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MILES from the truth, baby...


Jan 1, 1970
FADEIN: 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES standing in the water in front of the TREASURE ISLAND casino/hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

MILES: "I gotta say there's BULL(BLEEP!), there's CHICKEN(BLEEP!) but never have I seen both rolled into such a big, fat burrito known as Simply Stunning. Really girls, is the best thing you can come up with is that you wanted to show The Professionals how tough you were? Girls, attacking a man from behind is NOT tough. Using tazer guns in an attempt to win a match is NOT tough. Listen, from day one you've told the world how The Professionals were going to lie, cheat, steal and maybe even kill your mothers in an attempt to 'steal' your titles. Yet on EVERY and EACH occasion the CSWA has put us in the ring against you girls, we've done nothin' but bring OURSELVES and ONLY ourselves to the ring. Did we pay off any Mexican referees? NO. Did we hire two geezers from the CSWA Hall of Fame to blindside you? NO. No, all we've done is prove what we said from the first days we heard your shrieking voices on the airwaves. That we're BADDER. That we're BETTER. And that we'd make you look like SORRY (BLEEP!)ES each and EVERY time you stood across the ring from us. Gentleman, you want to play the game? You want to make walking out with the titles by any means necessary the goal? Brothers, if there's one thing you don't want its a PROFESSIONAL HOSEJOB..."

"As for you Shane, I don't give a rat's (BLEEP!) if you trust Aho. I don't give a rat's (BLEEP!) if it'll be the second time his dumb(BLEEP!) ensures us a victory. Southern, even though you play the good 'ol boy - I KNOW YOU. I know in the back of your head you have to realize the REAL person that Evan Aho is. Evan Aho is nothing more than a vindictive, calculating S-O-B that will use this match to exploit ANY and EVERY weakness YOU have. I'll tell you right now that there's NO WAY in HELL that Aho even wants to be in this match. Aho doesn't want to be a tag wrestler. He doesn't want friends. He doesn't want anything, but himself, that title around his waist and a good book detailing the anatomy of men. Yeah, he's a freak...but that freak is waiting for just the RIGHT moment to clip out those KY Jelly knees of yours, Shane. You know it. I know it. Aho knows it."

"Vegas ain't the place to play the odds without a sense of caution, boys. Wilcox, Hardy - you're NOTHING. You're two pieces of (BLEEP!) that can't cut a promo without making me puke and you wrestle like two fairies auditioning for a spot on a gay porn site. There will come a time when you're PROFESSIONALLY dismissed from the CSWA. Southern, Aho - while you two may claim to 'RESPECT' and 'HONOR' each other...I think I know a little something about what y'all are planning. Aho, that boot of Southern's is just cocked and ready for your jaw on ANY mistake that's made. And Shane, I hope you grow eyes in the back of your head 'cause a wise pimp in this town just told me a minute ago. If there's one thing he'd never trust in this town, it's Aho."

MILES smirks and pulls out a cigarette and lights it as he hops out of the pool, scaring some of the patrons away...

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