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MAIN EVENT: World Heavyweight Championship - Rabesque v Tact (c)


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Jan 1, 2000
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Let's roll!

(The screen comes in on a various montage of scenes from the history of New ERA)

(CUTTO: Jean Rabesque’s first appearance inside an NEW ring, the crowd pops wild, as Rabesque and Tact stare each other down in the middle of the ring)

(CUTTO: Tag team scramble match, seeing Rabesque’s team getting disqualified, eliminating himself from contention for the World Title, Tact laughing as his hand is raised at Rabesque’s frustration)

(CUTTO: Rabesque pinning John Doe to win the TV title)

(CUTTO: Tact winning the World Title, then being confronted by Rabesque at the end of the show)

(CUTTO: Tact being involved in the TV title match, then Chaos pinning Rabesque following the involvement of the Mystery Man)

(CUTTO: Rabesque screwing Tact at the last Raucous while serving as guest referee)

CUTTO: Superimposed images of Tact and Rabesque staring each other down, which slowly fades to black)

(FADEIN: An NEW backdrop, standing in front of it is Jean Rabesque, wearing his normal gear, a wide smile on his face as the camera rolls in, he stops for a moment, takes a breath, and then speaks)

“So this is the one that everyone has been waiting for, the match that is going to make or break New ERA. There’s the history Larry, and it’s not hard to understand that basically the entire history of this company, has led to this match. Everything that everyone has talked about has been solely for making this happen. Hell, to be realistic, this company has never had a true main event.... until right now. You can talk all you want about every last episode of Raucous, but chumps like John Doe and El Arco Iris have NO business being in any kind of main event.

“I’ve been straight up about this for a long time Larry. I respect the living hell out of you, and you are one of the few men on this planet who can come CLOSE to me straight up inside of a wrestling ring. However, close is it Larry, because no one walking this Earth is my equal there, and your refusal to acknowledge that fact is one of the driving forces that brought me to New ERA.

“And here we are, just like we all knew it was really going to happen. Other than maybe Marx, there is no rival for us here. There’s the two of us, Marx, and everyone else. It’s all been trivial to this point. But this match isn’t going to be straight up. Me showing off my technical mastery of you is going to have to wait for another time. Destrucity..... is merely about the title, and it’s about me doing whatever I have to do to ensure that it is in my hands at the end of the night.

“I think you’ve probably figured out by now Larry that I’m not really concerned with whom or what I have to go through at any point. Sure, I would love for the fans to love and appreciate everything that I do, but their acceptance of me is not governing my actions. Me accomplishing my one and only goal is what does that. Whether I have to climb a ladder or not is going to influence the outcome. THAT is a promise. Follow me!”

(Rabesque takes off of out of the studio and begins walking down a hallway unexpectedly, as the cameras scramble and try to keep up with him, Rabesque continues walking until he makes a right into a small gymnasium, which looks like a wrestling training center, in the middle lies a ring, with a black ladder already set up inside of it, Rabesque hopes up onto the ring apron and climbs into the ring)

“I hope you all don’t mind, but I prepared a little visual aid.”

(Rabesque climbs up the ladder, going to the second rung from the top, resting his arms on the very edge as the camera views him from the ring below)

“This kind of matches have seen many historic events Larry, but I’m sure no one has seen anything like what they’re going to experience soon. This thing..... this ladder..... has a funny effect on people. They see it, they get involved in a match with it, and the begin to do things that they otherwise would normally not do. They take risks they ordinarily would not take.

“I guess you could say it’s the nature of the beast. But another thing about this match that I love so much, is the equality of it. There is no champion’s privilege here. You don’t have a count out or a disqualification to save your title. No (looks up), you have to go through the same thing that I do. Hell, you don’t even get to come out with it Larry. We both are going to have to scrap and claw, rung by rung, and do our best to reach.... for the very top.

“I hope you’re coming into this expecting this to be the most violent, intense match of your career. The last time I had a match this intense, I almost blinded the poor bastard by shoving the corner of a table into his eye. I’ve trained for this, and I know you have to, but you also know full well that in reality there is no getting ready for this. You can’t train for the beating we’re going to give each other, the blood we’re going to spill. You just do everything you can and then you hope for the best.

“I’ve said all along that I’m the better man Larry, and proving that is what brought me here. I have no intention of you making me a liar. Look at this image right now Larry, me standing on top of a ladder. Remember it.... remember it well, because very soon this will be the last image you will ever have.... of being New ERA World Heavyweight Champion!

“No false gimmicks..... no false hype.... I am the NEXT New ERA World Champion..... I am Jean Rabesque.”



Jan 10, 2004
New York
Back to Basics

Fade in: a dimmed room. We can make out the signs that this could be an arena of some sort, as there is a pathway in front of the shot-- though past that, all is dark. The sound of footsteps is heard, getting louder, coming from behind the picture. As the person comes into this room, we can tell it is a large place, because each step gives off an echo that reverberates through the open space, one piling onto the next. Soon the person's figure passes by, and a large frame is captured on film, though no specifics are visible, save for hair reaching past the ears but not quite at the chin. Something that the person is holding momentarily glints off the camera, but it's undetectable as the figure slowly paces down the the pathway, disappearing into the darkness. Seconds later a smooth, deep voice emanates from the darkness.

Person: Let's DROP all the pretenses.....FORGET the stipulations, the ladder....LEAVE OUT the title....THROW AWAY the past few months of MY BAITING, and YOUR TAKING the bait. Cuz then......

The sound of large switches being turned can be heard in the rafters. One by one, sets of lights turn on, until an arena is filled with illumination, showing rows upon rows of empty seats, and barricades dividing the front rows from the black padding laid out. All the arena is alit...save for one spot. The sole place left in darkness is where the ring would be, and where the person speaking is.

Person: ....then you're left with the RAW BASICS.

The final light set turns on, and Larry Tact is seen standing in a large, empty square of concrete floor. The place where a ring will be placed. Tact wears stonewashed blue jeans, a black t-shirt with "The New Era...." on the front, and "....Simply Tactilizing!" on the back, written in gold cursive. The NEW World Heavyweight Championship is looped, snapped, and held in one hand. The camera zooms in further, stopping once only the ringside area is framed, Tact standing in the middle. His expression is one to match the concrete, looking all business as he speaks.

