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McMillan vs. Storms vs. Doe

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John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL

We come across a crossroad of a park. Open grass benches on the edges of the path way. Joggers go by with their head phones wrapped around their heads. The birds are chirping as we pan left and catch John Doe sitting on a park bench smoking a Marlboro 72 Red. He takes a swig of water his shapes on his head. Wearing his baggy blue jeans and his nWo t-shirt .


“Beautiful day here in L.A. I am lucky to be out in this park enjoying the sunlight, the weather, (A female runner goes by) and the ladies. But this isn’t exactly why I am here in Cali, I mean sure the place is beautiful but there is one main reason why I stand here in this town. Most of you know why, it’s because of MCW.”

“Last week I took out Adam Benjamin’s protégé, just like his teacher…weak. To top it off he couldn’t run with me. So it seems like Chris and I have something in common, he defeated the teacher, I defeated the student. Congratulations Wolf, you have defeated a poorly established athlete. And so have I, I not only have defeated Adam in two different promotions I defeated his nut licking student here as well. That’s not the only second rate athlete I have put in their place…”

“I have also defeated you..”

“It was back in the day, a count out between you and Scotty Michaels and I walked away with a win. The big W. Not only that Chris, I do not see you as a threat to my run for the title. I have seen you and Benji boy over there hit promos, I have seen your in ring technical skills. I compare it to mine, and I don’t recall anything that will stop me from become number one.”

“You may ask yourself asking how I will become number one. Well because I am currently the top pick on fan forums.”

“As for Brian Storms, I think I remember that cat from EPW, tried to stick a damned piece of glass in my eye. It was ridiculous. Anyway, he defeated me because I quit. Yes it was an I quit match. Nice job Brian you had the best of me for one night. Now lets see how well you actually wrestle.”

“It’s quite easy to break down a man with weapons now I want to see you take me on one on one, well actually take me on Chris there and myself in this double elimination setting. If you haven’t noticed Brian, and this goes for you too Chris, I have become a labeled name in this industry. People seek to book me.”

“And do you know why gentlemen?”

“Because I win matches, I draw crowds, I draw wins. Promotions have mapped out their entire promotion around me. I am a foundation ground, the building grounds, the flat out best. That’s why I am the future of this company. Realistically I am this company.”

“And it’s not just because I have done this and that. I made myself known to this business. I worked hard and long to get my damn name out there. This little match isn’t going to stop my reign of victory.”

”But the best of luck to you two.”

“Watch me as I eliminate you both”



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
Once More Unto the Breach


Open on the backstage area of Stage 33 near Los Angeles, a.k.a. the MCW Arena. Sitting on a grey metal folding chair in front of white backdrop with MCW and "Center Stage" logos printed across it is Bryan Storms. Storms is impeccably dressed, navy slacks, a royal blue shirt with the collar unbuttoned, and a navy suit jacket. A pair of blue-tinted sunglasses peek out of his lapel pocket. In terms of his clothes, it's the old Bryan Storms, but the look in his eyes belies the fact that he's not that man anymore.

"Well, John, it's good to see that, out of all the things that changed while I was gone, you remained completely and utterly the same. Still speaking in inane, nonsensical jabber, making lousy excuses for lackluster performance and claiming, without any merit, to be the unquestioned best that MCW has to order.

"Yeah, John. I'm buying all of it. I'm so scared, I may not even show up at Center Stage. In fact, if you want to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge or a timeshare in the Yukon, just sign me right on up.


"Yes, we met once before, John. Almost two years ago, wasn't it? And, as you pointed out, it was an "I Quit" match and I did force you to cower in fear as I brought that shard of glass closer and closer to your eyeball. You were a damn good opponent that night, John. You and I, we went to places no decent people should venture to. We bled, burned and broke each other all over that arena. But, in the end, you just didn't have it in you to go as far as you needed to so you could close the deal. I did.

