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Mbe Zero Hour 2007

Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
The camera cuts into shots of the arena, cutting into the arena as the camera pans around the crowd holding various signs in support of their favorite wrestlers, a shot of the ring as it zooms back, the MBE logo shining bright in the middle of the ring through the flashing lights going on around the arena, the camera cuts to Dr. Phantasmo and Till at the announce table.

Till: Welcome everyone to Zero Hour 2007! We've got an exciting night in store for everyone that ordered our PPV this sunday! We've got an exciting new team debuting tonight and they are going against everyone's favorite soccer hooligans, it's That NEW 70's Team going up against the Sheffield Wednesday Lot!

Dr. P: Booooooring

Till: That's just the tip of the iceberg, because Lance Thunder is putting it all on the line, neck and career as he has taken quite enough of Promo's crap these past few weeks and he is looking for payback. Lance loses, he's out of a job, Lance wins and Promo works under him for a month!

Dr. P: Lance will lose more than his career, Till, he's going to lose his health insurance and the ability to slap a mat three times in other endeavors, why? well lets just say that stem cell research hasn't evolved enough to cure damaged spinal cords.

Till: Andy Gilkison will test the pain threshold of our newest and most insane wrestler, Jeffery Roberts. This one is sure to get out of hand quick.

Dr. P: Another match I'm waiting to see, first I'm going to see Lance out of a job, and not only that, but it's a package deal when Andy is leaving in an ambulance, preferably with a few bite marks and a missing pinky.

Till: Justin has had alot to say to IrishRed this week, and IrishRed has alot to explain for after Evolution, these two are going to go at it in a patented MBE STREET FIGHT! Winner takes home the PbPro Quintuple Crown Championship and will have a certain amount of leveredge in the way things work in here

Dr. P: If Justin wins, Tokyo riots...trust me, you don't want to see PbPro angry, it will be another sweet victory for me when I see IrishRed leaves Justin's blood all over this arena, and give him something Justin has been long overdue for, a realization that he is not the savior of MBE and that he was the same mislead and no talent punk he was in the old MBE.

Till: We also have the tag team titles on the line, the thrillbillies have had those titles since the tag tournament and are looking to keep their title reign alive when they face off against the international icons.

Dr. P: I really don't have a comment for this other than the fact that I'd rather see the thrillbillies re-enact a civil war battle than hold onto any sort of gold. Fire up the general lee and try jumping a cliff...

Till: None of that matches up to the main event. Duchess has overcome all odds and is getting something not many people ever get, a second chance, tonight, Duchess is tempting fate again as she goes one on one with Doc Silver in an attempt to dethrone him and become the first woman champion in MBE and end such a terrible reign.

Dr. P: Oh come on now, Till, Doc is our greatest and most brilliant champion to date, it's either him or Promo, otherwise, this company is dust, you have him to thank, Till, and you're going to see, that he is going to come out of this the champion, and I'm going to get to see Duchess finaly break down and cry like a little girl.

Till: Oh for crying out loud, Dr. Phantasmo, shut the hell up, STAY TUNED! MBE ZERO HOUR IS ABOUT TO GET UNDERWAY!

Dr. P: I brought you a nice bottle of Smirnoff for after the show.

Lights, Pyro, MBE ZERO HOUR!

Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
That NEW 70's Team v. The Sheffield Wednesday Lot

Disco Inferno begins to play over the PA system and That NEW 70's Team come dancing out of the entranceway and onto the ramp, the crowd seems to be digging the new duo as Super Cool points out to the crowd and begins to rub his chest down and do a few hip gyrations, Boogie Man gets his travoltas and eggbeaters in at the top of the ramp as well.

Till: And we are underway for our first match of the Pay Per View, we get to witness a new breed of old school with a new style...or maybe an old style...well it doesnt matter, cause that NEW 70's team is out here to face the Sheffield Wednesday Lot.

Dr. P: Scuse me while I get some fried dough

That NEW 70's get in the ring and Super Cool pours some oil down on his chest and rubs it in with his usual hip gyration, Boogie Man brings a stool into the ring and makes the ref stand on it and hold a disco ball, spins it and preforms the travolta with a few eggbeaters in between. The music kicks out and here comes the Sheffield Wednesday chant, followed by the Sheffield Wednesday Lot w/ Juen Lee, jersey and pints and all. They have a few swigs before force chugging down Juen Lee's throat before sliding in the ring and begin a fist fight with that NEW 70's team.

Till: And the Lot going with what they know best, fistacuffs

Dr. P: Seriously Till, this isnt the time of Jack Brisco. You can say "beating the piss out of each other"

Mac clotheslines Boogie Man over the top rope, going over with him as Nate and Super Cool Eric Hyde are left as the two legal men, Nate starts off the match with a few right/left combination punches, staggering Super Cool to the ropes before whipping him to the far ropes, drops down for a back body drop but Super Cool puts on the brakes, grabs Nate by his hair and starts hip gyrating on the top of his head, Nate isn't liking it too much, goes for a clothesline but Super Cool has it spotted, ducks and quickly deposits Nate to the mat with a Rock Bottom-esque maneuver, and goes for a quick pin.



kickout from Nate as Super Cool drags Nate over to the corner where Boogie Man has made his way back to, the tag is made and Boogie Man climbs the top rope as Super Cool holds Nate down on the mat, Boogie Man flies off the top rope as he points to the sky with his right arm and the quickly brings it down into an elbow drop. Boogie Man quick on the offense laying in a few boots before springboarding off the far ropes into a cartwheel, somersault backflip, finishing it with a knee across the forehead. Crowd gets into the match a little more with that move. Boogie Man goes for the cover.



Mac is in to make the save, Mac picks up Boogie Man and launches him to the far turnbuckle, here comes mac with a full head of steam, Boogie Man out of the way and Mac crashes into the turnbuckle, Nate is up, full head of steam, looks for the clothesline but Boogie Man scouts it out this time and low bridges Nate over the top ropes. Super Cool is in and as Mac stumbles out of the corner, Super Cool picks him up in a reverse death valley driver but sits out into a backbreaker, sending Mac rolling out of the ring with Super Cool in pursuit. Nate has finaly gotten to his feet and Boogie Man is dragging him back up to the ring apron. After a couple rights from Boogie Man he hops up to the top rope, jumps around and spins around sitting on Nate's shoulders, preforms the eggbeater before delivering a hurricanrana that sends Nate crashing to the floor, Boogie Man collects himself and throws Nate back into the ring and goes for a cover.



Nate kicks out, the brawl outside isn't going as favorable for that NEW 70's team as a whip into the steel steps is reversed by Mac and Super Cool goes shoulder first directly into the ring steps, Mac clears the timekeepers table and grabs a chair, Super Cool is slumped over the steps and Mac drops the chair and sandwiches Super Cool's midsection into the steel steps, follows it up with another one across the back as Super Cool rises up in pain, Mac goes for a third in the face but Super Cool ducks under and gets Mac into an electric chair position, turns around and drops Mac abdomen first onto the steel steps.

Back into the ring, Boogie Man is eye raked by Nate and Nate continues his assault of punches and kicks, whips Boogie Man into the ropes and is met with a knee to the stomach sending Boogie Man doubling over to the mat, Nate is relentless with the stomping but here comes Super Cool to break it up, but the ref gets between him and Nate and sends Super Cool back to the corner, as Nate turns around Boogie Man flips up onto his shoulders and sends both men crashing back down as Boogie Man delivers a huge tornado DDT in the middle of the ring. Mac is broken in half outside the ring but stirring, grabbing the pitcher of beer and rolling in the ring, leaving the hand with the pitcher out of the ring, ref sees him and goes over to him telling him to get back in his corner, Boogie Man makes the tag as Super Cool enters the ring but the ref did not see the tag and the ref turns around and quickly goes over to Super Cool telling him to get back into the corner, Super Cool is professing to the ref that the tag was made but the ref is not having any of it, Boogie Man is on his feet and turns around towards Nate and mac, Nate grabs Boogie Man by the tights and launches him towards Mac who is ready and smashes the pint of beer against Boogie Man's head. Nate goes for a cover, ref turns around just in time to see it.

Till: Typical Lot tactics to get a victory, this is a sad day for this new team

Dr. P: It was even sadder the day MBE signed them.

Till: Doesn't your country have a stable that idolizes the blue world order?

Dr. P: They have since been executed by firing squad

the cover...



