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MBE presents "The New Neighbors Have a Hot Tub"

Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
Live on ESEN Friday July 20th at 8PM. Message Board Entertainment debuts on its new network with "The New Neighbors Have a Hot Tub." Yes, Yori is naming the shows now, god help us all. It's a potluck dinner of MBE wrestling action as you meet the superstars of MBE at their home venue, the MBE Arena in Binghamton, NY.

Already signed for the card, the MBE Tag Team Champions, The Thrillbililies will rekindle their long running feud with those happy hooligans, The Sheffield Wednesday Lot. Mac and Gentleman Nate have tag team gold on their mind once more, but to win the belts from the undefeated Billies, they will have to climb the ladder of success, literally. That's right, the titles will be on the line in a ladder match with the belts hanging from the rafters of the arena.

Also signed to appear are MBE superstars Promo, Jeffrey Roberts, and former PbPro Quintuple Crown Champion, Justin Evitable, who will surely have a lot to say about being stripped of his belts by the PbPro board of directors.

Don't miss out on any of this action, live on ESEN.

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