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Feb 22, 2015
1. Surpassing all others in excellence, achievement, or quality; most excellent: the best performer; the best grade of ore.
2. Most satisfactory, suitable, or useful; most desirable: the best solution; the best time for planting.
3. Greatest; most: He spoke for the best part of an hour.
4. Most highly skilled: the best doctor in town.

That definition is iconic with the name High Octane Wrestling.

If a dictionary had a picture, the emblem for the wrestling company I represent would be branded across it like a fraternity mark searing into human flesh before scarring over into an emblem that signified the Greek symbol for Omega.

For over a decade High Octane Wrestling has been the standard for each and every wrestling promotions should aspire to me, and for close to three years now I have called it my home.

Everyone loves to talk shit about HOW and it’s understandable because when you are the pinnacle of all wrestling companies the green eyes monster of jealous lurks it’s evil head.

HOW is racist and homophobic.

Johnny Legend = gay wrestler.

Joel Hortega and Nigel Lette = minority referees.

Darkwing, Bobbinette Carey, and Black Mamba = three black wrestlers, and two are former world champions and Hall of Famers.

But yet we are still racists and homophobic.

Maybe that comment was referring to me because I am from Texas.

Yes the rumor is true, I do make my non-white friends call me master while they cut my grass and pick the cotton balls from my aspirin bottles.

Remember kids it’s all about WHITE POWER and the South rising again.

People buy things to get ahead in HOW.

Yep that’s right.

Go to our world title page and you will see Scott Woodson, better known as, Scottywood as a former 10 time world heavyweight champion.

Go ahead.

I’ll wait…..




Didn’t find his name did you?

That’s because that shit doesn’t happen.

You see the people that hate on us are the people who came in talking shit about how I’m a 37 time world champion and a 15 time Hall of Famer, and those same people are the ones who got their dicks knocked into the fucking dirt and went crying back to shitty fed they came from because they realized they couldn’t hack it.

Maybe you know the names of some.

Brad Jackson.

Chance Von Crank.


Timothy Hunt.

And the list goes on and on.

Lee Best refuses to work with other wrestling companies.

This is definitely true.

I remember one time I was with Legacy Pro Wrestling and invaded HOW to throw Lee Best off of a stage.

Pro Wrestling X.

TRUE Wrestling.

Legacy Pro Wrestling.

Shockwave Sports Entertainment.

Peach State Wrestling.

These are names of some of the wrestling companies High Octane Wrestling has worked with in the past and you all know what they all have in common? They aren’t fucking around anymore. Companies with lots of history or young upstarts and they are all dead and gone while the HOW machine rolls on strong.

Even promotions like Warped Wrestling, New Edge Wrestling, and Shoot Project worked with HOW, but before anything could mature, they closed up shop. Not until recently have those three companies channeled their inner Walking Dead and rose from the grave to begin putting on shows once again, and yet, the machine of HOW continued to roll on. No breaks. No time off. Nothing.

And if Boardwalk has any negativity just remember mother fuckers ya’ll are the ones coming to an HOW pay-per-view with your five best guys and try to defeat five of HOW’s best. We aren’t going to Atlantic City to face you, your asses are flying to Chicago.

Yep it’s true, Lee Best doesn’t put anyone over or help anyone.

Give me a fucking break.

It’s hard to claim you’re the best at anything when you are pulling a Defiance and putting up one show every 25 years.

Lee Best plays favorites.

I remember one time I wrestled on a HOW pay-per-view and I was representing LPW and I squashed Chance Von Crank who represented HOW and he quit and blamed Lee for playing favorites.

If Lee played favorites wouldn’t he let his HOW guy win?

The point is the people that are doing the bitching and shit talking are the people that….

A. Joined and quit because they couldn’t hack it.


B. They are friends of said people doing the talking.


C. They never have been in the fed and it’s just the cool thing to do.

Incase you don’t know who the fuck I am, my name is Scott Stevens.

I am a former:

Rookie of the Year.

3x ICON champion.

LSD champion.

Tag Team champion.

I’ve had more things done to me that would cause most people to cower into a little ball and cry for their mothers, and these same people would have quit a long time ago.

Mike Best even called me the worst wrestler on the HOW roster, but yet he’s never pinned my shoulders to the mat or made me tap out.