Boogie Man kicks out! Nate is in disbelief but continues to assault boogie man with a few boots, picking up boogie man and is about to bodyslam him but Boogie Man starts doing the eggbeater again on Nate's shoulder and brings his momentum backwards into a reverse front falling DDT, Boogie Man is crawling over to the corner again, Nate is rolling over towards Mac, Super Cool is extending his hand, Nate over towards Mac, hot tag super cool and here comes eric hyde, tag to Mac but gets laid out with a clothesline as soon as he enters the ring, turns to Nate and delivers a jawbreaker sending Nate stumbling around the ring, Super Cool begins the hip gyration and chest rubbing before Nate turns around and eats a superkick. Here comes Boogie Man charging towards Super Cool, jumps on Super Cool's shoulders and Super Cool alley-oops Boogie Man over the top rope into a senton crashing into Mac on the mat.

Till: These new guys have shown themselves to have some unique moves in the ring, stuff we've definately never seen back in the 70's

Dr. P: You also didn't see a vagina in that decade either....score another for the good guys.

Boogie Man and Mac clear the ring, but there's Juen Lee, running off the apron into a tornado DDT on Boogie Man on the downed steel chair outside the ring. Super Cool looks over to Juen Lee and starts having words in his direction before getting pulled around by Nate and having his eye raked. Nate now in control for the moment as he quickly applies a sleeper hold, Nate rocking back and forth like the ultimate warrior trying to apply pressure on the hold as Super Cool tries to break the hold, which he eventualy does with a judo toss. Nate is up with a takedown and a stepover toe hold, the move doesnt last long as Super Cool manages to kick Nate off into the ropes, sending him flying back and into a spinebuster. Juen Lee is climbing the top rope but Super Cool has him spotted, he charges over and throws a forearm to Juen Lee's back that sends him flying off the top rope and onto the guardrail.

Boogie Man has been thrown back into the ring by Mac and has him pinned in the corner with a few knee lifts and shoulder rams, Nate is up and in full charge and crushes Super Cool in the corner, following up with a combination of kicks and punches, Nate and Mac look at each other and irish whip that NEW 70's team into each other but they put on the breaks before they're about to connect with each other, pause for a moment, then Super Cool begins his usual chest rub/hip gyration and Boogie Man preforms the travolta before they both charge back at their opponents and splash them into the corner.

Till: Huge counter for this new tag team, it looks like the Lot are in a bad way now

Dr. P: I think Churchill would roll in his grave knowing that these two fools are reprsenting the UK....unfortunately for churchill there isn't much room left in that grave what with the bottles of Cognac laying around.

Till: Are you taking the side of that NEW 70's team then?

Dr. P: I'd rather commit ritual suicide, but I won't give you that honor, I'm still waiting for your liver to die.

Mac falls over and rolls out of the ring while Nate stumbles around the corner a bit before Super Cool picks up Nate, Boogie Man is heading to the top rope, Super Cool powerbombs Nate near the corner before Boogie Man takes off for his 630 splash on Nate.

Till: And they call that "Saturday Night Fever"

Dr. P: Terrible movie...even worse move...

Super Cool goes for the cover.





Till: Impressive debut for this new team, they may be going somewhere but it's still to early to tell.

Dr. P: I can see the pay per view headlines now....that new 70's team vs. the thrillbillies, with special guest referee charles darwin.

Till: As long as it makes you cringe, Dr. Phantasmo, I'll order that pay per view.

Dr. P: Remind me to poison your coffee sometime in the near future.

Till: More pay per view action is coming up as Promo is set to take on Lance Thunder, and if Promo loses then he has to be a referee under Lance Thunder for a month, but if Lance were to lose? He will no longer be a referee under the MBE banner.

Dr. P: Bye Bye Lance!

Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
Lance Thunder v. Promo

TILL: And now it’s time for a match that I’ve been waiting for ever since Promo decided to start laying his hands on MBE officials.

DR. P: You mean, you want Lance Thunder gone to? Hey, I didn’t think we were on the same side here, Till.

TILL: We’re not. What Promo’s done to the MBE officials is nothing but insulting and Lance Thunder had finally seen enough of it, and as senior referee, he finally decided to do something about it by reminding Promo that he’s not always been a referee.

DR. P: Yeah, but what he’s forgetting is that the reason he’s not a wrestler anymore is because he sucked. Oh yeah, that neck injury thing also. Promo’s going to put Lance Thunder straight out of MBE and into the unemployment line.

“I Stand Alone” begins to play and Promo emerges from the back with Irishred, A, and Freakfish following right behind him.

DR. P: And there he is, Till, the man of the hour, the man who tonight is going to finish the career of Lance Thunder.

TILL: That remains to be seen, my friend. But I’ll admit that with the entire PBPro Contingent at his side, Promo certainly seems confident here tonight.

As the PBPro Contingent make their way into the ring, Promo climbs to the second rope, raising his Singapore Cane high into the air, and as usual, the camera catches a large portion of the crowd with their backs turned to the masked man, which only seems to infuriate him even more.

"Thunder Kiss '65" hits the PA in the arena and the crowd erupts

TILL: and here he comes, and you’ve got to admit that he looks like he’s ready for this match.

DR. P: Looks mean nothing, Till. Just because this guy is standing up straight doesn’t me that he’s a bad fall away from being stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

TILL: Well, we’ll see about that. It looks like he’s brought a present out here for Promo, a special MBE referee shirt just for him. And look, he’s showing Promo that he was even nice enough to have his name put on the back of it.

DR. P: Yeah, that’s what he wants to do right before this match, make Promo even madder than he already is.

And with those words, Promo dives through the ropes and right into Lance Thunder at ringside. Both men rolling over each other for advantage while attempting to throw punches at each other.

TILL: Promo not wasting time here and the referee is out there trying to get both men into the ring so we can officially start this match.

DR. P: Might as well have rang the bell anyway, Till, because you know as well as I do, that this match is going to be outside the ring at some point anyway.

TILL: There’s the bell, and this one is now officially underway, and Promo now backing the referee up, trying to intimidate him. This man’s attitude towards the officials is just sick. Lance from behind with the roll up!




TILL: Lance Thunder just pulled the upset, wait, the official is telling us that it was only a two-count.

DR. P: I guess you’ve got to give Lance some credit, he actually hired someone who’s honest.

While Lance is questioning his own officials count, Promo from behind with a clubbing blow to the back of the head that sends Lance into the corner. Promo leads in with a hard chop to the chest of Thunder that leaves a blistering red mark. An Irish Whip into the far turnbuckle later and Promo delivers a dropkick that catches Lance Thunder squarely on the chin.

TILL: And now look at him gloat. He’s got Lance Thunder down, and instead of following up and trying to pin him, he’s gloating about it to the fans. And look at that, they’re turning their backs on him again. You’ve got to love it.

DR. P: I don’t have to love anything other than the fact that Lance Thunder’s getting exactly what he deserves. You know, there’s a reason that people like him didn’t get offered wrestling contracts.

TILL: You mean his medical condition.

DR. P: No, I mean he sucks.

Promo goes over to Thunder now, and leans down a pulls him up to his feet. He hurls him up onto his shouder and slams him down hard to the mat and immediately drops a leg across the throat. He’s down now, and rolls Lance over onto his stomach.

DR. P: And look at that he’s rubbing Lance’s face into the mat and screaming at him that he should’ve stayed out of his business.

TILL: The referee should stop this right now, and he’s giving Promo a count to let go of the hair.

Promo let’s go of the hair of Lance Thunder and then gets in the face of the referee threatening to do the same to him if he gets in his way, but the referee pulling his shirt as a warning to him that he can be disqualified.

TILL: Promo not really paying attention to Lance Thunder who has gotten back to his feet now, and he spins Promo around and rocks him with a right hand, and another, and another.

DR. P: Those are closed fists, shouldn’t he know that’s against the rules?

Lance Thunder grabs the arm of Promo and wrenches it into an armbar before crossing it up into a DDT that plants the mask of Promo flat into the mat.

TILL: Lance thinking that maybe what’s good for the goose…..

DR. P: Yeah, he’s setting a shining example for referees everywhere.

Thunder now pulling Promo over to the ropes and puts his neck on the ropes before driving a knee right into the base of Promo’s neck. It’s almost as if Lance Thunder’s gameplan is to injure Promo the same way that he himself is injured.

TILL: Lance being forced off of Promo now by the referee after not listening to his count. This referee knows how important this match is and he doesn’t want to have to disqualify his boss.

DR. P: Well, if he disqualifies him, then Thunder’s fired, so he wouldn’t be his boss anymore.

