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MAIN EVENT: Tag Team Turmoil - Cruise/First v Marx/Entertainment (c)


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
The Pre-Show Chat

* Mr. Entertainment RP for C09.

(((FADE IN to the set of “That’s Entertainment”. There’s no crowd, and no band. Only Mr Entertainment sat in his seat behind his desk in a spotlight, and across the desk, half in the spotlight, Jennifer Harding)))

JH: It’s really quiet when nobody’s here isn’t it?

ME: You’ve been in the arena when the ring’s set up but the doors ain’t opened, right?

JH: Yeah, but I kind of always imagined this place always having fans and music, you know.

ME: The act’s comin’. An’ the crowd’ll be here when the show starts, but that’s not why I invited ya here today.

JH: Aww. Can I at least be here when it starts? It looks like fun.

ME: Sure.

JH: So what’s planned for the show?

ME: A celebration of ME

Mister Entertainment

Bein’ the most successful New ERA Champion since the start o’ season one, with two successful title defences.

JH: But didn’t you lose to Chaos?

ME: Jen, any match where I walk away with the belt counts as a successful title defence. I am the only guy ta walk in ta two successive matches with the belt an’ still hold onta it when I walk back to the locker-room. Nobody else has done tha’.

JH: But didn’t

ME: (((interrupting))) No, they didn’t. Don’t fall inta the Cameron Cruise trap, Jen. I’m always talkin’ abou’ my New ERA, an’ in that time, nobody has successfully walked out of the arena with the belt two title defences in a row. Shawn Hart got so badly beat up by Chaos, tha’ he tried ta vacate the belt after one defence. The First, the Wrestling Bieber, couldn’t even hold onta the belt fer one defence, an’ Shawn’s second reign lasted as long as I let it. Take those two, tha’s three title changes in four title matches. ME?

Mister Entertainment?

I beat Shawn Hart fer the belt, beat Cameron Cruise, an’ walked out of the arena with the belt against Chaos. I am still the New ERA champion, whether Chaos or Fanatic or Suicide likes it or not.

JH: OK, I get that. But a lot of people aren’t going to see it that way, they’re going to see it as one successful defence and one disqualification loss. Not two successful title defences.

ME: That’s because those people’ve been filled up with the mind-numbin’ crap spewing from Hollywood. They have ta go deeper.


ME: (((interrupting before she has the chance to speak))) Bad girl! Mind, gutter, out of.

JH: But I didn’t

ME: I knew what you were thinking. Bad girl.

JH: OK. I’ll stop splitting hairs too. You’re teaming up with Jonathan Marx against Cruise and The First this week. You’ve got to have some thought on what went down at Cyberstrike between those two.

ME: Ya mean the pa-the-tic attempt ta make either guy seem relevant? The mind-numbingly obvious plan ta get Cruise another title shot against the King of New ERA? Not sure, but I’m guessin’ those two’ve planned somethin’ where Cruise gets help ta last a lil’ longer tryin’ ta take my title, an’ when I’m all weak an’ helpless, Bieber jumps in ta take my belt.

Nice plan, geniuses, except fer one tiny flaw. Bieber – I ain’t Shawn Hart. Cruise – I’m simply tha’ much better than you tha’ all the help in the WORLD wouldn’t let ya beat ME

Mister Entertainment.

Hell, didn’t I embarrass him enough by remindin’ him just how insignificant he’s always been in New ERA last time? But I guess shit likes ta clump together, so it’s only natural those two’ll team up ta try an’ take the New ERA championship.

JH: So you’re not worried about them either? Do you worry about anything?

ME: Only abou’ the important things, Jen. An’ the Wrestling Bieber plotting ta screw over Cameron Cruise ain’t important.

JH: You’re teaming with Jonathan Marx, so I guess you’re in good company.

ME: Now he’s decided ta take things seriously, yeah. I was kinda disappointed in Johnny-boy in the first season, he seemed off his game. Sloppy. Missin’ a step. Now? I’ve gotta admit, he’s a good addition ta my New ERA. One day he might even be good enough ta challenge fer my title.

