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Mary-Lynn Mayweather


UTA Hall of Famer and All-Around Nice Guy
Staff member
Jan 6, 2005
Los Angeles, CA, formerly PA
Handler Name: Ford

Handler's e-mail address: fordianslip@gmail.com

Character's in ring name: Mary-Lynn Mayweather

Character's Real Name: Same


Weight:118 lbs.

Hometown: McCandless, PA

Moveset(Please include at least 15 moves.):Submissions[Forearm Sleeper, dragon sleeper, bow & arrow]
Lightheavyweight Moveset(Strikes - Martial Arts Strikes, Elbow[stiff, standing, to sitting opponent, off ropes), Spinning elbow]
Flying Moves[Springboard dropkick, standing shooting-star press, Top Rope Moonsault, missle dropkick, shooting-star press into a frog-splash, super reverse hurricanrana, Asai Moonsault, corkscrew plancha]

[NOTES: Lifts that require precision control will only be done on other women or wrestlers under 200 lbs. Other lifts can only be done to people up to 280, and obviously, she will need some help, out of character. Add about 30-40 pounds when using opponents momentum against them(ie: running off the ropes for a belly to belly, etc)]
Lifts/Grapples[Hurraconrada, spinning fisherman's suplex into a pin, fisherman's cradle into a neckbreaker,Exploder Suplex,vertical suplex, belly to belly, front suplex gutbuster drop, inverted fireman's carry--->leg cradle Michinoku Driver II style piledriver, corkscrew suplex, backbreaker, rib breaker]

Signature moves
The Great Sonny(Twisting Uranage Spinning lift into double knee rib breaker)
Breathtaker(Fireman's carry into double knee gutbuster)
Final Verdict(Double Underhook Front-Face Plant)
Sleepy Time(Modified Peaceful Slumber)
***½ Frogsplash
Sliced Bread #4
Hypothermia(Double Underhook Brainbuster)
M-Kicked(Yakuza Kick)

Finishing Move: Mississippi River Explosion / Locked in Legalese

Finishing Move Description: Top Rope Corkscrew Palm Strike to the chest or head / STF w/ overhead cravate headhook


Theme Music/Entrance: "Dance-Sing" by Ice Cream Fire

Gimmick/Other notes about your character: A child prodigy. She's a 24 year old defense attorney for Los Angeles county. She has been in the legal department of numerous organizations, including the Fans Wrestling Organization.

She is a pure soul, very kind at heart. She will NOT cheat or use weapons of any kind. Even in a hardcore match, her opponent will have to initiate using legal weapons.

Trained by High Flyer, Sonny Silver, and Lindsey Troy, she is the wrestling prodigy of three Hall of Fame caliber teachers.

Respect, honor, integrity. Nothing is more important.

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