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Feb 4, 2005
Stolen word for word by another thread because I am not good at this, but should be said: This is where the backs can be fed for this arc! Let us know what you thought!

Do the back of the feeding however you like, and let your fellow writers know how they did. In no way does this have to be blow by blow, but leave your thoughts. How did you like something? How could it improve? Chime in as the arc progresses.

DEFtv 113: http://defiancewrestling.com/results/242


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Feb 4, 2005
MIKEY! WELCOME BACK! We fucking missed you!

This was a great surprise and a good segment by Scott and Cary Stevens. He never was pinned to lose the FIST so naturally he wants his shit back and both he and Cary played off this well. And Mikey telling him to fuck off and wait in his own great condescending Unlikely way was hilarious and awesome. I did enjoy this immensely for our opening.

A win for Burns to get him back in the saddle and another loss for Butcher, which is going somewhere soon on both accounts.

Not a bad segment for The Stevens Dynasty to get themselves back on track, but I think I was hoping for a little more than ?oh, it was a fluke!? I'm hoping the arc is used for them to REALLY show some more potential as Scott tended to (with respect, he was the champ) overpower a lot of the Stevens Dynasty segments. The team of the cocky shit-talker paired with a big man he can hide behind works well. More of that. :D

With Scott having enough characters to rival my gaggle of characters, he did the smart thing and aligned them all. In seriousness, I like this move a lot. The idea of the new fanatical Crimson Lord having followers devoted to him works well with the gimmick of The Light. The vernacular was a little confusing by WynLyn and Jestal being ?Two-time? champs. I?m assuming they meant UTA Tag (maybe?) but that should be more clear. A small knock though on an otherwise entertaining and noteworthy segment.

Technically, this was a good match with no complaints from me. I?m assuming there?s a story here so I?ll reserve judgment until I see more.

The Fuse Bros have such an awesome gimmick and I?m all down with new characters being introduced via their zaniness. Ultimo did a good RP here and this was a nice follow up to that before his match later. I liked the debut match referred to as the ?tutorial? hahaha.

Fantastic in every way. The long-running story of Elise Ares being a bad wrestler changing over time to becoming a? much less bad wrestler who the fans love because she tried in earnest paid off so well at DEFCON by winning the title, which is now the SoCal Championship, which I love even if this is something we normally see more of a heel. But it?s unique and I dig the shit of it. The look on The D?s face when Elise announced Klien as her first opponent was priceless? and if I were Elise, I?d be staying away from barber shop windows.

I writed dis. Continuation of stuff that brewed at DEFCON. Old and Busted HOSS vs. New HOSSNess.

Naturally, Mikey would get Kendrix a giant Oreo Frappe which fucking McDonald?s needs to bring back yesterday. Miss me with that McRib bullshit.

I liked this as a continuation of earlier and loved that after all the ass-kissing on Mikey?s side, Kendrix bailed at the first sign of trouble.

Great double debut here. Vacio could be another great VICIOUS heel, which I feel like DEF is really in more need of if I can be honest. We have cocky guys, big guys, but somebody with an element of DANGER. Phoenix was a good underdog taking a pasting in his debut, and could see this being a great Mikey Whipwreck-type story if it goes that way. Brian also tells me Phoenix?s handler did this match, which captured our DEF match style perfectly. Good stuff here.

One snafu I caught right away (that I should have earlier) was Kelly Evans saying ?touch him and you?re fired? well after Stevens was already throttling Darren Quimbey. Scott Stevens finally loses his shit, gets his rematch revoked for the night and gets into another fight with that Oscar Burns jobboy bitch.

Just that from the previous segment and commercial. I writed dis with Justin?s input. Look for more stuff to come from on UNCUT, so sayeth Freddy Foreshadowing?

I also writed dis. Return win for Angel to follow up from DEFCON.