JH: Fanatic’s got that honour first though, right? A lot of fans are looking forward to seeing you two go at it for the title after the match you had on the second Cyberstrike.

ME: Ya mean when I carried him an’ showed the world how ta do drama? The Wrestling Bieber an’ Cammy should watch tha’ match ta see just how ta build suspense. What, two, three seconds on the clock? Just how damn good was I tha’ night?

JH: Very.

ME: An’ how many times have I beaten Cruise?

JH: Three if you count Battle Brawl.

ME: Precisely. If the Wrestling Bieber wanted ta stand any chance, he shoulda teamed with, I dunno… Jesus. Except not even Christ’ll fergive the waste of life First is.

JH: You don’t have anything good to say about Cruise or First, do you?

ME: Do their reflections have anything good ta say abou’ them?

JH: Not that I know of.

ME: So, no. Their reflections don’t have anything good ta say abou’ them. Then, neither do I.

JH: Well if even their reflections have nothing good to say, then the two don’t have much going for them.

ME: Precisely. Now watch at least one o’ them shoot somethin’ with a talking reflection from the mirror or something. About as original as either of ‘em’ll ever get.

JH: You do have to face them down the line if you can keep the title.

ME: Ya know tha’ bit before a match where the belt gets shown off? That’s the closest either of them is gettin’ ta bein’ New ERA Champion while I’m around.

Thinkin’ abou’ it… I might just let Johnny-boy stretch them. Neither of ‘em deserves ta be in the ring with the King of New ERA.

Who’s tha’, ya ask?

Simple. It’s ME.

Mister Entertainment.

(((FADE OUT)))


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Coming for what's ours.

* The First and Cameron Cruise joint-RP for C09.

(FADEIN: An empty warehouse. Under a spotlight stands The First, Muse, and Cameron Cruise. First in all black, his face painted white with the Eye of Horus pattern over both eyes, Cruise in black jeans and black muscle shirt with the New ERA logo on the chest. In the shadows to either side of them stand First’s associates in the shadows, their arms and parts of their faces can be seen when they move in the darkness.)

CC: Nobody likes being corrected E, even if they KNOW they're wrong.

But I'm standing here right now telling you, YOU are wrong.

Does it matter that you lost to Chaos by Disqualification??

Not so much, you said it yourself...you still have the New Era Championship.

Then again...you didn't score the decision by a pin or submission either, so technically...yeah, you lost.

You lost by not making a definitive impact in defeating Chaos, the company TOOL...by a defining means.

Sure, you could probably say the same thing about me...

Cameron Cruise

when I faced him, but the fact is that he TOO, won by a technicality.

I stood outside the ring looking back at him and proving to him just about how stupid he was for doing what he did at Battle Brawl.

Doing what he did by not pinning me; lord knows he can't make me quit.

No, see...any match where you walk away with the title without a definite decision marks it as an EXCUSE.

You're NOT that good.

Sure...you're painting quite the picture to Jennifer Harding on just who has the bigger measuring stick between you and Chaos as far as how much you can make her squeal...

But that's not really a known accomplishment, 'round here.

Hell, as far as I'm concerned, she might as well be taking on the entire Boston Celtic roster...there's gotta be a viable excuse for why it is the Miami Heat is proving the critics wrong by going up two-nil in the EN BEE AYE Conference Semi-finals.

Miami just hasn't been that good this year.

And neither have you.

I'm getting a little annoyed with the idea you hold in your head that this is YOUR New Era.

No E...it's not, and really, it never has been, regardless of the victory you hold over me, Shawn Hart and the Battle Brawl.

It's been OURS.

Sure, you got one over on me and I might've been alittle distracted ahead of time....but the fact is that for every "victory you hold over me...I hold a BIGGER one.

A victory here, a decision there, sure...you got it in the record books. However outside of this last outing...the one thing you have to remember is this:

No one is going to remember all the previous contests between us...that is except the one that had me BEATING YOU for the New Era Television title.

Consider the last bout I had against you an anomaly, E, a GIFT.

