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Mary Lynn Mayweather/The Minstrel vs Kerry Kuroyama/Perfection


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Mary Lynn Mayweather and the Minstrel vs Kerry Kuroyama and Perfection

Normal RP rules.

Winning team advances to main event in a three way tag match. Main event winners receive Emerald City Title match on Chain Reaction 12.

Deadline: Sept. 30, 2012 11:59 pm EST

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Imperfect Plotting


[IWF Chain Reaction 11 back drop, the sound of shoes hitting off the floor in the distance as the camera turns to the left and zooms in on Perfection then the Emerald City Championship, shined, primed and sparkling with the name plate in full vision. The title draped over his shoulder and snug. Full suit, hair let down shoulder length and the largest pearly white smile that anyone has seen.


[He pats the title smiling at the camera.]

PERFECTION: This in all its golden glory, in all its worthiness has now…and only now… become Perfect. I have battled for this since Chain Reaction One…this title that I went to war in a cage for.

Is finally at its true place…on MY waist. And they wanted to hold this moment from me. Your leadership wanted to hold me down and hide from acknowledging the truth that I am dominant. But they wouldn’t tell you about how they would TRY to do that. They wouldn’t give you the reasons why my Perfect body and wrestling was not allowed to be admired by you fools.

[He reaches into his back pocket unfolding a letter holding it out to read it]

PERFECTION: I hold here the letter from your simpleton IWF leadership… the findings following my actions at Surge.

“We the board of trustees, human resources, and appointed leadership have conducted an accident investigation report following the actions of one James Witherhold, also known as Perfection. Following his contracted match at Surge and securing the Emerald City Championship, Mr. Witherhold attacked and severally injured Vizer Ta Seti causing him to have a broken neck and not wrestle for an undetermined amount of time.

After careful review we find Mr. Witherhold liable for the following,

Unsportsman Like Conduct. Malicious Intent to Injure Another Employee. Unbecoming of IWF Personal. Insubordination of a Higher Official. Continuing Unsanctioned Actions Following a Match.

Under these terms we hereby suspend Mr. Witherhold without pay for an undetermined time and do not recognize him as the current Emerald City Champion despite winning his match up until further notice.”

[He takes the letter crumbling it into a ball and tossing it to the floor]

PERFECTION: And they thought, they THOUGHT that would hold me back. They THOUGHT that would stop me from getting what is rightfully mine…has been rightfully mine and will continue to be rightfully mine. Do you really think, in those stupid, feeble minds of yours that Fear has control?

[He taps the belt a few times]

PERFECTION: THIS IS THE ONLY CONTROL! This and me. For what it’s worth, I am glad I broke Vizer’s neck and I want you all to watch that tape reel over and over and over until it’s drilled in your head that if I can do it to him….I will do it to you.

As for the Washington State Title, you really think that some name announced to some title changes what this belt is? Is that what you think Fear? You think that you slyly knocked me down a few pegs with your little stint?

You can’t alter Perfection. You can’t change what has been already created and made. This belt, the belt that you openly handed to me closing all corporate hearings, proves I am what I say I am….the BEST. You can put whatever fancy title on any piece of rubbish you want.

It means NOTHING unless I wear it.

[He shifts his body a bit hands on his hips]

PERFECTION: But you continue to do whatever it is you plan to do, you sit behind your desk pushing paper to fight the inevitable as I prove my point day in and day out in that ring. Beating any challenge you try to throw at me. Because I can by any means necessary.

That all trinkles down to this stupid, idiotic tournament. This attempt to dethrone me in two weeks, you come into my house, Fear, and try to shake things up. You dream up some plan to ruin what I have built and orchestrated for months and think I will not retaliate?

And retaliate beyond what even you could have imagined?

[One self agreeing nod]

PERFECTION: Sure, I will take Kerry on my team, why not. He is more than capable of beating Mary-Lynn and slapping around that lunatic Minstrel. Then when we are done with them, we will go on to your pathetic triple threat, where again your plan will be foiled.

Do you know why?

Because I am too damn good to be held down by the likes of Spooky Doom, too good to be defeated by some bum by the name of Johnny Niles, to clever and sly to be beaten by anyone!

And guess what? Even if I walk out of the match and let Kerry do all the work. I still win because who really do you expect to take this [he looks at the title and pauses] ……….from me?

[He lets out a loud laugh]

PERFECTION: I make this belt look damn good, I make this belt PERIOD.

