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Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
This is where the feedback goes.

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Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
So, there is a recorded DEFG Radio w/ Mikey as the guest going over DEFCON. I haven't had the opportunity to edit it and release it just yet. I'm hoping to as soon as possible. But rather than hold up my feedback for a further episodes I'm going to go ahead with written feedback.

Written not read.

This was a nice change from the standard in-ring from a new champion and obviously this set up, as designed, gives Mikey the opportunity for some humor. ?YOU BETTER NOT BE EYEING MY SEGWAY JIMMY JAM!? Amidst the humor, strippes, frapps and liquors ? we find out that Mikey intends to take the FIST back to Hollywood and retire. As the only triple crown in DEF he feels like no one can stop him!

This was shortened since the cold open had some much going on that the team couldn?t help but to chime in. This served more as an official welcome to Lance Warner as the commentary team than anything else. And with the roster being back in good shape this show was going to be long enough without a four page run down.

Speaking of Stevens and The ACE, prior to the aforementioned visit to Mikey?s Suite he pops up to MAKE THE FIST GREAT AGAIN and speak his piece about Lindsey Troy. He wants to know who she thinks she is and runs her down in general. In general he does not appreciate LT coming in at DEFCON to cut in line and of course he has to run down the ?Filth?-ful as well. ?best impression of Peggy Bundy? I appreciate the reference but man that is dated! Mainly Steven?s is working himself in a frother here (?That is why if Kelly Evans had a working brain cell in that head of hers she would do the right business decision?) and forgets about huge DEF news from a month ago until he is interrupted! Up on the screen, the Green Reaper, I mean Matt LaCroix is takes out George Stevens backstage. He feels like Stevens stole his spot and that is the only reason he was able to win the Ace back at DEFRoad. ?tha fine new management team here decided to give me an opportunity? hey! Matt reads the news. Matt lets it be known he is going to take out each member of the Steven?s clan and then Stevens as well!

Solid segment, seems pretty standard to begin with and just as you expect this FIST situation to start slowly spinning into a triple threat deal, Matt LaCroix is the WILDCARD! Good stuff, can?t wait to see where they take this.

The newest tag team in DEF takes on a BRAZEN staple for quite some time now, I think at least since the UTA Invasion. Sevens? come off strong and dominant, pulling out the win after a nicely sized match. Really solid TV length. But the fun doesn?t end there ? Team HOSS is BACK! If only Angus were here to see it. Team HOSS add insult to the Dibbin?s inbred injury and deliver a message to the new tag team. They don?t appreciate someone trying to take their spot out of their long standing reputation for hossing. They are the Team of HOSS?s after all. Good stuff, tight a compact match and segment that gets what appears to be a feud between Team Hoss and Lucky Sevens rolling.


We jump backstage and the Faithful are just as surprised as the awestruck Jack Harmon to see none other than Deacon and Magdalena walking through the backstage area. We don?t get much information beyond that in this quick commercial bumper segment but this is wrestling so obviously something is about to happen. Great teaser and couldn?t be happier to have Deacon here.

Next up, we have an interview with the newly crowned Unified Tag Team Champions, The Sky High Titans backed up obviously by the Family Keeling. Junior does what he does best and hypes up the newly formed yet incredibly successful team and goes on to challenge PCP for tonight?s Main Event. To no one?s surprise PCP comes out and Elise feels like we?ve been here before with the Keelings and their next big thing retirect, referencing Andy Sharpe who she successfully defended the SoHer against. ?Haven?t you spoke enough?? is a great line from The D in response to Uriel?s very few words. PCP heels it up well and has a funny bit about a new Lake Placid movie, with a handful of Australia jokes but in general they aren?t interested in the challenge from the Sky High Titans. And speaking of Austrialia ? Oscar Burns and Ryan Batts arrive on the scene with the intent of accepting the challenge and our main event is set!

This was a good segment overall but some parts felt long while the end a bit rushed. Obviously this all setting up furthering story lines but Burn?s involvement seemed a little quick. I feel like maybe it could have even been a separate segment, maybe. Regardless, we have a main event for the night and obviously PCP and Sky High are through just yet.

In the second installment, while enjoying fire Burbon Frapps ? sound horrrible, btw ? Mikey gets a vistor. The bit with the Security Guard and Mikey?s guessing game of who it is, is gold. Low and behold, it?s a glad handing Scott Stevens ? who just so happens to hold the guarnteed shot at the FIST. Mikey is obviously untrusting. ?I AM THE CHAMPION, YOU?RE GOING TO HEAR ME ROAR!? Hilarious. Stevens and all other wrestlers and barred from the party. Obvs.