Tact: What you are left with, Jean, is the simple question: who's better? Cuz that's what it's all about between YOU and I, isn't it? It's about which of us is the superior wrestling combatant? We're both bred as technicians. We both live, eat, drink, breath, and sleep wrestling. We've both been Champions, proving that technical wrestlers are not a dead breed, but rather a particularly rare variety to cultivate nowadays....though when done right, we are quite potent. Yes, so it's a matter of, when two of a kind clash....which will rise to victory? WHO WILL WIN?

Tact pauses to let these last words echo throughout the arena. He then smirks.

Tact: How small minded of you, Jean Rabesque. Claiming that we two, along with Marx, are the only REAL competition each of us has here in NEW. Claiming that this will not be a true chance for you to prove yourself better than I. Claiming that, "ITS ALL LED UP TO THIS!" as if WE TWO are the only wrestlers New Era has pumped their funds into, these past few months. Claiming that this match is IT for New Era....it's what ALL the history has built up to, and the FIRST REAL Main Event that NEW is having in its history.

Tact stops....then begins laughing. He laughs long and heartily before finally ceasing.

Tact: FOUR YEARS, and NOTHING has changed with you, Rabesque. Four years....and you're STILL working the hype machine hard as ever.....STILL thinking this is just one big episode of, "The Jean Rabesque Show." You STILL don't get it. You don't understand that....you're not the only one in wrestling. You aren't the only egomaniac in this industry. And you aren't the first, OR the last, that I'm going to BEAT like the INGRATE you are. Oh yes, Jean....we're gonna have a RIVETING time of it!

Tact smiles wide, showing some teeth, before letting it fade, his expression tightening again.

Tact: WE MAY BE a dying breed of wrestler, Rabesque, but we are STILL by no means alone. There are others who are tried and true blue technicians, and a few who are on our level. Marx, yes, he's the Rookie of the Year, we all know. But he hasn't had many chances to show he's at OUR level yet, Jean. What chances he's gotten, he's failed at. But I'm not discounting him. He'll be around. However, what about the rest, Jean? Riktor...Nemesis...Suicide…Edmunds…Waltz…Benjamin...Brown...Sands…Golem....to name a few. I don't care if you've faced them, beaten them, or not, Jean. Smart wrestlers -- the BEST wrestlers -- know that they are not to be forgotten. Suicide has beaten you. Sands has taken you to a draw. The lessons are, Jean....you should never forget your mistakes, and you can't discount anyone. That’s how people lose titles. But I guess you don’t get it yet. How about I put it to you like this: the field is WIDE OPEN, Rabesque, and you're just NOT so big a fish as you believe, and as you WANT everyone else to believe. I'll give you credit; you’re in the top tier. But you aren't the best, Jean. Every time you utter that, "no false hype" trash....it's all a DREAM, Jean. A utopia for you to exist in, and no one else. Cuz the majority of us reside in a place called REALITY, where it's WIDELY KNOWN that there is no…one…single…best technical wrestler in the world.

Tact crouches down on the concrete, doing a balancing act with the NEW World Title on his knees.

Tact: And as much as I'll enjoy your repeated and, at this point, cliché attempts to refute this statement of mine, let me clear the air on something, straight away. I am....NOT trying to break your little catchphrase, Jean. I know it’s your little baby, your precious "cool thing"-- the only pure ounce of true charisma you've shown since breaking into the industry. So I'll let you have it. I already pointed out, in exhausting detail, the flaws involved with your speak-and-spell level saying, a couple years ago. Unfortunately, the culmination of our words, the actual match, never took place. But such is the way of the industry. It was amusing seeing you squirm, nonetheless. I think now, however, is the time when we finally will clash. And I won't bother with your "no false hype, no gimmicks" stuff, simply cuz I won't have to. No matter what YOU have said or say about it, to this day....everyone knows it's a crock of (BLEEP). Just like your claims of being the best technical wrestler....IN THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD!

Tact chuckles, but stops to make sure the belt continues to be balanced, and leaves things at a snort of disgust.

Tact: When I was a rookie, I thought like you, Jean. I thought I could claim to be the best wrestler in the world, and back it up. I even said it a few times. And sure, it gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside to say it. But then I realized, it was pointless. It was an empty claim. It had no depth or meaning, really. Cuz you CAN'T PROVE you're the best, Jean. No matter how many people you've faced and beaten, you STILL haven't faced them all, Jean. Until you've faced EVERY technical wrestler in the world, and BEATEN them all...you can't say -- without it being false hype -- that you are the best.

Tact quickly puts a hand to his mouth, looking shocked, even letting out a small gasp. He then lowers his hand.

Tact: Oh! Did I just take a shot at your catchphrase? I really DO apologize, Jean. But I guess you've just made it such a part of you that it can't be helped. After all...false claims DO seem to be one of your forté. CLAIMS, CLAIMS, CLAIMS, that's what you're about, Jean. I already reviewed what you CLAIMED this match to be. You CLAIM to be the best wrestler in the world. You even went so far as to CLAIM you came to New Era of Wrestling, just to face me. Just to prove...me...wrong.

The belt slips off of Tact's knees, falling to the floor. Tact snaps his fingers, then picks up the belt and unsnaps it. He swings it around his neck and does a split, his hands palm down on the concrete floor as he looks ahead, grinning.

Tact: Maybe you thought I'd be flattered, or offended. I don't know. But I'd have to have an ego somewhat equal to yours if I was to buy into your little statement of intention for why you came to NEW. It's really just another way to "build up" this match, isn't it, Jean? Just another piece of false hype. Cuz here's the truth, folks. Jean Rabesque could have gone to EPW, in search of a rematch with Christian Sands, who doesn't consider Jean to be better than he. Rabesque could have gone to the NWL, where he could face Karl "The Dragon" Brown, Adam Benjamin, and Stephen Waltz....ALL wrestlers who would spit at him for claiming to be the best at his trade. And as a bonus, Rabesque could have faced Maelstrom, who is the OVERALL number one ranked wrestler on the circuit...well, according to FWI, at least. Jean Rabesque could have gone to Worlds Finest Wrestling, where I would have been anyway. In addition there, he could have faced the likes of Sean Edmunds...well, he did in that one time appearance (BLEEP). And lost. But my point is, he could have faced a slew of other technicians in a number of other promotions. The reality of it is, though.....Jean Rabesque chose NEW for a reason. He chose Larry Tact for a reason.