Soon you will have wished you never made an enemy out of me, Fear. Soon they all will wish they didn’t even attempt to over throw me and follow you on your foolish quest.

Simply because I am the Perfect dictator.

And I say how things go…bar none.



UTA Hall of Famer and All-Around Nice Guy
Staff member
Jan 6, 2005
Los Angeles, CA, formerly PA
Re: Imperfect Plotting

(FADEIN: The ODESSA DUNGEON. Mary-Lynn Mayweather jogs on a treadmill. As she does, she's listening to music through ear buds.)

(CUTTO: Mary-Lynn Mayweather doing crunches.)

(CUTTO: Mary-Lynn Mayweather laying in to a heavy bag with various weak punches. She begins to throw elbows, these with much more force, before laying in with a high round house kick that sways the bag.)

(CUTTO: Mary-Lynn Mayweather, dressed in her trademark red skirt suit, barks orders at trainee Ken Day. Ken is continuously bouncing off ropes, from one side of the ring to the other.)

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: Is that all you got?! I could out run you in a SEGWAY!

(Over her shoulder, Ultratitle Final Four competitor Jack Harmen smiles before walking off.)

(CUTTO: Mary-Lynn Mayweather standing in front of a red concrete backdrop. Then, the IWF logo unfurls on a large flag. Large enough to cover the entire background, it gently waves in the breeze.)

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: Jack Harmen always taught me, if you can't beat 'em, throw salt in their eyes.

(The corner of Mayweather's lip curls.)

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: Sound advice for a man who has no morality. But I wasn't raised that way. I didn't have the broken child hood. I didn't lash out for being different. I embraced it. While all my peers were playing with pogs and tamagatchi's, I was on prodigy learning the difference between Amicus Curiae Brief and Guardian Ad Litem. My best friend was blowing herself up in her parent's Winnebago with a home made chemistry set that resembled that of Walter White's Meth Lab.

(CUTTO: Extreme Close up on Mary-Lynn as she smiles.)

(CUTTO: Medium Close up, as Mary-Lynn brushes the hair out of her eye line.)

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: I miss those days. They were much simplier.

(Mayweather paces as we CUTTO: Wide shot.)

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: You see, I'm at a cross roads. I've fulfilled my requirements as a public defendant and could represent the next O.J. Simpson. I could dive head first into my law firm and find myself as a partner in less than a decade.

(She stops pacing. Mayweather shakes her head.)

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: But I'm so... bored.

(Mayweather laughs.)

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: I just defended an innocent man from being incarcerated for second degree homicide, and the only place I feel ALIVE is in that ring. And to think that I have to circumvent my morality to get ahead in a sport full of deviants is absolutely a travesty of the very thing I defend.

(CUTTO: Extreme Close up on Mayweather's eyes.)


(CUTTO: Medium shot. Mayweather broadens her shoulders.)

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: At Chain Reaction 10, I battled Minstrel, took him to his physical limit, only to be undermined by chicanery and malevolence. And now, here at Chain Reaction 11, I must partner with the very man who used the ropes to pin me, to take on the Emerald State Champion and his lethal lottery partner, the great Kerry Kuroyama.

(Mayweather lowers her head.)

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: I should be THRILLED to be on the opposite side of the ring against the man who dethroned King ta Seti. But I can't. I can't stop looking over my shoulder. I should be worried about the insane version of Perfection SNAPPING my neck like a twig, but there's no way I won't be watching, waiting for Minstrel to leave me to the wolves. To show me exactly why a woman's place is not in the wrestling ring, it's outside the ring being a CHEERLEADER.

But my resolve will remain strong. I will not give less than one hundred percent, because 110 percent is mathematically impossible and you should just say you'll give infinity percent instead, cause anything less is just an improper understanding of mathematics.

(CUTTO: Mayweather, medium close up, as she winks and smiles at the camera. She turns so her left shoulder points to the camera.)

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: But Perfection, a man who is at 100% efficiency and using 100% of his brain to disregard legal documents I helped prepare, he should know that this rage of lunacy has an expiration date. That one day, people are going to look at the neck cracking Perfection as nothing more than a toddler throwing a fit. That you're just a three year old who's toy has been taken away.

(CUTTO: Close up on Mayweather's face, shoulders up.)