"I was willing to go to any length to get you to say those two words that night. I would've gone to the absolute limit of my being to make you squeal, even if it meant bringing that broken glass down those finally few inches and raking your eyes from your skull. That was two years ago, and I've changed alot since then. So much, that according to a certain MCW broadcaster, I've become nothing but a 'simpering hippie'. I'm not the same man I was when we last fought, John.

"But, guess what? If the circumstances came down to it, I'd do it again. I may not be that same arrogant child I was that night, but winning is still more important to me than anything. Those ten points on the line at Center Stage, and that MCW World Title that's waiting down the road, that's my life, John, and I'm not going to let you get in my way, no matter what the fan forums you've been reading might say. When it comes down to it, I'll do whatever I'm capable of doing to take down you and McMillan, get those ten points, and keep climbing the ladder.

"Luckily for you, John, that's probably not going to involve a piece of glass and your precious retinas. But that's no reason for you to put this one in your win column, let alone to call yourself the face and foundation of Major Championship Wrestling.

"Win over Maxwell go to your head just a wee bit, Johnny?

"Yeah, we're in a completely different environment now then we were two years ago, Doe. That night, I used that glass to make you say "I Quit". At Center Stage, I won't need to hear you beg for mercy. I'll just need to put you down for three seconds, and I could care less what you do after that. I don't need weapons to pin you, John. You talk of your own technical prowess, but I promise that move for move, hold for hold, counter for counter, there'll be know problem for me in keeping up to the technical wizardry that surely is John Doe.

"There may not be any weapons this time, and there may be a third man thrown into this equation, but that doesn't mean I'll take any less pleasure in taking you down and grabbing those points.

"Now, Chris McMillan. We've never squared off, but I've watched your career. I know that in that ring, your as good as they come. Since we've got no history, I'll hold off on you for now, give you a chance to weigh in before I say my part about you. But, don't take this to mean I'm in any way taking you lightly. I expect a brutal fight, Chris, and you should know that I'll go tooth and nail with you for those points, because I guarantee they mean as much, if not more to me than they do to anyone else in this company.

"The MCW World Title isn't just a professional accolade for me, a stepping stone to fame and money, like it may be to some COUGHjohndoeCOUGH. Getting to that championship match, strapping those 17 pounds of gold around my waist, those will be signs that I've turned the corner in my life, that I've reinvented myself. That may sound cliched and preachy, but it's my life, and I put it on the line every time I go out there.

"I've got two men to go through at Center Stage. Sounds like a challenge. But, then again, I expect no less. Life's nothing but one long, ongoing series of tests. This is the next one. It's tough, but not the toughest. I'll be prepared for it. See you two in the ring."


Mister Dread

League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Under your bed.
Blah blah blah ...

::FADEIN on the interior of the Basham-Schultz Wrestling Academy, the inauspicious training grounds of “The Wolf” Chris McMillan. McMillan stands in the center of the ring, attired as usual in black military-style BDU pants, motorcycle boots, and an old “Testicular Fortitude” t-shirt::

THE WOLF: I suppose I’ll have to take your word for it when you say you’ve got a win over me, Doe. I’d have sworn we’d never had a match together until you said something. I guess that when you’ve had as much head trauma as I have, things can sometimes be a little fuzzy. Either that, or my psyche is trying to scrub away the shame of taking a loss to a paint-by-numbers wrestler like you.

::McMillan drapes his forearms over the ropes, leaning on them as he takes on a conversational tone::

THE WOLF: How did you put it? “That’s not the only second rate athlete I have put in their place… I have also defeated you.” I find that sort of amusing, since you didn’t beat me in that match. A double count out in a three-way dance. That’s quite the stirring victory, all right.

THE WOLF: You say that Adam Benjamin is second-rate. I won’t argue with you there. You say I’m second rate … remind me, who was the main event last week on Center Stage? Ohhh, that’s right. Not you. As a matter of fact, while I was headlining the show, you were putting some turd through his paces in what I believe was his first-ever match. I'd give you the golf clap, but I find that I just don't care enough about you to bother.