I am sad as we lost two good faces in both Gage Blackwood and Scott Douglas in the last two shows. While I liked Shooter Landell coming out to laugh, I?d REALLY like to see something different from this character. On paper, he has a great gimmick that would thrive here. I?d like to see a lot more from him than simply the little bits we get after things Gage Blackwood does. This is his chance to stand out more, take it!

A good rebound win for Stevens Dynasty before their next thing. The only issue I have is a pet peeve of mine? Real life wrestler themes being used in efeds. Get these guys a new theme, stat. If you need help, I?m your huckleberry (at least, if you ask Billy). 

When I mentioned that element of danger characters? Ryan has this in spades. This was a KILLER promo from a guy known for KILLER promos. And the revelation of Dan Ryan being the person who bankrolled DEFIANCE is huge. This was awesome and I need me some more Dan Ryan killing bitches.

More of shit I writed, gonna set up their next thing.

A perfectly serviceable first defense for the new champion and I?m all in on Elise being a fighting champion, which to me is the staple of a great babyface. The post-match was great, but I?m still staying away from barber shop windows just in case.

Just when The Fuse Bros thought it was safe? the muhfuckin? ToyBox back at it again? and AH-HA! I loved the ending of DEFCON playing right into this, not to mention a fun Tag Title match...


Fuse Bros has a great run and ToyBox have been built up well over the past arc so I'm all in for their run.

Post credits scene!

This was great Hollywood Bruvs segOH FUCK GET AWAY FROM THE WINDOW, MIKEY!!!!

This was spectacular and immediately makes Kendrix a big shithead right off the bat and I love it. Great promo and fire from Kendrix and I'm all in on the implosion of the Hollywood Bruvs!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004


This might be the segment of the night. Really good writing here. Who wrote this? Oh, I did.

Great segment here. Cary going pretty hard for his son and lays out a super solid heel promo. Steven?s wants his rematch clause and why wouldn?t he. His daddy demands JFK come out and give him that rematch this instant but JFK is busy blunt blowing and that?s the music we get instead. Mikey Unlikely, with the surprise appearance. Easily one, of - if not the most reviled heels in DEFIANCE history. Great back and forth between Stevens and Mikey. Loved the guest list gimmick. Michael Scott, Adam Scott. Good stuff. Obvs, this isn?t the last we?ll see of this situation tonight.

A good little match here. I actually bit for a second on the false finish and thought to come off that DEFCON loss and the house show draw, Burn?s might lose to Butcher but not the case. Burns gets the pin and cuts a quick little promo at the end and he?s fired up but in the nicest way possible. The happy new year's line is something I would cringe at if I were watching but it sells as super realistic for the character and something I could see such a clean cut face doing IRL so I dig it. Great opener for the first show of the year and I?m excited to see Burns rebuild.

Much like myself and feedback the Steven?s Dynasty are looking for a fresh start, shake off that loss at DEFCON and turn things around.

It appears the light just got brighter. Crimson Lord, ?The Killer of Spiders,? brings his daughter and her clique into the fold and they are still after the tag team titles. There was some good stuff in here, CL droning on with his plethora of nicknames until WynLyn has to scream DAD to get his attention. The return of Clucky the Conjunctivitis chicken. And my favorite Wyn?s response to Seed of the Light. Only for CL, I assume pick up on it and subtly change it in the next line to Daughter. First show of the year, so much like earlier segments this is the gears beginning to turn on something much larger.

Desire makes an impressive debut against someone. Again, building! Solid match here but not a whole lot to talk about. Strong debut.

Good little quick segment here. Serves as a solid introduction to Ultimo and helps build ? there is that word again ? build worlds. And of course with the Fuse Bro?s it?s always fun to see them find ways to interject their delusional video game outlook on life anywhere they can.