You got your first victory as a TRUE CHAMPION.

Not a WHODAT Chump, or whatever you called it.

Not as a winner of a Battle Royale, shit, I've got dozens of those.


And now's the time where you preserve just what you THINK you have as skill, and face someone with a clear head.

Thanks to the Gentleman to my left, I was reminded just how easily the system can be changed; just how easy I can get things without being passed over.

Something that you know all too well about.

What do I want??

I want another shot at winning a title that's been long overdue to come around MY waist.

And by virtue of the Season One EM VEE DUBYA....

I got it.

But this week we're paired up against you and the other..."Gentleman" in this company, Jonathan Marx.

Seems as of late he's picked things up again.

Not exactly impressive victories...Michael Montgomery has been nothing but an idiot for the last season and a half and I've not even HEARD of this..Richard Gecko...

Yet he wants to "make things right" because he doesn't like what went down because The First delivered as promised to me.

Too bad, Jon.

You've had your time as New Era Champion and the fact is Mister Entertainment is running out of his.

I'm the next New Era Champion, and the fact is that The First helped make it happen.

As a man named Entertainment...it's important to realize that it's IMPOSSIBLE for him to proclaim himself...a "King".

Jesters in a Kings' Court never get their comeuppance, E.

And that's just what's happened.

You went against the grain, defied history.

A JOKER...put on the crown.

And that's something that no one really takes serious, especially for a man like YOU.

Now a man like ME, EYE can wear a crown.

I can hold court.

And for my first unofficial act as the TRUE KING...

I plan on ending your "Reign".

By ANY means necessary.

And that...is a REALITY CHECK...you just won't like.

(The First smiles and looks at the camera.)

FIRST: When we first started talking, Mr. Cruise didn’t think I was serious, so he wasn’t serious, but now, he understands, he sees that I do what I say I will, I give people what they want…And he wants your title Mr. Entertainment…For whatever it’s worth, a trinket you hold not because you’re a winner, not because you are better than your opponents, but because you can game the system, manipulate the rules. Can’t beat a man? Get disqualified, save your title… What’s the honor in that Mr. Entertainment? Where is the merit in holding that belt when you know you can’t beat somebody?

Fact is Mr. Entertainment, is that New ERA and it’s rules are designed for a coward like you, you cheat and screw Chaos out of a victory, and you’re rewarded by continuing to hold the title, yet Chaos now has to fight and win three more matches to get another chance, is that fair? Is that honorable? Of course it isn’t, yet you hide behind these rules, Jonathan Marx supports and endorses these rules.

The two of you deserve each other.

Cowards and frauds, hiding behind a system, a system that I’ve broken twice, once taking the title when I wanted it, the second time when I handed Mr. Cruise his next title shot (Smiles, pats Cruise on the arm) and I will continue to break the system as I see fit, because any system such as this can not exist, can not survive long…No, the truth is only pure combat is the only test…Only when a champion who shows up every show and fights anyone in the locker room, one fall to a finish…Only when that happens, will your title go from being a symbol of a corrupt system, to a title worthy of a man, a title worthy of being held by a champion…

Here at Cyberstrike, you two pay a price for your foolishness, you two suffer a beating for clinging to these outdated and foolish ideals. You want to talk big Mr. Entertainment, I got a crazy idea for you, win a match, you and Marx fight us and with no help, win the match, tap one of us out or keep us down for three seconds.

You can’t do it, because you’re weak, you’re pathetic, and that’s why you defend your rules, you uphold order…But the truth is, this world is always about chaos, always about pain, about strife, about the strong being made stronger, and the weak…The weak perish…Until you’re willing to test yourself in those conditions, until you see if you are truly strong…You don’t know anything about yourself…

You are not warriors, you are puppets, puppets of a company that wishes to have you as it’s figureheads. It’s champion, and it’s defender, you’re being pulled by strings you don’t even see and wouldn’t even admit to them being there if they were shown to you, because you are too proud, to naïve to admit you’re being used by those who seek to control us.