Promo rolls out of the ring and looks under the ring apron for something and Thunder quickly follow him outside the ring.

DR. P: I told you this one would end up out here before long. This is a big mistake for Thunder, Till, because Promo owns the outside of the ring.

TILL: And there you saw it, he just nailed Lance with something.

A replay shows that Promo picked up a tool used to tighten the ring ropes with and jabbed it into the throat of Lance Thunder.

TILL: And the referee never saw a thing. As much as I dislike the man, I’ll admit that he’s got a way for breaking the rules.

DR. P: I think as far as he’s concerned, there are no rules, Till.

Promo now with the upperhand and he slings Lance Thunder into the ring steps with a sickening crash. For good measure, he delivers a boot to the chest before rolling back into the ring to break the count. Promo rolls back out, pulling Thunder up once again. He lifts Thunder up to his shoulder and prepares to drive him into the ringpost.

TILL: Lance slips off the shoulder and he sends Promo shoulderfirst into the ringpost! From behind, Lance delivers a big clothesline that takes down the Underground Icon.

DR. P: As the senior MBE official, he should be trying his best to get Promo back into the ring, Till. He’s setting a bad example here for the other referees.

TILL: No, he’s got some revenge to extract now as he drives the back of Promo into the edge of the ring! You know that’s giving him some satisfaction.

Lance rolls Promo back into the ring and slides in under the bottom rope himself. Lance signaling to the crowd and he fires off the ropes with a running knee lift that spins Promo around and into the ropes.

TILL: Lance from behind now and he’s locking Promo into a sleeperhold. He’s got it locked in, I think.

DR. P: This could be bad news for Promo, Till. He’s fighting it as Lance is trying to pull Promo back away from the ropes.

TILL: A good strategic move as Lance is taking away a possible escape attempt there by Promo. And it looks like Promo is heading out. The referee checks the arm.

It falls once.

He raises it once again.

It falls twice.

And for the last time, he raises it.

TILL: And Promo just dropped to the mat and Lance Thunder’s neck just snapped backwards as his chin came down on the top of Promo’s head. I think he’s hurt.

DR. P: Now that's what we call an understatement...I think he just lost the ability to check his blind spot when he drives.

Promo slowly rolls over to his side, feeling the effects of that sleeper hold. The referee has no choice but to begin administering a ten count.



Neither man making an effort to get to their feet .



Promo now rolling to the ropes and he begins to get up.



Lance Thunder now showing some signs of life at least as he clinches his neck.



And Promo is back to a standing position, stopping the count.

TILL: This is not a good situation. Promo seeing Lance Thunder on the mat, holding his neck, and he can smell the blood. He’s a man who will do whatever it takes to get under someone’s skin, and he’s now mocking Lance Thunder.

DR. P: It might not be right, Till, but damnit, Lance knew what kind of chance he was taking by getting physical with Promo in the first place

Promo pulls Lance Thunder to his feet and whips him into the corner before delivering a shouldertackle into the midsection. With that move, he picks Lance Thunder up and sets him on the top rope.

TILL: Oh no, we all know what this means, and with the shape that Lance Thunder’s neck is in, this might kill him.

DR. P: You pay the price to play the game, Till. Everybody knows that each time they climb into the ring, it might be the last time.

With those words, Promo delivers a powerful Promoplex that literally silences the crowd.

TILL: Absolutely disgusting that he would do that. He probably could’ve pinned him already and had this one over, but now, there’s no telling what kind of damage he’s done to Lance Thunder’s neck.

DR. P: And look at him now, he’s in no hurry to make a cover

Indeed, Promo slowly walks over to Lance Thunder before dropping down and making the cover, even bothering to hook the leg for good measure.




TILL: I didn’t think we would see this happening tonight. Never in my mind did I think that Promo would be so sadistic as to actually try to cripple Lance Thunder.

DR. P: The PBPro Contingent now on the outside of the ring celebrating as they’ve gotten rid of one of the thorns in their side. Lance Thunder is gone from MBE.

TILL: The man will be lucky if he can walk, and you’re worried about him being out of a job?

EMT’s rush to the ring to check on Lance Thunder, who still hasn’t moved in the ring. This brings out Yamada and Yori Yakamo from the back to check on their head official.

TILL: A serious look of concern on the face of Yamada as he can’t believe that Freakfish has encouraged this kind of behavior out of Promo. And he’s letting Freakfish know what he thinks of him.

Dr. P: Till, not meaning to interrupt, but I think I just saw them signal for a stretcher from the back.

Another set of EMT’s are rushing a gurney down to ringside as the weight of the atmosphere has just taken a drastic downturn. After a few minutes, they finally get Lance situated on the gurney and begin to roll him out of the arena.

TILL: And look at that, Lance Thunder is actually able to give the fans a thumbs up on his way out! You’ve got to take that as an encouraging sign.

DR. P: Yamada and Yakamo still in the ring berating the PBPro guys though. I don’t think they care they’re outnumbered two to one.

TILL: Yamada now grabbing Yakamo and they’re leaving the ringside area after letting Freakfish, A, and crew know exactly what they think of them.

As the MBE duo make their way to the back, they are leveled from behind by Freakfish and A in a blindside attack.

TILL: And all hell is breaking loose now as Freakfish has Yamada and he just smashes his head repeatedly into the guard rail while A has Yori and is choking him with some cables for the cameras.

DR. P: And look at Promo and Irishred, they’re holding off anyone who’s trying to come out to help them! This PBPro group takes care of each other, you’ve got to admit that!

TILL: Finally there’s too many people for Promo and Irishred to hold back and the four men are separated but all four of them are spewing venom and spit into the air trying to get their hands on each other!

DR. P: I love it! Finally, we’re getting some actual emotion out of Yamada about what Freakfish has done with PBPro.

TILL: And it’s going to be interesting to hear what Yamada has to say about this later.

Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
The True Face Speaks Out

Eye of the Tiger begins to play over the PA system as the crowd raises to their feet in a resounding pop

Dr. P: Oh lord, what the hell does this guy want now...his match isn't next, he's lucky he's even that high on the card.

Till: He's been doing a pretty good job lately getting in the business of PbPro, and after last weeks victory without Andy, he deserves it every little bit.

Justin is out halfway down the ramp and begins to look out to the crowd, wearing his wrestling gear and his trademark Ruby Red Oakley X-Metal Juliets, he continues his quick saunter down to the ring and proceeds to climb the turnbuckle as he reaches the ring and plays out to the crowd a little and basking in the cheers

Till: Listen to the ovation for Justin, Dr. P, you can't deny how the people feel about them.

Dr. P: Till, you should know by now that I don't really care how these people feel about...well, anything for that matter.

Justin climbs down for the turnbuckle and asks for a mic as the music cuts, and looks over to the announce table and stares at Dr. P

Justin: Hey...Doctor Phantasia.

Justin pauses for a moment, camera cuts over to Dr. Phantasmo to capture his glare, then back to Justin

Justin: Why don't you sit down in your little commentary booth, with your 10 dollar suit, and your 50 cent smirk, and shut your ******* pie hole before I introduce my left hand Justin smacks the mic to create a pop sound to your right eye!

Justin stops to get back through the ropes and into the middle of the ring as the crowd pops to his remark at Dr. Phantasmo, camera catches Dr. P's expression of disgust and hatred towards Justin, camera cuts back to Justin in the ring

Justin: It's not like the "True Face" doesn't hear all your little stupid ass remarks against....yours truly.

Justin: You see, the "True Face" knows your a PbPro sympathizer, and I'm curious, Dr. Phantasmo, how many times have you won the PbPro quintuple crown championship?

Dr. Phantasmo: I've won that ti...

Justin: I don't give a ******* how many times you've won it! You see, there's a little thing about that title that the "True Face" needs to let you all know about. He doesn't want that title to be the new reigning champion of PbPro, no, that's not it at all. In fact, he could care less where those titles end up. You listening Dr. P? Because when he's finished wiping up all the debris left around the arena with Irish Red's face and grabs those belts back for MBE, he's going to take....the Pacific Rim Title...and a copy of Playboy...go into the nearest facility, and take a nice steaming pile of **** directly on it.

Another crowd pop pauses the "True Face"

Justin: And you know what he plans to do with the PbPro Junior Heavyweight Title, Dr. P? Well we obviously need toilet paper when he's done with the Pacific Rim Title, and nothing sais ass wipe better than a PbPro Junior Heavyweight Championship. But Justin, what do you want to do with the other 3 titles you ask? well let the "True Face" tell you what he plans to do. Maybe smelt down the gold, make a few rims for a Kia, take the excess leather, and proceed to shove it straight up Promo's ass.