Champions got to celebrate, ?tis law. After a little speach Elise says she has suprises, the line from the D is great, ?... hope it?s the Ellen kind and not the Maury kind.? I was solidly with Angus on this one, new title belt and all. The Hollywood Heritage was the first thing I thought of and Angus addresses it. For starters everyone else, let?s not get any ideas? I think the main reason I didn?t care for this is it felt like a heel thing to do. I guess it isn?t and maybe I?m only thinking that because of the relation to the HoHer. As Darren suggests, we?ll see where this goes. Segment was solid though, some good humor in there. Angus seemed a little off in the opening but he got back to his normal self quickly. Although it?s a bit out of charecter I liked the normally straightlaced DDK taking such a hard stance on of all things day time talk show hosts.

Angus sums this one up perfectly, in regards to Uriel ?He?s a HOSS and a HALF.? Big HOSSFITE here, man where is the DOC when you need it!? Oh, that?s right. The current FIST burned it in a trash can. RIP DOC. Good match, again I keep harping on building and that goes double for the newest Keeling Family client Uriel Cortez. This is the birth of a beast ? and A HALF!

We are backstage and we get some more of those classic Bruv shenanigans. The former FIST breaks up the party planning with the FIST but the Unlikely last action hero dives in front of the blow. DEFsec is going to break this one up before it can go any further but Steven?s is pissed and wants what he is due. Will he get it though? During Mikey?s order, I was waiting for the ?if it?s wrong I send it back!?

Phoenix did the heavy lifting here. I helped with some light editing. Enjoy.

Stevens has had enough. He wants JFK and he wants him now. Stomping down to the ring with no music in stark contrast to the double theme song he had been using. I liked this segment overall but I thought the attack on the TWO cameramen was odd. Maybe excessive. The first punch would have done, then move on to the Quimbey fake out. Which I?m glad was a fake out. DQ has got to be treated like the commentary table or the ring ropes - they can?t break early in the show without good reason and staff knowing because that has to be carried through the night for continuity. I digress. Stevens is livid and showing his ass, Burns-man to the rescue and it is literal chaos. Kelly isn?t having it and wants them both gone. Not a huge fan of her being used on camera much but for the most part she works her.

Nice follow up after the commercial break. See not about Kelly above but I like her here, no favoritism. She is not leaning face or heel, she is just trying to run a show in a sea of testosterone-fueled hatred and ego. And the get more cameramen line, get us whole again. Good stuff.

Quick Squasher here but with a twist ? Uriel is watching backstage. Might be something there.

Fantastic. I really liked this segment. A little long winded a moments but the type of long winded you?d expect from a choking back emotion moment. Almost like nervous rambling or something. Just really fantastic segment, I was hooked on every word, and I knew what was coming. Shooter popping up at the end is fantastic heel shit, clapping like an asshole. Super solid segment.

A quick match here. Steven?s Dynasty gets a win over the BRAZEN pair. Not a whole lot to say beyond that. Solid stuff.

Quick earlier today gimmick with Dan Ryan but this does give us some insight on the story behind what has been on TV this past arc. Doesn?t feel like this one is over.

Solid match and a good first defense for Elise. I worried when I saw vs. Klein to be honest. Thought we get a finger poke of doom defense or something. I like how much Angus hates that belt... it's like he is speaking my thoughts. Excited to see where this goes with Elise defending against the D next show.

WrestleFriends backstage with Christy talking about what just went down with Burns and Stevens, as well as what's up next for them. Good segment fleshes these guys personalities out a little more and gets their newest arc moving. Hossing! Flippy Things!

The set up felt a little bit long here but the writing was solid and it sets up the rubber match. I always like the not so subtle reminder of the length of their run at the top. When they first said it I thought if I was watching this I?d know for certain RIGHT there, that they were losing. But then when they go on a bit about how the #1 length is the next goal, I felt like alright maybe not. But alas. Great match, devastating for the Fuse?s Bros and quite the moment for The Toybox. This match had two of our hardest working handlers in it so it bittersweet to see the titles change hands. Scott deserves it and Roland has done a lot for the prestige of the titles in my eyes. So great job guys.