Tact kips up into a crouch again, catches the belt in his hand, and stands, placing the belt over his shoulder. He stares with narrowed eyes and a slight frown.

Tact: We're the fresh meat. New Era of Wrestling is the "upstart" promotion on the circuit, and a perfect target for Jean Rabesque. After all, let's take a swing back to the past. Isn't that why you went to the IWF, Jean? You had BIG PLANS for that place, when you came in. Oh yeah. You feasted on all the fresh talent there, all the while trying to spin it like you were dominating a promotion of veterans. You won the Mexican Title, setting your sights on the World Title all the while. And you know what happened then, Jean?

Tact's frown turns upside down, as he now has a small, lopsided grin.

Tact: I know you do. It's one of my favorite parts, as you well know. From the NYWA Indy, a rookie named Suicide came along and beat you, derailing your vision of having both perfection, and a World Title. I won't stop there, cuz you did win the World Title eventually. But then another favorite part of mine comes in. The part when I took the spot of the injured IWF World Champion in a milestone match. I know you'd like to discount that whole experience, Jean. For a little while after I left the place, I didn't want to remember it, either. But then I realized, you can't live in a dream world. You can't erase history until it all falls your way. Cuz then...you won't learn anything. And you haven't, Jean. I thought you'd have learned your lesson from that experience, but I guess you haven't, cuz you came into NEW at a time when it was under similar conditions. A couple big names, a tournament you somehow found a way to slip into, and a World Title "waiting" for you. Plus, you had the added bonus of a technician, me, to rationalize your entrance. Well you should have come in when I did, Jean...at the start! Then, maybe I wouldn't be giving you this run around. Maybe then I'd say you had honest intentions, and weren't trying to feed that ego of yours.

Tact stops smiling.

Tact: But Jean....you're about to run into another roadblock. Chaos already ruined your perfection, and took your title away. Now I'm going to show you that the World Heavyweight Championship hasn't been waiting for YOU at all. It's already found its place. It's found ME. And there's not a damn thing you can do to change that. You can say what you want about the importance of this match, but when you boil it down to basics, Jean....only one of us cares about who's the better wrestler. I'm not about to stake claim to being the best wrestler in the world, I don't have to. All I care about is what I'm doing right now, and that's being the World Champion of the New Era. You can CLAIM all you want that the belt is "waiting" for you. I AM the New Era World Champion, and I didn't have to wait for anything. I went out and EARNED what I wanted, Rabesque. You didn't. And I hope that's been eating your damn heart out EVERY day since you couldn't put me away in that tag match. I hope it KILLS you to know that I DO have perfection AND a World Title. And both due to your not being able to prove your supposed dominance quick enough, against me, just like you said you would. As a result, it cost you your own opportunity to be the first New Era World Champion. All interference aside, if you're so dominant and such a better wrestler than I, Jean....then why? Why couldn't you put me away in the time -- and there WAS time -- before the end result? I'll tell you, Jean....it's cuz you aren't as dominant as you'd like to think. Especially not against me.

Tact rubs the belt with his palm and blows on the face of the belt a couple of times.

Tact: Cuz I just don't care, Jean. I don't care about what you've done, all the titles you've won, all the promotions you've been in, all the opponents you've faced. It means jack (BLEEP) to me, Jean. I talk about your losses cuz I know every last one you thought you could have won, and didn't give a thought to possible failure. And it makes me LAUGH...to witness the arrogant bastard that is Jean Rabesque. But I don't admire you, Jean. I don't think you're special. This match isn't about finding out who's the better wrestler, Jean. It's about YOUR EGO....versus MY DISGUST. Your soft claims....versus my committed to statements. And when it all comes together, and the ring...the ladder...the fans...(glances at belt) the title...and ALL the rest of the fanfare is brought in...it won't change a damn thing.

The camera zooms in further, so that Tact's body is framed as he crosses his arms over his chest.

Tact: So Jean, if you want to back down from one of those claims of yours, now's the time. You give yourself that option, each and every match, to back out of what you say, cuz once people start dragging you towards REALITY....you squirm. You start getting a little...wet in the tights, Jean. You still haven't learned the first thing about being humble, Jean. But come Destrucity, I'll show you how it's done. I'll show you why New Era has a little saying, Jean, for dreamers like you. It goes something like....your dreams won't survive. And they won't, Jean. But do you know why? It's because....your dreams will be HUMBLED, at Destrucity. And as for you, Jean Rabesque?

The camera zooms in, capturing Tact from only the torso up. He looks with an intense, deep stare, not saying a word. Then....he cracks a smile.


Fade out.
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Jan 1, 2000
In a van down by the river

(FADEIN: The ladder again, no elaborate light effects, no semblance of anything fancy, no names being sprawled about, just Jean Rabesque standing on the ladder in the middle of the training ring, wearing the normal gear, basically in the same position we last saw him, he looks into the camera, smiles, and speaks)

“Man, that sure was a lot of fancy work you decided to throw into the intro there Larry. I guess my only question would be, why? Why did you go through the effort if having someone throw on the lights at just the right time, for just the right dramatic effect. For someone of your ‘wrestling caliber,’ I always just kind of assumed you could stand up and talk, without having to resort to any sort of gimmicks like that.

“Ooooohhhh, I did just reference the gimmick aspect? I guess I did. But like I’ve said a thousand times before, I’m not against gimmicks, I’m just against false gimmicks, like people saying they are things that they’re not. I’ve made the claim that I’m the finest technical wrestler on the planet. Is that my gimmick? If you want to call a spade a spade, sure the hell it is. It is my gimmick, it is the thing that I have used to make my name in the business. It has to do with the fact that I was calling people out in a way that had NEVER been done before, and that was before you even knew how to lace up your wrestling boots Larry.

“I’ve made that claim, and I have consistently laid out challenges for those who have attempted to prove me otherwise. Am I the finest professional wrestler out there? No, I’m honestly not, and the fact that Maelstrom got me to pass out in the middle of the ring only goes to affirm that. But am I up there? I sure as hell I am, and there is not a single wrestler on this planet that I am incapable of beating. That Larry.... is a promise. You, or anyone else.