Justin: As far as the "True Face" is concerned, PbPro is here because FreakFish is still a little pissy about his World Title history. One world title reign, eh FreakFish? Well let the "True Face" just shed some tears for you because you want to control this company because the Yakamos had one more reign than you did....and 2 more North American title reigns, and 3 Tag Team title reigns...hell, even Aussie B had a tag team title reign. Let's not forget that the person that defeated you for the World Championship was inducted along with said Yakamo.

Justin: It's a shame that you have to resort to bringing in your little asian freakshow, of which contains a letter, a shape, a drunk and a coward, and for you slow PbPro representatives out in the back who are too busy ****ing up a Playstation release, the "True Face" was refering to A, that cheeseburger eating fatty, Red and Promo.

Justin: One thing will never change, FreakFish, is that no matter how many of these shoulda been blowjobbers you send at me, the "True Face" will proceed to beat them down one by damn one, take your precious PbPro titles away, strip them of their worth, and use the funds to buy you a plane ticket home, you champagne drinking, no talent fairy.

Justin: If one thing is clear by the end of tonight, it's that the "True Face" is going to beat the living piss out of Irish Red tonight, take back those straps and finaly seal the fate upon the wretched excuse of a promotion that is PbPro, because I'm the True Facin', Head Droppin, Party Lovin, ass kickin son of a ***** that is going to hammer that last nail in your contingent and send you back to the land of the rising sun.

Justin mocks a stereotypical asian tune with his voice

Justin: And that's the damn truth

Justin drops the mic as Eye of the Tiger hits again as he climbs the turnbuckle to a thunderous pop and plays to the crowd one more time before heading to the locker rooms to prepare for his match

Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
Jeffrey Roberts. Andy Gilkison

Down with the sickness begins to play as Jeffery Roberts begins his entrance to the ring

Till: Here comes probably one of the most sadistic men to walk to the center of this ring since the time of Americancyco and Lady Rebellion

Dr. P: While I don't do this very often and actualy never at all, but I'll agree with you there, but Jeffery Roberts is a new kind of insane, and I wouldn't mind him coming over here, and maybe cannibilizing you or something...I'm still trying to figure out how to get a new broadcast partner.

Jeffery Roberts enters the ring and sits down in the corner and waits as Highway to Hell hits over the PA and the fans stand in a resounding pop for Andrew Gilkison, who makes his way down to the ring, focused on Jeffery Roberts, Andy starts a full charge, slides into the ring and he and Jeffery Roberts begin to hammer away at each other

Till: We're underway quick here folks, these two are hammering away at each other relentlessly, these two men are great technical wrestlers, but it looks like an all out street fight now.

Dr. P: Oh shut the hell up, Till, if you were smart you'd realize that Jeffery Roberts is going to rip Andy up right here in the ring, the same he did to Duchess last week.

Andy and Roberts keep hammering away, Andy blocks a left by Roberts, throws one of his own, hammers a few more rights at Jeffery Roberts as the fans cheer him along, finaly throws a haymaker that knocks Roberts to the ground. The fans pop as Andy starts the match under control, drags Jeffery Roberts to his feet, drags him to the corner and starts laying boots down to the midsection, continues to stomp away as Jeffery Roberts slumps into the corner, Andy begins stomping a mudhole into him as the fans begin to chant "Andy!" "Andy!" "Andy!". Andy stops for a moment, gets a full head of steam and plans to charge knee first into Jeffery Roberts face, but Jeff slides himself out of the corner just in time as Andy hits the turnbuckles knee first. Jeffery Roberts is quick to smell blood as he grabs Andy's leg out from under him and begins to lay down kicks to the back of the knee, Jeff drags Andy into the middle of the ring and begins to apply a figure four leglock but Andy boots Jeff in the rear end sending him flying headfirst into the turnbuckle, Jeff staggers backwards and ends up in Andy's german suplex, he bridges for the pin.



Jeff kicks out at 2.1

Till: Andy looking to take Jeffery Roberts out quickly here, but I think it's going to take more than this to finish of Roberts

Dr. P: An expert observation, I guess you passed the "Match the blocks to the holes" exam

Andy is back on Jeffery Roberts laying in a few boots, and drops a couple elbows before bringing Jeff back up to his feet, irish whip to the ropes countered, Andy to the ropes, ducks a clothesline from Jeff, comes bouncing back, Lou Thez press, hammering away at Jeff's temple with right hands. Andy gets up from him and walks a circle around the ring, Jeff is to his feet and charges in, clothesline to Andy and Andy is down. Jeff is now on top of Andy hammering away and raking at the face of Andy, looking to rip skin clean off his head. The referee gets in there with a count and Jeff obliges, but then begins a blatant choke on Andy and again releases at the 4 count. The ref rips Jeffery Roberts off Andy and begins to lash into Jeff about the choking, Jeff has some choice words for the ref but the ref warns him that if he touches him he will be disqualified, this gives enough time for Andy to come in with a quick rollup, ref is there!


kickout at 2.9!

Dr. P: Now I've seen enough! That ref is being biased, someone get the PbPro officials out here to call this match.

Till: Oh THATS going to solve the problem.

Jeff is up and clotheslines Andy down to the mat, he mounts Andy and begins combination lefts and rights down on Andy's face before jumping off, Andy sits up clutching his head, Jeff bounces off the ropes and snaps a standing dropkick directly into Andy's head, a snap is heard on impact, Jeff grabs Andy's arm, flips him over and applies a combination wristlock/Dragonsleeper on Andy with his knee on Andy's back for added leveredge. Andy is screaming out in pain, but is not showing any signs of submission to the ref. Andy is near the ropes though and is reaching out as far as he can, he barely scrapes the bottom rope as Jeff sees this and begins applying more pressure, wrenching back on Andy's lower jaw.

Dr. P: Oh now this is just a gorgeous sight, this somewhat newcomer giving Andy the beating of a lifetime, and making him scream like a little girl, all my dreams are coming true tonight.

Till: You give these MBE originals so litle credit.

Dr. P: Cause they're useless, Till, they're better served as common ring crew now.

Andy is not giving in as he gives one final lunge and grabs hold of the bottom rope, much to the crowd's approval. The crowd lets out a roaring cheer, but Jeff is not letting go of the hold, the ref gives him a count which Jeff breaks the hold in just under 5. The ref begins to jaw more at Jeff for his disobediance of the rules but Jeff just stands there and gives the referee a sick smile.

Till: This man should legaly be unable to preform in the ring.

Dr. P: It should also be a law not to allow Andrew Gilkison within a hundred feet of actual wrestling talent as well...but you don't see me complaining...

Till: I don't?

Dr. P: Don't you have an AA meeting tonight? I mean really, Till, you're a danger to the entire community if you end up driving home from the arena.

Jeff focuses his attention back at Andy but spent a little too much time distracted by the referee as Andy grabs the tights and flings Jeff out of the ring and onto the mats below. Andy takes a few seconds to collect his breath before rolling out after him.

Till: Payback time for Mr. Roberts.

Dr. P: I didn't know Andy could afford to...

Till: Just stop, Phantasmo...

Dr. P: And Dr. Phantasmo gets under your skin yet again, Dr. Phantasmo forty five, Till, zero.

Andy unleashes a few blows to the back of Jeff's head as he begins to rise to his feet, before grabbing him by the hair with both hands and slinging him into the steel steps, Andy has more in mind as he lifts part of the steel steps, places Jeff's head on the bottom half, then crushes it between the second half as he slams it back down, sandwiching his head in steel.

Dr. P: Where's the referee to tell him "Not to do that?"

Till: Well, what did you expect from the outcome of this match, they might as well have just restored the Extreme division for this.

Dr. P: Yeah well this is supposed to be a traditional matchup under traditional rules.

Till: And you call Jeffery Roberts traditional?

Dr. P: Anyone that can cause this much pain to Andrew Gilkison doesn't need to be given any enforcement on rules...but at least shake a finger at him once or twice, don't make it obvious that you are siding with that peckerhead.

Andy slides Jeff's head out from under the steel steps and lifts him up by the tights for a quick piledriver on the mat, Andy goes back for the steel steps and lifts the up over his head and is about to smash them down on Jeff's head, but as he is about to do that the referee pokes out from the ropes and pushes them off and they crash to the floor, the referee jaws with Andy that he too is in line for a disqualification if he takes things too extreme.