Say it ain?t so? Who could fathom a world where the Bruv?s ain?t Bruv?s? Is this the upside down!? A well-written segment, I think it speaks for itself. It?s a huge moment here both in JFK?s post-credit sequence coronation of the FIST and the vicious turn on his best Bruv. JFK was already a pretty solidly hated heel that always did some great heel shit ? but now any shred of appreciation the more moderate Faithful may have had for him is out the window. Even if it is Mikey Unlikely - you don?t just turn on your friends. Cold? colder than that giant Frappe. Great second close to the show.



Totally. Obvs.
Dec 23, 2015
Loved the signs. The Crimson Lord Pinkeye one was fantastic, and of course all the ones I suggested that you use and you did are CLEARLY the best ones! Good work!

I?m not Waiting?.
Not going to beef this one, other than to say it?s a lot of fun to be back. I needed the break for the last six months or so, but I?ve missed the hobby a bit too. When the angle was pitched to me, I was so psyched for it. So I hope you guys enjoy. Scott Stevens was added in this week to keep the angle flowing from last arc, and he pitched it as the opportunity for me to do a ?surprise return?. Fun working with Justin anytime I get the chance. He?s a pro.

Burns vs Butcher
DOOOOOOOOORKS (LOL?d at this) Oscar Burns bouncing back from the big PPV los with this one. Good little match. Short for a seth match though (still longer than everyone elses :p ) Good little story, Brazen star gets 1 up on the former FIST, even drops his finisher, but can?t seal the deal, the underdog babyface comes back for the win! CLASSSIC! Good stuff. Oscar burns gives a quick little speech before leaving. Hints at a heel turn?

Back in the Saddle
Nice quick intevier with the Stevens Dynasty. They touch on DefCon and then let us know they set up an open challenge for tonight. They are going to saddle up and get back in this thing. GREAT QUICK HEEL PROMO! MORE OF THIS! Good stuff Justin. Love the feel of this team.

Welcome to the Light
Seems Crimson Lord is growing his group. Love this. CLUCKY! That Funky Chicken! Love the nod to the stuff from many arcs ago, as well as current stuff. Scott runs all the characters so there will be no ?chemistry? to build. Should be fantastic. Butcher Vic. Crimson Lord, WynLyn, Jestal and Dandelion. Nice! We have a lack of stables lately. This should fill in nicely. Good seg. Didn?t go on too long.

Desire vs TBA
I?ve heard a lot about this TBA guy. Jokes. Woman match here. Actually reads VERY realistic and appropriate. Enjoyed this one. Clearly a designed win for Desire. Who is the new lady of the Defiance? What?s elise have to say about this?

Character Unlocked:
LMAO this was very fun. Ultimo Pheonix unlocked by the Fuse Bros. HAHAHAHAHA what a great gimmick. Looking forward to learning more about pheonix, pretty bland facey interview by him here, but I?m sure that?s how it had to go to fit the narrative. The boi is active in chat, and on time with his shit so I?m sure it?s a good fit!
This is great. ?Ellen is the Poor man?s Oprah.? (She?s just Oprah with White Priviledge) PCP comes out, Elise changes the SOHER to the SOCAL! (Good swing) much like Mikey?s HOHER. This is a lot of fun. She even nods to Mikey and his changing of the title prior. Nothing but love here. Very funny. She?s going to fight Klein and the D and defend the titles against the people who helped her get here. That?s a good angle.

Cortez vs Holt.
Good Match. The Keeling Family is BACK! Good! Fun read, two big men in a hoss fight but Cortez just too much to take down. I?ve never seen a Thesz press so bold before, but no one of this weight usually does it. LOL. Good stuff very solid match and gimmick. Loved the opening promo by the Keeling Family. Introduction to introduction to introduction.

A Hunting We Will Go.
One Ton Frappe. Nuff said. Stevens did the heavy lifting here. I did a little fuck up on the formatting, that?s on me. My bad. First show back.