So go ahead Mr. Entertainment, pose with your ill-gotten belt for the covers of the magazines, flash that smile and celebrate your glorious reign. Pretend that it means anything…And Jonathan Marx, wave the flag of New ERA, carry it’s battle standard high…Of course all you are waving is a white flag, surrendering your soul, your manhood, and any dignity you have…

You two deserve each other, and more than that, you deserve to fight us, you deserve to face real warriors, real fighters, real men, who don’t let rules stand in their way, men who revel in mayhem…Men who will show you the ugly truth…It is as Darwin said it was…

Survival of the Fittest

Evolve or Die.

And no rules, no edicts from management…Nothing, will save you from us…

(Cruise glares at the camera while First smiles wickedly, then the spotlight over them cuts out, leaving everything in darkness.)


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Once Upon A Time... and Words From the King

* Mr. Entertainment RP#2 for C09.

A long, long time ago, in a distant and magical land, lived two creatures of unimaginable stupidity. One was a great grizzled and grotesque creature, with a brain so small that it couldn’t remember anything that had actually happened and had to make things up as it went along. The second was smaller, and looked better than his gruesome friend, but this one too was incredibly lacking in intelligence, although he was smart enough to be scared to fight fairly.

One day, the two stupid creatures were walking down a forest path when they chanced upon a shiny silver sovereign laying in the path. The Second One immediately stopped to look at the shinyness, while the Grotesque One, who had never walked this path before, slammed his fist against his chest and shouted “MINE! I LOSTED IT!”

“Did not,” snarled the Second One, “It’s mine! I wantses it!” and he snatched the sovereign from the ground.

“IT MINE!” bellowed the Grotesque One. “I LOSTED IT HERE! GIVE IT!”

Just then, a small rabbit poked its head out of the nearby bushes and sniffed the air.

“HOPPY MINE!” screeched the Grotesque One, diving after the rabbit. But the bunny was too quick for the Grotesque One, and he quickly ran across the path, right past the Second One, and dove into a burrow. “HOPPY MINE!! HOPPY COME BACK!!”

The Second One laughed, clapping his hands. “Stupid no catch bunny! Needses me to helpses you catch dinner!” And as he clapped, he didn’t notice the silver sovereign fly from his hand and down into the burrow.



The two argued for a long time, until the rabbit poked its head out of the burrow, the shiny silver sovereign tucked under its arm. The Grotesque One saw the rabbit first, and yelled to his friend. The Second One did not see the rabbit, but instead saw the shiny silver sovereign and frantically started throwing his arms around, trying to find the coin in its hand. “He stoles my shiny!”


“No, get the shiny!”



And they dived at the rabbit, their arms getting stuck in the hole to the burrow. But the rabbit had hopped up, and over the two creatures, and as they screamed and kicked and clawed at the earth, the rabbit ran off with the sovereign towards the town. There, he bought a shop, and in time, through prudence and hard work, his shop became the envy of the world. On his way to get stock from neighbouring towns, the rabbit would often pass by his old burrow, where the two creatures were still desperately trying to fight out of the hole, kicking and clawing the earth and screaming and shrieking at each other.

(((CUE UP: “The March of the Varangian Guard” by Turisas as we FADE IN and CUT TO the musical stage of “That’s Entertainment!”. The crowd cheer as Turisas appear from smoke, Warlord singing the opening verse calmly before the song really kicks in. After the first chorus, FADE TO montage footage from New ERA since its relaunch, the song still playing.

First attacking an injured Shawn Hart, into footage of Shawn Hart beating The First at Battle Brawl.

Cameron Cruise being embarrassed once, twice, thrice – the third time in exchanges at Battle Brawl.

Jonathan Marx in the ring, soundly beating opponent after opponent.

Fanatic pointing at the New ERA Championship.

Rapid-fire shots of Donovan Astros, Chaos, Michael Mongomery, and Yossi Hayat.

And finally, a still image of the New ERA Champion in a pose similar to his now destroyed statue, Mr Entertainment.

The song ends as the crowd cheers, and Mr Entertainment applauds from a seat in the crowd)))

ME: I know I have them on a lot, but damn are they great. As opposed ta Cam an’ the Wrestling Bieber, who just grate.

