for the camera to come over and begins to speak as the camera slowly makes it way in front of Minion.)

Minion: You know maybe i should quit wrestling. Yea, shocking i know, but after watching this tape about a hundred times it still brings a smile to my face, something wrestling has not done in so long. The only thing that would make me happier is to know exactly how Golem felt as i screwed him over. Where you a bit angry Golem? Did you go back to the locker room and smash chairs like you used to in the old day? Did you slam your head into the mirror again like you did in Orlando after that loss? How does it feel Golem? Knowing you, i am sure you are going to say that it is just one match in a very long career of yours, but really Golem it was more. It was a chance for you to get on top of the world. It was a chance for you to put everything behind you and finally be successful, but no; once again someone drags you down to the level in which you are accustomed to, bottom feeding, and you know what i am proud to have been that man. Now instead of getting a taste of the gold and be just one step closer you are having to team up with a champion. Instead of being the man Golem, you are having to carry the jock strap...it just has to eat away at you. Sure you can and everyone can say well Minion what have you done lately, and in all honesty i have done nothing, but with Minion's little helpers (minion motions to his drink, which is fizzling a lot more since the contents of the pills were poured in) success will come, but you Golem, your chance was there it was within grasp and i snatched it away and you know what, it tasted so sweet as if i had wonthe title myself.

(Minion smiles at that last statement and flips off the TV. Minion grabs a piece of paper in front of him and quickly puts it down and begins again)

Minion: So in Denver Colorado i'll be teaming up with the great Felix Red, i man a respect and am proud to fight along side with. Ya know, the interesting thing about this match it is like a 2 for 1. On one side i have Golem, who i would love nothing more than to end his career with a chair to the back of the neck, and on the other side i got the whatever he is calling himself Shawn Hart. For all the old school wrestling fans out there, they might remember that i have a little history with Hart...a little unfinished history and the last thing i will say about that is i have been waiting for this day for a long time. Now I respect Felix, so i am hoping he is seeing this i am hoping he takes my words to heart, fight Hart leave Golem to me. As much as i really want to go after Hart i can, i know his time will come and good things always come to those who wait. I want Goelm, i want Golem all alone and i will do anything it takes to get that and Felix if you get in my way of hurting Golem (minion starts to get a little agitated and enraged something we have not seen since the older days of Minion), if you start to stop me from beating the piss out of Golem i will put you down too and i will not think twice about, if you don't remember what i am capable of i suggest you watch the tape of me pushing a pregnant woman down a flight of....

(Before minion says another word he stops and takes a sip of his drink and almost instantaneously Minion becomes calm and subdued)

Minion: But Felix i know you wont get in my way, if anything we both have agenda's in this match. You had much rather have Hart all alone and i would much rather have Golem all alone, and i am sure we can work together to achieve that goal. Golem you raised a point that needs to be addressed and that is me losing to everyone and i am going to make a bold prediction here...i could care less if i lose to you, in fact i am going to lose to you, but i will come out the winner. In every match there exists really two matches. The first match is the one everyone sees on television, the second match is a personal match between the two wrestlers. When you put two people like us in the ring, we could careless who wins the ordinary match, we aren't in the fight for that. No no no no we are in the fight to hurt each other and not just the plain jane chair to the back...we really want to hurt each other, and in Denver that is the fight i will win i guarantee this, but know this wont be the last time we do this song a dance Golem. See our fates are intertwined you know this i know this. It is only a matter of time before the brass grows a set and sanctions our match and if they don't want to grow a set then ill get in enough shots on you in Denver o make sure you never get in my way again.

(Minion finishes his drink and then puts it down, gets up and walks to his window. The camera shoots over the Minion's shoulder and we see a beautiful skyline view of New York City and Central Park. Without turning around Minion begins)

Minion: See unlike you and unlike my old self i want this to end. I am ready to move on. There was once a time i was king, i owned Babylon and everyone in there loved me, i was their champion and with their support i did horrible things unmentionable things that have been censored and exist in a vault that will never see the light of day. I have moved on past that. I have changed and Golem you are just the same person you always were and that goes for your tag team partner. I grew up and moved on and with the help of my pills i have seen the error in my old ways. Sure i have dropped some matches, sure i have lost a step or two, but it will all come together and when it does it will be the perfect storm of success and power and i will start a new Babylon. I am hungry Golem, and when you starve a dog long enough he will do things others never thought possible. 2010 is the year of the Minion, not the year of the Golem and on January 10th, the year of the Minion begins and Golem and Hart i am looking forward to starting the year of with a bang.



The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
The CHAMP Speaks

FADE IN: NEW Champion Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD is in full ring attire and displaying his most confident stare for the camera. Behind him, the old World's Finest and New Era logos, as well as his Empire Pro Intercontinental, Legacy of Champions, and NEW title belts, hang in the balance. With a microphone in his hand and a spotlight illuminating the scene, SJH cracks a devilish grin and speaks.

SJH: "An immovable object. A veritable iron man. An indestructable force wrought entirely from inanimate matter...

Or a giant douchebag with delusions of being in the same league as the Chaaampion of aaaall EARTH!"

He chuckles.

SJH: "Heh, one of these things is a Golem. In the case of my esteemed tag team partner, I'm just not quite sure which one it is. Be that as it may, when this GOLEM says to stay out of his way, I must confess... I'm more than happy to oblige."

SJH runs a hand through his golden locks.

SJH: "Being the COCK of the walk, the KING of the hill, and the golden, shining standard upon which the entire promotion aspires to emulate, nary is the time when I'm afforded the chance to kick back and be content staying out of someone's way.

So, Mr. Golem... while you do your best to handle not one but TWO world-class athletes, I'll be in the corner like Gollum, mumbling to myself and admiring the precious..."

He shoots a glance toward his NEW title belt.

SJH: "I mean, in all honesty... and this goes for you too, Mr. Minion-"

He licks his lips.

SJH: "..I've got bigger fish to fry. GRANTED, Felix the HACK is actually involved in this thing as well, but I'll leave it to him to blow his load prematurely. Hart don't bust the cream 'til the time to cream has COME!"

As is his custom, Hart chuckles at his horrendous joke.

SJH: "I mean, regardless of just which kind of golem Golem actually is, the steak n' eggs of the situation is that he's the kinda guy that will run himself ragged trying to prove whatever nonsense he happens to be saying at the time is true. So with or without me, as U2 might say, the suppos-ed WFW champ is gonna have his hands full with the l'il whipper-snapper."

He nods in self-agreement.

SJH: "As for me, I'll have a nice front-row seat... where I can sit and keep the title belt warm, per my partner's request. Heh, it'll be a heat he'll never have the opportunity to feel, but that's OK. He already tastes me everytime he kisses his girly-friend goodnight, so feeling my body heat would probably be superfluous at this point."

SJH walks off camera, only to reappear seconds later with a look on his face that suggests he has suddenly remembered something.

SJH: "Oh, yeah... and for the record - Mr. Minion, FELIX..."

He licks his lips again.

SJH: "Your girly-friends were there too!"

SJH winks at his opponents through the camera.

SJH: "The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister has said his piece, the CHAMP has laid down the law, and the PHENOM has left the building!

Godbless and goodnight."


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