Ultimo Pheonix vs Victor Vaccio
Really good match. Tells a great underdog story, only the underdog doesn?t overcome this week. Liked it a lot. Less paragraphs would be great, but it?s your first or second match here, can?t complain at all! Good work getting Angus and Keebs down, and it felt realistic. Should be a good story coming with Vic pushing him away at the end of the day not shaking hands.

Time?s Up Champ!
This was AMAZING! LOVED Scott Stevens in this seg. His verbal communication with Kelly Evans was top notch. Burnsie doesn?t Give a Fudge anymore. He?s coming for stevens, fuck the rules, fuck the match, he?s helping DEF clean things up. Kelly Evans ends up booting both guys out of the building. Really good segment, this is building fantastically. I?m excited for what comes next. Stevens feels like such a dick heel here, Stone Cold Steve Oscar is great too!

Aftermath Records.
Not only are they out this week but they are out next week too after trying to continue the fight backstage. Kelly lays down the law. Good stuff. Now we have to wait 2 EPISODES to see this continue. BULLSHITBULLSHITBULLSHIT.

Angel vs Slain
Angel Trinidad makes short work out of Thomas Slaine in a well written match. Quick and rough, like I like it. Angel is a great character. Enjoy reading him since day 1. Not a lot of storyline in this one. Flying Hossbody might be the best move name pun ever.

No Tomorrow.
Woah. Gage Blackwood due to injuries is retiring from wrestling effective right now. He?s been tore up from the floor up for some time now and it?s caught up with him. Shooter Landell is likely not to let this go so easily. Really good seg.

Steveneseseses vs Sho and IV
Good Match, very quick, I would warn you about making the entrance nearly longer than the match (475 words vs 546), this is TV you don?t need Lyrics in the entrance. Otherwise good stuff. The Stevens dominate and take this one home. Leaving their opponents broken behind them.

Dan Ryan finally answering for his actions from weeks ago at the PPV. (The last one). He went over what happened with the invasion and his role in that, and his role since. He played a more important role than all of us realized. He?s not going to let Jack Harmen ruin the good god damn name of DEFIANCE. Good promo.

What?s Next
Good Wrestlefriends promo where they tell us how they desrve title shots in a super facey way. They will be challenging the winner of tonights Tag Title match in the near future. Good stuff. Not a tone of substance. So corny yet so good.

Klien vs Elise.

Really fun match in and of itself. Klien in the ring is always fun. Enjoyed this and the story it?s telling. Kind of Blocky which is odd since Billy has been here forever. Other than that Angus was MINT in this one. Good action, Elise Surprises Klien with the roll up for the win!

Next Level
The Fuse Bros have done it all! All the achievements! All the Trophies (PS4)! All the ?.. Wait what does Nintendo have? This was really fun. Very good faces these two. They said they want to get the last thing done, become THE LONGEST REIGNING tag champions.

Fuse Bros vs Toybox
IMPROMPTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good segway into this. The toybox went for the quick and cheap win but the Fuse kicks out. Tyler wins the match with a three count, then the referee says no two? (Hate this. Don?t say three unless it?s three dammit) Very exciting match, good back and forth action and close falls. Too much spacing on the pin falls. Loved the involving of Mark Shields and his lack of attention. Remember people referee?s are people too! The Show ends with Toybox winning the titles surprisingly! WOOOOOOOOOOOO congrats Scott! You deserve it buddy. Great run from the Fuse Bros, lot?s of fun. This end?s the show?. Or does it.

Oh No You Don?t
Hope you all enjoy this. Stevie and I wrote this one together. Hope it felt as big for you as it did for us. Looking forward to what we got cooked up!

Later BeefEaters.


Crimson Lord ALWAYS Wins
Jul 12, 2017
Chicago, Illinios
Toybox logo appears on the screen, soon after we open up what looks to be a newsroom splatter in various colors of paint. Jestal and WynLyn are seated at a u-shaped desk with a sign behind them reading


One of the tag team championships sits on the table in between WynLyn and Jestal.


He squints into the camera with a half smile

The funhouse edition!

