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Mathis v Sinner


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Jan 4, 2005
Steele, Mo.
**The scene opens up at a bar with three guys in suits sitting at a table in the far corner. One of the guys is flirting with the waitress and asking to see the owner. The waitress is giggling and flirting back with the guy when the owner comes up with a nasty look on his face. The smile goes away from the guy’s face as he looks at the owner. He then stands up adjusts his tie and looks at the owner with a business like face. The owner then whipes his hands with a towel and puts the towel in his back pocket.**

Owner: What can I do for you boys tonight?

Man: My dad wants his money.

Owner: I told your old man I ain’t payin one red cent until I feel like it. And if you boys are who he sends to collect on money, I’d like you to meet my cousin Ray.

Man: Well I tell ya what, you call your cousin Ray, I gotta call to make myself.

**The man walks to a pay phone and is only on the phone for a few seconds. He then goes back to where he was sitting and sits down. The owner goes back behind the bar and makes a phone call and quickly hangs up. A few minutes later, a loud motorcycle is heard pulling up outside the bar. Then the door flys open and Taylor Mathis stands in his faded colored blue jeans, black boots, black punisher t-shirt and leather biker jacket on. He takes off his shades and walks over to the table where the man is sitting. He lays his glasses on the table as the man nods towards the bar.**

Taylor: Where’s the ****in owner of this **** house!?

Owner: You’re lookin at him bubba. What can I do for ya?

Taylor: You got a debt that’s long overdue. These gentlemen tried to do you a favor and keep me out of it. I want the money and I want it now…

Owner: And if I don’t pay?

**Mathis takes off his jacket and reveals his muscles to the owner.**

Taylor: Then you and me got problems.

Owner: Uhh, look I don’t want no trouble.

Taylor: I don’t either bubba, but I want my ****in money and I want it now!

**Mathis grabs a chair and throws it across the room slamming it into the far wall.**

Owner: Look I only got half on me right now. Lemme make a call.

Taylor: Do you think I’m stupid? Do I look like a ******* retard!? Come here, let’s talk man to man in your office.

**The owner walks towards his office and Mathis follows him in. Mathis slams the door shut and kicks the man in the back of the kneecap dropping the man to his knees.**

Taylor: Look big man, I know you got people showing up here to make sure you don’t pay, but let’s get one thing straight, I fight anyone, anywhere, anytime to make sure I get my money. You think some one is gonna stop me by putting up a fight? So just save us all the time and pain and just give me the ****ing money. I’ma put you on a three strike plan. Now you already have two strikes because I am here. Now if you don’t give me my money, that’s strike three.

Owner: I don’t have it. I can get it tho.

Taylor: That’s not the right answer…

**Mathis draws back and hits the man with a hard right hand. He then kicks the man in the ribs a few times while he is down. Mathis then takes the man by his throat and holds him while beating him repeatedly with right hands. As the man’s face becomes bloody, Mathis drops him and listens to him moaning. Mathis then pulls out a rag and whipes off his hands and throws the rag down on the man. Mathis then goes over to the desk and rips open all the drawers. He finds a stack of money and takes it. As he walks out he looks down at the man and just spits. Mathis then goes out to the table where his boys are sitting and sits down after putting on his jacket.**

Man: You get the money?

Taylor: Yeah I got it. Your dad is gonna be a happy man tonight. Bout time that asshole paid us.

Man: Dad said he wants you to meet him tonight at the old bridge. Said it’s about the one that got away.

**Mathis’ face goes blank. He then puts on his shades and walks out of the bar. He gets on his bike and rides off. As he is riding he gets a call from The Boss to meet at the bridge. Mathis turns down the next street and speeds away. He is then seen pulling up next to a black limo. Mathis turns off his bike and gets off while taking the money from his coat. The window comes down and The Boss smiles as Mathis hands him the money.**

Boss: I knew I could count on you Taylor. You’re a good kid.

Taylor: Yes sir. Heard you had somethin to talk to me about?