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: Because when I pin Perfection, and get my shot at the Emerald Championship, I WILL watch Perfection throw his tantrum, snapping Minstrel's neck as I slink off with his favorite toy.

And bring the belt not only legitimacy.

(CUTTO: Wide shot. The IWF banner displayed proudly in the background.)


(Mayweather smiles, and simply walks off stage. FADE OUT.)

The Minstrel

League Member
Mar 6, 2012
Roller Coaster

[A breeze pushes the leaves along a slate of blacktop, the turning leave a mix of red, brown and burnt orange, form a mini-tornado and comes to rest before being pushed along. A young boy, Brandon is laughing in the distance as he goes down a slide and runs to re-enter the maze of playground equipment again.]

[Two pairs of eyes watch him from a bench just a few steps away. One set belongs to Maggie, her auburn hair tucked into a neat ponytail and her hands wrapped around a cup of coffee. She wears a grey Notre Dame sweatshirt and blue jeans.]

[Next to her is another woman – slightly younger looking – with brown hair that is highlighted ever-so-slightly with blonde streaks. She has a brown jacket and also wears a pair of blue jeans, which are slightly darker than Maggie’s. She sips her coffee carefully.]

Maggie: So Katrina, how’s John doing?

[The other woman, Katrina, smiles slightly before turning her head towards Maggie, who continues while keeping her eyes on her child.]

Maggie: I mean, I’ve spoken to him over the phone, but you know John… He wouldn’t say a word to save his life over the telephone.

[Katrina laughs a little and nods her head understandingly before letting out a deep breath.]

Katrina: Surprisingly, resilient in a professional sense… He’s determined as ever.

[Maggie nods.]

Maggie: And personally?

Katrina: Well, we both know how John is… He’s been reliving every detail of that match for the last ten days.

[Maggie turns with a confused look on her face.]

Maggie: And you’re okay with that?

[Katrina pauses after hearing this question – trying to formulate an answer.]

Katrina: John has a lot of himself invested in this, it’s not something he can just turn off. This represented an opportunity for him to reach the precipice of his sport and he came up short… It’s only natural for him to be forlorn…

[Maggie nods as she turns her head back towards the playground to wave towards her calling child.]

Katrina: And people like us – like you and Brandon – can help him come to grips with it. It’s almost like grieving for him except he can keep this alive.

[Maggie takes another sip from her coffee and once it is removed she smiles.]

Maggie: I can see you’ve taken him as a case study.

Katrina: Not…

[Maggie puts her hand on Katrina’s leg and smiles wider.]

Maggie: It was only a joke, sweetie.

[Katrina relaxes – having felt the threat of an overzealous sister pass.]

Katrina: What about on your end? Have things calmed down?

Maggie: I don’t know… I don’t know if calmed down is the right way to put it… It feels much more like the calm before the storm, like is something lurking and waiting…

It’s still there even if some of us don’t want to believe it.

[Katrina nods as she turns her head back towards the child.]

Katrina: It goes against the very foundation of what I’ve studied, but textbooks and lectures cannot overcome life experience…

[This time Katrina places her hand down on Maggie’s leg.]

Katrina: Whatever IT is, it feeds off negativity…

[Maggie chuckles slightly under her breath.]

Maggie: Well, we got plenty of that at my house…

[Maggie rises to her feet.]

Maggie: But what can I do? I can’t change the way things are – I live with someone who won’t believe me. We can’t move, we don’t have the money.

[Maggie shrugs her shoulders, water building in her eyes.]

Maggie: I’m stuck. Stuck waiting for it to get worse.

[Fade out.]

[A Starbucks coffee shop is lightly buzzing with chatter amongst the occupants, scanning the area a familiar face pops out, John McDonough. McDonough sits on a stool at a table with a grande cup of coffee in front of him. He wears a grey t-shirt with a faded Budweiser logo on the front a pair of jeans. His brownish hair with bits of grey is pushed back and off his head, his icy blue eyes stare off vacantly.]

[He lifts his coffee cup and takes a sip. From behind him a man in business attire approaches and taps him on the shoulder. He comes face-to-face and shakes John’s hand. The man has a shaved head and brown goatee, his build is decent, but he is a smaller man than McDonough.]

“How are you, John?”

[John nods his head with a smile as the man takes the seat next to him.]

John: Just fine, Dr. Timmons.

[Dr. Timmons nods his head - John looks away from him at the moment.]

Dr. Timmons: I assume this meeting wasn’t meant to be for casual conversation, Mr. McDonough.