He snickers a bit as Wyn takes over

You know who we are so let's get on with the show! DefTv 113 my god, does anybody not realize DEFIANCE has TWO shows, Jessie.

As she looks over at Jestal who is giving a fist bump to one of the tag titles.

What oh yea, I would have been satisfied with just our match. Where we took back our whittle tag titles...aren't you just the cutest thing…

As the clown makes puppy dog faces at the title.

Well, the show started with Angus and Keebs going on and on who knows what they were talking about.

A box appears next to WynLyn.

So the show started out with our former FIST Scott Stevens, which if you ask me not sure why he was so mad, it's not like that evil Bob Ross lookalike Oscar Burns took his title. The title still remains in The Light.

Jestal looks at her.

Well, when I lost Taggy here it hurt. But Dani was crushed weren't you sis?

They both look at Dandelion standing and admiring her tag title around her waist completely infatuated with it she hasn't even heard the question being asked. We return back to the two.

See she was crushed.

I know Jes I was there! Anyway, Scotty wanted is his rematch with JFK our NEW Fist. Now see this is where I have a problem. Later in the show the tinker bell Kelly Evans mentions this guy is a special guest. Why would she ever entertain the thought of Mikey Unlikely the man that tried to takeover DEFIANCE and just let him roam as nothing happened?

Look we see a lot of guys that were with him during that time that shouldn't be welcomed here either? Guys like THE Jay Harvey classy guy, the ever cocky New Fist JFK, then there is Crimson Lord, and Scott Steven's…..and finally...

He looks toward Wyn

Side plates.

Side plates.

WynLyn puts her hands over the side plates of the tag title sitting on the table. Jestal looks into the camera his eye twitches a bit.


Jestal pants heavily, as Wyn removes her hands from the side plates of the tag title.

Feel better?

Jestal: panting still
Yea…..Mikey is finally back and I like that and if you don't like it I don't care!

WynLyn’ eyes widen for a moment and continue the show.

Now we take you to our roaming observer Clucky! Who is on site to tell us of Butcher Victorious and Oscar Burns who battled earlier in the night. Clucky what were your thoughts.

Clucky appears on the video feed with a little black reporter hat and a little black suit.

SQueak...squeAK...SQ…...ueak! SQUEAK! SQUEAK!

Jestal appears back on the Tron looking from the window behind him back to the camera.

I agree Clucky, Butcher was robbed, look ducky just take Crimson up on his offer...trust me you won’t be disappointed he has PRESENTS!

Even though I loathe everything Oscar stands for and to think his evil still continues to grow. The match showed off some good technical wrestling just the wrong guy won!

The screen changes and we see the Steven Dynasty on the screen.

Next up we got some more duckies loyal to The Light. Just hold on there fellas Taggy and his brother are not going anywhere anytime soon. So you keep playing in the pool of mediocrity.

Wyn looks over at Jestal.

That's a pretty big word for you.

Jestal grabs his suit jacket by the lapel and with a big grin.

Ya, I am pretty proud of myself too.

It's our time now.

Jestal quickly stops WynLyn...

Then one of my favorite moments of the night….Crimson returned The handsome, jive squeaking, chick magnet, the yolk in your egg and a damn fine chicken CLUCKY! He is back and I could not be any happier than I am right now my bestest buddy has returned!

It's a rubber chick...

Jestal swings his head at Wyn

Don’t say another fucking word!

Dandelion appears on the screen staring coldly at Jestal with her hands on her hips, WynLyn then appears with her hands over the side plates of the tag title on the desk.


Jestal quickly puts his hands over his mouth.

Whoops sorry.

WynLyn shakes her head. As the box next to her shows Clucky once more on the screen.

Clucky has a report on this newcomer Desire and her match earlier today.

SQueAk...sQUeAK...SQ…...ueak! SQUEAK! sqUEak!

WynLyn puts her hand over her chest blushing.