“Now, I especially appreciated how you love to take the easy way out, the same way that everybody else does, and you reference the IWF. Now, I’ve addressed it before, and I’ve addressed it time and time again, but I guess this will be no different. First off, I had already won that World Title before Suicide ever got there, so that was inaccuracy #1. But, now, let’s address the IWF. I was the entire credibility of that promotion. Contrary to what anybody else may tell you, that company was nothing until I joined. Then Jean Rabesque jumped on ship, and all of a sudden, everyone decided that it was the en vogue thing to do.

“Now I did everything that was asked of me, and I fought whomever they wanted. But let’s talk about the real aspect of the IWF, and that is their so-called commissioner being one crooked son of a *****. He didn’t like me, and he did everything in his power to screw me over and make me look as bad as possible. I guess the fact that you’re still referencing it to this day confirms that he did a pretty damn good job, but to say that one match means anything in the grand scheme is a complete asinine comment Larry, and you know that damn well. So if you take any stock in ANYTHING that happened in the IWF, then you are simply a fool, more so than anyone already assumed.”

(Rabesque pauses for a moment and looks down at the ladder, and then looks back up, and smiles, then resumes)

“But I guess the other thing that interests me.... is why the hell are we even talking about this? You are so delusional when it comes to this match it almost sickens me. You spent what seemed like a damn hour talking about how this match is finally going to be the one that proves technical superiority in the NEW. You then spent an even longer amount of time trying to provide evidence to prove that I’m not a superior technical wrestler.

“You talked about how I could have gone to other promotions, and how other people would think I was crazy for making the claims that I do. For one Larry, YOU TALK TOO DAMN MUCH and two, IT HAS NO RELEVANCE! Let me share a little secret with you Larry, so come in real close and I’ll share it with JUST YOU, since you obviously have no clue what the hell is going on.”

(The camera zooms in on Rabesque)


(Camera zooms away, Rabesque catches his breath)

“You cannot just discount that the way you do Larry. That stipulation has EVERYTHING to do with this match. You can put me in every single Greco-Roman hold you know, and it isn’t going to make a difference in this match. What matters is the man that wants that title around your shoulder more. I’m not expecting to outwrestle you Larry, I’m expecting to come into Destrucity and to KNOCK YOUR ASS OUT! Because Larry, I don’t know if you’ve ever been in one of these before, but you’re not going to win this with some kind of submission. You’re not going to suplex me into oblivion and hope to climb a ladder. If you possibly think that that is going to happen, then you need to wake your ass up.

“This match is about sheer determination and guts. All of the technical wrestling showcase events that you plan on having are going to need to wait for another time. This is going to be a brawl, and if you do not treat it as such then you are going to get your ass HUMILIATED! You will not stand a chance against me, because I do not care what extent I need to go, I will flatten your ass, and I will climb up this ladder, I will reach my hand up, and I will pull that belt down, and I will become the NEW Heavyweight Champion!”

(Rabesque stops and slowly begins to descend the ladder, finally reaching the bottom, he goes over and leans on the top rope, and then continues)

“I hope you realize how much time you wasted talking about NOTHING that matters. Do you have that Larry? Do you get it? I certainly hope so.

“But while we’re at it, let’s talk about something else that you totally are oblivious of. That tag team scramble match, the one you referred to, the one that you said outside interference had NOTHING to do with, even though my team got disqualified. What did you say to me Larry? I think it had something to do with “Why didn’t I get the job done when I had a chance?’ WHAT? I HAD YOUR PARTNER *TAPPING OUT* IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING LARRY! Are you stupid, or do you just not pay attention? You lucked into that, and if it hadn’t been for the interference, you would not have won that match. Please understand, and please gain a little fact before you completely humiliate yourself.”

(Rabesque pauses one more time and leaves the ring, and begins walking out of the gym, back down the hallway to the NEW backdrop, where he continues)

“As far as me claiming to be the best wrestler going, sure, there are many others that make the same claims, but I’ve sure as hell been going a lot longer, and there is no one out there yet to prove me otherwise. If you think you can do that in a ladder match (laughs), then you be my guest.

“But contrary to what you might think Larry, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned that people are going to think what they want to think, and nothing I say is going to change that. I’ve learned that when you put yourself in the position I have put myself in, people will always be gunning for you, and the occasional mishap will happen. Hell, even Sean Edmunds had his day. But in the end, quality wins out. And I let my quality, my heart, my determination, speak for itself. Because at the end of the day, despite what you may think Larry, I STILL want it more.

“You’re may think they’re claims, but you can’t do anything about it. Larry, I’m still better than you. There’s no fear in these eyes, just... confidence. And you might think I’m about to be TACTALIZED, but I have a much easier name I think of when it comes it you Larry....


“At the end of the day, that’s all you’re really becoming to me. It really is a shame, because you had such promise.

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am Jean Rabesque. Oh........ and Larry, do me a favor...... SHUT UP!!!”



Jan 10, 2004
New York
NEW Exclusive

Fade in: there is only some muffled sounds to be heard, and darkness. A couple of voices can be faintly heard, then the scattering of what could be papers. The NEW logo shows up on the screen, and when the lights turn on, it is again with the same switch of the rafter lights, as we see the same arena come to life with light. The seats are still empty -- barricades still dividing them from the ringside mats -- but this time, there is a ring to replace the formerly large, empty square of space. The angle is shot looking at the entrance ramp, this time, and two men are seen sitting in the ring. One is leafing through some papers on his lap. On the canvas there is a bottle, with a piece of tape that has "Poland Springs" written in black marker on it. It's Nick Jive, wearing an NEW Destrucity t-shirt, and some Old Navy sweats. Seated next to him, dressed in a pair of black slacks and pressed white dress shirt is famed Great Lakes announcer, Tony Ross. Jive shoots Ross a quick look while trying to organize the papers in his lap, and almost drops a few before catching them. Ross looks the calmer of the two, as he does some arm circles and looks at Jive when he almost drops the pages, then says something. Jive just scowls and grabs his Poland Springs, unscrewing the cap and taking a drink. Upon putting the bottle back down, a few of the pages fall to the canvas, causing Jive to look horrified. Ross shrugs and takes up a mug from a small table set next to him, sipping on his own water.

A man comes walking down the ramp, with a woman by his side. He has on black leather pants and sports the same NEW Destrucity t-shirt Jive is wearing. The lady is on a cell phone, wearing a long, red dress with a slit at the knee of either leg, showing off her long legs and slim, curvy figure. As they get closer to the ring, the camera zooms in, showing the NEW World Heavyweight Title secured around the man's waist. It's Larry Tact and his girlfriend, Cindy Winsted. The couple pauses at ringside, as Tact talks to one of the production technicians, and turning to Cindy when she is finished with her call.