Boss: That’s what I like about you Taylor. You get straight to the point and don’t deal with the bull**** the world can throw at us. It’s about the one….

Taylor: What about her?

Boss: Taylor, you are like a son to me. I respect you as well tho. I have the love for you that a father would have and the respect you have earned by doing your job well. That’s why I let it slide when you let her go because she is the only person you have ever let go. But she has another debt Taylor, and it’s not with us….

Taylor: How big?

Boss: She’s into my boss for over $250k. Taylor I covered half because I love ya boy, but I need the rest of that money. I normally don’t do this, but you’re an exception, I’ma give you’s a choice. You pay it, or you find her and collect on a debt.

Taylor: I’ll pay it. There is a safe at the house, combination is hidden under my mattress. Should be more than enough to make this all blow over.

Boss: Very well then. Now off the record Taylor, I’ma give you a little advice. Find her, and make sure that she knows she don’t run this town, we do. She needs money come to me, but if she ****s up one more time, I’m sendin you to collect more than a debt, I’m sending you to collect a life.. Are we clear?

Taylor: Crystal clear boss. Consider it done.

**The Boss rolls up his window and the limo pulls away. Mathis then pulls out his phone and dials a number.**

Taylor: Yeah it’s me, meet me at the old bridge. No it’s nothing to do with cops just be here. I don’t wanna come lookin for you, you come to me.

**Mathis hangs up the phone and slides into his jacket. He then takes out a smoke and lights up. As he is smoking he walks over to his bike and in his saddle bag pulls out a beer and pops it open. He then leans on the bike with his smoke and beer. As he is finishing the smoke, a red car pulls up and shuts off near him. Mathis takes a drink from his beer as a girl walks over to him. She smiles as she sees him and he just adjusts his shades and looks away.**

Girl: What’s this about Taylor?

Taylor: Life is like one big circle. No matter what the situation is, it always comes back to bite you in the ass. I paid your debt and let you go Amber, and you swore you were out of the game. You swore I’d never have to find you again. I put my life on the line for you, and you lied.

Amber: Taylor I can explain, I needed that money.


Amber: I COULDN’T!! They said they’d kill me if I got you involved. Taylor whether you like it or not, even the bosses are scared of you!

**Mathis slams the beer bottle into the ground and grabs Amber by her arm and backs her into her car.**

Taylor: Look, let’s get somethin real clear, no one fears me, they respect my work. I covered your ass because my boss came to me about your debt.

Amber: You risked yourself for me again?

Taylor: Yeah but the boss gave me a little message to let you know. If you ever borrow money from someone that’s not us, and I have to come for you, it’s not money I’m coming for Amber.

Amber: What’s goin on Taylor?

Taylor: The Boss said if you **** up one more time, it’s your life I collect.

**The girl gets a blank look on her face and just looks down at the ground as Mathis lets her arm go.**

Amber: So I’m dead? It’s that ****in easy for you?

Taylor: Amber, it’s not that. You have to look at it like this, I have been in this lifestyle since I was a kid. I’ma well known tough guy in the ranks of the mob. If I let you go every single time, that shows weakness and that’s somethin I could die over. But I have an offer for you…

Amber: What is it?

Taylor: I have this interview for New Era Wrestling at my hotel later on. Leave your car here, I’ll buy you new clothes and a plane ticket. Come with me to this interview, and we can talk about things, and we can talk about us.

**Mathis extends his hand and the girl accepts. They jump on the bike and Mathis starts it right up. As the bike roars, Mathis spins gravel as he speeds away into the night.**

**The scene opens up with Mathis and Amber seen arriving at a hotel. Mathis pays the cabby and gets their luggage and brings it into the hotel lobby. He drops the bags at the door and points to the night manageer and then points up stairs. Mathis then looks at the guy standing at the night bar and just flips him off. Mathis and Amber then make their way up the stairs and up to Mathis’ suite he had reserved. As they enter the room the girl is amazed.**

Amber: I always knew you mob guys were taken care of.

