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MAJOR EWMANIA Gauntlet and Event News

Evil James

League Member
Feb 17, 2008
San Diego, California
The big news....


You want on the card for this? Start making challenges now so I can create some trash talk and hype threads for each match. Stips are welcomed and definetly allowed. This event will take place the last week of March so the more hype the better. Everyone will get a two week rp period for the show to keep no shows to a minimum. As of now, only 2 matches are known.


EWMANIA Champion vs. Winner of the Gauntlet Rumble in January
Competitors TBD

Scenario: The EWMANIA Champion will face off against a competitor who won against 29 other wrestlers in the first ever Gauntlet Rumble. Right now the first champion is yet to be crowned. However the champion WILL be defending the title at least 4 times before this. Expect it to be a wild ride to our first supercard.



Money in the Gauntlet Match
Competitors TBD

Simple scenario: Yet another Gauntlet round but this one will have a ladder match
in it. All you have to do is climb the ladder and get the briefcase. Simple? Sounds like it. However you forgot about the 9 other wrestlers in the match who want it as badly as you do. Qualifying matches will be held in February for this. Signs ups start January 1st. Get ready for it.

Challenges can be made on The Gauntlet Board. Discussion and enjoy.



Wait, there's more...

First-EVER Gauntlet Rumble!

You know the Royal Rumble, right? 30 wrestlers, over the top rope elimination battle royal? Well Gauntlet 5 will be a Royal Rumble match but not just any Rumble, a Gauntlet Rumble. This will take place the last week of January. Winner gets a EWMANIA Championship match at EW MANIA I.

That's right...


Our Wrestle Mania. The champ WILL defend against the winner of this match. EWMANIA will feature challenge matches, title matches (if anyone wants to do them and their fed allows them to do so), grudge matches, and, of course, a Gauntlet match. The Money in the Gauntlet Match to get a guaranteed EWMANIA title shot down the line. However that match will have qualifying matches so be ready for that.

Now, to sign up for the Gauntlet Rumble, this is all I need...

Wrestler -
Fed Name or FA -

Sign ups begin... NOW!

Sign ups end whenever we have 30 people sign up for this.


Gauntlet Challenge IV - OLYMPICS! Yes, that's right. Worldwide talent will compete in pools ala the World Cup tournament style with various themes being involved. Mainly sports related, but easily doable for RPs. (ex. friendship, track and field, weightlifting, etc.)

Sign up in this thread.

All I need is the following info:


Fed name or FA -



EWMANIA I info thread -

Gauntlet Rumble Sign-up thread-

EWMANIA I Challenge Match thread (to make challenges for matches on the show) - http://ewmania.com/forum/index.php?topic=1353.0[/URL]

Gauntlet IV: Olympics Sign-up thread -

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