Cindy: Okay, you're all set. 2:30 appointment tomorrow with Dr. Richards, in the gym. I can't believe it'll already be your final workout before the big match. I mean, it's so exciting!

Tact grins, looking at the ring.

Tact: Fun is more like it....they managed to get Tony, after all.

Cindy: Fun? I don't know about that, Larry.

Tact: (distractedly) Uh huh...

Cindy: I mean, Rabesque sounded like he's ready to go, and not even with technical wrestling. He wants to really hurt you. I think this is going to be a pretty....gruesome match, if anything. I just hope you don't get hurt.

Tact: What? Oh, yeah...it'll be a match. But THIS...(motions to ring)...this interview's gonna be fun.

Cindy: Oh, you weren't talking about the match?

Tact: Yeah, we're gonna discuss the match...if these two can co-exist, that is.

Tact gives a smug chuckle. Cindy looks like she frowns for a moment, but hides it.

Cindy: You weren't listening, were you.....you're really dedicated to this match, and everything going into it. You haven't been doing anything else ever since your match with Borden. Aren't you maybe....pushing yourself a little too hard, Larry? I mean--

Tact looks at her with a serious demeanor.

Tact: Cindy, I've been waiting for this match for years. Do you expect me to take ANY risks of missing something in preparing? Do you think I'm going to make the same mistake Rabesque has, and believe that this Ladder match is not one I can prepare for, and leave it at that, instead of finding the specialists -- in the ring AND out of it -- who can help me properly prepare? You think I'm going to just go through the usual motions for this match?

Cindy: I know you're doing all you can, Larry. I know you want to be as ready as possible. But are you sure you should be doing SO much?

Tact: Of course! I usually make sure I'm ready to bring my best. But this time, it's different, Cindy. This time, I started my training for this match AT my best. I trained for Borden AS IF it was Rabesque, so I'd already be at my top game by the time I started training for this match. Now I've just been elevating my game, and making sure--

Techie: Mr. Tact! we're ready for you, sir.

Tact: (grins) Interview time. Gotta go, sweetie.

Tact starts to go but Cindy grabs his arm.

Cindy: Wait, Larry! I wanted to ask you about something, but with all your training there didn't seem to be a good time. There was some number on your phone...a couple days ago. I don't know who it was, but the same number logged on the apartment phone's Caller ID. And when I called it back--

Tact: Right, my phone....

Cindy: Wait. Larry, you know who she--

Tact takes his cell phone out from a pocket.

Tact: No, no, my phone. I don't want to take any calls during this. Could you hold onto it for me, Cin? Honey, I really gotta go. We can talk about it later, okay?

Tact gives the phone to her, then a quick kiss on the lips. Cindy lets go of his arm when he goes to head up the steps to the ring. She sighs.

Cindy: (under her breath) There never seems to BE a "later," anymore.....

Tact steps through the ropes and enters the ring, unsnapping the NEW World Championship from around his waist, and slinging it over his shoulder as he shakes both men's hands. Tact then takes a seat.

Tact: Tony, good to see you.

Ross: Yes, Larry, it's nice to--

Tact: Whoa, whoa. "Larry?" I said it was good to see you. But last I checked, we weren't butt buddies. Let's rehearse, Tony. Mister Tact.

Ross: Oh, I just thought since you called me--

Tact: I can call you anything I want, Tony. I'm the World Champion! But you, you're just here cuz I requested you be here. So, are we clear?

Ross: Yes....Mr. Tact.

Tact: Great. See, this is why it's good to have a dry run before filming. And Nick, you made it, too.

Jive: MR. TACT! GREAT to see you. Ever since your match a few weeks ago with--

Tact: Hold it, Nick. Let's save that for when the cameras are rolling.

Jive: Of course, of course! I should have thought of that.

Tact takes his seat as Jive takes another drink from the bottle, already half empty. A couple minutes later, things get underway.

Jive: Hello NEW fans. Nick Jive here, bringing to you this NEW EXCLUSIVE interview with New ERA of Wrestling World Champion, Mr. Larry Tact.

Tact: Good to be here, Nick.

Jive: As we all know, Mr. Tact has an upcoming Ladder Match with Jean Rabesque-- the Main Event of NEWs first ever Pay-Per-View event, Destrucity, for the World Heavyweight Championship. Mr. Tact, let me start right off with the toughest question, since everyone else throws the fluff questions first. Even though this one probably isn't too tough. Do you think you will be victorious against Rabesque?

Tact: Well I've been training hard, Nick. I've been tougher on myself than in months for this match, and I believe it will amount to victory for me. While I think Jean Rabesque IS a top tier technical wrestler, I don't think he's as versatile as he'd like us to think. I know Rabesque has been in violent matches before, but he's never been in one with Larry Tact. And given his previous comments, I think we can see he's already being affected.

Tony Ross clears his throat. Jive ignores him completely.

Jive: I don't think Acting President Marcus LaRoque realizes how dirty a player Rabesque is. I mean he's shown match after match that he's a dirty CHEATER! Just like John Doe but that's another match. Anyway, you have to watch out for those cheap shots, because with this match LaRoque has made, they're all legal.

Tact: I think you can expect me to dish out just as much as I can take, if not more. I'm not worried about Rabesque's reference to his violent streak, cuz everyone knows I can be aggressive when I need to be. I can play dirty if he wants to...or even if he doesn't want to. AND I can do it with more power than he's physically capable of.

Jive: Yes, with your match against Iris, I could tell that--

Tony Ross clears his throat again. Jive tries to ignore him but Tact glances over, smirking a little.

Tact: Nick, how could you. You forgot to introduce your interview partner.

Jive shoots Ross another look, then grabs his Poland Springs bottle. The camera quickly pans to Ross as Jive begins making some gesture with his hand at Ross, who ignores it.

Ross: Hello fans, Tony Ross here and glad to have been invited for this interview. And if you don't mind, Nick, I also have a few questions for Mr. Tact.

Jive: (from off camera) Oh, do you? I didn't see any papers in your hand.[/i]

Ross: Well, Nick, I didn't write them down.

Camera zooms out to show all three men again.

Jive: How unprofessional.

Ross: I like to use my mind, is all.