Taylor: Yeah it’s not bad I don’t guess. I gotta get ready for this interview, take a jump in the hot tub if ya feel like it.

**Mathis goes into his bag and pulls out a black button up shirt. He then takes a pair of scissors and cuts out the sleeves. He puts on the shirt and then takes out a silver chain and puts it on. He adjusts his watch and then turns to the table set up for the interview. He grabs a beer and sits at the table awaiting the reporter. A few moments later the reporter arrives and sits with Mathis. Mathis just looks coldly at the reporter and takes a drink of his beer then looks at Amber in the hot tub. Mathis then looks back at the reporter and leans back in his seat.**

Taylor: Heard you was lookin for me?

Reporter: Aren’t you suppose to be in jail for what you did to Deuce?

Taylor: Well when your boss knows the right people and pays the right price, cuffs never stay on very long. Deuce got what was coming to him. He got his warnings and thought he could play games with me. I’m not someone to toy around with.

Reporter: Well let me get this straight, your boss runs one of the largest mob families correct?

Taylor: Yeah and?

Reporter: You have struck some sort of deal to get into NEW? Why?

Taylor: I am in New Era to prove a point. That when people make mistakes, it will come back to haunt them. I am the man that everyone knows will pull my weight. If there is someone who thinks they can play me, try it, and see how long you last. The last person that tried to play me is picking up teeth right now. New Era I am not here to wrestle, I’ma street fighter it’s what I do. I’m here because a few of the boys here got some debts they need to pay on and I was sent here to collect. Unfortunately to get to them, I have to be a member on the roster. So I bought my way in. Money solves everything, and creates problems as well.

Reporter: What about your opponent at this coming Rapture, Sinner?

Taylor: Well I have done my homework on this kid. He is a pretty big boy. Stands 6’9” at a steardy weight of over 230lbs, and has a background in amatuer wrestling. As you can tell I’m not impressed. He is a punk to me. He is just a punchin bag in my way to get where I need to be. But on the other hand you gotta look at it like this, we kinda have something in common. Sinner’s always pay for their sins. Me, I usually make idiots PAY ME! So I guess now I’m just gonna have to play God and make this dumb some ***** pay me for his sins! I’m not some snot nosed kid that he is gonna jump in this ring and throw me around like a girl. Go for your suplexes and your stupid ass submissions. I’m gonna rely on what got me where I am in my life, my left and my right. If I want somethin from ya, I’ll beat it outta ya’s.

Reporter: Do you think that he has the edge against you? Or does your street combat experience give you an advantage over him?

Taylor: Honestly, the kid is good I’ve heard. I’ve talked to a few boys that have seen him in the gyms and they say he can go. I look forward to that but I’m also lookin forward to seein if this boy has any balls. I wanna see if he will be man enough to stand toe to toe with me and get his teeth knocked down his throat. What kinda ****in questions are you askin you stupid bastard? OF course I don’t think he has an edge on me. I’m Taylor Mathis, one of the toughest guys God ever created. You put me against a brick wall and I’m winnin every time. And what’s the deal with Goth people these days? First you got Deuce’s retarded ass running around jackin Satan off and all this other ****. Now you got Sinner runnin around lookin like a damn albino on crack. Long ass black hair, get a haircut punk, and lay in a tannin bed. Freaks like this piss me off because they are a waste of breath. Runnin around sayin pity me and pity this, I got a message for ya, you had a chance to get a life, now I’m just gonna beat the goth outta ya’s.

Reporter: Well, those are some choice words. A lot of people say you are an unstable risk for NEW to take you in. People think you are harmful to the talent, will you just fight Sinner or are you gonna try to put him out like you did Deuce?

Taylor: When it comes to what I do, it is no concern of anyone else as to what I am gonna do. When it comes to what I do in the ring, I am here to just make my Boss happy. If this kid wants to go toe to toe and the better man walk away, that’s fine. But if he wants to run his little mouth and act like a hard ass, I’ma lay a beatin on him so bad that his own family won’t recognize him. I won’t put him and his career in jeopardy unless he leaves me no other choice. I do what I do because people don’t leave me a choice. As a matter of fact, you get the hell outta here and leave that camera, I’ma talk to Sinnner MYSELF!