Dr. P: There we go, that's all I needed.

Andy isn't too excited about it and points at the ref and begins to jaw back, but doesnt witness Jeff as he chop blocks Andy to the ground, Andy's face crashes to the steel steps and rests there as Jeff quickly gets onto the apron, gets a running start and guillotine leg drops onto the back of Andy's head, driving it further into the steel. The crowd isn't happy about it, but has no choice but to let out a "Holy ****" chant.

Dr. P: Nope...that's all I needed.

Jeff grabs Andy by the head and begins slamming his head into the steel steps repeatedly, Jeff gets a ten count going along with him as the crowd gets more bloodthirsty. Jeff grabs Andy by the hair and picks him up, and rests him on the spanish announce table. Jeff grabs a steel chair and gets back into the ring, sets it up by the ropes and runs to the far ropes, comes back and spacemans to the top rope, preforms a rolling thunder type forward flip towards Andy, who at the last moment, rolls off the spanish announce table as Jeff crashes back-first through it. Andy stumbles over to the apron, climbs in and out to reset the slow and late 10 count from the referee.

Till: I take it you didn't get everything you needed.

Dr. P: In time I always do though, with Jeffery Roberts safely pitted against Andy I have all the confidence in the world that Andy will be having a nice long stay in the hospital after tonight is over.

Andy recovers what remains from the announce table and picks up Jeff, he throws him back into the ring and follows him in, picking Jeff up as he gets in he tosses Jeff into the corner and unleases a few kicks to the midsection, Andy runs for the far corner and launches himself forward, jumping and splashing Jeff in the corner, Jeff stumbles out of the corner as Andy bounces off the near ropes and bulldogs Jeff's face to the ground. Andy goes for the cover.



Roberts kicks out.

Till: I couldn't believe that wasn't enough to keep Jeffery Roberts down after that failed high risk maneuver.

Dr. P: Now you know why I'm so happy he's in there with Andy.

Andy gets up and begins stomping down on Roberts' face, Andy rolls Jeff over and applies a camel clutch as he wrenches back on Roberts' jaw and sitting as low on his lower spine as possible.

Till: A little taste of his own medicine here for Roberts

Dr. P: Just like any good medicine out there, it's making Jeff a happy man...rejuvenating in fact.

Jeff screams a little but then stops to smile, Andy wrenches back even further and Jeff screams again, almost laughing at the same time as he screams with the pain. Jeff's leg is reaching over for a rope, which is dangerously close, Andy unaware of it continues to apply the pressure, Jeff's leg continues to flail and eventualy he manages to catch the bottom rope, the referee calls for Andy to break the hold which he does after a three count.

Andy brings Roberts back to a vertical base as he kicks him in the midsection, doubling Roberts over, Andy bounces off the near ropes and hits a knee lift that sends Roberts staggering back, face first into the corner, Andy charges full head of steam and spears Roberts in the lower back, crushing it into the turnbuckle and whipping Roberts head back.

Till: Oh my, I think Andy may have damaged his spine or a couple ribs with that.

Dr. P: This analyzation has been brought to you by Wed MD....Medicaly Delusional

Andy picks up Jeff and rest him on the top rope, Andy climbs with him and sits, grabs a hold of his waist and delivers a sitting german suplex off the top rope, Andy holds on as Roberts lands on the back of his neck, Andy picks himself up on the top rope and hits a leg drop and makes the cover.



Roberts kicks out again.

Till: This man just will not stay down.

Dr. P: As well noone should when...

Till: We know, you don't like Andy.

Dr. P: As long as we're all on the same page.

Andy attempts to bring Roberts back up but Roberts has other plans as he rakes the eyes of Andy and bounces off the second rope and delivers a back elbow sending both men crashing to the mat. Nobody moves and the official is beginning the standing ten count...






both men are stirring...



Andy is up and so is Jeff, Andy starts throwing a couple jabs at Jeff, Jeff staggers, Andy goes for another haymaker but its blocked and Jeff delivers a jumping DDT that sends Andy's head bouncing off the mat. Jeff is back to his feet and bounces to the top rope and comes flying at Andy with a Dragon Corckscrew but Andy rolls out of the way and Jeff is sent crashing to the mat ribs first. Andy rolls to his feet and drags Jeff to his feet and applies an Abdominal Stretch to try and further the damage done to the missed high impact maneuver. Andy pushes down on Jeff's head, applying as much pressure as he possibly can, Jeff is trying his hardest to get out of the hold, the ref is kneeling next to him asking for his submission, but Jeff is actualy smiling through most of it before garnering enough strength and hip tossing Andy and quickly runs to the ropes, springboard, sommersault, legdrop, pin.



Andy's shoulder is up. Jeff grits his teeth a little and drags Andy over to the corner and puts his boot squard in Andy's face, ref checks for a choke and sure enough, Jeff is applying a blatant choke with his boot and the ref counts to four as Jeff obliges and starts stomping away on Andy's face, looking to start drawing some blood. Jeff runs over to the adjacent corner, climbs to the top, runs the top rope and halfaway launches into a running senton splash into Andy in the corner. The fans have no choice but to start the "Holy ****!" chant, but it looks like both have suffered enough as both are down, but Jeff is the first to stir to his feet. He drags Andy to the middle. Off the ropes, Rolling Thunder, cover.



Andy's shoulder is up again. Jeff is frustrated with Andy now, Jeffery Roberts has Andy's legs up and applies a Texas Cloverleaf and Andy's back is getting wenched backwards and he's crying out in pain as the damage done to the back is starting to come into play, Andy's trying to reach for the ropes but there are none in sight and the ref is right there waiting for the submission, the fans are starting to get on Andy's side with a "Please don't tap!" chant. Andy is clawing on the mat, slowly dragging himself to the corner, reaching for the ropes, Andy is barely inches away, the fans are going crazy that he's so close, Andy is grabbing the rope, no! Jeff drags Andy back into the middle of the ring and Andy is crying out in more pain as Jeff begins pulling back even further on the hold. Andy is fading away, not giving in to the submission hold. The ref begins the hand drop.


Andy appears to be out cold


Till: At least Andy is going to go out with the dignity of rather fading out to the hold than submitting, Andy sure is a tough bastard.

Dr. P: Not tough enough to win though.

thr...NO! Andy's hand is up and he's convulsing, he's keeping himself up, Andy pushes up, applying more leveredge to the hold but he rolls under, begins punching Jeff in the face, Jeff picks Andy up in a modified powerbomb but Andy puts all his momentum backwards, grabs Jeff by the head and Tornado DDT's Jeff in the middle of the ring.

Till: Tornado DDT! Andy pulled everything he had out to get out of that hold and he just layed Jeff out with that one.

Andy is up and full of momentum and powers up, Andy gets on top of Jeff. Gilkmission!

Till: Gilkmission! Gilkmission! Jeff is cought in the gilkmission! This could be over

Dr. P: Trying to make Jeffery Roberts submit? That's like trying to make Sony bankrupt.

Jeff is actualy seen laughing a little bit and then cringing, and laughing as Andy has the Gilkmission locked in, the fans are cheering along and the ref is right there waiting for Jeff's submission, but Jeff is having none of it as he begins to throw elbows into Andy's head, Andy is having none of it as he drags Jeff to his feet, still holding onto the Gilkmission, and delivers a huge suplex dropping Jeff directly on his head, Andy crawls over for the cover.



Jeff kicks out at the last possible moment. The crowd lets out a resounding aww at the near fall. Andy gets to his feet and tries to collect his thoughts, Jeff is rolling around a little. Andy is on the outside and grabs two chairs, apparently Andy is planning on repaying Jeff for busting him wide open on Wednesday Night Warriors. Andy rolls in the ring but the ref is not having any of the illegal objects as he snatches one of the chairs away from Andy and throws it to the outside but misses Jeff getting to his feet and superkicking the second chair back in Andy's face!

Dr. P: Welcome to Jeffery Robert's world, Andy.

Jeff throws the chair aside and goes for the cover, the ref turns around and quickly goes for the count.



Andy kicks out at the last possible moment! The fans go crazy. Jeff has had enough and is going to the top rope

Dr. P: Here it is, shooting star guillotine time, Andy is about to be a memory here and I'm enjoying every moment of it.