The Biggest Boy goes up against a somehow Bigger boy! Giving up nearly 100 pounds to Owen?s DEX seems to be in for his ?largest challenge? so far in DEF. See what I did there? After a little back and forth Rosey takes the lead and in quick order it seems like this one is over for DEX but in the end he pulls out the victory with the Jump for Joy, corner cannon ball. Post match DEX gets on the mic and runs down Sinclair a bit, letting him know that DEFCON is hardly forgotten. ?You?re gonna be on that floor more than Johnson?s wax? So for those who didn?t care for the ending of that match at DEFCON, here you go - this story is not over. Good stuff.

Speaking of what happened at DEFCON, after the commercial break Jamie Sawyers catches up with Scrow or as DEX referred to him the ?weird little puppy dog.? Scrow spends this segment obviously scripting Rhonda Rousey?s recent comments for her in that he has no love lost for the Faithful. Jamie doesn?t really get a true answer of Why he did what he did at DEFCON but instead we do get a further look into the psychology of Scrow. He deeply requires the approval of others but shuns the ones that have shunned him as a defense mechanism. The question is, if he and Carny have any further involvement will Scrow be able to see past Carny?s approval to see the manipulation. Or has Carny tossed him aside after getting what he wants? ? Time will tell. Scrow is an interesting character with a lot of levels that could go anywhere at this point. There is also a closing line in here in reference to the Douglas match coming up. Less important than the segment on whole but it serves well for continuity.

Wrote it. Just a quick match to get Vacio back out there and HFIV being, not only a good match up for Victor, but also tieing into the following segment.

After Vacio has the match all but wrapped up, rather than take the pin, he takes advantage. Beating the hell out of HFIV for no other reason than to do it. And here is where that Deacon teaser pays off! Commentary floats out there that given Deacon?s history with the formerly awestruck Jack Harmen ? that it?s tough to say if he is coming out to stop Vacio or join in. Vacio clears that up quickly taken a swing at Deacon which turns out to be poor decision making. A big boot and an Alter Call later, Vacio is laid out. But it HFIV safe? He attempts to thank The Mute Freak but gets an intense stare instead? but he is able to leave the ring without any further damage.

Warren banged this one out, I think it?s a solid introduction to Deacon here in DEFIANCE and now that he has been introduced, it?s off to the races - I?m excited to see the story play out!

We get a quick interview with Burns and Batts here. I like the segment but as I mentioned in Business Proposals I thought that segment could have been broken up. Now seeing this I think so, the segment could have ended on the PCP walk out and then Burn?s acceptance on behalf of Batts and himself could have been included here. But either way, this segment doubles down on DEFCon fall out briefly mentioned earlier, as well as covering Batts return to the main roster as Jack Mace makes a run for the BRAZEN title down there. My critique aside, this is a solid segment giving needed information and teasing toward the night's main.

The undefeated Comments Section have taken issue with the DEFCon maimed Gulf Coast Connection over their internet popularity. The Comments section have definitely been entertaining since arriving in DEFIANCE and given their gimmick this seems like good enough of a reason to get into it with GCC than any. The segment kind flounders out at the end but it serves it?s purpose and I?m interested to see what CS has up their virtual sleeve in the coming weeks.

Wrote this with Scott R. He did the heavy lifting here on the action.

Stevens now sells LaCroix and he has a point that in general George can handle himself. Steven?s says he?s taking the FIST on the road. No clue what that means but I?m sure we'll find out. Quick segment. Interesting.

Blackwood is pissy, as normal. He touches on defeating Vacio after vacating his own BRAZEN title to get the SoHer shot. He?s given up on trying to gain the respect of the ungrateful and ignorant. What does that mean moving forward? We aren?t really told other than we are going to have to wait. Blackwood holds all the cards now. I really liked the DDK/Lance stuff in the beginning, Lance mentioning that he had gotten to know Blackwood well in his early year here in DEF and the differences between Gage then and now. (forever)

Quick segment but it certainly serves its purpose. Jamie Sawyers wants to know why the Fuse Bro?s popped up in the audience during Scott Douglas v. Scrow but they aren?t keen to give him any answers. I?m sure time will tell.

In the third and final view into the Sweet Suite Shenanigans, the guards are restless. ?What is Mikey Money anyway?? LT pops up and after a quick lesson in economics and some jokes later she is granted access. ?Mikey Money is legitimate! SHHHHHHH The Strippees!? LT drops some needed exposition on Mikey and makes it clear she wants back what she never should have lost. And she runs off the strippees ? which is the real crime here. After a scuffle, intimidation and a visit from the real security, LT leaves but she?s made it very clear to Mikey that she?ll get her shot at the belt come hell high water.

Solid three segments spanning the show, really moves along everything surrounding the FIST and shows Mikey?s reign possibly in peril just as it starts. Between the returning Troy and the ACE ? it?s not looking like the retired life cake walk he was planning for.