**The reporter gets up and walks out. Mathis then finishes his beer and leans forward looking into the camera. He then lets out a deep breath before beginning to speak.**

Taylor: Do you feel that Sinner? Do you feel like someone has your future in the palm of their hands? How does it feel to know that someone knows your big, but I’m still comin for a fight!? All these questions and more keep runnin through my head as I think about the day getting closer for us to come to battle. Wrestling is like a war, a war that has two people instead of two countries. You have your typical good vs evil but that aint us. What you have when you put me and you in the ring, is you have big and bad against bigger and badder! You think you’re tough because you walk around and look pail and look like you just got done puking out the food you just ate? Tough is being man enough to pick a fight even if you know you might not win. Tough is going through life not knowing what will happen the next day. When the night comes for us to go one on one, you will feel it when I enter the building and you will feel it when I walk to that ring. And what you will be feeling is that fear that hits people when they don’t know what is gonna happen next. Will I go insane and try to end your career? Haha, who knows? Will I give you a beatin that you never thought of, yes I will.

Sinner, I’m gonna sit here tonight and I’m gonna make you a promise. I promise that when I show up to Rapture, I’m gonna be pissed off. That way when I step into that ring, I’ll be so pissed that I won’t have a choice but to fight like a bull seein red. When the time comes, you will be laying there, possibly in your own blood, and you will think to yourself, this is what its like to have no future. Because after I am done with you, your ass can go back the **** where you came from cuz nobody will wanna be around ya. Nobody will wanna be around a guy that got his ass beat so badly that he looked like a girl playin jump rope. You don’t know what you got yourself into when you signed on the dotted line to go one on one with me. I mean do you think I am talkin **** about bein tough? Go to the streets and say my name. See how many people will run and how many people will pull out their wallet. I’m not proud of what I am but it’s something I’ve grown to love because I have lived it my entire life. I didn’t just wake up and decide I was tough. I earned my way to where I Am in my life today. As for you, you have earned the right to get the beatin of a lifetime when I Step into that ring.

I want you to take time and think. Take this week and just think to yourself, can I take him? I want you to honestly believe that you can take me. That way when you step into that ring, not only will I be throwin you a beatin, I’ll be crushin any dream you ever had that you could beat me! I ain’t some kid that woke up and said hey I wanna wrestle.. I’ma legitimate tough guy, from the street, whose boss told him to go beat this **** outta people and earn respect in a new industry. It all starts with you Sinner. The days of God are over, I rely on two things, money and power. I got money and these muscles got power. So I’ma do God a favor and rid the world of one more Sinner. Just think of me as your Saint, you can call me Saint Vicious, cuz when this Saint gets a hold of your ass, that beatin is gonna be vicious punk! You take a good look into my eyes and then you look back at what I did to Deuce. That was because he didn’t take my warning. It doesn’t do good for people to not take my warning. I’m warnin ya, I’m gonna make an example outta you and I’m gonna be well on my way onto making examples outta everyone else.

With every minute, the time draws closer for us to meet in the ring. With every hour, with every day, you must feel it comin. I feel it in my blood that it’s time to show you that I’m not playin. That this is not a game and it’s not something you can get out of. Cuz if you run from the match, I’ll find you, then you and your family will pay. I don’t make things personal unless I have to. So let’s just do us both a favor and make sure you show up at Rapture. Be a man and go one on one with me. But know this, the beatin is comin for ya, and when I’m done wit ya, you’ll be just anotha numba on my list. It took half of my life to get where I am today. I have been fightin on the streets longer than you can imagine. You think because you got size that you might stand a chance against me!? **** punk, I’ve fought em all, big or small, they all fall. What you and all of the world will see, is it don’t take an athlete to step into the ring, it takes someone tough and that has a brain on their shoulder. I’m goin places, and you’re just a steppin stone. So go ahead, show up ready for a fight because when we step into the ring, that bell sounds, all bets count that it’s gonna be a landslide. I’m gonna beat you like you owe me somethin.