THE WOLF: You can talk all you want about being a cut above me or Storms, but if that’s the case, why are you here? According to Sands, this is “where wrestling’s unseen treasures shine”. To put it another way, this is where the guys who’ve never been at the top of the mountain wind up. To be blunt, this is where the “second rate” guys get their oooohhhhh, “big shot”. Guess what, John … you’re right here with us.

::McMillan pulls the hair back away from his face, revealing wide gleaming eyes and teeth set in a grin that would be best described as … unsettling::

THE WOLF: In the next few weeks, someone gets to show the rest of the world that they are a world-class competitor. It’s sad that you really seem to think it’s going to be you, Doe-boy. You say that you’re a labeled name in this business, that you’ve worked hard to get your name out there. That’s true, but in a more literal sense than one might think. The reason your name is known is because of your constant self-promotion. You’ll do anything to get noticed, and the booker love a guy like you. You carry your own little promotional machine. You stir up trouble, which is always good for business. You get booked because you’re a rectum, not because you’re a good wrestler.

THE WOLF: Last time we were in the ring together, Doe, you were wrestling a 190 pound man. It’s amazing what a few years of nothing to do but lift weights and eat peanut butter can do to you.

THE WOLF: The internet polls have got you as the favorite, huh? The thing about internet polls is that they don’t have a thing to do with wrestling. All the internet geeks in the world can click their little vote button until their fingers bleed, but it won’t save you from me. No, the only thing that can save you from me is … a truck. Provided it runs you over before you have a chance to get into the ring.

THE WOLF: Now, Bryan Storms … I can appreciate and understand the urge to stab John Doe in the eyeball. So you didn’t actually do it … I guess it’s the thought that counts. For that, and for the fact that unlike Doe you’re willing to give credit where credit is due, I’ll give you the respect that John Doe doesn’t deserve. When we get into the ring together, I will treat you fairly and honorably as I believe befits another warrior. That is, unless you give me reason to do otherwise. It is not a luxury that I will afford John Doe.

::McMillan makes his way to the ring post and perches himself on the top turnbuckle::

THE WOLF: I see that you’ve done your homework, Storms. I hope there’s not doubt in your mind that I’ve done the same. Doe talks about the hard work he’s done to get his name out there. I’ve worked just as hard, but always in the ring. Always in the gym. Well, sometimes at the Sizzler but that’s neither here nor otherwhere. Hell, if Doe spent as much energy training as he does pimping himself, he might be half as good as he says he is. Some of us are enlightened enough to catch a whiff of the steaming pile of metaphorical bullsh(beeeep) that he wears like a hat.

::The camera comes in close as McMillan’s voice drops to a throaty growl::

THE WOLF: There’s something both of you need to understand very well. When I come out to the ring at Center Stage, the crowd will react in a way neither of you have ever seen. They will EXPLODE, because these people love me. But just because they like me, well … that doesn’t make me a “good” guy. In fact, I may be one of the worst human beings you’ll ever meet. I gotta defer to guys like Manson and Randalls, because they’ve been maiming people since before I came into the business. Still, I’ve done things that would make other men puke. I’ve done things to people that keep me awake at night, and I will break myself just for a chance to break you.

THE WOLF Last week Adam Benjamin got into the ring with me completely clueless as to what he was getting himself into. I tried to tell him, but he just didn’t listen. He paid for it with a little swelling in the brain, but he still didn’t learn his lesson. John Doe and Bryan Storms, pretty soon we’ll see how well you’ve studied your lessons. I might wrestle you. I might fight you. I might piss you off. I WILL hurt you. I will begin hurting you when the bell rings, and I will stop hurting you whenever you stop getting up. In that sense alone, you have control of your own destinies. When you’re in the ring with me, reality is mine to do with as I please. It’s a point I will make abundantly clear at Center Stage.

THE WOLF: Doe, you say that you ARE this company. In a few short weeks, I’ll be at the TOP of this promotion. I guess that means I’ll be sitting on your face. I’ll try to remember to shave my as(beeeep)ole for you.

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