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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
To borrow an old catchphrase, "HEY YO, Its Survey time"

I know that the card isn't totally completed, but I'd thought that I get this started for when it finally is completed and posted.

Josh and his company have been hard at work doing everything in their power to make certain that the final MCW card will be not only successful but also memorable and I'd thought that maybe we could take the time to fill out the either now based off of what Josh already has posted, or you can wait until the entire thing is posted before replying below.

But either way, I think that we need to show are support and appreciation to Josh and his staff for all of the hardwork that they have put into this card and that their hard work will not be in vain.


Match of the Night

Segment of the Night

Funniest Moment of the Night

Angle of the Night

FUED or Impending/forshadowing future Feud(s) of the Night

Shocking Moment of the Night

Face of the Night

Heel of the Night


Overall Thoughts


"Chalk another one up for the good guys."

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