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Marx v. Abbey

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
This fight is a Light Heavyweight Bout.
It is three five minute rounds non-title.
RP Period ends at 11:59 Central Standard Time on Tuesday December 8th.
RP's outside of this thread will not count towards your match.
Good luck!​


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Time Traveling Hookers

::Inside the workshop in his Mansion, Marx is standing around in custom tailored jiu-jitsu gi checking his watch, all of a sudden, smokes starts to pouring into the room and all of a sudden, a time machine appears::

::Marx starts coughing because of all the smoke and all of a sudden, Brandon Jacobs emerges from the smoke with four other individuals::

BRANDON JACOBS: In order to prepare you for your first MMA bout against David Abbey, I've traveled through TIME to bring you the Four Greatest Hookers of Alltime to prepare you for trip down Abbey Road...

JONATHAN MARX: I'll let you do the honors of introducing them.

BRANDON JACOBS: Our first and maybe our best, the man considered the God of Japanese wrestling, a man who has trained Hiro Matsuda, Tatsumi Fujinami, Tiger Mask Sayama, and Yoshiaki Fujiware.... KARL GOTCH!

::Jonathan Marx extends his hand and shakes Karl Gotch's hand::

BRANDON JACOBS: Our second is the former editor of the Flying Mare, trained by the one and only Farmer Burns, a man with a 154-6 record... FRANK A. GOTCH~!

::Marx shakes Frank A. Gotch's hand::

BRANDON JACOBS: My third selection is a man who may be the last dignified NWA World Heavyweight and the author of the autobiography Hooker, a man who Flair had to surpass to be the man, he made his debut back in 1932 at the age sixteen and retired fifty eight years later after a match against his protege Masa Chono, the legendary.... LOU THESZ!

::Marx shakes Lou's hand::

JONATHAN MARX: It is an honor to meet you Mister Thesz.

BRANDON JACOBS: And last but not least, a hooker trained in Russian that made their name right up the highway in New York City and gained such fame that they socialized with the likes of Jimmy Walker, Dutch Walker, and Robert Benchley, THE NEW YORK MADAM.... POLLY ADLER!

::Marx gives Jacobs a look and then walks over and kisses Polly's hand::

JONATHAN MARX: Tom Alder's grandmother?

::polly chuckles and blushes at Marx::

JONATHAN MARX: I'd like to thank you all for coming, there have been many wrestlers out there who have sullied the name of this sport through their chicanery and utter tomfoolery over the last forty years and it is time someone took a stand. I plan to put wrestling back on the map by taking proving to the world how real pro wrestling is by beating the best mixed martial artists on the planet today. With your help, we are going to turn back the clock to the day where wrestling was a respectable sport by training extensively with each of you.

KARL GOTCH: When Jacobs was trying to explain this to all of us, we all thought he was out of his god damn bloody mind, but as we traveled from place to place, to time to time, we got together and conferred and just to let you know Jonathan, we are all in. Give Abbey hell!

JONATHAN MARX: I thank you, it is an honor and a pleasure to be in all of your company. Lets not waste anymore time, Polly, you are up first.

::Marx extends his hand and leads Polly out of the room::

FRANK A GOTCH: Brandon, You do know she is a woman of ill repute don't you?

BRANDON JACOBS: .She has made more men scream for mercy than all of you combined.

LOU THESZ: Touche.

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