Super solid match here with a good length for the main event. The Tag Champs pull out the victory here but this moves along more than one arc pretty flawlessly at the same time. PCP watch along from backstage(sort of,) we don?t do that very much here so I liked that. With their interest after turning down the match earlier in the night, we have to assume that is building. All the while Burns? fall from grace doesn?t seem to have a bottom just yet. Elise?s ?Poors!? is well placed the last time we check in with PCP and we close our the show with the newly formed tag team retaining their titles.

Good show. No big complaints from me. Great job everyone.


May 22, 2017
Edinburgh, UK
Yeah this was cool. I guess, disappointing to see Scrow fall so quickly as I think the character had good potential. In terms of the returning character, whom WAS hated before by The Faithful... fans don't have long-term memories.

So Ross did this entire feud, I didn't lift a finger. I think it went great. Malak Garland is my second favourite heel already in DEFIANCE, right beside Mikey Unlikely. The sky's the limit for Malak. The red wagon was fantastic. A couple of things here: the match worked to put more focus on Bates and Ames, who have certainly been a second place to Malak (but that's not a bad thing, either). This allowed some good character development for Bates. I did say to Ross after reading the match I thought it would have been hilarious if Malak didn't get tagged until the very end and wanders in, drops to his knees and makes the cover for the victory. Then he can celebrate like Joel Embiid winning the 76'ers first road game in 3 months. :) That is a very minor complaint and not even really a complaint. Malak has megastar written all over him but this tag team will be good for some time.

I liked this. I really enjoy the Dex Joy character and I love THE BIGGEST BOY tagline. I don't know why lol but I do. Post-match rebuilds Scrow and Sinclair and the relationship or lack thereof they have.

Wrote with Brian. Happy with the way things have gone for now. :)

Huge win for LaCroix. As his story just begins I'm not so sure where Stevens' goes. I think the character had a ton of momentum but with The Stevens' Dynasty, too, they are swimming around a little lost. Obviously, given Stevens' history in DEFIANCE it shouldn't be hard to recapture. The Stevens' Dynasty was one PPV removed from being in the tag titles so hopefully they get going, too.

This was fantastic. First, DEFIANCE has the best tag team roster in the world, take that AEW! Second, Team HOSS has to stay up. Seth has a million characters but they are a great team. A real good beginning for The Lucky Sevens as well. The tag division has some many paths to take!

I like that Vacio has "stayed up". Deacon gets a good win. I'm one to talk because I write 20+ pages PPV matches but I like this was kept concise and Deacon's "better" matches are ahead of him.

I love that this feud was unpredictable. I also liked the short tag title reign. I am a big fan of long title reigns but you have to change it up and times and it worked so well with this story. I had no idea where it was going to be honest. PCP is the best tag team in DEFIANCE history and the Sky High Titans needed a major profile feud like this, along with battling The Stevens Dynasty to make them legitimate. This was very well-written and entertaining.

Who? :)

All I will say is for 2 guys that actually didn't have a history, creating a history wasn't hard when they did enter around the same time. Definitely channeled some of Cena vs. Batista here. Their rises were parallel despite what that Scottish guy will tell you.

Way too early for Mikey to lose although Lindsay Troy coming back could use the win, too. Both elite characters at the top of their game and a rematch down the road is needed! I have not been in a place with Lindz before but I'm familiar with the name and character and I think having Troy back in DEFIANCE does huge things for the roster. Mikey may still be the most underrated writer and character in DEF and that's saying something considering I said the character is my top heel right now. The handler, well, eh whatever. :)

I thought this was a great show. I liked it more than DEFCON. Yes, the matches are long but it's 4 times a year you can go all out so it's cool with me. Besides, can't write a "25" minute match" in 5-10 pages, doesn't work that way.

I am very interested to see where some characters go. For some of the newer characters like Malak and Dex, the sky is the limit. For returning characters like Troy, they can go in so many directions. For well-established characters like Oscar Burns, who is now on a losing streak... it will be very interesting to see. And also, Scott Douglas. This guy has put over talent since coming back from injury nonstop! Now it's time for him to recapture his elite status. Is there a price to pay for that!? Is he really stuck with a poor "second player"? Time, my friends, will tell. :)


Jan 17, 2013

Overall, I think MAXDEF was better than DEFCON, which is saying something because I felt the show of shows was quite strong. I think this had a better mix of match types and they happened so fast and furiously, one after another.

Scrow vs ?
It was neat to see Jay Harvey's triumphant return. I'll admit, I had no idea who ? was going to turn out to be. It was a hot start to a night that set the tone for sure. My only gripe might be how Harvey kicked out of everything, but I also understand wanting to get him back over upon his return.

Dex vs Sinclair
This was solid. Joy essentially got his DEFCON win back here. I don't think it will be long before we see a wrestler like Dex gets pushed into the SOHER picture especially if he keeps this up.

Seattle's Best vs Fuse Bros 360
A great piece of storytelling which also made everyone come out of this looking good. Douglas is a legit bad ass for taking on a team by himself, for most of the match. I really enjoyed Conor's combo shout outs and reference to the R3 trigger button.