Why thank you Clucky, I am more alluring than this walking nibblet Desire. She already is on my bad side, I am the only Queen in this company!

Jestal pokes WynLyn to get her attention as she has a really arrogant body type language.

You do know there is another chick that calls herself “The Queen of Sports Entertainment Style” here right?

WHAT!? Oh her, you mean the airhead that got lucky at DEFCON.

That would be her, HEY try to be impartial here.

Wyn crosses her arms.

Why? ….forget it will get to her when we reach that part of the show, ratings will probably take a nosedive.

A box appears next to Jestal with The Fuse Bros and the newest Defiant Ultimo Phoenix.

What's next here...AH the FORMER Tag Team Champions The Village Idiots The Fuse Bros.

Jestal pats the title on the table.

Don’t you worry Taggy, they will never kidnap you again. Your safe in our hands now and forever. So it appears according to my notes Ultimo has joined DEFIANCE, but let's be real here what did that garbage can ever do to you Ultimo. I mean come on! You do your jumpy spinning wacky inflatable dance moves elsewhere you realize how many garbage cans are destroyed by people like you?

WynLyn has her face in her hand looking at Jestal rambling on about garbage cans and their rights in the world.

They carry things for us, and you stand there and are nothing but a bully.

Are you done about equal rights for a garbage can?

Jestal looks back at her.

There is not enough air time for the garbage can, people ignore them but they have a purpose.

Dandelion appears on the screen motioning with her hands, as the show moves back to WynLyn.

I suppose your right Dani, he did spend a lot of time in a garbage can when we were messing with Mushigihara.

Jestal looks around quickly.

Mushigihara wait a minute is he here??

Calm down Jes no he is not.

Jestal looks relieved. He shuffles through his papers and looks over at WynLyn who is staring a hole right through the papers.

You want to take this or should I?

Elise Ares…

Before Wyn can finish her sentence Jestal screams in the background.


Dandelion pulls Jestal off his chair and throws him to the ground and quickly takes his seat, now dressed up like Elise glasses and all.

You have got to be kidding me you're a fan of this pinhead?

Dani nods quickly with a smile.

So I suppose you like this drivel she had to say.

Dani gives a thumbs up.

Blah, anyway she goes on and on I don’t know I was doing my makeup when she appeared out there. Frankly giving a title shot to a man who wears a box over his head? Tell me is she afraid of defending against someone with actual talent!

Dani waves her arms around.

Never took you for an Ares fan, Dani, very disappointed.

Dani shrugs then looks at the camera with a big smile and imitates Elise entrance pose.

Yea ok I get it can we move on to our next segment?

Dani shakes her head.

Come on you're not an anchor for this show Dani you're the card forecaster your spots over there. Give me my seat back!

Dandelion waves at the camera and gets off her brother's chair and goes back to her position.

Sheesh, she is not even that good of a wrestler...but we digress next up “The Garbage Can HATER” Ultimo Phoenix in his first match and here is what I have to say about that…

Jestal laughs hysterically.

Boy his career hit a brick wall fast.

A box appears next to Wyn again showing the brawl between Burns and Stevens

You know why does Burns get so much air time? I hope Stevens finally cleans his clock and ends him for good!

Jestal with a bag of popcorn popping kernels.

Jestal: talking with his mouth full.
I do love me a good fight!

Dandelion points at some papers in her hands and gets the other two’s attention as she rushes over and points at the papers.

Seriously...why talk about the Eskimo Angel Trinidad an empty shell of a former tag team.

She points motions a bit with her hands.

Yes, I know everyone has to have airtime no matter how insignificant they are.

WynLyn’s eyes open.

Wow, you're on fire tonight that's two big words today.

The twins look back at Wyn. A few moments later Dandelion returns to her position.

Uriel stomps a mudhole in the Holt quickly and mercifully. Only for the HOSS Reject to stare at him from the entranceway he probably wanted to know how he could be that good in the ring. Or maybe he was admiring Uriel ring attire...who knows?