(((The crowd jeer the mention of Cruise and First)))

ME: Yeah, sorry ta be a downer on things so quickly, but if those two don’t hear their names mentioned every few seconds they start ta ferget things. Ya know, simple things. Things that Michael Montgomery knows, things tha’ Yossi Hayat knows, things tha’ Suicide knows – hell, even things tha’ Chaos an’ Fanatic know!

But it looks like it falls ta ME

Mister Entertainment

The King of New ERA, ta set them straight once again. Not tha’ they’ll listen, they never do, but heck, I can but try ta get through ta minds tha’ don’t exist.

(((He stands from his seat, strolling over to the stage. A stage hand tosses him a remote control which he deftly catches and taps in his hands)))

ME: Let’s start with the Wrestling Bieber, the biggest coward of the entire roster, who’s decided tha’ somehow I don’t deserve ta be New ERA champion because I didn’t beat Chaos an’ somehow tha’ makes a guy a coward.

Let’s get this straight – I say it’s a successful title defence, an’ somehow tha’s bein’ a coward? If statin’ tha’ fer a fact I am the greatest New ERA Champion because I’ve left two successive matches with the belt is cowardice, an’ never once sayin’ that I didn’t lose ta Chaos is cowardice… what the hell was takin’ on a guy in an unscheduled match when they’re givin’ up the belt because they’re too hurt ta work fer a while?

Oh, sorry. Wrestling Bieber like shiny shiny so it’s alright.

Or, how abou’ actually walkin’ out of a match? Have I done tha’? No. But you did, as I recall. So damn scared o’ bein’ in the same ring as Druid an’ Shawn Hart ya did a runner. Then, when ya’d done pukin’ in the back a’ Battle Brawl an’ went ta face Shawn one on one, face ta face, an’ man ta man… well, a fair fight was a bit too much fer ya, weren’t it?

(((He presses a button, and we see the last few seconds of Battle Brawl’s main event, when Shawn Hart regained the New ERA Championship in First’s first title defence)))

ME: Did I beat Chaos? Nope. Never said I did. Did I ask Larry ta stick his nose where it don’t belong? Nope. Did I want Fanatic ta appear? Nope. Did I walk out of the arena the first man ta keep this belt after two title defences?

Damn skippy.

See, Bieber, tha’s the difference between you, an’ ME.

Mister Entertainment.

It’s why New ERA doesn’t need you as it’s champion, or anywhere near the arena, it needs Mister Entertainment. Because you can only work by hidin’, by cowerin’. Yer title reign began because you saw a wounded animal an’ attacked, yeah – like a coward. ME?

Mister Entertainment?

After bankin’ two shots, I went after Shawn man ta man, and ended his reign face ta face in a match he knew of before hand. Unless… yer gonna say tha’ you’d told Shawn what you were gonna do. Maybe then ya’d be a lil’ less o’ a coward.

But hell, look at ya now! All ready ta try an’ pick up the pieces, hidin’ behind Cammy. Sayin’ pure combat is the only test, when ya couldn’t do tha’ right. History shows it – an’ history’ll keep showin’ it, Bieber.

But it’s not like Cammy’s not used ta ridin’ coat tails. Hell, he’s been riding mine since the start.

Oops, sorry, I forgot. Cameron Cruise is great. Cameron Cruise is great. Cameron Cruise is

(((Interrupting, a puppet in a bizarre mask with red flashing eyes appears on screen. His name is Proppet.)))


(((and a giant foot-shaped anvil squashes him with comedy sound effect)))

ME: Shame he can’t remember tha’ this is New ERA. My New ERA. The place where I hold dominion because only I can.

Seriously, Cammy, take a hint. This ain’t some mystic “elsewhere”. This ain’t New ERA workin’ with World’s Finest Wrestling any more. I said at the first Cyberstrike, the second Cyberstrike, Battle Brawl, the seventh Cyberstrike, tha’ this was a New ERA. Clean slate. Hell, I went an’ won, earned a title shot. I went an’ earned a second title shot. If the time BME

Before Mister Entertainment

Mattered, why would I have had ta do tha’ since I had done more than you in any incarnation of New ERA?