Stevens vs LaCroix
I was actually surprised to see Stevens take an L here after all the hype and build up of him going on tour. I think with this loss, this should make him motivated to finally cash in his Ace and take a shot at the FIST.

Lucky Sevens vs Team HOSS
The tornado tag stipulation worked great here and there was a ton of action. Lucky Sevens getting the win just symbolizes how strong the tag team division is becoming in DEFIANCE. I also think they are a well constructed team.

Deacon vs Vacio
I really enjoyed this. I like how the commentators were caught off guard with Deacon's lack of a spectacular entrance. I feel there is a story that can be spun about how Deacon, albeit still very powerful, is in the twilight of his career. Nevertheless, a good solid win for him.

Tag Titles
My pulse legit quickened when reading this match. I had no idea who was going to walk away the winners and it was such a good match. Kudos to all involved with putting together an impressive blow off contest.

This was every bit the grudge match it needed to be. From the back and forth action to the slow motion finisher, to Burns kicking out of the Gaelic Storm. I thought Burns was winning for sure but then Blackwood would come back so then I thought he was winning but then Burns would come back. This match elevated the SOHER and adds even more credibility to Gage's title and ppv run despite having a dent in the armor with someone kicking out of his finisher.

This was a great way to finish off a great event and while I never really thought Unlikely was going to lose, I was most interested to see how he was going to win because you knew he just couldn't do it cleanly. Troy is the type of character that is easy to get behind and her reintroduction to DEFIANCE was celebrated here, even in defeat. It shows she is a main event stalwart and will obviously get her shot at the FIST again, even if it isn't right away.

One last thing, I think the three title matches stood apart from the rest of the show and deserves special mention for that. Not only was more on the line, but the matches themselves generally felt more intense.


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Feb 4, 2005

Good job on the rundown to Brian (these can be repetitive, but Brian still does these well and hasn't gone completely off the reservation yet) and I liked the little bit with Kerry Kuroyama and his possible injury hampering Seattle's Best. Nice little touch to start us off on this PPV extravaganza!

Loved this match as it did everything that it needed to do in getting over the returning THE Jay Harvey (go blank yourself, if you're reading this, spoilers are abound so don't give me that nonsense. The story was pretty good with Harvey seeing if he could still hang while a hungry young Scrow has been looking for that big signature win the last few shows. Good psychology and did a great job with crowd reaction. I'm interested in where both men go from here as Scrow's story and search for respect continues while Harvey returns, seemingly as a face without Catalina. Great job on the match and I think this worked very well for an opener in doing what it needed to for both parties. Can't ask for more than that.

This has been a really fun feud and the fact that Ross pretty much carried this himself has been good because Malak Garland has been such a shitheaded little snowflake (and that's a compliment). He has conniving heel mega money MJF-like potential and like Roland, I really enjoyed Cyrus Bates and Teresa Ames getting a little shine themselves. The action was crazy throughout (another good compliment) although Cain and Bates just throwing moves at each other in the middle, definitely Corny would hate that, haha. Flukish win by design, but I laughed. Say Hello to Block and Comment Submission are two great names for moves, hahaha.

As an aside, I feel like GCC are due for a giant win sometime soon after coming so close against Fuse Bros 360 and now Comments Section. Maybe something soon for them, I hope?

I loved the story going into this and I think Markus has found a GREAT niche of Dex being almost a massive (in size) underdog wrestler. I do like that this was a fight since Dex has been trying to get to Carny for months now and Carny pulling out every dirty trick in the book to counter was good stuff. This was a great babyface-heel TV match where the heel tries all the bad shit (loved the Fujiwara Armbar on the floor followed by trying to get the countout win, then the bell hammer failing) only for the babyface to overcome. Dex gets the win that IMO, he should have had at DEFCON, but better late than never. Dex is a real star on the rise and I feel between this performance and his awesome title match with Mikey Unlikely, he's gonna fire up the card sooner than later.

Also... I LOVED the payoff here with Scrow finally kicking the fuck out of Carny after he's realized that he's been used for some time. I'm real interested to see where both these men go after this. Maybe a possible kinship after Carny was a shithead?

Right to the point and I liked this as a good break from the action we've had so far. They reiterate they want to help Scott Douglas while fucking with Keurig. Princess Desire has been great in her role as the manager and heel Fuses have been killing it. Would have liked to have seen maybe a couple more segments backstage, but that's one of my few minor complaints on this show overall.

REALLY fun tag team match and this has to be a HUGE win for them going over Keurig and one of the top babyfaces in DEFIANCE (big match slump, or no). The action was great in this and picked up a bunch of notches when Kerry finally came out and ran wild (and a REALLY good hot tag I could imagine in my head). Eventually, the knee issues cause... well, issues and the Game Shark strikes again. I love this as a weapon for them and can't wait to see the day it backfires on them. Fuse Bros 360 have been on fire as heels and I wouldn't mind seeing them possibly going for another run with the now Unified Tag Titles. The image of any heels wearing five belts around is amazing, haha. I'm really interested to see if Douglas finally hits a breaking point which would be amazing.

