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Masaharu Keichigawa


Active member
Jun 18, 2004
Name: Masaharu Keichigawa
Other Aliases: none yet
Gender: male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 248 lbs.
Hometown: Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan
Age: 22

Music: "One-Winged Angel" The Black Mages - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5st0b3ln5U
Ring Entrance: White and gold strobe lights alternate as "One-Winged Angel" cues up on the PA. Keichigawa comes out in a long black robe resembling a trench coat, head down jogging until he gets to the middle of the ramp, where he stops and throws his hands into the air. He shakes his head and walks with purpose towards the ring. He enters the ring via baseball slide, popping up and throwing his robe off, raising his arms again.

Physical Appearance: Messy black hair, looks as if he has never combed it. Small, boyish face, looks incapable of growing any facial hair. Stocky physique, definitely some musculature, but looks more Kenta Kobashi than John Cena.

Ring Attire: Black and white speedo-style tights, black on the right, white on the left, with silver trim around the belt area going down into a silver codpiece design. Black/white half-design knee pads, white wrist tape, no elbow pads. Black boots with silver "K"s on them.

Out-of-ring Attire: T-shirt and jeans, the usual.

In-Ring Style: Stiff strikes and submissions leading into big moves to finish matches. Basically, your typical King's Road-style worker, only he wrestles with a reckless abandon, a sort of desperation that belies something deeper weighing on his mind than the match at hand.

Moveset: STRIKES: Elbow and forearm based. Any strike you can do with the arms, Masa does it. Favored strikes are the flying forearm and Bionic elbow (read, Dusty Rhodes style).
SUBMISSIONS: Cobra clutch in all variations, Sasorigatame (sharpshooter for the gaijin), sleeper hold, front chancery
MOVES: German suplex, Complete Shot, jawbreaker, Ace crusher, facecrusher, bulldog

Finisher(s): Like with most puroresu wrestlers, Masa doesn't have one set finisher. These moves are known to finish matches for him: Poison Dagger Driver (Cobra clutch bulldog), Poison Dagger Suplex (cobra clutch suplex), Supernova Katana (shooting star guillotine leg drop), Poison Dagger Stretch (cobra clutch applied in an elevated camel clutch with Masa's knee in the small of the victim's back)

It's rumored that Masa has a special match finisher, but he's never had the opportunity to break it out... it's called Poison Dagger Driver Omega, and it's purported to be a cobra clutch Emerald Flowsion, but no one has any idea how it would be pulled off...

Spots: 1 - Masa and opponent trade elbows until the opponet gets the upper hand with three in a row. After the third one, Masa strikes back with a BIG Bionic elbow that sends the opponent reeling. 2 - Irish whip -> Complete Shot -> segue into cobra clutch with leg scissors or Poison Dagger Strech (the latter for a cool match finish) 3 - Irish whip reversal into Ace crusher.

Personality: Introverted and shy outside of the ring, but he comes alive inside of it. Doesn't really talk to people, and some suspect he has some issues in his personal life that interfere with his wrestling career.

Background: Masa is a graduate of some of the finest pro wrestling dojos in Japan and has been mucking about in the indies for the last four years. IL is his big break, as he's become somewhat of a Youtube sensation with his go-for-broke style. There are many rumors about his personal life though. Some say he carries the guilt of murder on his conscience. Some say he has debts to the Yakuza. Some think he might on a government watch list. There are as many underground theories about Masa as there are people raving abou his in-ring potential...

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