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Mission Statement

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May 2, 2007
Welcome and thanks for taking time out to check out the mission statement for IWF.

Here at IWF we are focused on bringing you a product that might not be ground breaking in a sense, or revolutionary, but will offer a good time.

Being a member of FWcentral for as long as I have, it has provided me with great memories and I look for nothing more then to provide the same.

I guess you can call us a hybrid fed, we all love to role play and we all love to angle. Most of all we love the show's product. That is our main focus. Providing all of our handlers with not only a quick turn around but an attractive show that is fun and easy to read.

There is no way we can promise you what the future will bring, all we can do is tell you what we are going to attempt.

Our shows will feature a 2 and a half RP limit, with a word count. The exact limitations of this rule will be discussed in our rules section. The write up of our shows will consist of mainly highlight styles or short forming as some people call it. Of course there will be full play by play matches from time to time and we will always accept help from handlers on making their matches special with full write ups.

However, we will have hard due dates. Again NO PROMISES all I can do is tell you what we are trying to accomplish here. The shows will always have an expected post up date. It may change from time to time but that is life.

Our staff is very dedicated to putting out a fun and attractive federation that hopefully will attract you to submit an application.

Many of your other questions will be answered in the League info section.

Otherwise feel free to PM me or catch me on aim at anytime.

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