I LOVED that they used the initial story from months ago when Scott Stevens had stolen Matt LaCroix's spot in the original ACE of DEFIANCE Qualifiers and now Matt his back for revenge. Good story coming in and the feud has been built pretty well despite Stevens not being present (in the story) for most of it. A pissed-off Matt takes out the Stevens Dynasty, but Scott pulls one over on the go-home show with the brutal assault.

As a sucker for the in-ring psychology, I immensely enjoyed the leg work put in by Matt LaCroix and the story involving Stevens' signature knee brace coming into play as both a weapon for Stevens and a target for Southern Strong Style that works as a fantastic throughline for the story of the match. This played really well as the high-card heel and up-and-comer and reminded me a lot of that fabled Shelton Benjamin/HHH match that put the former on the map at the time. Don't like the announcers swearing even if Darren thinks Stevens is hella ass. HUGE fucking win buy submission to put Matt LaCroix right on the map and get him over quickly! I don't think this loss hurts Stevens at all and the post-match kind of tells me what I need to know. Liked the little aside of Matt as the hometown boy and his family being there to see the win. Nice little touch. I loved this and the story was great.

Goddamn, this was a HOSSFYTE (RIP... okay, sorry you're alive, but not here, Angus). The opening with both teams going at it was fun. I've really liked in the Sevens' last set of matches, making the Iron Claw/Winning Hand a signature and using variations on it which makes the matches stick out a little more. This being a tornado tag didn't suffer at all and the logic worked in why one brother was out (Mason) and Max having to try and fight them off. Plunder spots were good without overdoing too much and like that it bit Team HOSS in the ass in the end introducing all of it.

Max and Angel doing dive spots was great since they would be the "high flyers" of their respective crews and nothing was ridiculous in the two spots they had. The Lucky Sevens have had a fun arc. The segment with Troy in the go-home show was really good and I want to see more from them personality wise, but I think as an act, The Lucky Sevens have been really fun and this match touches a great theme that I have enjoyed almost all show long and we'll get to that at the end.

This one definitely wasn't long, but they do not all need to be on PPV. The story was the selling point of this match and that is never a bad thing and in fact, I enjoyed that part. All the stuff Vacio was shouting throughout at Deacon (go read the match and Google Translate, lazy asses) and I'm wondering what he is referring to in one case. Victor has played a really good foil for the veteran in Deacon in this and I like Big Deac actually going to beat his ass. Good win by Deacon and an overall fun introducing arc, but I'm definitey guessing that this isn't over by a long shot since whatever Vacio supposedly found on the go-home show on Deacon still isn't known.

Refraining from commenting since I wrote this, but I'll say I had a fucking blast writing this and I hope that you all do as well.

I'll comment on most of this match since Roland took up the lion's share here... and I fucking loved this. We've done a lot with this feud, IMO, by doing very little. They both came into DEF at the same time and both men have had very perilous rises to the top, but Burns got there a bit quicker and I fucking love that in this feud playing off history without there really BEING history until now.

Everything in this match FELT like a damn fight from the submission attempts to the slugfests and everything in between. I did the ending parts, but I didn't change shit that Roland did for this in a huge way and I think REALLY puts Gage's title reign into overdrive.

FIST OF DEFIANCE: Mikey Unlikely (c) vs. "Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy

Troy returning has been a great thing for the top of the card and she has been the perfect foil for Mikey's first major challenger for the FIST (though, I implore you, also check out Joy/Mikey from DEFtv 134 as that was a dope first defense for Mikey overall). I will say to the joke about the Limp Bizkit entrance video... that video package for The Rock/Stone Cold for WM17 was amazing and the sole good thing Limp Bizkit contributed to society.

I'm loving the glass display case holding the FIST inside it, haha. That's great stuff. Mikey getting the early advantage was good, but I think personally I would have liked to have seen Troy get a little more of a solid dominant stretch in the opening just to establish Mikey hasn't quite figured out the challenger just yet. A little more meat and potatoes in the start, but very minor complaint here. I dug the hell out of the turnbuckle pad being reference since that's what led to Burns' fall in their DEFCON match, then had the knuckles thanks to the distraction. Haha, the hair grease to help out of Divine Right was a funny spot. Mikey has absolutely mastered the Toru Yano school of wrestling (go look this man up if you don't know who he is). Loved the knuckles actually coming through in the end for Mikey after they had failed earlier since they hadn't just disappeared into the ether. Troy kicking his ass most of the way later on and Mikey cheating to keep up was a good story.