Jive glares, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Tact seems to take it all in happily, amused.

Ross: Now Mr. Tact....it seems Rabesque pointed out a few key notes in his first promos.

Tact: Did he?

Ross: I thought so, yes. For one, he said that this would not be a match of technical expertise, which is correct, being that this will be a Ladder Match. Now, being one of the circuit's top technicians, yourself, how do you feel about the stipulation this match was given?

Tact: I'm fully aware this will not be a match for the technical wizardry I'm usually able to showcase, Tony. But at the same time, I never told Rabesque that I would prove I was the better TECHNICAL wrestler, between us two, at Destrucity. I simply said that I'd prove I was the better wrestler. See, Jean foolishly believes that technical wrestling is all I'm about. But I'm not as pure a technician as he thinks. I'm a "neo technician," you see....

Jive: Yes, that's what your NEW registration lists you as. Those neo technicians are really something.

Ross: As far as I know, Mr. Tact here is the only one to call himself a "neo" technician. I guess you know of a few others, Nick?

Jive: ....

Ross: Mr. Tact, could you elaborate?

Tact: Certainly, Tony. I'm sure Nick has seen others with my style. It's the combination of my base technical skills, and my older style of power wrestling, which I learned very early on in my independent days. After I turned to being a technician, and then entered the pro circuit as one, I eventually made the decision to adapt more power into my technical skills, to create a hybrid style that used all of my size and skills. THAT is neo technicism. I guess I am something of a pioneer, though, giving the name.

Jive: Of course I've seen that, Ross! You dolt, how could you not know Mr. Tact's style. You saw him wrestle many times in the past.

Ross: I know his style, of course. I just didn't hear of it as neo technicism until recently.

Tact: Well you learn something new everyday, Tony.

Jive: In his case, more than one thing.....

Ross: Moving right along....

Jive: AHEM! I believe the next question is MINE.

Ross: Sure you haven't lost your place, Nick?

Jive starts looking around a page frantically, but seems to find what he is looking for.

Jive: Of course not. Mr. Tact, you seem to have developed a VERY aggressive streak since your match with El Arco Iris was announced. Ever since then, you've really seemed to be a dominating presence, a true Champion. I wish you'd have been that way since you entered NEW. But what made you change?

Tact: I never really changed, Nick. It's just a matter of the matches I was in. Mostly tag, not a lot of singles action up to that point. Once I was free to show my individual talents, it was clear that I had led my team to the Battle Bowl Finals, and it was also clear that I was the man to lead the New Era. Rabesque thought that he could come in and team with anyone, cuz his talents were above and beyond the best in the circuit. But I quickly proved him wrong.

Ross: Actually, I thought El Arco Iris was a big part of your successful run to the finals.

(Tact gets out of his seat, eyes narrowed on Ross.

Tact: BULL(BLEEP)! What do I have to do to prove....(takes a couple deep breaths, sits down)...you're entitled to your opinion, Tony. But the fact is I won the World Championship without the help of anyone, and do you know how long I've held this title for, Tony?


Ross: Yes, I believe yesterday marked three months, actually.

Tact: I've defended this title whenever I've been obligated to, without hesitation. I'm not afraid of any competition, and Rabesque is no exception. He can say he's the best technical wrestler in the industry, on the circuit, or in his own home-- which is the only one that would be accurate. But do you know what it all means?

Ross: If memory serves, I believe Rabesque was quoted as saying there wasn't a single wrestler he was INCAPABLE of beating.

Tact: Yeah he said that...AFTER I spoke up, and forced his hand. That's the thing with Rabesque. Time and time again, he's backed down from his statements. If it was once in a while, okay, maybe I could understand that as a change of purpose. But when someone is pressured, and they BACK DOWN just like he did to me....that's exposing how he's writing checks that he's not going to be able to cash in. So he has to reword himself. First he says that I'm one of the people who come CLOSE to him in the ring, but close is all and that nobody on Earth....EARTH can match him. Or some bull(BLEEP) like that....

Nick Jive shuffles through pages.

Jive: I got it! I got it! He said, and I quote, "I’ve been straight up about this for a long time Larry. I respect the living hell out of you, and you are one of the few men on this planet who can come CLOSE to me straight up inside of a wrestling ring. However, close is it Larry, because no one walking this Earth is my equal there, and your refusal to acknowledge that fact is one of the driving forces that brought me to New ERA." Unquote.

Tact: Right. So right out of the gate he's full of it, saying how straight up in the ring there's no one who's his equal. And then he comes back with...what was it you said, Tony? Repeat the one from later on.

Ross: He said there wasn't a single wrestler he was incapable of beating. But that could be taken as two separate things. First, he's talking about straight up wrestling. Then later, he was speaking in general terms.

Tact: Maybe. But then there's a double standard, isn't there?

Ross: A double standard?

Tact: Sure. I mean, I spoke about technical wrestling and wrestling in general, and I made sure to keep the two issues separate. Cuz technical wrestling is one thing, and wrestling in general another-- since, when you speak of just wrestling, that can be power, aerial, hardcore...any style. When I was talking about the technical aspect, I said as much. But when I went on to speak about how I would show, at Destrucity, that I was the better WRESTLER of us two, I never once said, "Jean Rabesque, I will prove at Destrucity that I'm the superior TECHNICAL wrestler." But I guess he wished I had said it, so he made like I did, as if I wouldn't notice he was lying. Then he went on and on about how this match had nothing to do with technical superiority. But in any match, really, you have to be prepared to do whatever you can to win. And at Destrucity, that holds true.

Jive: Yeah, because you know that cheater will use any means to steal the title.

Tact: The point is, he thought he could get away with putting words into my mouth. I guess he's desperate.

Ross: That doesn't change that you really WILL have to expect anything, come Destrucity. Including this mystery person who's been on yours AND Rabesque's cases, lately.

Jive: Oh yeah....

Jive leafs through his pages.

Jive: Mr. Tact, WHO is that?

Tact: I have no idea. But apparently they feel the need to interfere.

Jive: And just before the last Raucous went off the air, the mystery person went and gave you a direct threatening gesture, with the "cut throat!"

Tact: Yes, and I won't take that threat lightly, believe me. They'll pay when the time comes.

Ross: Didn't you say before your match with Borden, that this person wouldn't get anywhere near you during your match?