Sinner, I have these last few words for you. Sleep well, pray to whatever God you want to pray to, eat well, stay healthy, and most of all reserve a hospital room. You’s are gonna be feelin this pain for a long time after Rapture. This game is about to begin, and the worst part for you, is that in this game called life, there are travelers and there are dreamers. Dreamers are like you, they dream of knocking the traveler off course. Well like the traveler, I will out smart you, out fight you, and then make sure they give you the fattest nurse in the hospital and make sure your recovery is almost as bad as the beatin that put you there. I’m comin for ya boy, better believe that Taylor Mathis is comin, and soon, that name is gonna be on everyone’s mouth.

**Mathis turns away from the camera and walks over to Amber who is sitting wrapped up in a towel on the balcony. Mathis grabs her a blanket and wraps it around her as he sits with her on the balcony.**

Taylor: Let’s talk.

**The scene then fades out to a NEW logo and then a logo of Mathis holding the NEW logo in his hands.**


League Member
Jan 4, 2005
Steele, Mo.
**The scene opens up with a view outside of a small bar outside of a small rural town. As people are walking into the bar, a orange and black Harley Davidson is seen pulling up beside the building. The view then shows Taylor Mathis and Amber getting off of the bike and looking at the building. Mathis smirks and then adjusts his black leather gloves as the two head to the door of the bar. Mathis points to a table in the far corner for Amber to go sit at as he makes his way to the bar. Mathis gets to the bar and takes off his gloves sliding them into his back pocket. He waits on the bartender to come over to him. As the bartender comes up to him Mathis just gives a small laugh as he sees two drunks yelling at the football game on TV.**

Bartender: What can I do for ya Taylor?

Taylor: Start a tab and slide two Bud Lights this way.

Bartender: You got it.

**The Bartender hands Mathis the beers and Mathis just turns towards the direction of the table. As he heads towards the table he gets a pissed off look on his face as he approaches the table to see someone harrassing Amber. Mathis gets to the table and sits the beers down and then sits his fist down on the table looking down at the man. The man just looks at the hand and follows it up to see the large build of Mathis. The man quickly moves away and goes back over to a table full of his buddies. Mathis then takes a seat across from Amber and takes a swig of his beer as he watches the game on the TV across the room.**

Amber: Taylor, we need to talk more about what I said last night.

Taylor: What about it? Thought this is what you wanted, bein on the road with me so that I can watch over you?

Amber: It’s not that, there is a problem back home that I need to take care of. It involves my son.

Taylor: What about him?

Amber: Well after you left me the last time, I didn’t think you were coming back to me or my son. I mean I know he is not yours but you are the only father he knows. Well my ex kind of had the courts give him custody of my son, saying that I was unfit. That’s what I needed that money for was to get my lawyers paid off to try and get my son back.

Taylor: I tell ya what, after Rapture, we will take a flight back home, and I’ll take care of any problems that your ex may have with you. After a conversation with me, I’m sure that he will be more than willing to change his point of view on things.

Amber: Thanks Taylor….


**Mathis begins to get excited by the game as he doesn’t notice Amber switch sides to sit next to him. As he takes another swig from his beer, he notices someone come up to the table as he puts the beer down. The person that walked up just sits across from Mathis and stares at him. Mathis just sits there and takes another drink from his beer before beginning to speak to the person.**

Taylor: What can I do for you?

Man: I’m Todd from Wrestling Insider, I wanted to get a few comments from you about your match upcoming at Rapture for my internet show. We just give interviews and highlights to build up shows that are coming up.

Taylor: Dammit, I thought I was done with all this interview bull****. Look kid, I don’t have the time right now, so just come back after Rapture, come to my locker room and I’ll give you your damn interview. Until then, take this message with you for your show, Taylor Mathis makes his debut and shows the world just what the hell is about to happen in wrestling. There will be no man alive that will be able to say he doesn’t know Taylor Mathis!