While Mikey likely (see what I did there?) wasn't losing his first major PPV challenge, the match did a great job in making LT look determined to take back the title and Mikey being a non-Stevens bloody shitbag to keep it. Good finish to a really fun PPV.

OVERALL: My thoughts are that I also agree with Roland (this needs to stop happening) in that I think overall, I enjoyed this from top to bottom a bit more than DEFCON which was good in its own right. I feel like this show did amazing with pushing a lot of newer people (Lucky Sevens, Deacon, Dex Joy, LaCroix, Comments Section, the returning THE Jay Harvey) and doing wonders for others (Gage, Fuse Bros 360, giving Mikey a win while setting up LT as a great top level challenger and babyface) and I think if you wrote something on this show, you should pat yourselves on back. That's a REALLY solid group of newer talent that I'm happy to see on the rise. I think I can speak for staff when I say we're going to cultivate all of that the best we can.


Love ya Will
Aug 29, 2017
Rundown - it sure was. Loved all the signs and the nice breakdown of the history of the matches. I haven?t read every show this arc and it was a nice recap.

Scrow vs ? - hope you enjoyed.

Comments section vs gulf coast connection - a good 6 person tag match. It had humor and serious action. I was really taken to Bates. He did a lot of the work for his team and could see him being a big time player as time goes on. Match was good, no complaints. The malak spots were silly and i felt like corny reading this match but it didn?t take away from the action.

Dex joy vs carny sinclair - good psychology in this one. Dex was beaten down and it was great when he came back. I liked the match and had no issues. The aftermath of scrow trying to tend to his friend and then him finally getting tired of sinclair?s antics was a good spot to broaden scrow?s future.

left 4 dead: the sacrifice - solid promo. no complaints. real good heel promo really digging into douglas. i liked it. should have been a handful of quarters tho :p

Seattle?s best vs the fuse bros 360 - i loved the way scott douglas battled in this one. The fuse bros are an interesting gimmick but it got a little tiresome as i was reading it. Then kerry comes into the match, i wanted seattle?s best to come out on top and it felt like everything was going in that direction. The fuse bros get another win and i hated to read that decision.

Stoovins vs lacroix - a good match. I really hate scott stevens. I can totally see myself throwing a bottle of piss at him while he walks down the aisle. The bike, the way he talks, the way he acts. I felt like lacroix went after the knee but they didn?t sell it wholeheartedly. After lacroix is working on the knee, stevens is getting irish whipped around and running. I was glad to see stevens lose. Even with the loss it doesn?t hurt stevens because he has so much heat.

Lucky sevens vs team hoss - this was a bruiser. I enjoyed tag teams doing moves together. I feel like that gets lost sometimes. I will touch on this in the tag title match too. I liked all the brawling, the weapons, it was a fun read.

Deacon vs vacio - my only complaint is all the spanish in the match. I totally get it, but i had to google translate all of that to know what vacio was saying during the match. The match itself was good. Deacon comes out the winner and i loved the finish.

Pcp vs sky high titans - this was a great match and after thinking about it is my pick for match of the night. The tag team dynamic of pcp was on full display. The working of minute by elise and the d was fantastic. Quick tags, beating him down, and another tag. Subtle things that people don?t add in. it was great when cortez finally got into the match. You wanted him in that match and could feel the agony of the situation. Big win for the titans becoming 2 time champs. Solid match.

Blackwood vs Burns - Constant back and forth. Exciting read and blackwood stays on top and keeps the title. Blackwood escaped multiple submissions and this made burns look like a beast to be honest. I would have preferred to see blackwood more dominant. Burns looked solid in defeat so even tho he?s been in a funk he has looked good along the way. Blackwood couldn?t be stopped and he is still champ.

Troy vs unlikely - man, mikey got his ass whooped in this one. I felt like the match was a little quick but maybe that was just me. Troy looked solid in this one and doesn?t lose anything in defeat. Mikey is still champ and held on by any means.

Great show. I did notice there were multiple eye pokes, 2 matches used brass knuckles. Other than that great job everyone.

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I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Going into this show completely cold, I haven't read a full length card since handling with Reaper in my last DEFIANCE run.

The Rundown:

Kerry K cold open, it was interesting to see this as the opening for a PPV, I know only vaguely about Seattle's Best at this current juncture. Hope Kerry is okay to compete in the card tonight.

Signs were great, it was nice to see the suggestions from DEFIANCE discord used, even some signs pointing out things to potentially come. Big thank you to whoever broke it down match by match. Truth be told it's been a long time since not only have I watched wrestling, but reading a card again, it was a great way to immediately be absorbed into the PPV. You all are making me be thankful I decided to scratch the itch again.

Scrow vs. ?:
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I should have known THE Jay Harvey would be returning. Who's Catalina and how important is she to Jay? I'm not familiar enough with the character to know but considering how flexibly dominant he was in the ring, it looks like he may have an edge he's working with that doesn't require 'her'. Scrow takes the loss, seems like a outlier type of guy without a proper home. Wonder what's in store for him next. Loved it when he slapped himself.