But as Jeff gets himself situated on the top rope, Andy is right there, climbing the top turnbuckle with him, hands are being exchanged at the top, Andy blocks a left, hooks Jeff up and superplex off the top rope, but Andy has him hooked still, rolls over and picks him, props him on the top rope of the opposite corner, climbs with him, still hooked. Another superplex off the top rope! The fans are going crazy, but he still has him hooked! rolls over and picks him up a third time, back to the other corner, props him up and climbs up with him, Combination Superplexes and both competitors are down! The ref begins the standing ten count.






Andy is stirring...



Roberts is stirring...



Andy to his feet first! Andy throws a right to Roberts that connects, followed by another, and another, Roberts tries to throw one of his own but Andy ducks and Roberts spins through, Andy grabs him by the waist and german suplexes him, bridge.



thre...no! Roberts grabs the ropes next to him and Andy looks in disbelief at the ref at what just happened, he has to ask the ref if he's sure that he didnt count to three before he grabbed the ropes, the ref assures Andy that he did in fact grab the ropes before his hand slapped three, and the match will continue. Andy is calling out to the fans that Roberts is done in now and that he's going to put an end to this matchup for sure.

Till: Oh boy, Andy is calling for the Andybomb! Roberts is in trouble now!

Dr. P: Oh dear lord no, not the Andybomb, anything but, hell even El Nino can kick out of the Andybomb.

Andy picks up Roberts and puts his head between his legs, Andy prepares to pick him up but Roberts holds onto his legs and takes them out from under him and quickly turns him over into another texas cloverleaf, the fans are booing in disapproval as the ref is right there with Andy and Andy is stuck in the middle of the ring.

Dr. P: Oh my god, i can breathe easy now, I have the pleasure of dodging the bullet of a Gilkison victory for another night.

Andy is crying out in pain and has nowhere to go, Roberts wrenches back on Andy and it seems like Andy is fading away again, suddenly the ref gets up and looks over at the timekeeper and the bell is rung. The fans are now chorusing in boos believing that Andy has submitted and Roberts is the victor, Roberts is celebrating in the middle of the ring as the ref is talking it over with the ring announcer.

Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, the ruling of this match is a TIME LIMIT DRAW!

Dr. P: WHAT!?

The fans are on their feet and pop like mad at the announcement and begin another "Andy!" chant as Andy stirs from the mat and climbs over to the turnbuckle and picks himself up, the ref is now being grabbed by Roberts and that crazy look has reached his eye as Roberts is planning to do something evil, Roberts has the ref ready for a DDT but here comes Andy charging in with a clothesline! Andy is hammering away at Roberts as they roll out of the ring. Andy and Roberts are exchaning hands as they continue to brawl, throwing each other into the railings, up the ramp, Andy throws Roberts up the ramp and grabs a chair out from the audience and cracks it down on Roberts' back, Roberts is crawling up the rampway as Andy hits him again with the chair, Roberts is at the top and to the entrance but Andy manages to crack him in the back one more time sending him through the entranceway and back to the locker room area.

Till: Unbelievable outcome to this match, stay tuned with us folks because if you thought that was a rough match, imagine what you'll be in store for when Justin Evitable challenges IrishRed for the PbPro Quintuple Crown Championship that was stolen away by that backstabbing bastard.

Dr. P: I witnessed a clean victory myself, Till, and because I didn't get to see Andy's blood spilled and his screams of agony for his mother, at least I'll get to see Justin beaten down through out the entire arena and PbPro picking up another win...

Till: We'll see and that match is coming up next!

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Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
A Message From Yamada

The scene opens up to Yamada's office, Yamada is at his desk holding an ice pack against his head, staring down at his desk, unaware of the paperwork sitting in front of him, suddenly a crash can be heard as ROBOYORI smashes through the wall, entering stage right. Roboyori is dressed in standard army BDU's and a kevlar helmet and holding a prototype modified AK-47 (That's Automat Kock-lishnakov) dildo launcher and an old world war II style BAR (Browneye Assault Rifle) modified to attach various dildo products found on Yorilove.com...a sex machine holding a weapon redesigned into a sex machine...scary...


Yamada: Don't worry about it, Roboyori, I'll be fine...and I'll figure out something to deal with PbPro.


Yamada: You had a what?


Yamada: Well that doesn't sound too bad, but we need to get back at them big time...we need to end this, and just busting a wall isn't going to do it...wait...why the hell am I talking to a sex bot? where the hell is Yori?

As if on cue, Yori storms into the office, followed by a team of Thai Hooker Reasearch and Development staff, Smitty, Riki, and the rest of the Inner Sextum


Yamada:....wow...you're kidding right?

Yori: Oh, I'm sorry, I've developed a weapon...you see what the sex bot is carrying is an automatic dildo launcher, we were going to use it for Justin's match but we realized at the last minute that IrishRed spent jail time...threw us for a loop there...

Yamada: Do you have an idea or are you just here to waste my time again?

Yori: .....

Yamada: Well?

Yori: You got me there

Yamada: You know what, I've had enough of this, next week, Wednesday Night Warriors, I'm going to take care of this by myself, PbPro isn't going to get away with retiring one of my best officials, Lance Thunder deserves to be here in MBE and the fans want to see him, so if Promo and FreakFish want to get their hands on retired wrestlers, they're going to have another one to deal with another one on Wednesday.

Yori: .....Mr. Cable Access Television?

Yamada: No, you fool, me.

The crowd reaction is an enormous pop when they hear the news.

Yamada: This Wednesday, Promo is going to have to spend some time in the ring with me, then it's going to be A, and then finaly, I'm going to rid MBE of FreakFish once and for all.

Yamada stands from his desk and shoves through the Sextum alone in his office. Yori looks around, ROBOYori looks over at Yori, Yori looks at smitty, That Hooker Reasearch and Development team look at the Browneye Assault Rifle, Yori looks at the empty desk.


Yori sits at the desk, pulls out a boombox literaly out of nowhere, puts on some dance tunes, and a sexy party ensues.

Scene fades out into a spot for the main event.

Yori Yakamo jr

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Jun 4, 2005
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MBE World Heavyweight Championship- Duchess v. Doc Silver (c) 2 out of 3 Falls

Till: Here we go folks, the match we've all been waiting to see all night, Duchess is getting another chance at glory here as she takes on Doc Silver for the MBE World Heavyweight Championship in a best 2 out of 3 falls match.

Dr. P: Seriously, Till, you know and everyone else knows that there is absolutely noone in the back right now that even has a remote chance of beating Doc Silver, this man is proving to be the best champion in MBE history with each person he defeats, if only he could see the PbPro side of things, this company would be doing so much better.

Till: You say that about every dirty player in this game, and Doc Silver is probably the dirtiest.

Dr. P: His gold doesn't know the differance, Till, and neither does your liver know the differance between water and cognac, probably because it's no longer functionable.

"That Don't Impress Me Much" hits the arena as the crowd stands up in a thunderous pop for the first lady of MBE, she saunters down the aisle giving a couple waves but looking intensely focused on the ring as she walks.

Till: You've got to give it to her, Dr Phantasmo, she is the only person right now that has scored a pinfall against Doc Silver and is the biggest threat to take his title.

Dr. P: I can also give her that she failed to do it when it really counted, Till, that's why he's still the champ.

Duchess is in the ring in her corner anxiously awaiting Doc Silver to appear, and sure enough "Only Happy When it Rains" by Garbage hits the PA to a chorus of boos, and a couple bits of trash being thrown his way, Doc shrugs it off as he appears with Greenie and Dan Dority.

Till: Oh this does not look good for Duchess already, she may as well be in a 3 on 1 handicap match

Dr. P: Oh please, Till, they are just here to witness another marvelous title defense by your champion, and who wouldnt want to see it, honestly? most of these idiots payed 20 or 30 bucks to see it, or whatever the hell they are charging for this event.

Till: Way to promote the brand, Dr. Phantasmo.

Dr. P: All in a days work, pissant.

Greenie and Dority stop at the ramp and look at the ref who is pointing at them, Greenie and Dority hold up their hands defensively and claim they are just going to stand at the ramp and watch, ref believes them as Doc makes his way into the ring and makes the ref unstrap his belt. Referee holds up the MBE World Heavyweight Championship, shows it to both competitors and holds it up in the air. Ring Announcer Vinman has the mic.

Vinman: Ladies and gentleman, this contest is a best 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH! There is no time limit, and the only way to win is to score 2 falls on your opponent, and it is for the MBE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

...to my left, the challenger, standing at five foot five inches tall, weighing in at an undisclosed amount, she is the first lady of MBE....DUUUUCHHESSSS!!!