[He says this as politely as possible, but the meaning is terse. John focuses.]

John: Yes, I just… I have a dilemma concerning Maggie and since you’ve been assigned to her and will be throughout her assimilation into society, I figured you would be best to speak to about it.

[The doctor nods understandingly and offers a welcoming smile.]

Dr. Timmons: You are correct, what are your concerns?

John: Well, as you know, her son lives with me. I spoke with him a few days ago and he’s adamant that he does not want to live under the same roof as Maggie.

Dr. Timmons: I see…

John: So I am at a loss with what to do once Maggie completes her time in the halfway house. I mean, will she be able to function on her own? I love my sister, but I have to do what is best for the kid…

[The doctor rubs his facial hair in a moment of thought.]

Dr. Timmons: And I assume from my conversations with Maggie that she is unaware of the boy’s sentiments…

John: I figured, given her state, that it would not be the best thing for her…

Dr. Timmons: Well, I respectfully request you not assume from here on out, although you are correct in this instance.

[John nods his head at the doctor’s statement. The men are silent for a moment in thought. After a moment, the doctor looks up.]

Dr. Timmons. John, I’m afraid I can’t give you an answer right this instant.

[John smiles.]

John: I didn’t expect you could – I was hoping you could give me some ideas or options to consider going forward.

Dr. Timmons: Allow me to mull it over for a few days. We’ve got quite a bit of time and steps to go before the problem comes to fruition.

[The doctor slides off his seat and John joins him. The doctor extends his hand and John shakes it.]

John: Thanks for taking a minute to meet with me.

Dr. Timmons: I’ll be in touch. I would recommend, however, that the boy speak with someone, it is vital for both him and his mother.

John: I will take that under advisement.

[The doctor nods his head.]

Dr. Timmons: Good-bye.

[The doctor turns and leaves through the door. John slides up onto his stool and grabs his coffee. He takes a sip and takes a deep breath before running his hand through his hair.]

John: What a mess…

[Fade out.]

[An amusement park sits unopened and deserted – the rides nonoperational. The days of summer have left the park unoccupied and unutilized until the weekends come when a few stragglers will attempt to squeeze a few more moments out of a dead season.]

[A man walks towards the camera past a closed hotdog stand and a carnival game. As the man approaches, it is apparent that it is the IWF’s resident evil, the Minstrel.]

[The Minstrel is wearing a black suit with charcoal stripes with a white dress shirt underneath and a black and grey striped tie. The jacket is unbuttoned and his hands reside inside his pockets. The mask grins, but is not focused at the camera, rather on the humungous roller coaster above.]

[Once he is close enough, he begins in his raspy tone, but his gaze remains transfixed on the hell-ride above.]

“Who would have thought it would be so easy?”

[He says this to no one in particular.]

Thus far, one of my opponents and my teammate each said I could be “smacked around” and have my “neck snapped.”

[He makes quotes with his fingers as he turns towards the camera and chuckles.]

And yet, each of them left these tasks to someone else… Perfection to Kerry Kury-whatschamacallit and the lovely Miss Mayweather to Perfection…

Should I say I’m going to leave the rape of both of you to Kerry while I skip away with the title to lollipop land?

[He laughs as he skips in a circle before returning to his position in front of the camera. He takes in a deep breath with purpose.]

Whatever happened to “if you want something done right, do it yourself.”

I’m not here to discuss the schematics of how I will be victorious and take something you all want so terribly…

The one thing that Perfection, as he calls himself, took what seemed to be seventeen tries to finally win, when he bored Ta Seti to death in the ring.

The one thing that Mary Lynn spent all her money on Suzanne Summers workout tapes for… Well, other than to impress Mr. Harmen, which is another story all together…

That’ll all come next week.

See, I don’t believe in looking too far ahead – so let me address Ms. Mayweather’s concerns first.

Mary Lynn, sweetie, why would I ever walk out on you after all the memories we’ve shared?

I am not in the least bit concerned about you, Mary Lynn, because I know you know better than to turn your back on me. The opportunity is too great for you – to be able to go back to Jackie with just the belt around your waist…

[He elbows the air next to him.]

And the consequences are too dire, as well, ask Go Go Spectacular – if you ever see her again.

[After this gruff sentence, he points to himself, immediately lighter in disposition.]