Tact: My main focus was beating Alex Borden. I didn't expect anyone to get involved, but NEW needs to beef up their security. I can't wrestle and play security guard, watching out for crowd hoppers.

Ross: Especially with this match coming up. Rabesque could take advantage of this mystery person attacking you.

Jive: And he WOULD, that cheater! He might have bribed someone, even, to try interfering in the match, so he could win!

Tact: Anything is possible, but somehow I don't think Rabesque is that creative. No, I it's probably someone else after my spot at the top. But they'll see, just like Rabesque, that I'm not going to just give it up. Anyone facing me faces a hell of a match, and at Destrucity, a fight. So far, I've been more than anyone can handle.

Jive: How are you dealing with the pressure? It must be tough to be the Champ, having all these guys looking right to you and the NEW World Championship.

Tact: You know, I hear people saying how it's always easier to climb to the top. Defending the title is what's more difficult. For me, I don't see that as true. When you're on top, it means you've gone through droves of others. It means that you broke through the pack and made it to the prize. After that, it's a matter of showing just why you were able to get to that point. It's no longer an uphill battle when you're Champion. It's just a matter of throwing others back down into the pack.

Jive: Which is just what you've done.

Tact: Every time so far. And I'm not about to stop cuz Jean Rabesque says he's going to win. Everyone says they can win against the World Champion, and why not? It's just a claim until it's been done, and everyone wants to believe they can. But it's not so easy once you step into the ring, and I go to work. Nobody who's got the shot against me has been able to do it so far. Not in NEW, and not in my career as a World Champion.

Ross: I'll give you your due, Mr. Tact. But Jean Rabesque is unlike your previous opponents here. Iris was an aerial expert, and Borden lacks experience.

Tact: Very true. That's why Jean Rabesque thinks he can claim this is the first REAL Main Event NEW has had. But the fact is, Rabesque never readily acknowledges talent other than his own. He has a superiority complex, and he needs to be humbled. I'm just the man for the job. Rabesque thinks accusations and claims will be most effective in promoting himself, but really, what kind of Champion is a man who parades around claiming things he can't make happen? I say what needs to be said, and whether Rabesque likes it or not, I know what it is to be a Champion. I know how to be a Champion, and I know what it's going to take to continue being Champion. And I'm willing and able to make the sacrifices. I don't give a (BLEEP) whether or not he believes he's the best, or better than I, cuz when it comes down to it, he's not wrestling the image he has of Larry Tact. He's wrestling the real thing. And I'm going to teach him just how wrong he is about me.

Jive: Yes!

Ross: Rabesque has said he respects you. Do you respect him?

Tact: Of course not. I don't respect anyone in wrestling. Respect means (BLEEP) in wrestling, and Rabesque is dreaming again if he thinks otherwise. Instead of telling me he respects me, he should forget the cute formalities, and just prepare himself for the worst, cuz it's coming. He said he didn't want me to make him a liar? I already have. And soon, I'll make him another who but fell short of obtaining this gold (pats title)....and for Rabesque, he might just literally "fall" short.

Jive: Yeah! If he falls off the ladder, he'll fall and--

Tact: Nick, do me a favor? Keep quiet for a minute.

Jive looks at Tact, then drinks more Poland Springs.

Ross: There have been a lot of words exchanged from both of you. Do you think this match will live up to the first Pay-Per-View Main Event of NEW?

Tact: Tony, it's been a match years in the making, but more recently built up since Battle Bowl Mania. It'll live up to its billing. Unfortunately, Rabesque keeps making ignorant comments that I have to keep cleaning up.

Ross: Oh? Such as?

Tact: Like the comment he made about Iris....how he had Iris tapping when he and Suicidal Killer were disqualified. And how that somehow constitutes him taking the chance to finish ME off when he had the chance. First off, I may have had to take Iris to the Finals, but the guy IS tough. Rabesque never had him tapping out. If you look on the tape, Iris' shoulders were on the mat after Rabesque applied the Figure Four. And A.I. probably only did THAT because he had the presence of mind to acknowledge that the referee was busy, and wouldn't make a pinfall count. But Rabesque had his chance to take ME out, in particular, before the interference came...interference that Killer caused to come down on them two. Rabesque couldn't finish me off so easily as he anticipated. He thought there was no way I could last in the ring with him, but when the time came, I showed I could hold my own. And it just so happened Killer sealed their fate by pissing off a couple guys in the back. But for that tag match, I was just preparing as usual. For Destrucity, I've kicked things into overdrive. I won't just show I can hold my own. I'm going to show that I can best Rabesque in a match, with my OVERALL ability. Cuz I'm the complete package, baby! I've got the size, skill, and commitment that took me all the way, and will keep me ahead of the pack. I would say Rabesque has a quickness advantage, but when you’re just over six feet and weighing nearly 250, I don’t think that’s possible. Hell, I’ve added some weight for extra bulk, but the guy STILL weighs almost as much as I. So I’d say I’m much more balanced, and like I said, the complete package. (grins) I’m like the A-Rod of wrestling. Now, anything else you two have to ask?

Ross: I think we've just about filled the time. Nick, if there's anything else you'd like to add?

Jive goes to look at his pages, but fumbles with them and they spill onto the canvas.

Jive: (BLEEEEP!)

Ross: I guess that's a wrap, then. For Nick Jive, I'm Tony Ross. Mr. Tact, always the straightforward interview.

Tact: Of course, Tony.

Ross: Fans, thanks for watching this NEW exclusive sit down with NEW World Champion Larry Tact. Good night!

Tact and Ross stand and leave the ring, while Jive continues cursing, as he finishes his Poland Springs, picking up papers from the canvas. Fade out.
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Final thoughts

(The screen comes in on an NEW backdrop, where we see Tony Ross sitting, dressed in his suit, as always, as the cameras come in, some background music plays as the camera zooms)

ROSS: “Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. It appears as though after a good deal of inactivity, I’m back into the swing of things in the wrestling business. After interviewing Larry Tact, tonight I am joined by his opponent in the upcoming ladder match for the NEW World Heavyweight Title. I am of course referring to Jean Rabesque, who joins us via satellite tonight. Jean, welcome to show!”

(SPLIT-SCREEN, on the left column we see Ross, with ‘NEW STUDIOS’ written underneath him, and on the right side we see Rabesque, with CINCINNATI written under him)

RABESQUE: “Thanks Tony! It’s good to be here! It’s been a while since we last talked wasn’t it? GLCW?”