The Comments Section vs. Gulf Coast Connection:
What the f? Why is the one dude being pulled out in a wagon? Lol? And then he gets knocked over outside while in the wagon and falls prone like a comatose victim. This is interesting. Alright, i'll say this. I'm not entirely sure what is going on with "The Comments Section" but Malak fainting off the top turnbuckle was just icing on the cake for how weird this match was to me. I?m not sure how I felt about it overall except excellent characterization for whatever was happening in all of that.

Dex Joy vs. Carney Sinclair:
Love the breakdown of what?s been going on in this feud before the match got started, thank you to the writer for giving me some very solid background. Big Dex Energy. I Like that. The sneak attack by Carney (Carny?) to start the match, classic heel heat. Let's see if it pays off. And nope, all the heel moves, pulled out even a weapon swap on the ref and still the good guy came out on top. Big Dex Energy for the win but Sinclair really played the heel card well. Great match.

Scrow comes out to finish some unsettled business that was described in the previous match opener. I like the fact that Carny pushed him away multiple times and Scrow finally took a stand. This guy needs a proper mentor.

Left 4 Dead The Sacrifice:
The second player reference is great, I do agree that Scott Douglas needs a proper second player. Someone to really make him turn the corner and get out of this rut of not being who he used to be. Great promo by The Fuse Bros.

Seattle's Best vs. The Fuse Bros 360:
Scott Douglas has no tag partner to start. Man what a crappy second player he has. Love Tyler's narrative in regards to injuring Douglas. Kerry K with the hopeful face boost as he charges to the ring half injured. It?s been a few minutes since I wrote or watched wrestling but managers can pull the ref out of the ring during a count and not get their team DQ?d? I know Princess got ejected for it but wasn't sure if that should have cost FB360 the match. Otherwise I loved the action. So cool seeing Kerry and Scott as a tag team.

Scott Stevens vs. Matt Lacroix:
Another nice recap going into the match, again much appreciated. Going into the match it felt like it was building towards a Matt Lacroix win, the way he was touted for his offshore wrestling, best in the world reference and the hit or miss history. I'm smelling Lacroix winning. How many titles does Stevens take off before wrestling lol? The match was a great back and forth but as expected Lacroix came out on top, by submission no less, hopefully bigger and better things coming for him.

The Lucky Sevens vs. Team Hoss:
Nice special stipulations to this match, tornado tag, hardcore rules, already paying up front for potential damages, sounds like a tag team I can get behind. The double release suplex was nice, some good crowd chanting moments, and I felt like both teams had good spots overall. Not much to complain about. The Lucky Sevens with the win and nice shout out to the family regime at the end. Very good characterizations.

Deacon vs. Victor Vacio:
Deacon with a disappointing entrance? Not familiar with the character to know enough about his legendary entrances for PPVs, interesting to see it being pointed out as a fact of interest. Victor getting kicked out of the ring was definitely a pretty powerful display of Deacon's strength, and I liked the way it was written. Win by three count due to the Cobra clutch modified move was a decent way to end it, nice save by the ref at the end to ensure the clean match.

PCP vs. The Sky High Titans:
First title match of the night and familiar face for me vs. a not so familiar face. The Family Keeling represents Sky High Titans I guess? Or? i?m not sure. I'll have to look at the roster later. I do know for a fact it's hard to ride a scooter and wear a title belt at the same time. Hoping PCP retains. And I'm slightly disappointed only because I am a PCP Mark. Titans seem like great fun and looking forward to reading more from the new champs. Perfect match length.

Gage Blackwood vs. Oscar Burns:
Another great recap of the feud, digging back deep into things even I remember. Excited for this one. I LIKE GRAPS! WITNESS THE THICKNESS! Sorry~ Burns has a hell of a resume damn. Blow it out your sad packing ass! Probably the best in ring dialogue of the night. The crowd never lost it trying to stay behind Burns even to the very end, shows alot for the character. Gage Blackwood retains with an insanely good back and forth battle that deserved the write up it needed based on the name of these two alone.

I can not express enough the talent I am seeing in this card tonight, it?s so awesome to read and dive into a card again. tHiS sHoW iS LiT!

Mikey Unlikely vs. Lindsay Troy:
The main event featuring two characters I am familiar with enough to get a good feel of what I was in store for coming in. It was good to have a solid feel for them character wise, even though I wasn't quite sure of the feud that got them to this point. From the intros it looks like Troy had to do a lot to get the right to fight Mikey Unlikely for the belt, hate to see that effort come up short.