And why would I want Perfection and Kerry to enjoy – what is rightfully mine – beating that little ass from pillar to post? That is my job.

[After saying this in a somewhat sincere voice, he puffs up.]

So ya’ll keep yer hands off ma girl, ya hear!

[He speaks in a terrible accent and then breaks out into uncontrollable laughter before calming himself down and wiping an invisible tear off his mask.]

Perfection, a very inappropriate name… I’ve seen you lose before – hell, I saw you lose at Chain Reaction.

You everything perfectly planned and BOOM!

[He slaps his hands together.]

Paz and her new man-friend, make you look a fool… And you cannot even see that. Not so perfect. Actually quite foolish… And this is coming from me.

[He says this, pointing at himself and tapping his mask.]

Now, you puff your chest out and stomp around defiantly like going to some extreme length to win is something to be proud of…

If you’re proud of that I should be downright narcissistic – I don’t even need gold to beat people within an inch of their life. I don’t need your motivation, your hunger and drive…

That’s… just… what… I… do…

So leave it to Kerry, a freaking kid… That’ll really stick it to Paz.

This Company will hear from child services a second time – asking why the kid, who couldn’t drink, was in the hospital babbling about some guy in a mask.

Or don’t, and I’ll let you have some fun, too.

We can have lots of fun together – ask Mary Lynn – we can all ride this roller coaster together!

[The Minstrel then approaches and hops over the gate to the roller coaster. He stands at the gate, behind bars, which he wraps his hands around.]

Except only I decide when you can get off…

And that is no laughing matter.

[He chuckles and the camera fades out.]


Jan 1, 2000
Re: Roller Coaster

(Our scene opens up after a slow fade in from black to a breathtaking view of Seattle, Washington, as seen from an elevated trail running along Green Mountain.)

Kerry Kuroyama
Glorious, isn’t it?

(The view zooms out enough to fit the Pacific Blitzkrieg formally into the shot. He stands with his back to the camera, pausing momentarily in a mid-afternoon hike through the hills to admire the scenery.)

Kerry Kuroyama
Emerald City... the crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest.

To the International Wrestling Federation, this city is simply a base of operations. As soon as the company spreads out to the borders of the state of Washington, and beyond, it will be referred to merely as a point of origin. But for me... Seattle will always be considered my home.

(He turns around to face the camera, his dark eyes full of fierce determination.)

Kerry Kuroyama
And defending the pride and honor of my home is my number one priority, above anything else. That includes the newly proposed Washington State Championship... and any other title, for that matter.

Believe me... the time is drawing near, when I’ll be ready to broaden my horizons and visit the rings and arenas outside of this city and spread out everywhere across the Evergreen State. But before I take that great leap forward, there’s still business to be settled here in my home of Seattle... and the belt with its nickname engraved on it.

(Tilting his head slightly ahead of him, he gives the camera the motion to follow as he continues marching along the trail.)

Kerry Kuroyama
Right now, that belt is sitting on the shoulder of a man who came to this city from Hollywood with a chip on his shoulder and a delusion of “perfection” stuck in his head. He beat a lot of men to put it there... including the original reigning champion, Vizier ta Seti... a fellow hometown hero in “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas... and not to mention, my mentor, my friend, and the founder of the Dojo himself, “The Undying” Rocko Daymon.

But despite all the names, he still hasn’t beaten ME.

(His gaze looks directly into the camera as he continues up the mountain path. There’s a rare wisdom in his expression that belies a man of his age and experience.)

Kerry Kuroyama
You can hold up that title and crow all you want, Witherhold... but regardless of how you try and paint the picture of truth, it’s still obvious to everybody that there’s a glaring and rather imperfect fault to your reign as champion. Specifically, that it never came at the expense of the Pacific Blitzkrieg. Rationalize it however you like... but until you can prove you can legitimately beat ME in that ring, you’ll always be just short of absolute “perfection”.

Holding up a belt with my city’s name on it doesn’t make you a better wrestler than every other person lacing up their boots in the locker room. Going into that ring and BEING better than whomever challenges your claim to being the apex of the federation... THAT is where a champion earns his credibility.

But maybe credibility isn’t important to you. Maybe you think you don’t HAVE to beat me... and all you’d have to do is come up with some long and drawn-out excuse to give to the fans, so it doesn’t look quite so obvious that you’re trying to avoid the unenviable task of facing off against a young, talented, undefeated, and HUNGRY contender.

