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Miller vs. Cobb



*Scene fades to the exterior of a hospital a few days after Battleground Britain. It's a blur of activity as vehicles pull in and out, people enter and exit, and outside standing silently is Randy Cobb. He's wearing blue jeans, a black muscle shirt, and a leather jacket. The camera moves in toward him and he begins to speak.*

Randy Cobb: You know, a lot of **** went down at Battleground Britain. The main thing being what happened to Dan Ryan. He's up here in a hospital all laid out, because a bunch of *****es thought that with the addition of a couple of baseball bats that they could trade on our name. Who the hell are Christian Sands, The Clapper, and Eric Davis? Three little punks with stars in their eyes, that's what they are. Everyone knows that there is strength in numbers, and sure it makes sense to surround yourself with people that have got your back. This business is cold and callous, and sometimes you just need a bit of firepower. The only difference is that you still need to be able to get the job done yourself, because at the end of the day, no matter who you're surrounded by, there is a chance that they'll stick a knife in your back. When I look at you three, I know that you're just a bunch of two-bit hacks that can't get the job done yourself. The Uprising have done it all by themselves, and we've done it all together and that's **** that you're not going to get in a Louisville Slugger. Do you guys have any originality at all? Not only are you trading off on the classic Team Phenom beatdown, but you're trying to cash in on the name as well. The only problem is that the real Team Phenom is DEAD, and that's the same prognosis that's out there for you three punk *****es.

*Cobb walks inside of the hospital and goes to the reception desk. He asks a few questions, and then heads for the elevator. The camera follows him and he speaks on.*

Randy Cobb: Just because I've got this new Team Phenom to deal with doesn't mean that I've forgotten about my match that's coming up with the irrepressible John Miller. This isn't going to be the first time that we've laced up the boots against each other, and it's not going to be the last. You had a tough time at the PPV and you put on a great match, but you came up a bit short. **** happens, but don't think I'm gonna feel any sympathy for you. I'm gonna bring it just like I bring it every night. You're gonna get the Total Cobb Experience, and it's gonna hurt like a *****. I remember when you first started kicking around the feds, and you weren't much of anything. Now you've come a long way, and you're a super star. That's all well and good, but I've been a superstar the whole time you've been wrestling. You know better than anyone else that I'm no flash in the pan. I'm gonna use you as just another rung on the ladder, I'm gonna take my rightful place right back on top of this fed. The Uprising will lead this fed, and it doesn't matter behind who. John Miller, you're gonna take a beating at Revoluion and you're probably gonna end up exactly where I'm standing right now.

*Cobb turns and moves toward a doctor, and they move towards an open room as the scene fades to black*

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