Have ya won dozens o’ Battle Brawls in New ERA? No?

Have ya beaten Mister Entertainment since we met a’ Cyberstrike One?

(((He presses a button, and we see the ending sequences of two matches – “That’s Entertainment” being hit on Cameron Cruise at Cyberstrike 1 and 7)))

ME: Nope, you haven’t.

See, Cammy, tha’s yer biggest problem. Ya’ve done this tha’ or the other, but never where it matters. Ya think tha’ success elsewhere means success here. Ya think tha’ it means anything here. Ya offend the fans by goin’ on an’ on abou’ elsewhere, another time, when what matters isn’t what happened years back or in XYZ or elsewhere. That’s my strength, Cammy, I know that this… is New ERA. I know that this is New ERA… now. I know tha’ as long as people like you insist on goin’ round forgettin’ tha’ this is New ERA an’ we wrestle at the Agganis Arena on Cyberstrike, I have ta carry this company on my shoulders. Because you can’t do it. How can ya do it when ya don’t even respect the fans, the company, the locker-room? When ya think tha’ beatin’ ya twice one on one out of two matches counts as an anomaly?

I know That’s Entertainment ends with ya head hitting the mat pretty hard, but I didn’t think I’d knocked that much sense outta ya.

I’ll make this clear, Cammy. Until ya do something here, in my New ERA, yer nothing, an’ I’ll be countin’ the days before I embarrass ya fer a third time, one on one.

Unless yer plan is ta have the Bieber interfere, hm?

Look, guys, I already know the two of ya ain’t worth my time, or Johnny-boy’s, or the fans. I know the two of ya are scared an’ have ta gang up ta stand a chance of survivin’ in my kingdom. It’s a scary place. Chaos throwin’ people inta the crowd. Suicide not talkin’ abou’ how good he is, but showin’ it. People who actually fought ta win title shots gettin’ title shots. ME

Mister Entertainment

As champion and King.

It’s tough ta be a little guy. Hell, I ain’t the strongest. I ain’t the toughest. I ain’t the quickest.

But since ya’ve mentioned survival of the fittest, Bieber, I’ll let ya in on a secret. I am the fittest, because I am the best. I am the most adaptable. Unlike you, all talk an’ sneak attacks, I am King because I go out there and face people man ta man. I’m so damn sure of myself, so damn arrogant, because guys like ME

Mister Entertainment

Can back… it… up. Cruise is busy pukin’ in the corner because he knows if Fanatic can’t get the job done at Prime Time, he’s gonna have ta set foot in the ring against the greatest wrestler and entertainer on the planet. The man who’s beaten him in three matches across… nine events, soon ta be four in ten.

Then you’ll be ready, waiting ta cash in a shot at the champ… only ta find the champ has more than enough fight in him for ya.

(((Mr Entertainment motions to the back, and Jennifer Harding comes out carrying the New ERA Championship. She hands it to the champ, who rests it on his shoulder)))

ME: It doesn’t matter if Johnny-boy shows up, kids. It’ll be nice if he does because I don’t want ta totally embarrass ya before ya’ve had a chance ta start a decent story of the little losers tryin’ ta defeat the big bad champion. But one of you delusional morons I’ve beaten hands down twice in singles competition already, an’ the other I’ve shown I’m more of a man than he ever will be. I am the New ERA champion because there is nobody else who can build New ERA, can carry New ERA to the heights it deserves. Say what ya want abou’ ME

Mister Entertainment

But I am New ERA. I bleed New ERA, an’ everything I do in New ERA… I do for New ERA. You may not like it, but it’s ME

Mister Entertainment

Who sells tickets. It’s Mister Entertainment who does what it takes, no matter the cost, ta selflessly make this company bigger an’ bigger an’ bigger. It’s Mister Entertainment who realises this is New ERA, this is now, and nothing else matters but THIS… the symbol of the hopes an’ dreams of fans, wrestlers, ring crew, Jen here, Sam wherever he’s run off ta, an’ everyone associated with New ERA.

