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Mark Kingston

Mark Kingston

League Member
Feb 21, 2015
- Handler Name: Tyler
- Contact Info: Private Messaged
- Current EFed (if any): None; Formerly REBEL Pro and sometimes NAPW
- Are you representing that EFed with this character? No (but if I win, I might sign with someone)
- Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania? N/A

Character Name: Mark Kingston
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 278 lbs.
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Theme Song: “Bullet With A Name” by NonPoint
Alignment: Heel
Wrestling Style: Power
10 Favorite Move(s): European Uppercut, Superplex Slam, German Suplex, Fallaway Slam, Double Underhook Powerbomb, Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, Elevated Wrist Lock, Death Valley Driver, Cravate, Dropkick
5 Signature Move(s): “Fucked Up Leg Syndrome” (Chop Block into a Texas Cloverleaf), “100 Proof” (Sitout Wheelbarrow Facebuster), “The Kingston Clutch” (Double Chickenwing Camel Clutch), Big Boot, Spinebuster
Set-up Move: Spinebuster or Big Boot and wait for the opponent to slowly get to their feet.
Finishing Move: “The Richmond Lariat”
Finishing Maneuver Description: High Impact Running Lariat
Character Details:

History: As a young man in Richmond, Virginia, Mark found a love in sports, especially professional wrestling. With three brothers, a busy mother, and an always working father, Mark's had a lot of free time. Along with the many sports he participated in, Mark joined local wrestler Don Charger's training gym called the Charger Training Facility. There Mark honed his basic wrestling skills into that of a professional, but high school graduation put a halt to his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Mark was soon accepted to the University of Richmond in 2002 and earned a Master's degree in United States History when he graduated in 2006. Soon after, Mark found his big break in his wrestling career, a job with REBEL Pro Wrestling.

Mark immediately began feuding with a man that would go on to become Mark's greatest foe and rival: Dio Muerte. Mark sought Dio's REBEL Carolina's Championship, but could earn a title opportunity. Mark finally earned a shot, but Dio used his underhand tactics to gain a victory. Then REBEL Pro Owner Rick Garrett soon found himself on Mark's side and granted him a rematch, this time in a No Ropes, Barbed Wire Match. Mark lost once again, but in October of 2007 Mark defeated Dio Muerte to become the REBEL Carolina's Champion. Then, the feud-ending match took place: a Scaffold Match with Mark's title on the line! Mark was closely defeated and fell over twenty-five feet from the scaffold and through the announcer's table at High Incident. Dio surprised everyone that night when he handed the belt back to Mark after he announced he would pursue a tag team with his partner, Jeff James. Mark was happy, but was easily defeated by Link Van Haggard the next week and lost his title. It was revealed later that Mark had partially tore his right rotator cuff in the scaffold fall, but wrestled unaware the next week, leading many to believe Mark Kingston was the true champion.

When 2008 rolled around, Mark decided it was time for a change of scenery. he soon took up with New Brunswick-based promotion Acadian Wrestling. Mark made an stellar debut, defeating North Star, but was jobbed in his next two matches. Burnt out from wrestling, Mark has for his release and it was soon granted.

Rejuvenated, yet still injured, Mark returned to REBEL Pro Wrestling at Birthday Bash in April of 2008. There he met his future tag team partner and best friend, Chris Sparx. After his match, Mark was not cleared to continue wrestling any further until his right rotator cuff healed. In September of 2008, that happened, and Mark Kingston returned with a vengeance. He stated that the REBEL Carolina's Championship was rightfully his and that he wanted to face then champion Chad Kurtis. Mark made a splash in the division, but failed to earn a title shot. After his real-life girlfriend, Crystal, became his valet, Mark decided it was time to bring in help. That help came in the form of Chris Sparx, who started out as a mentor to Mark but soon became his full-time tag team partner. The two soon formed "Soldiers of the Apocalypse", claiming that an apocalypse was coming to REBEL Pro and that they were the soldiers who were going to save the fans. They wore bulletproof vests and dark clothing to further their gimmick's effect, which went over well with the fans as a heel team. Their valet, Crystal, left in late 2008 after learning that she was pregnant with Mark's child. Then, after suffering defeat after defeat, the duo finally earned a REBEL World Tag Team Championship Match after their names were pulled from a hat. At Notorious in April 2009, the Soldiers of the Apocalypse fought The REBEL Icons (Chad Kurtis and Rex Caliber) in a thrilling match that ended with the S.O.T.A. being closely defeated. After some speculation that the S.O.T.A. would return, any hope was crushed when Sparx and Kingston announced their retirement in early 2010. Mark has since opened his own gym with Kingston, which has become successful in Richmond.

Mark was a “deathmatch” wrestler during his stint in REBEL Pro and has some scars to prove it. He has been in barbed-wire rope match and scaffold matches with the best of ‘em. He retired a few years ago after failing to return to his former glory. He was a relatively young guy, but now 30+, he is looking for one last chance. If he loses this match, he will retire for good. This is a time to prove to himself that he still has it.

Mark Kingston is a big man. He wears black tights with “Kingston” down one side in red saloon lettering. He wears black wrestling boots with red laces. He also wears white wrist tape and kneepads under his tights. He has short brown hair and a brown goatee. To the ring, he wears a bulletproof vest.

Anything else you think we’d need to know about a character in order to write them into the Battlemania event?
(See “Gimmick”) This character hasn’t been used in a few years and this is kind of a “do or finally die” type of event for him. He has history with REBEL Pro (defunct) and NAPW (alive).

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