The crowd roars in approval for Duchess, but Doc doesn't seem so thrilled with her introduction.

Vinman: To my right, standing six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds...he is the MBE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION....DOC...SIIIIIIILLLLLVEEEERRRR!!!

Dr. P: I swear Till, that introduction always brings tears to my eyes.

Till: Yeah, just wait for the end when Vinman announces the new champion.

Dr. P: You've been reading those choose your own adventure books haven't you, Till, I see you're moving up in your academic level.

Referee calls for the bell signifying the beginning of this match as both opponents begin to circle each other, ready to tie up, suddenly Doc stops and extends a hand to her, while using his other hand to hold his crotch to prevent a low blow.

Till: Now he's just mocking her.

Dr. P: This isn't mockery, this is true sportsmanship! and smarts...

Duchess is about to shake his hand but instead slaps him across the face, spinning Doc around momentarily, Duchess takes advantage of the situation and goes for a running bulldog, Doc uses his strength advantage to life her up in a back suplex, bounces off the ropes but Duchess catches him with a drop toe hold immediately going for the ankle lock

Till: Duchess with the ankle lock! This could be fall #1 folks!

Dr. P: Till you will have fallen three hundred times before this match is over if you don't collect yourself in front of me and your champion.

Till: You and what army.

Dr. P: I can easily buy out your favorite liquor store and deny you of service.

Till: Oh please.

Doc quickly scrambles for the ropes and grabs a hold of the bottom rope as Duchess releases the hold, Doc rolls out onto the apron, still clutching the bottom rope as he gets up, Duchess quickly tries to get on the offense but finds a shoulder in her midsection, sunset flip over the ropes, Duchess rolls back out of the pinning attempt and goes for a standing dropkick to Doc's face, Doc rolls out of the way and attempts an elbow, Duchess rolls out of the way and attempts a legdrop, Doc rolls out of it, dashes for the ropes, bounces back attempting a clothesline, Duchess ducks as she spins around and goes for her own clothesline, Doc ducks, gets behind Duchess for a belly to back suplex, Duchess flips out of it, attempts a standing sidekick that is cought by Doc, Doc drops her leg and goes for another clothesline that Duchess, ducks under, clutching his shoulder, jumping up into a head scissors, rolls him over for a pin.



Doc kicks out!

Till: What a spectacular display from these two, Duchess and Doc are reading each other very well.

Dr. P: This girl has too much spunk in her, and I can make a really bad joke about her and the locker room right now but I think I'll save that for my after-PPV podcast.

Till: You have a podcast?

Dr. P: It's called "Tales from the Crypt" starring Till's mother.

Doc is none too happy as he rakes the eyes of Duchess as she tries to bring him to a vertical base, followed by a kick to the midsection and a DDT to turn things back in his favor. Doc stands up with a grin on his face as he leans against the ropes, bounces up and drops a knee directly into Duchess' forehead. He follows it up with a series of knee directly down onto her face and then on the last knee, he begins to crush down on her forehead, the ref is giving him a four count that he happily obliges too.

Till: I smell dirty tricks afoot.

Dr. P: Dr. Schols will clear that right up for ya, Till.

Doc picks up Duchess and hits a suplex and quickly goes for the pin, which only manages a 2 count.

Till: Doc doesn't seem surprised with the outcome of that count

Dr. P: And why the hell shouldn't he have gone for the pin? If she only knew how to stay down maybe she could suffer less of an embarassment in further falls.

Doc rolls Duchess over and begins driving knees into the small of Duchess' spine, he goes for a little emberassment by pulling her head up by her hair, talks a little smack and then throws her facefirst into the mat. The crowd showers Doc in boos.

Dr. P: Nothing wrong with shoving it back in your opponents face, and in this case it was the mat.

Till: The match has only just begun, Dr. P, I think things are about to turn around here.

Dr. P: Yeah, all she has to do is pin him twice in a match, barely anyone has even been able to do it in one match.

Till: Duchess has

Dr. P: The obvious does not elude me, Till, but you clearly fail to see that Doc is only luring her into a false sense of security, it's the genious of our wonderful champion

Doc pulls out a little submission tactics by grabbing hold of Duchess' arms and stepping on her lower back for leveredge, the referee is quick on Duchess asking for her submission but she isn't having any of it. Duchess is gritting her teeth trying to overcome the pain as Doc continue to apply the hold.

Till: She's taking it like a champ

Dr. P: LIKE a champ...Till, not AS a champ...

Doc finaly releases the hold and quickly snaps a couple elbow drops. goes for a pin and gets another two count.

Dr. P: Wearing her out by having her kick out repeatedly, I like this man's style.

Till: You like anyone that acts like a pompous ass, don't you.

Dr. P: It's called confidence, you gin guzzling lardass.

Doc is attempting to pick Duchess up again but she quickly counters with a forearm to the jaw, she bounces off the ropes into a catlike running leg lariat and goes for a pin of her own, she gets barely one, Doc is quick to his feet but is met with a dropkick, Doc quickly rises again and only meets another dropkick, he attempts to get up again but is dropped down with another dropkick, Doc rolls outside and regains a little composure and has a little pow wow with his crew.

Dr. P: Smart maneuver by Doc, get out of dodge and catch your breath....excellence...sheer excellence...

Till: I guess our opinions on that matter differ greatly.

The group are huddled by the ramp discussing strategy but manage to miss Duchess daftly flying through the air off the top rope with a back sommersault, taking out the entire group, she quickly dashes back into the ring and raises her arms to the crowd who are chanting "Holy ****".

Till: Amazing move by Duchess, she indeed has the agility and speed to be pulling off those moves.

Dr. P: And yet the stupidity to not be taking advantage of the situation.

Doc regains himself outside, slides back in the ring but is met by a sliding dropkick from Duchess to the ribs, she tries to keep Doc down with a couple stomps but Doc grabs one of the stomps and quickly leg sweeps Duchess and goes for his reverse standing figure four which is countered by Duchess as she kicks him off, she kips up to her feet but is met with a thunderous crack of Doc's superkick.

Dr. P: And Duchess is now back to a familiar position.

Doc takes the opportunity to mount Duchess and begins pounding away with his fists into her forehead again, the ref is stepping in and telling him to unclench those fists and warning him, Doc obliges again after almost not complying with the four count and the ref is now getting in his face, Greenie and Dority have made it to opposite ends of the ring, Greenie is crouched near the ring apron and makins his way over to Duchess with the ref's back turned, warning Doc about his use of the fist, Dority stands in plain view while Greenie drags Duchess onto the ring apron and begins hammering forearms to her forehead, the ref catches sight of Dority but no Greenie, spins around to catch Greenie red handed and immediately throws both men out of ringside to a thunderous pop from the crowd.


Dr. P: THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING! THEY ARE INNOCENT! Get Johnnie Cochran on the phone...

Till: He's dead, Dr. P.

Dr. P: Then get those people from Law and Order on the phone!

Greenie and Dority are protesting along with Doc, the ref is having none of it and goes back to his duties while Doc is looking at Greenie and Dority and signals to them that its going to be ok, but he doesnt catch Duchess as she blindsides Doc with a quick rollup, handfull of tights!




Till: First fall goes to Duchess!!!

Dr. P: Oh what the hell, he can throw The Green Machine and Dan Dority out here for simply spectating, but he does nothing about the tight pulling, it's like watching the NBA.

Till: The referee is only calling what he sees, Dr. Phantasmo, nobody said they were perfect

Dr. P: I smell a pay off

Till: Oh say it aint so, Dr. P, and you're going to tell me that the grammy's are political too? no way!

The crowd is on their feet in their approval for the three count. Doc is fuming now as he crawls over to the corner to grab a quick breather as Duchess celebrates her first fall on the turnbuckles, she hopes down and points to Doc again and holds one finger up, telling him that she needs one more. Doc's anger turns into a smile as he shakes his head and lifts himself up, he readjusts himself as the ref continues the match for fall #2. Doc and Duchess circle each other, as Duchess is about to tie up with Doc, Doc throws a quick slap at Duchess, she grabs her jaw and looks flabergasted at Doc that he would pull such a thing, he is just standing there laughing at her, she doesnt find it as amusing and attempts a quick kick to the nuts but finds herslef clutching her foot and falling to the mat. The ref doesn't know what to make of this obvious miscue in her illegal move attempt. Doc laughs again and pulls out a cup that looks like it is made of iron.

Dr. P: I always knew he had balls of steel!