But they’ll see through it... just like I see through it, Witherhold.

(His gaze goes back up the trail, looking at the state of the terrain before him. A good hiker surveys what’s ahead of him before making his move, just like a good wrestler prepares for whatever may come once the bell rings.)

Kerry Kuroyama
Despite these perceptions that I’m just a fresh-faced kid in a man’s sport, I realize what will happen in all likelihood at Chain Reaction 11. You and I won’t get along. We’ll but heads. You’ll punk me on tag-outs, and do whatever you can to get me frustrated and distracted. And then, when the moment is right, you’re going to clock me upside the head with that belt, and throw our chance of victory into the toilet.

Nobody would be surprised. After all, what motivation is there for you to win this thing? A meaningless loss in a tag team match would mean nothing against your record... and you’d dodge the bullet of having to face me in the ring for the Emerald City Championship. But all you’d really be doing is delaying the inevitable.

(Kerry slows to a halt, and the camera’s view sweeps up ahead. The trail forks into two paths at this point, with one looping down an easy grade, and the other steeply ascending further up the mountain.)

Kerry Kuroyama
You will find yourself at a cross-roads come Chain Reaction 11, Witherhold. You could go one way, and betray me in that ring. You could have your little vain moment to massage your ego and flaunt your deluded pride. You could prove once again to those fans that you’re all style and no substance... typical fake Hollywood garbage, living for the limelight, but not working for a living. You could go this way, and in doing so, you could start something that could get very UGLY in the coming weeks when I seek retribution.


(He turns around to face the camera directly.)

Kerry Kuroyama
You and I can cut the crap, work together, and WIN this thing. Then we’ll set the time and place for our chance to get in the ring and settle the dispute for good. I’ll get my chance at the belt, and you’ll get your chance to prove people like me wrong.

But to do that, we’ve got to cooperate... and work toward the same goal. The competition will be fierce. Mary-Lynn Mayweather... she may be easy on the eyes, but I’ve seen her strikes hit harder than stone. And the Minstrel... though I’m not entirely convinced he’s anything more than all mind-games and no mettle, there’s nobody who can predict what the masked freak has in store.

Will it be easy? Of course not... nothing in this life is taken easily, and that should be expected. People like you, James, sometimes try to take the easy way out of difficult matters... and sometimes, you MIGHT even get away with it. But I’m a strong believer in karma, and whatever actions you take will inevitably reflect negatively back on you at some point down the line.

I know the notion of getting in the ring with me scares the hell out of you, Witherhold... but if there’s one thing I know that trumps your fear, it’s your pride and arrogance. You can’t hide from the STORM forever. At some point, you’re going to have to crawl out from under the rickety shelter that is your flimsy concept of “perfection” before it all comes down and crushes you into the earth.

Then you’ll be out in the open, in the midst of the thunder, rain, and lightning... and you’ll have no choice but to reveal to the entire world just what kind of man you really are behind all the hype and self-infatuation.

(He looks back up the trail, at the point where the paths diverge.)

Kerry Kuroyama
Regardless of what path you take, Witherhold... the destination will be the same: Your demise as a champion, and the return of the Emerald City Title to its rightful home.

(Kuroyama heads up the path leading further up the mountain. The camera remains in place as it follows him departing. A moment later, we fade to black.)

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Everyone Hush Down, The Champ is Speaking.


[Perfection is getting a back massage and the camera is directly in front of him with a hot skinny blode with a huge bust oiling him up. She is wearing his belt across her waist in plain view. He doesn’t even lift his head up and just begins talking as the girl starts working]

PERFECTION: I don’t even need a Public Relations agency, who needs one when all you fools spit my name out your mouth every other sentence.

All I have been hearing this week is every damn wrestler in this junk pile saying one name, Perfection. And next to that one title, The Emerald City Championship. That piece of lush gold that sits across this girls waist as a place holder. The only problem is, realistically gentlemen and Mary Lynn, that title ain’t change hands by simply saying my name like penances!

I mean really where to begin? Where to even start? Mary? Minstrel? Kerry? The other few and non-important lame-o’s that lace their boots up in the back that have Perfection fever. Those same cats that to be honest have no freaking business lacing boots up at all.

Let alone enter that ring with a professional such as myself.

[He lifts his face up for a brief moment to utter the next line]

PERFECTION: A damn fine one at that.