Jestal shuffles through his papers, as Wyn off camera looks to be touching up her makeup.

I suppose I should address the greatest wrestling promoter of all time the GREAT Mikey Unlikely! The utter disrespect that Stevens gives the greatest wrestling promoter ever makes me want to puke!

WynLyn puffs her lips and puts her lipstick back in her purse.

Greatest HA! Anyway back to the show, again Burns with even MORE screen time! Seriously, why are we allowing this here in DEFIANCE? His thug-like mentally caused Scott to be tossed out of the arena, Scott deserved a confrontation with JFK!

What’s this Angel Trinidad AGAIN serious why are these indy darlings festering this show? Oh, so it looks like he had a match, what a perfect time for a piss break.

We have a job to do ...HEY, where are you going?

Dandelion jumps in Jestal’s seat where he clearly looks to be heading for the bathroom. Dani motions a few times with her hands toward Wyn.

Yea, it was a good little matchup given who was in it I suppose.

Dandelion picks up a rubber miniature tombstone and puts it on the desk next to the table with the words on it “RIP Gage Blackwood”

Ah yes another sob story from Gage Blackwood. Finally all those beatings and he has to throw the towel in. Just shows how much he really wants to be in this business. If he is so quick to pick up his pillow and leave so quickly. It's a high impact sport Gage maybe you would be better making cupcakes at the local pastry store.

Dandelion jumps up excited as she looks toward Wyn.

No dear we have no cupcakes.

Dandy sits back in the chair all sad.

Jestal yells in the background.

The lizard is drained!

The girls look toward him appalled.

What? Dani you're in my seat again.

Dandelion gets up but this time stands in between Jestal and WynLyn.

What’s next….why is the text so damn small. Sis do me a favor give me my glasses back there.

Dani reaches under the desk and pulls out, what look to be giant toy glasses with a red plastic outline she hands them to Jestal. Who gently unfolds them and puts them over his face being all proper like.

The Stevens Dynasty vs um...uh..ya

Jestal looks up with those goofy glasses still on

Who comes up with the names of the talent in here mickey mouse?

Wyn interrupts.

You do have a point, we are not even going to attempt to pronounce those names, in the end, The Stevens sending the jumping jalapeno, and encrito back to Mexico.

Next up we got a couple of guys who think they DESERVE a shot at our championships...really who have you beaten WrestleFriends?

The Strong Style Stranglers

Jestal quickly looks at her.


To the Maxx

Dandelion stares at WynLyn, while Jestal tries to finish his point.

Stevens Dynasty

See no one they have earned nothing! How dare they think they deserve a shot at us!

Dani shakes her head but points at the crew off camera.

Ya...ya I know we're running over Elise Vs Klein!

Dandelion is excited and can’t contain herself as she motions constantly with a few hand gestures. Wyn has her face in a magazine and looks like she could care less.

Short and to the point, Dandelion loved the match. Finally, the greatest moment in our lives we FINALLY rescued Taggy and his brother from Mario and Luigi in the greatest match of all time...no IN THE HISTORY OF DEFIANCE’S existence. We dominated them as we always have done before and we stand YOUR HOLY KNIGHTS of The Light …

Jestal looks back at Wyn

Boy Crimson sure has a label for everything, that clearly does not have a ring to it at all.

Who knows anymore with him, but you would think that would be the end of it but NOOO your Mr. Greatest Performer of the Wrestling Industry had to make an appearance. So what do you think of that Jes?

But...no they were like peas and carrots...how could something like this happen?

Peas and carrots?

You can’t have peas without CARROTS! Just HOW can you expect to get all the benefits without the two?

Uh, Jes why are you talking about peas and carrots, JFK stomped a mudhole in your buddy Mikey’s ass and left him for dead.


The show fades as Wyn and Dandelion try to cheer Jestal up who seems crushed.

Final words that appear on the screen

Wanted to try something a little different with my beef, I know it ran pretty long. But if it's something you guys like reading I may continue to do them in the future

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