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Maxwell vs. Doe

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John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL

Los Angeles California Airport arrival area, we see a man turned around in black shirt the back saying “I Forgot My Number…Can I Have Yours.” The man turns around and walks out of the busy area, we notice him as John Doe. John continues down the street and sits on at a buss station. He looks at the camera.


“Well hello. It’s a wonderful day here in LA, not my first time in this town certainly not my last. But it feels good to get away from all the issues in New Era, WFW, and EUWC and just sit down and relax a bit and wrestle somewhere new, somewhere like MCW.”

“There are two familiar faces I notice around here Benji and The Wolf. But this guy I am scheduled to wrestle, Chandler Maxwell. Hello, Chandler, I am John Doe. You probably don’t know who I am which is a crying shame. But I guess this is where we all start a new slate huh? No longer the main event the shows, no longer holding any titles.”

“And do you know what? I like starting back at the bottom of the pecking order it shows my overall skill and gives me a chance to show people I am that damn good. Not saying you are not able to compete with me Chandler, but hey I can only go by what I know.”

“That’s where the problem ins Max, I have never heard your name around the mainstream. I mean it’s not a bad thing Chandler we all start somewhere. But if you are thinking you can walk all over MCW and myself. Well kid, I have some horrid news for you.”

“It isn’t going to happen son.”

“I have been around this business to long, been wrestling very smart and I am one of the top talents the world has ever seen. And it is because of that talent that I will prove on main point. That point being that I am the best there Is, was, and ever will be. It’s a fact you will have to face Chandler.”

“It’s a fact that many before you have faced. And it’s not something to be ashamed of Chandler, it’s not something you will need to regret. MCW is a great place to build up yourself, that’s why I am here I requested to be here in MCW because I want people to see me start from the bottom and work my way up to the top.”

“It’s an honor Chandler, an honor to present a product you have worked so hard to create. I am that product, the perfect product. And it is because of that product I produce that I will win. If that means stepping on your own pride Chandler, so be it friend I will.”

”Am I an asshole because of it? You better damn well believe I am.if you don’t your just another fool to be beaten by the best, and the best I will reamin. No one can tear down this superstar.”

“So prove me wrong Chandler! Step up to the plat and take a swing at me, believe this kid you will be just another on to strike out.”



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into a hotel room. Seen on a table is a bottle of wine on ice... Suddenly the bathroom door opens... A fog from the heat of the shower is seen as "First Class" Chandler Maxwell emerges wearing only a towel....)

Female voice:

"Hurry up Maxy I want it now"

Chandler grabs the bottle of wine smiling as he looks back towards the bathroom upon her request...


"Hey I will be there and you are going to feel what first class is all about.....

Chandler looks over and notices the camera....

You guys are early, well I guess I should shoot the promo now before I shoot the real shot later...

So let me introduce myself to everyone out there is lower class society... I am "First Class" Chandler Maxwell...

As you can see I am the ladies choice keeping there panties moist twenty four hours a day... Yes Ladies no longer will you have to look at average males inside the ring...

Yes the time has come for First Class to grace the wresting world... A quick preview of First Class takes you into my training... I was trained in my home country of England... My trainer is my older cousin "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin....

Adam has given me all the skills of the mat. Adam has worked for the last three years with me to get me to this very point. And now the time has come for England's Most Wanted to take over the wrestling world.....

Chandler looks into the mirror at his body..

Wow that is a nice piece of prime equity meat baby... So first up this week in my debut match is John Doe....

Female Voice:

Come on Maxy I am really wet.....

Chandler looks towards the door clinching his fist as he mutters the word "Sh*t...

Baby I will be in there to break you down in a minute.

Chandler looks up and whispers "I am going to crush that rat"...

So Doe you are my first opponent... I got a chance to watch your promo today. Wow you sure bring the magic to the interview world....

John I know who you are... It is you that did not take the time to know who I was.... John if you want to look at MCW as a chance to start at the bottom and showcase yourself, let drop the ego and you seem to carry with you...

Ok you have been in the business for a few years now... Yet all I have seen is a few flashes of talent mixed in with titles from a few second rate companies....

Now don't get me wrong this is my first match, however I am still in touch with the wrestling world enough to know you are not the main event of any company...

As far as be being able to compete with you... That will be seen this week... I know first hand I already shatter you in class, sophistication, and royalty....

As for you wrestling very smart John?.... SMart is a world that should never be used when referring to you. ...

But hey you are the best there is, was, and ever will be right? I guess in your world to be the man you got to beat the man right?

Um let see I guess what it comes down to is Whatcha going to do brother when John Doe comes crashing down on you...

OHHHH whata rush.... And if you are not down with that Doe's got two words for ya..... Oh and If you smell what John Doe is cooking!!!!!!!

Chandler shakes his head...

I may be green and from England but I am pretty sure that whole best of line is from some man in Canada....

But enough about cheese lines Doe... The fact is this week I am going to provide all the ladies with the treat that leaves them knocked off there feet...

And come final bell I am going to take you from first class back to coach.....

Chandler looks back to the bathroom....

Baby here comes daddy open your (CENSURE)

(Fade to black....
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