You lemmings are all the same. You all want what you can’t have and because I have it now you all want it. Call me the Perfect trendsetter. But mind you, you all forget, these next two nights, aren’t about ANY of you.

It’s about ME.

The whole West Coast and whoever streams the show on Justin.tv are watching to see ME. Not you Kerry, certainly not Spooky Doom, and damn sure ain’t that goofy luchador. They are there to try and see me fail.

And you know what I will do for them? For all their wanting?

[He shakes his head as the girl raises up to his shoulders]

PERFECTION: Deny them that opportunity! Deny everyone that opportunity so I can watch you all have a little rat race for the Washington State Title.

That’s the Washington STATE Title, you following Mary? This here belt [He grabs the girls arm pulling her close and rubs the title nice and slow] this is the Emerald CITY Title.

Just cause I grab ya doesn’t mean to stop doing your job, sweet cheeks.

[She nods and goes back to massaging]

PERFECTION: But whatever. I don’t expect you to pay attention to details, Mary Lynn.

None of you know what mix you are getting in. You all assume that I am just some hack that came skipping in and got what I wanted because I forced it into my hands.

You fail to even notice my Perfect achievements to EARN THIS BELT.

I took out the quasi legendary Rocko Daymon.

I beat Mary Lynn, fashionably.

I beat Scott Douglas. And sure he pinned me ONE TIME, and do you know why? Because I can give a rats ass about wins and losses when my belt isn't on the line.

Which wraps all to you, Kerry. You really think this industry is a tally counter of wins and loses. You are that naïve to underestimate the randomness of this sport?

[Perfection chuckles]

PERFECTION: I don’t, because I understand it Perfectly. I understand losses happen when you have been demotivated. When the company purposely denies you chance after chance to put your hands on their fragile now former champion.

Not because you didn’t earn it because I did as the Number One Contender prior to taking what is now in my hands but because they fear you. They fear me making people like all of you look subpar due to my supreme nature. And it didn’t take me seventeen times to win this belt. It took me one legit one on one match against their falsely hyped champion. A match in a cage, a milestone for this racket federation. Something you all don’t have the honor of doing…being the FIRST wrestler to ever get in a steel cage in Cho’s IWF.

A-la, yours truly.

And this whole conspiracy that Fear has started up against me began because of that very night. His want to remove me as champion will fail, just like all of you will fail when you attempt to step up to me and give him what he so desperately wants.

Simply because you just don’t have it and by the time you do my legacy will be all over the wall they will hail me as the only greatest, Perfect, wrestler that entered that shamble they call a ring.

[Sticks a single finger in the air]

PERFECTION: Bonus points, I didn’t have to beat a little girl an inch of her life to make impact in this company like Minstrel. My name drives impact, my physical being, my looks, my package between these tanned fantastic thighs make freaking impact.

GIRL MASSAGING: God yes it does!

PERFECTION: Shut your hole while I’m talking!

Watching you all rant and rave, cry, pout and complain that I got what was coming to me is humorous. Guess what dweebs - you can’t change history that was written Perfectly. And I as your current, reigning, defending, and UNMATCHED Emerald City Champ ain’t going nowhere.

So you, Ministral, can talk all your little crazy heart desires about how you beat people within an inch of their life. That’s all fine and dandy, but I just don’t care.

‘Cause ya just don’t matter to me.

Mary can sit around and train all day, wonderful! Get that work out and tone up your flat ass.

But it ain’t getting you any closer from taking my belt.

You can have all the heart and drive in the world. Hell, you can have the mayor give you the freaking key to the city, Kerry.

But Settle isn’t going to win you this belt, nor is the fans.


[He taps his head]

PERFECTION: That and this.

[The girl pulls out hundred dollar bills from her jeans, all planned out in advance it seems and tosses them at the camera]

PERFECTION: Money and power. It makes the world go round, I’ve paid off refs, I have paid off whoever I want to in order to reach my goal and I am not ashamed to say it because I am a better man than any of you delusional wasters!

And will I step on you, throw you under the bus, and screw you over to keep what is rightfully mine?

Let me answer that with another question, does the sun rise into the sky every single morning?

[Perfection lifts his head again nods very slowly and arrogantly with a smile]

PERFECTION: Then there ya go!

Kerry even said it, I don’t have to beat any of you to be the best. That was given to me from day numero uno. From when I learned to walk, talk, and sh-t on the toilet I earned my place to be called the best. I don’t have to wrestle, I don’t have to beat you in the ring.

