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Michael Raves

Johnny Niles

League Member
Mar 5, 2012
Handler Name: Besard Cima

Handler's e-mail address: erticima@gmail.com

Character's in ring name: Michael Raves

Character's Real Name: Michael Raves

Height: 6'

Weight: 220 lbs.

Hometown: Albury, Australia

Backhand Chop
Running Enzuigiri
Missle Dropkick
Tilt-a-whirl DDT
Japanese Arm Drag
Russian Legsweep
Pendulum Kick
Single-leg Facebuster
Sprinboard Plancha to an opponent on the outside
Running Leg Lariat
Spin Kick
Swinging Neckbreaker
European Uppercut
Springboard Moonsault

Signature Moves:

Rave Review (Jumps to the middle rope, rebounds back with a Calf Kick)
Crash & Burn (Forward Somersault Cutter to a kneeling opponent)

Adrenaline Rush (450 Splash)
Aussie Salute (Shiranui)

Michael is a slightly tanned, somewhat muscular yet very athletic individual. He has short, spiky, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. On his chest he has a tattoo of Australia, whereas on his upper left arm he has the Australian flag. His wrestling attire consists of black spandex - on the leg left of which is a red figure of Australia – blue elbow pads and black boots.

Theme Music
: “Crazy Ones” by Stellar Revival

Michael comes out to a loud, positive response by the crowd. He waves to them before running at high speed towards the ring. He then jumps through the middle and bottom rope, rolls into the ring before climbing the nearest turnbuckles and posing to the crowd, after which he drops down and gets ready for the match.

Michael is a huge wrestling fan, having watched guys like Stone Cold and The Rock become stars of the business. However, his favorite part of wrestling is the high-flying action displayed by cruiserweights. He believes that size is nothing compared to the skill and heart that one possesses. He speaks with an Australian-English dialect. He's usually a good sportsman, but if his opponent uses dirty tactics against him, then he'll make use of the saying "two can play at that game".

After honing his skills in his native Australia, Michael moved to the U.S. to seek competition. Taking great pride in his nationality, Michael strives to become the greatest Australian wreslter in history, and the greatest high-flyer as well.
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