ROSS: “Yeah, that’s right, as you were getting ready for Maelstrom. Jean, I see you’re back home in Ohio? Why there?”

RABESQUE: “Well, I’ve got a lot on my plate in the next couple of days. I’ve obviously got the World Title match with Tact, I’ve got to fly over to Ireland to take on Eddy Love, plus after that I have to come back here for the Wrestling Showcase with Jared Wells. I just figured I would come home for a couple days, do what I have to do here, and get ready for a pretty tough run of matches.”

ROSS: “Talk about what this match with Tact means to you. Is it more than just a normal wrestling match?”

RABESQUE: “Yes, as much as I hate to give any extra importance to one match, this match does mean a lot. If anything, I need to prove myself against Tact, because he is the standard bearer in NEW, and for the love of God, someone needs to SHUT HIM UP! Have you ever seen someone ramble on longer than him? Well, except of course for Mike Manson and Eddy Love. But, more than that, it’s no big secret that I haven’t won any promotion’s World Title in over 3 years. That’s obviously a goal anywhere you go as a wrestler, and the fact that I haven’t accomplished that in so long diminishes everything else that I’ve accomplished. It’s time to finally get back into that column.”

ROSS: “You’ve been into a war of words with Larry Tact leading up to this match. Do you have any comments on that?”

RABESQUE: “Well, Larry is good at two things, rambling on and contradicting himself. First he says that this match has EVERYTHING to do with technical wrestling, and then he says he it has NOTHING to do with technical wrestling. And to be honest, I don’t usually catch most of what he says because he has bored me into some kind of drunken stupor. It’s hard for me to follow along, and keep in mind that this is ME saying this. I know that I’m no great orator, but Larry Tact at times makes me look like I should be performing Shakespeare.”

ROSS: “Tact has promised that he is going to dish it out to you at this title match, how do you respond to that statement?”

RABESQUE: “Well, of course he is, I don’t think he has any plans on laying down and giving me the title. Larry Tact is going to fight hard and he did win that title for a reason. I know that this is going to be a difficult match. I know that this is going to be one that I’m not going to recover from easily. But Larry Tact needs to understand the challenge that is in front of him, and I’m not totally sure he does.”

ROSS: “Mr. Tact went into some detail about him being a ‘neo-technician’ when I last spoke to him? What do you feel about his claim of being in that category?”

RABESQUE: “You know, I’ve honestly never been one for labels, and whatever Larry wants to label himself as is fine with me. If he’s a power wrestler or a technical wrestler he can still get his ass kicked all the same. He won’t be the first, and he most definitely won’t be the last. I’ve been both as well as kind of hybrid of the two you can imagine.”

ROSS: “Now, as far as your Battle Bowl match with Tact, he still claims that you had the opportunity to take him out, yet you failed, and you have no one to blame for yourself. How do you respond to that?”

RABESQUE: “I honestly think Larry’s a pretty bright guy, but sometimes he says things that really make him look like a DUMB ASS. This is one. Larry, I’ve never said I’m one for taking people out quick. In fact, I’ve never really done that in my career. Just because I hadn’t taken you out YET in our little match doesn’t mean it wasn’t going to happen. It just hadn’t happened..... YET. But the reality remains that I had your OBLIVIOUS and almost UNCONSCIOUS partner, in the middle of the ring, TAPPING OUT. Now let’s be real here, Larry, I saw who the weak link of the team was so I went after Iris, and my strategy worked. Then, the DQ happened. You didn’t beat me, let’s get that straight. You lucked into a victory, that is all. If you like to hide that fact, all that does is establish Larry Tact as a FRAUD. Step up Larry, be a man and accept what happened, I think that’s what a World Champion should do.”

ROSS: “Ok, and what about Larry Tact’s claim that you back down from all your statements?”

RABESQUE (laughing): “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I’ve never backed down from anything Larry. I have always claimed that there is no one out there I am incapable of beating. I didn’t change any story to fit what you said. All I did was reword some things. Nothing else. Am I better than you Larry? YES I AM. Am I going to kick your ass at Destrucity? YES I AM. Am I about to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion? YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I AM. I’ve never backed down from those statements. I’ve never changed my story. You can make up whatever fabrication of the truth you want Larry, but you haven’t pressured me into anything. You are CLOSE to being my equal Larry, but you aren’t there, NO ONE IS. Don’t believe me? Step into the ring at Destrucity and I will flat out PROVE IT TO YOU!”

ROSS: “What about Tact’s separation of TECHNICAL WRESTLING and WRESTLING.”

RABESQUE: “Really, the thing that humors me the most is that he harps so much on these technicalities. Larry, listen up, I’M BETTER THAN YOU! I don’t care what kind of wrestling it involves, I’M BETTER THAN YOU! You name the type, and I’ll own you. But I’ll tell you right now, as I’ve said to you before. This ladder match isn’t going to be about wrestling AT ALL. It’s going to be a straight up brawl, and he who wants it most, will get the title. Larry, you have no idea what I’m capable of when I want something, and right now, I want your damn title. You interpreting different things I say is not going to change that and it’s not going to lengthen your title reign. You can talk all you want about how long you’ve held that title, but when you haven’t defended against ANYBODY, it means absolutely NOTHING! Here you go, your first REAL title defense, how you going to respond? I think we all know the answer to that question. Do you really think anything you did against Alex Borden proves anything? (Chuckles) But I will have to admit, that match did have ONE HELL of a referee.”

ROSS: “And what about Tact calling himself the A-Rod of pro wrestling?”

RABESQUE: “(chuckles) If that’s how he wants to describe himself, that’s fine. I just flat out disagree, and I plan on proving at Destrucity that he really isn’t everything that he thinks he is. He’s got it built up in his head that he’s unbeatable, and I’m going to guarantee right now that he most definitely IS beatable, and I’m going to prove that to the world. No matter of words or technicalities is going to change that. I am going to leave his ass lying, then I am going to climb up that ladder, I am going to clutch that belt in my hands, and I am going to walk out of that arena is New ERA Heavyweight Champion.”

ROSS: “Strong words for Jean Rabesque as he prepares for Larry Tact at NEW Destrucity. Jean, thanks as always for joining us tonight.”

RABESQUE: “Thank you Tony!”

(Music hits as we FADEOUT)

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