You want to know why I am standing proudly beating my chest and waving the HOW flag? Because it’s my home.

I could be like all of you and say I’ve done this and I’ve done that but it means nothing. Why would I keep bragging about things I’ve done in my past when it means nothing. Does Mike Best brag about how he’s the greatest women’s champion in the history of DREAM Wrestling? Yes he does, but not in High Octane Wrestling.

My five HOW championship reigns and Rookie of the Year award hold more weight than any of your shitty world titles. If I was in your shitty wrestling company I would have been a 30 time world champion and been inducted into your Hall of Fame five times before it closes three months later.

What Mike Best has been preaching is the gospel.

He is a Hall of Famer because he has earned it.

Mike Best is the greatest world champion in the history of High Octane Wrestling for a reason because if you look at the title history not only has he won it eight fucking times, but he’s won of the rare individuals who has won it more than once.

Mike Best is the face of High Octane Wrestling.

If Mike is the face then what does that make me?

I am the heart and soul of HOW.

I’m the one who shows up to work week in and week out and doesn’t hardly complain about anything.

I’m the one who will give it 110% every time I step foot in the squared circle whether I’m sick or hurt because it’s my fucking job.

I’m the one you can always count on when others have let you down.

I’m the one who is more than willing to accept any challenge fired at HOW.

While you cliff notes in the annuls of wrestling history have been acting childish and saying that I will be facing the impending wrath of my destructor, I’ve been headlining the March to Glory pay-per-view in Mexico City in front of thousands of people in Azteca Stadium and millions watching around the world.

How shitty are you going to feel when I bruised and battered Scott Stevens throws you out of the fucking ring and extinguishes your dream of winning Battlemania?

While ya’ll have been sitting in front of your computers looking at porn and thinking of your mama jokes to try and insult me and Mike with we have been competing. While Mike has been tossing weights out of a ring at the Five Time Academy to simulate a battle royal, I have been here in my family’s training facility beating the piss out of my brothers and cousin.

There are 28 men and women in Battlemania, and that’s all they are. The only two names that matter in this battle royal are the two names representing High Octane Wrestling, Mike Best, and Scott Stevens.

The two of us aren’t friends and we damn sure aren’t going to exchange gifts on Christmas, but we have a mutual respect and the pride of HOW following through both of our veins.

Once you’re in HOW, you’re in HOW for life.

High Octane Wrestling is the guilty pleasure of the wrestling world.

Everyone one talks shit about it, but they secretly want to be apart of it. They don’t want to join because they don’t have the fucking balls to test their mettle against the very best in the wrestling or they don’t want to get blacklisted because their name was associated with Lee Best or HOW.

We don’t start conflicts, we just end them.

When you see us verbally raping people on Twitter or other forms of social media it’s because it’s usually a disgruntled former employee talking mess because he couldn’t hack it like Keg did when he no showed two weeks in a row and went to a company that offered him an immediate title shot. He didn’t want to put in the fucking time and effort to earn one like I had to do. Like what Mike fucking Best had to do. In HOW you earn your keep, you aren’t handed anything.

People calls us bullies and other derogatory things but how can we be bullies when we don’t start shit?

When you fuck with the bull expect the horns.

HOW has that mob mentality when it comes to outsiders and people trying to badmouth our name because we are one big happy dysfunctional family and we protect our own.

I can say fuck Mike Best.

He’ll say fuck Scott Stevens.

But the two of us will set aside our personal hatred for one another to compete in something like Battlemania just to prove a point that HOW is the best wrestling promotion there is.

I’ve heard what everyone has to say and you have already fucking lost.

When each of you should be working together to help your fellow brethren last as long as they can in the match, instead, you all talk about how you are going to eliminate everyone including your fellow companions from the wrestling promotions you represent.

Can Mike and I eliminate everyone of ya’ll? Yes we can.

Are we going to work together if we are in the ring together? Yes we will.

Our goal is to make sure High Octane Wrestling is the name that is victorious at the end of it. Whether that name be Mike Best or Scott Stevens will be determined when 28 other nobodies have been thrown over the top rope and we are the last two standing.

This isn’t some prediction.

It’s a fact.

We’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever defeat us now!

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