Neither of you could stand the pressure of building a true edifice, a place that will last for all time.

Only one person can. Only one person can be King of New ERA.

And it’s time for the King to toss you two aside, so he can concentrate on that other pretender, Fanatic.

If you want to stick your nose in my business again, Tact Legacy – you better be prepared fer yer final curtain. Cruise and First can serve as a warning to you and to all the other pretenders who think they can take my New ERA Championship.

Now, New ERA now, is all about ME.

Mister Entertainment.

(((CUE UP: “Rex Regi Rebellis” by Turisas as we FADE OUT)))


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
A Statement of Facts

* The First RP#2 for C09.

(FADEIN: The same empty warehouse, things are as they were before, with First, Cruise, and Muse standing under the spotlight. Cruise appears almost disgusted as we finally get audio.)

CC: I’m not even going to waste my time with this idiot till my title shot.

(Cruise dismissively waves his hand at the camera and takes a couple steps backward, crossing his arms over his chest and shaking his head looking sickened at the thought of even replying to Mr. Entertainment.)

FIRST: Well then…Muse…The speech please…

MUSE: It’s my honor…Behold America, born in war, and then through war…Perfected, freedom for slaves came only through war, then in World War One, women earned the right to vote as a war time measure…War liberated whole races, gave a gender the right to have a say in their government, and this is not even to speak of all the technological advances gained through war…And all of this still pales in comparison to World War Two…When America rose to even greater heights and became a Superpower. And it was because of war…

If America had stayed out of the war, the Germans, the Japanese, the Soviets, they would have been the powers of the world, they would be the ones even now calling the shots as they struggled with and against each other…But thankfully for us the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor…Awakening the truth inside us all…

War is the American way, War is what forged our nation’s destiny…

And now, now without war, we’re falling behind, slipping away, these pitiful skirmishes we call wars now are jokes, they do not make the nation sacrifice or suffer, none but the few families who have loved ones in Iraq or Afghanistan feel the effects of these conflicts…We cheer as 24 men break into a house and shoot a man…Not when massive armies storm the beaches of Normandy or when we reclaim the whole of the Pacific from the Japanese…We have become soft, weak, pathetic, combat reduced to discussions about trade agreements or education…We don’t need trade or education…

(Shakes head)

No, what need is war, struggle, conflict…If you think I am wrong, ask yourself this, why do we call those who fought World War Two “The greatest generation”? Because they were the best of us, they were the ones who stood in the crucible of war and were made better than we can ever imagine.

(Muse smiles, First steps in front of her.)

FIRST: Honestly man what the hell is the point of you constantly bringing up your name in your promos, you sound like everyone on the radio now who has to tell us their name before they begin rocking out, seriously man, I know you’re Mr. Entertainment, honestly, I promise I get that. You don’t have to beat it into my head, unless maybe you’re that character from Momento who can’t remember shit and you’re just saying your name to remind yourself of who the hell you are.

But that stupidity is beside the point.

You don’t get it Mr. Entertainment., you truly don’t. You think I’m hiding behind Cruise? I’ve already won the title, I won it on my terms, and to be honest, I lost it on my terms, and that’s how I live my life, I don’t play the rules of New ERA who tell people to jump and the locker room says ‘how high’. Fact is I got a title shot to take whenever I want it…I just care not to use it, because I could care less about beating you…Really, what does beating you get me, wow, I’m champ, but New ERA keeps going the same way, the same short list of opponents, maybe an MVP here and there, nothing changes, we keep doing things the way the company demands of us…

That is so boring, that Mr. Entertainment, is dull and pathetic, it is quite frankly…Unentertaining…

That’s what I am trying to change…That’s what I’m going to end, New ERA until my stewardship under MY control, will be a far different, far better place…

You’re just a figurehead, a figurehead Cameron Cruise wants to beat the hell out of and leave laying in a pool of blood, and I’m all in favor of letting him do just that to you. See I can chew gum and walk at the same time, just cause I don’t care to beat you up Mr. Entertainment doesn’t mean that I can’t see to it that you DO get beaten up.