Till: I honestly don't know how to call this one, one illegal move blocked by another....I'll leave that to your department, Dr. P.

Dr. P: And that would be for the best, a wonderful counter by our magnificent and brilliant champion!

Till: Somehow I regret giving you that opportunity.

Doc tosses the cup aside and the ref calls fair play and lets the match continue on in its present course. Doc takes advantage of the situation by continuously stomping away at the injured ankle of Duchess. She manages to crawl to the corner but Doc is right there with her stomping away at her in the corner, following it up with a blatant boot choke, the ref counts to four and he obliges, before continuing to stomp away at her again. Doc drags her out of the corner and applies a standing ankle lock on her, Duchess is in obvious pain but she is staying strong and taking the hold. Doc lets go and drapes her leg over the bottom rope, Doc drops down on the ankle a few times before bringing her up to a vertical base, hits a kneebreaker and attempts a pin.



Duchess kicks out.

Till: Well this match obviously took a turn for the worst, I don't know how long Duchess is going to survive on that hurt ankle or foot of hers, who knows if she can stand on her own power now.

Dr. P: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He is indeed brilliant Till!! The smartest man in wrestling!

Doc stands up as Duchess is on all fours trying to get to her feet, just as she's about to, Doc drops a double foot stomp onto the ankle again, looking to completely damage her already hurt ankle.

Till: Oh my god, now he's trying to cripple her.

Dr. P: Hey, if she can't stand, how can she possibly mount an offensive, these next two falls are going to be cake.

Doc is waiting for Duchess to make it to her feet, which she does, Doc mocks Duchess by limping around a little in front of her before throwing a right hand, Duchess ducks! Neckbreaker! Both competitors are down but Duchess is shaking the feeling back into her foot and bounces up, she dives for the second rope, moonsault! cover!



Doc kicks out!

Till: Don't count her out yet, you can't keep her down for long.

Dr. P: She probably hasn't had a real man in her life then.

Till: Could you keep those comments to yourself for at least one pay per view?

Dr. P: These fans are paying to hear it, I'm just giving them what they'll never get on cable. A real insider scoop on the life of the first lady.

Till: Like you know anything about her.

Dr. P: After 100 bucks, a bottle of champagne and some Brian McKnight and I think I will.

Doc is a little stunned as he gets to his feet, he turns around to see a flying Duchess who lands a tornado DDT, She gets up but stumbles on her ankle, she is climbing the turnbuckle, gets to the top, Doc is on a knee facing the ground, she jumps going for a guillotine leg drop on the back of his head, but Doc was playing possum and catches Duchess in mid air, he pushes her off and onto his back, hooking her arms...

Till: Oh no....

Dr. P: OH YES!

The river! Doc quickly scrambles for a pin...




Dr. P: Our fabulous wrestling genious extraordinaire, Doc Silver scores the pinfall...ahh, I knew she didn't have it in her

Till: Well it isn't over yet, Dr. Phantasmo, she can easily score the second pinful to seal her victory.

Dr. P: Whatever, asshat, you obviously don't know wrestling greatness if it slapped you over your stupid face with his championship belt....TIMEKEEPER! Can I borrow that for a minute...

Doc celebrates his pinful to a chrous of boos as Duchess rolls to the apron and shakes the cobwebs out, trying to recompose herself for the start of the next round. Duchess is back on her feet and back in the ring. She's staring down Doc who is in his corner smiling over at Duchess. Doc points to her and holds one finger up to her proclaiming that he needs one more. Duchess charges at Doc, who sidesteps but Duchess planned ahead, wheelbarrel, hoists herself up, goes for a bulldog, Doc deposits her outside but Duchess lands on her feet on the apron, favors the ankle a little but hoists herself up, springboards off the top rope into a hurricanrana.

Till: Impressive! Duchess still has fight left in her!

Dr. P: We shall see, Till, we shall see how long this little outburst lasts before Doc slaps her back down.

Doc is in the sitting position clutching the back of his head, Duchess sends a snap that resonates around the arena as she kicks him in the back, Doc rolls over onto his stomach clutching his back. Duchess sees the opportunity and climbs the top rope and delivers a corkscrew sommersault splash onto Doc's back. Crowd pops in approval as Duchess goes for the cover.

Till: Oh my! We may have a new champion!





Till: DAMN!


Duchess shows a little frustration with the count but continues to throw a couple axe handles down on Doc as he triest to get up, Doc gets to his feet but is leaning over, enough for Duchess to get a leg up and drive his head face first back into the mat. She quickly attempts to grab Doc into another ankle lock but Doc spins over and kicks her off, Doc gets back to his feet but Duchess jumps forward into a handstand, grabs Doc's head between her legs, lifts herself up, sitting on Doc's shoulders, begins to pound right hands into his face, drapes her leg over and falls down into a DDT.

Till: Beautifuly executed move! We may have a new champion this time!

Dr. P: Come on you son of a ***** if you don't kick out I'll...




Dr. P: I knew he wouldn't fall that easily! My faith never faltered.

Till: Oh spare us that dribble.

Duchess checks with the ref who quickly tells her the shoulder went up before the three, Duchess brings Doc up to a vertical base and delivers a few knife edge chops to Doc, sending him reeling backwards.

Crowd: WHOOOO!!!

Knife edge chop sends Doc to the corner.

Crowd: WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Knife edge chop sends Doc to the sitting position

Crowd: WHOOOOOO!!!!!

Duchess signals to the corner, she sets up and runs over to Doc and hits a bronco buster, she dismounts and plays to the crowd before attempting another bronco buster, but Doc sees it coming and catches Duchess, he sets her up again in the gory special.


Dr. P: Well, so ends another Pay Per View with Doc Silver holding the gold.

Duchess is struggling, she kicks out Doc's knee and hits a falling neckbreaker

Till: Oh thank god...

Dr. P: Temporary setback.

Doc is up and readies himself, Duchess stands up, turns around, Aces Full! no! Duchess throws Doc to the ropes, superkick! Duchess goes for the pin



Doc barely kicks out again.

Duchess signals that she's had enough, grabs Doc by the ankle and spins around and applies the ankle lock, Doc is in a world of hurt now and its obvious by his expression

Till: HERE IT IS! This is the second fall! Finaly we can see an MBE without Doc as its champion!

Dr. P: I wouldn't speak too soon..

As that is said, Dority is on the ramp, slowly walking, the ref is distracted and checking on Doc for his submission, Duchess sees him and starts swearing towards his direction.

Dr. P: Now that's not very lady-like.

Till: As would anyone else when they know something's about to happen, I don't like this.

Dr. P: I don't like you, we're even on our personal "pet-peeves".

Dority stops halfway and innocently throws his hands up saying he isn't here to do anything, the ref spots him and immediately goes over to the ropes and reminds dority that he was thrown out of this match and threatens to have security remove him from ringside if he doesnt oblige.


The Green Machine slides out from under the ring apron, hammer in hand, pops up and hits Duchess square in the head with the hammer before sliding back under the ring.

Till: This is outrageous! Not again! What the hell is going on here!? How can Yamada be allowing this?!?! He's taking a crap on his own title with every defense Doc has...holy...

Till throws down his headset in protest and the only sound from the announce team is Dr. Phantasmo laughing, he actualy laughs through the entirety of the rest of the match.

Duchess stumbles around the ring clutching her head as Dority leaves of his own free will, the ref turns around and sees Doc ready himself near Duchess as she stumbles, turns around towards Doc who hits his Aces Full stunner and goes for the pinfall, being showered with boos and trash the whole time.




Doc quickly gets up, grabs his title and high tails it out of ringside laughing the whole way and pointing to the fans and holding his belt up high to them. Dr. Phantasmo is still laughing on the headset as Doc makes it to the top of the ramp, drops to his knees and looks on at Duchess who is being checked over by the ref. She manages to get her head up to look up at the ramp, hatred in her eyes, but Doc just holds up his belt at her and stands.


The crowd only boos louder and begins to throw as much trash as they can find directed at Doc Silver, Doc throws his head back and lifts the title even higher before signaling to Dority who is clapping next to Doc the whole time and they leave the ramp entranceway and back into the locker room.

Dr. P: Well, we all knew his brilliance would show eventualy, and it did one more pay per view in a row. Apparently Till is out trying to find some cheap brandy, or maybe some puerto rican spiced rum somewhere in this dump, who the hell knows, who the hell cares, Doc is still the champ! WHOOHOO! See you Wednesday for another edition of Warriors, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

fade to MBE logo.

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