**The man writes down what Mathis said and then gets up and walks away. Mathis finishes his beer and motions for the waittress to bring him two more.**

Amber: What time is our flight leaving tomorrow for Canada? We have to get up there so you can hit the gym before your big match.

Taylor: Think The Boss said our private jet is leaving around 12pm. He just wants us to get up there tomorrow and lay low for a day or so and get some rest. Then that’s when he wants me in the gym. The Boss ain’t very worried about this Sinner kid, but he wants me to stay in shape for when I start collecting debts on the bigger fish in this pond.

Amber: Who?

Taylor: Sorry babe, there are some things not even you need to know right now. The time will come when everyone knows the reason I am here and that will be the time that I lay the beatin of a lifetime on anyone that trys to run and hide from me. ******* PATRIOTS!!

**Mathis throws a bowl of chips at the TV as he is unhappy with the game. He then drinks his other beer and begins to put on his leather gloves. He and Amber then both get up and head outside to the bike. They get on and ride off into the night.**

**The next scene opens up with a view of Taylor Mathis standing on a balcony and looking into the pool down below where Amber is swimming. Mathis just takes a drink from his beer and throws away his smoke. Mathis then sits down in a lawn chair and puts his beer down on the table. He then leans forward and stares into the camera.**

Taylor: Sinner, the clock is still ticking away. I am getting that adrenaline going just waiting to get into Canada and see what is going on. My blood is rushing through my body with the anticipation of putting you in the hospital. My mind has not stopped thinking since I agreed to have the match with you. Mind Games are a dirty part of life. You have to always wonder if someone is trying to trick you or if they have no regard for their own well being. People that claim to be tough, are they lying or are they really as tough as they say. I know that is what you must be thinking of me. Am I really as tough as I say? Well I’ll give ya a brief history of my fight record, 348 wins and no losses in street fights. That means I have givin a beat down to 348 people just doing my job on most of them. Then it may cross your mind that, yeah that was the streets and this is the wrestling ring. But I don’t see it that way.

Ya see I See it as the streets are a wrestling ring just as well as the wrestling ring can be turned into the streets. I’m not gonna sit here and say that yeah I’ma pro wrestler because I’m not. I am a street guy that came from street credit and got this shot because I know the right people and paid the right price. What I am gonna do with you, is make an example out of you. I am gonna prove that just because I am from the streets doesn’t mean that I don’t know what to do inside a ring. Ya see this?

**Mathis holds up a red folder and drops it down on the table.**

Taylor: That is everything you have ever done in your life. I have had my boys find out some things about you that I might need to know. Like how you think you are tough because you have a respective background in amateur wrestling. I respect what you can do in amateur wrestling but doesn’t that **** mean you have to overpower your opponent? Son, I don’t see you throwin me around the ring like you throw those *****es around on the mats. What I do see is two men from two different backgrounds stepping into the ring and wantin to beat the living hell outta each other. That is exactly what I am gonna have runnin through my head when I step into that ring. That at the time I Step into that ring, it’s kill or be killed, and I’m not ready to die. I have things to do and people to see in this organization so I don’t see me going anywhere for a very long time. The wrestling world that you knew as New Era Wrestling is all about to change with one man. That man is me.

I’ve seen how things are done around here. To get noticed, you gotta put the beatdown on whoever, wherever possible. So I’m takin a headstart, and giving everyone the heads up that Taylor Mathis is looking to make a name in the locker rooms. Watch ya back boys, cuz ya never know when I might be there. As for you Sinner, I want you to look me dead in the eyes so you can see that train that is gonna run you over. You are gonna go from being a successful wrestler, to my message boy! That message is this, cross Taylor Mathis and your life will never be the same again. The warning has been said, now the beating will be certain. The time is almost here, and the clock will soon stop, just like your career in New Era Wrestling!!

**Mathis then grabs the folder and grabs his beer as he begins to read more about Sinner. The scene then shows a logo of Mathis holding a NEW logo in his hands and then the scene fades to black.**

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