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May 2: Bracket Two (Rematch) - Boogie Smallz vs. Jean Rabesque

Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
I ain't a killa, but don't push me

(FADEIN to on the San Francisco Bay, a helicopter shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, the sun is setting in the background. The camera moves over the water and focuses on the island prison, Alcatraz. Cut to a figure on the roof of the prison and a cloud of smoke hovering over his head. The camera shot shifts once again, to a shot level with the roof. The camera approaches the figure and reveals it to be Boogie Smallz. He is wearing a black Phat Farm jean outfit, sporting an afro, and standing in a B-Boy stance.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: Ya’ know, my whole life tha laws was always in a brutha’s face. They’d try to bust me all tha time, implicate me in sum robberies, they was itchin’ to get me hemmed up in tha penitentiary. I wasn’t rollin’ with tha right kinda peoples…so it coulda’ happened. But it didn’t…and herre I am today, up out tha hood and livin’ a betta’ life.

But don’t get it twisted. I still got struggles, I still got obstacles in my way erry damn day. So I gotta keep that street mentality, you can take me out tha hood…but ya can’t take tha hood outta me.

(Boogie puffs his blunt and contemplates his next statement.)

Why am I herre? Well for one, I wanted to check this place out. Figured while I was in tha area for Primetime, I’d check this piece out. I heard tha stories and I had to see it for myself. I also wanted to send a message to myself, sorta like a retrospective of life or sum ish. I don’t expect y’all to understand, but it jus’ shows me how far I’ve come and where I coulda’ ended up.

(Boogie watches the sun fall off in the distance and darkness beginning to sweep over the city. He puffs his blunt and grins.)

But enough about all that…I got a rematch to talk about. Why is it a rematch? ‘Cuz tha last match got a lil’ outta hand. We wanted to hurt each otha’. We wanted to punish each otha’. And damnit, in tha end we did…more than either of us realized. When it was ruled a double-countout, I thought my chances for tha World title were…(Puffs his blunt and quickly exhales.)…up in smoke.

I gotta admit, I like how Thomas runs thangs. Tha man was quick to respond and sanction a rematch, I can’t argue with that. I felt cheated TWICE in matches against Rabesque, it ain’t happenin’ this time! I’m hungry, dawg. I’ve been in tha CSWA straight starvin’, kid. Hungrier than a ma’fuggin’ hostage! I’m so f’n hungry…I’ll eat tha damn plate!

That hunger ain’t tha munchies from this herb. (Shakes his head.) It’s tha hunger for respect. Tha hunger for glory. Tha hunger for tha World title! (Mean mugs the camera.) Rabesque, I don’t think it’s sunken in yet. You still ain’t realizin’. I’m tryin’ to tell you, son. I am through bulls(BLEEP)in’. This is my time. I’m a diamond in tha rough…and this ice is about to get his shine on.

(Puts his blunt in his mouth, pops his collar, and brushes his shoulders off.)

I hearr they got sumbody waitin’ on the outcome of this match. (Asking the cameraman.) What’s his name? (The cameraman responds, but it is inaudible to the audience at home.)

Yeah…Vince Jacobs. I want to send you an open invitation to park yo' ass down at ringside and take a close look at what you gotta face in tha next round. (Puffs his blunt.)

Rabesque, your days are numbered. You won’t be makin’ it to tha next round, dawg…that spot is reserved for yours truly. (Grins.) But don’t hate…congratulate. (Smiles.) ‘Cuz your good pal, Boogie, won’t forget about tha lil’ people that helped him along tha way. When I win tha World title, I’ll make sure to pencil you in for one of my first title defenses. Don’t say I didn’t try and hook you up.

(Boogie puffs his blunt, mean mugs the camera, then flashes his hand over the lens.)



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
In a van down by the river
(The screen comes in on the CSWA Greensboro Title, and then cuts away so that Jean Rabesque can be seen, he wears the normal gear, you should have the hang of this by now)

“You know something that I am truly sick and tired of? The absolute lack of responsibility that permeates through this world now! No one is ever responsible for their own actions, for their own events! Everything is always someone else’s fault. In all situations, someone else is looking out to ‘get you,’ to try to ‘stick it to you.’

“Blow it out your ass!

“That’s what I have to say to people like Boogie Smallz, people who continually think that someone has it out for them. Boogie, I will again make this as clear to you as I possibly can. You are not important enough for anybody to hold you down. You do a perfectly good job of that yourself, to the point that no one else even has to try. But things are changing aren’t they Boogie? Hell, just last week, the great Boogie Smallz reached the absolute pinnacle of his career…… he got into a wrestling ring with the greatest technical wrestler alive, Jean Rabesque…….

“And wrestled him to a double countout!

“Congrats Biggie, I guess you proved to the entire wrestling world your superiority over all. Or how you can finally conquer over all of those of us who have been ‘sticking it to you’ all these years. (Chuckles) Yeah, sure you have obstacles Boogie, the first and foremost being LACK OF TALENT. Spare us the stories Boogie, because to be honest no one wants to hear it. The fact of the matter is that I didn’t beat you in the middle of the ring, which is a great accomplishment for you than anything you’ve ever done. So salvage it, enjoy it…..

“And be prepared for the biggest beat down of your life.

“You never got cheated Boogie, you just did what you always do. You choked. That’s your thing, ain’t it? You talk a good game for a long time, rambling about how you’re finally going to overcome the past and that it’s finally your time. We get all this build-up, all this hype, the people turn out in droves to see Boogie finally win the big one, finally reach out and grab that big brass ring!!

“And then of course, you choke. You choke harder than the 2003 Chicago Cubs and the 2004 New York Yankees combined. You might get close every now and then Boogie, but you always, always, ALWAYS fail to live up to any of your own hype. Why Boogie? Because like I said, you just aren’t very good.

“You see, the reality always does come out. A promotion can do a lot for a wrestler if they get the marketing machine behind them. They can book appearances, they can create a pretty cool character, but at the end of the day that guy better be able to get it done inside of the ring, because if he can’t, no one’s going to care about any of the other stuff Boogie. And plain and simple….you suck!

“So the last name you’re going to ever need to worry about is Vince Jacobs Boogie. The only name that you’re going to have to concern yourself with is the Doc at the facility they’re going to ship your sorry ass too. Last week…. was an aberration. It was a fluke, and you still didn’t get the win. Do you honestly think that you have a chance against a man that can out-wrestle anyone on the planet? Last time I made the mistake of trying to play your game Boogie. Never again. This time, it will be quick, and it will be decisive.

“And your ass will tap out in the middle of the ring. It doesn’t matter what you have to say Boogie, it will happen. Like it or not, your little dream is coming to an end. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am the NEXT and RIGHTFUL CSWA World Heavyweight Champion, I am Jean Rabesque.”


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