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Major Announcement


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Empire Pro Wrestling and New ERA of Wrestling are proud to announce the culmination of months of planning.

On the weekend of June 17th-18th, live from Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, EPW & NEW Present Wrestlestock 2007 - a two day event combining the best of two worlds into one weekend long event.

EPW & NEW Present Wrestlestock 2007 will be roleplayed for in a staggered fashion.

Night #1 roleplay will begin immediately upon this announcement and upon the creation of match threads and will last until next Tuesday, May 29th.

Night #2 roleplay will begin on Wednesday, May 30th and continue until Friday, June 8th.

Roleplay for both days will be due at midnight EST the night of the end of their scheduled roleplay weeks (noted above).

Last, but certainly not least the lineups will be as follows:​

DAY #1

EPW's Stalker has been granted an open challenge match. He must face whoever shows for the match, be it one person or ten. (OOC: anyone who wants to be in this match may roleplay in the thread)

Unlucky 13 Match
Rex Reynolds vs. MWG

The Highland Park Social Club vs. Foxx & Karl "The Dragon" Brown

Cat’s Meow vs Jared Wells & Karla Starr vs Tina Davis & John Doe

EPW Television Title Match
"The Phenom" Shawn Hart (c) vs. James Irish

NEW P©X Title Match – Stipulation TBD
Mystery Man vs Chaos (c)

EPW King of the Cage Final - For a shot at the EPW World Championship
JA vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens

NEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament FINALS
The Inner Circle vs. Bored of Edukashun

EPW World Heavyweight Championship - Steel Cage
"The Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy (c) vs. Joey Melton

DAY #2

"Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka vs. "Phenomenal" Frankie Scott

#1 Contender for NEW P©X Championship – Stipulation TBD
Jason Payne vs. Peter File

Chronic Collizion vs. Class Act

#1 Contender for NEW World Tag Team Championships
Saviors of Wrestling vs Jack n’ Hoff

EPW World Tag Team Title Match
The Cameron Cruise Project (c) vs. The Proletariat

NEW Television Championship
HAL vs Mr. Entertainment (c)

Street Fight
Anarky vs. Beast

NEW World Heavyweight Championship – Dueling Ladders Match
Larry Tact vs The Phantom Republican vs Daymon vs Jean Rabesque vs Shawn Hart vs Jonathan Marx (c)

Match threads will go up as soon as possible. Let the roleplay and discussion begin!
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