Clash of the biggest personalities in Louisiana. Nice reference. Once again a perfect match length, even for the main event. I think it was a good cap overall on the PPV. NOT THE FACE! NOT THE FACE! I?ll admit I thought Mikey was going to win with the Brass Knuckles. And fucking asshole SWINDLED me and won with them anyways!?! WTF!! Seriously. That was a nice move though, perfect landing spot and a great way for Mikey to get a solid win and then set it up to give Troy a reason for a rematch down the road. Very well done overall.

Overall Thoughts:
It's a bit intimidating seeing the length of cards again and how much writing goes into it all, but i'm excited for the chance to jump in and help pumping out this great content that was all over this card from start to finish. You guys are fucking amazing.

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May 22, 2017
Edinburgh, UK
Just 1 Uncut away from everyone's favourite number. :)

I like that this moves from the typical DEF formatting and reminds me of the places I wrote from when I was a kid. I also enjoy the first-person. UNCUT, clearly, allows for the freedom to do different things and I think we should all try something different a little more often. In terms of storytelling, this seems like a minor part 1 to a much bigger part.

I've said it before but I greatly enjoy the Dex Joy character. Also, it's good to see Markus' characters all interact with each other. That's some easy world-building right there... and a reminder we should all reach out to each other a little more to do these types of things.

I thought this was very well-written and I've already caught on with how Ross plans to use the UNCUTS. Cycle through his characters and give them all a spotlight for one episode. For anyone who doesn't know what ASMR is (and I didn't before he told me)... I think it's pretty uhh... well, hey, whatever works for you. I thought Ames was well established here and perhaps the true "brains" of the operation. I am continually impressed with Malak Garland, who can steal the spotlight by being in the segment for 5 seconds. Look, he's already better from the entire ordeal and it's time to celebrate. What a f'n keyboard warrior.

While this is mine, I am trying to make a conscious note not get too repetitive. There's only so many times The Bros. can tell Douglas he's an idiot. Perhaps this is the last one to do so in this format for a while...

I like how Scrow speaks in third person. I really like the character. I was critical on his loss and seeing Harvey kick out of, well, a lot and I thought it hurt Scrow some but a loss is all in how you handle it afterwards. I think there's a lot of potential in this character, much like Dex Joy.

I'm not sure what this solves here. Harvey also wasn't in this segment. What I would have done was taken the Harvey RP and put it here instead. Length be dammed. That's character-based stuff and will ultimately have a higher audience to read than the RP board. I look at Uncut as an RP board. That being said... I still have a few RP series to get out so I am clearly a hypocrite.

This sells me on Douglas. I agree with Ross' comment in his feedback on the chat, cutting off the XBOX 360 line was great. Much like Scrow, it's how these losses are being handled that are telling a way more important story right now than simple and quick redemption. I think many of us (myself included) have bought into this stereotypical way of needing to see victories to get behind a guy... I don't believe that's true. Of course you don't want a straight jobber either but Douglas has years of credibility to his name and none of his recent losses have "damaged" the character.

Wrote. N/A.

Seth, I'm coming for you. I will rival you in character counts soon. :) I will say this, the complete insanity of this writing probably has no spot within the seriousness of DEFIANCE and DEFtv but then again look at some of these NPC's lol.

Also grammatical errors noted. :) They were done on purpose but there are certainly other ways to get things across the next time.

Okay so a number of things here. I believe I came into DEFIANCE right as Evan left but I am still somewhat familiar with the character as I went a few arcs back to read. If I was to name the DEFIANCE Mount Rushmore it would be Scott Douglas, Eric Dane, Mikey Unlikely and Bronson Box (with a close 5th Cayle Murray). So, with all the respect to the character by saying he's in the top 4, I don't know if bringing him back (whether this is a one-off or something more) on an UNCUT warrants it. I can certainly understand the desire to write something though and not being able to wait, I mean I have 70 characters now and Seth has 1,004. So I can't be too critical. In fact, I am trying to be critical for what I would consider to be good reasons. Box is a legitimate star, well written and a top 4 all-time DEFIANCE character. In terms of the segment, it goes perhaps a little too deep for me but you're also speaking to an audience of many new people who, over these past 2-3 years wouldn't have known Box too well, so again this is understandable. And maybe we didn't need a surprise Box appearance to end a show. We had that with Kendrix... Troy... etc... it becomes repetitive. And just for Mikey Unlikely to win in the end, too? Get outta here. :) I am very interested to see if Box is back where he goes.

My only "grap" is if we have 10 segments, maybe we need another match or two... or maybe UNCUT is patterned after things like The Road To and Being The Elite as I've always felt it was. In that case, a simple match is fine. Nothing much to add other than that. Obviously a well-written match that packs enough in the shorter page limit. Leave it to Seth to be able to do something like that.

Good show. We have a LOADED roster now. My only concern would be at the end of the summer if we still have that loaded roster. Not pointing at anyone in particular, hell I could vanish ;) who the hell knows. But some strong stuff and hopefully every character has a good place going into the next arc.
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