And in this tag match, I’ll have no problem getting in that ring with you and giving you a thrashing, which you need. Mr. Cruise over there likes to talk about people needing a Reality Check…Well you, you need a friggin’ reality intervention, because you can’t see the world for what it is, you can’t grasp what is going on right before your very eyes, you don’t understand who or what you are. You are lost, hopelessly lost.

But don’t worry, in that ring, Jonathan Marx will do next to nothing to save you. In that ring, you’ll bleed, in that ring you’ll learn the truth, you’ll be brought back to the reality of this world, and the reality of this world is that it is cold, it is harsh and it is unforgiving…

This world is about pain and suffering, it about two men who do not have a shred of mercy in their bodies beating you until you have to be carried from the arena to receive medical attention….

This world Is about people fighting to prove themselves to be the best, not waiting for people to interfere in their matches and save them, not to parade around with titles they haven’t earned and don’t defend with honor…

This world in short, is not yours, it is ours…This world is ruled by men with the vision to understand that the only true way to improve in this world is fight to your very breaking point to battle until you can battle no more, that all the honorifics, all the titles all the honors in the world, mean nothing when in the moment of truth, you find out you have nothing left in the tank, and the other guy is still ready to keep on fighting…

In the end, I will thank you Mr. Entertainment, because you and Jonathan Marx will make me a better wrestler, a better person, a better being, our fight will only make me better, for I am strong, as is Mr. Cruise…And men such as us risk nothing in these fights, for no matter how bad our injuries may be, they will only be temporary…And we shall return from them better than before, having pushed ourselves in this fight, we’ll be able to push ourselves that much further come the next fight, and the one after that…

But you two…Well, the problem is the fact that to be improved to strive to reach perfection…One must survive…And truly, you worthless miserable wretches…You do not measure up…So it is very possible your careers, your wellbeing…Your very lives may suffer irreparable harm in this conflict…For that ring is the truth…it is the fight…And you know the rules…

Survival of the Fittest

Evolve or Die…



Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Putting The Hammer Down

* Jonathan Marx RP for C09.

::Brandon Jacobs and Jonathan Marx are sitting in at the Princeton diner, after getting out of the midnight showing of “Thor”::

BRANDON JACOBS: There needs to be more Gods laying the smack down to keep evil in check.

JONATHAN MARX: They are called Navy Seals.

BRANDON JACOBS: I'm talking every day villains, the ones that fly under the radar or have such a sharp tongue, people don't realize how evil they are.

JONATHAN MARX: Like Cruise and The First?


JONATHAN MARX: Shawn Hart already foiled The First and took back his title before losing it again to my partner Mr. Entertainment.

BRANDON JACOBS: The way that title has been changing hands, it is like it has been infested with the plague and everyone is looking to take short cuts in order to get a banked title shot.

JONATHAN MARX: Nobody wants to work for it anymore. I never expected Cruise and The First to team up with all the bad blood they have had over the years. It seems like The First has drawn Cruise over to the darkside. I always thought Cruise was better than that, but he lacks confidence in himself.

BRANDON JACOBS: While I like Cameron Cruise, he is easily manipulated and the First is a world class con man.

JONATHAN MARX: Nobody wants a title shot to get the title back more than I do. I was the longest reigning New Era World Heavyweight Champion of alltime and the next time I win the title, I'm going to break my own record. But I want to get the title back through hard work and I don't want to stab anyone in the back, at the end of the day, all a man has is his reputation. The money and prestige isn't bad either, but there is nothing like being a hero to the children and going to the hospital to try to boost their spirits. In order to do that though, I have to set an example and live my life by a certain code people like The First have long abandoned when they sold their soul for the gold.

BRANDON JACOBS: A message needs to be sent.

JONATHAN MARX: I've fought for New Era since day one in order to preserve all we've accomplished from the forces who want to bring this league down because of their own egos. I'm more than willing to strike the First down and lay down the hammer once and for all. God will walk the earth.

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