I can walk out the ring get counted out and keep my belt…every single time.

I can hit you with a chair and keep my belt...every single time.

I can no show every match, get paid, and guess what? Keep my belt.

Screw your home town pride and the paying fans, Kerry. They are nothing in value compared to that belt.

[The girl points at it with both fingers then goes back to massaging]

PERFECTION: So keep mouth jacking all you fools want, keep flapping those lips thinking it gets me worried and scared.

Ooohhh nooo the great Kerry Kuroyama wants my belt…I am trembling.

Rewind a minute wasn’t it you asking me to work WITH you at Chain Reaction Eleven, isn’t it YOU asking ME to give ya a hand and work together.

Hell, didn’t I even say I will just walk away and let you beat Minstrel and Mary Lynn? Or do you feel not up to the task? Do you feel you can’t do the job and earn a shot at my belt?

Doubt? Is that DOUBT I hear. Is that a plea for the great and Perfect Emerald City Champ to help your pathetic ass in that ring so you can muster up a free title shot. Like I am going to help you earn a chance to face me?

Does that make logical sense to you Kerry? Why would I help you?!

I think you have mistaken me for a guy with a good heart and who means well by others.

It ain’t gonna happen. Neither you or anyone else has earned a shot at me. Earn it like I did, fight for it! Figures people in your mindset and their Liberal ideologies would want a free hand out.

Well wake up call, this isn’t Occupy IWF.

And you don’t always get what you want or what you THINK you should deserve!

Work together….what the f-ck does that even mean.

Last edited:


Jan 1, 2000
Re: Everyone Hush Down, The Champ is Speaking.

(Our shot opens up in the locker room of the Moss Bay Events center, where the anybody who isn’t an Emerald City Champion gets geared up for action. “The Pacific Blitzkrieg” Kerry Kuroyama, in his Dojo trainers, sits on the bench. Later that night, he’ll be in action. For now, he has something to say.)

Kerry Kuroyama
I didn’t ASK anything of you, Witherhold. I simply gave you a choice.

(His attention rises from the grappling gloves he’s strapping on so that he can look directly into the camera, to show the person he’s speaking to that he’s not fucking around.)

Kerry Kuroyama
And much to nobody’s surprise, it looks as though you’ve chosen the path of ignorance and self-glorification. You chosen to hear only what you want to hear, because the truth of your glaring imperfection is just too much for you to bear. And you’ve chosen to spread more lies, in a feeble effort to twist the truth in a manner that sees fitting to you.

Walk away from this match if you see fit. Show this world that you really are a coward, if you honestly believe there’s nothing left for you to prove.

Contrary to delusions you have in your head, there’s little evidence that would suggest I doubt my ability to get the job done on my own. I fearlessly walked into a drunken brawl against the drunken master, Erik Mateo, and walked out victorious. I was punished by the office by being forced to face the giant Ivan Dalkichev, and I made the big man tap. Then at Chain Reaction 10, against an opponent trained by the best masters of the sport from across the nation, I persevered and pulled away with a win.

How about you, Witherhold? What have you done these past few months other than pick up a mic and cry for your belt like a child wanting its toy?

(He arches a questionable eyebrow.)

Kerry Kuroyama
Why would I doubt myself, Perfection? As history would show, whenever the odds are against me, I always manage to come out the winner. Whether I walked into this match alone or with a snake like you in my corner, it wouldn’t change the way I fight or the determination I’d bring with me into the ring.

I have nothing to lose, and everything to prove. If I go down, I’ll go down swinging... and the fans will know it was only because you didn’t have the balls to meet in the ring with that belt on the line. On the other hand, if I defy the odds and somehow manage to pull it off, then I pull of something nobody in this company’s done before. Not even the Emerald City Champion.

(With his gloves strapped on, he rises up to his feet, punching into his palm a few times to get himself ready for drinking.)

Kerry Kuroyama
Anything you do tonight to hold me back won’t prevent me from going after what I want. The only thing your actions tonight will determine is just how much you REALLY fear the inevitability.

But however this goes down tonight... in whatever way you decide to flex your ego and ride you power trip... the destination remains the same. You and I WILL meet in that ring, and the belt will be on the line. Tap the belt a thousand times if you want... it won’t stop the coming storm.

(Kerry begins to remove his trainers to continue dressing in his gear as we go to black.)

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