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Monsta Boyz vs. Dark Carnival


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Jan 1, 2000
Niagara, ON, Canada
(FADEIN: A steel-grey backdrop with "GWE" emblazoned across it in violet letters. In front of it sit BUFF BELLOWS and FAT FARRELL, seated on either side of a huge keg of beer.)

Bellows: Some people, eh? So we stomp the 'Sassins for the third time at Battleground like we said we would, an' we earn our title shot here at Revo. But the babies just had ta try an' squash us with a double-decker bus. Now I know the 'Sassins are listenin', so here's some advice, boys. Next time ya try an' drive a bus inta someone's limo, make sure you lock the limo doors first. As it is, we just walked out of the limo and strolled off while you guys crashed a bus into an empty car. Sucks ta be you.

But enough about those two babies. Let's tackle the real issue.

Hey, Carnies! Guess who's baaaack?

Farrell: Ooh, ooh, I know this one! Uh... Elvis? No, wait, Jimmy Hoffa.

Bellows: How 'bout us, eh?

Farrell: Us too.

Bellows: So yeah, Carnie Boys. Ever since our last match you been duckin' us. We called ya out at Battleground, but naw... ya decided you was gonna duck us so Kevin Coors over there could go get his ass handed to him by Eli Flair an' Edgar Allan Apoc could go let a midget like Stevie Tango humiliate him. What's wrong, boys? Too cowardly ta defend the titles, so ya run off an' play singles for awhile? Too CHICKEN ta come face off against a couple a' REAL MEN without draggin' yer boy Corn-On-The-Cobb down ta ringside ta run interference? In that case, bring him along again; we'll beat his ass too.

You two are disgraceful, ya know? Here ya won the titles thanks ta a sea of run-ins... an' now that ya got 'em, ya ain't won ONE SINGLE MATCH. Face it, guys. As champs, yer nothin' more than A GAGGLE OF LOSERS. The tag champs are supposed ta be the best in the division... so what the hell happened ta YOU guys?

Don't worry, though. Come Revolution we're gonna remedy that little discrepidancy. That is, we're gonna drop you two like the b*tches you are and grab them big gold belts for the second time, 'cause we've proven that we're the best team in GXW beyond a shadow of a doubt. Don't believe us? Ask the Assassins.

Fat Farrell: Assuming they ain't too busy attackin' parked cars with buses, ya know?

Bellows: So remember, Carnie kids: Ya ain't got sh*t on the Monsta Boyz, an' come Rev, yer gonna catch yerselves a beatin' fresh outta Monsta Country. 'Cause like it or not, we're the best thing goin' today.

Maybe if yer lucky, we'll even let ya come to the victory party. Ya know, share a few beers. Kevin Coors'd love that.

That is, if you can still walk after the match.




Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
OOC: Posted for Erik Zieba, due to computer troubles. Lateness forgiven. :)

{The dressing room prior to Revolution. "Good God" Kevin Powers sits on a bench, leaning back against the lockers. 'Apocalypse" Gabriel Poe is wrapping his wrist, still preparing for the match ahead.}

Poe: "Monsta Boyz, it would be wise not to present such a cocky facade."

"You've managed to win a title here, a title there."

"The Carnival has been winning titles for years. More years than you've been in the business."

"I wonder, does your skill increase each time you make off hand remarks about who we may have beaten? If you bring up my loss to Waltz, or Kevin's loss to Eli Flair, will it increase your chances one iota?"

"The bottom line is that when the bell rings, you've got almost a decade of experience to deal with. You've got two of the best in the world to contend with."

Powers: "You know, you guys are somethin' else."

"You say we're SUPPOSED to be the best in the division?? That we haven't defended these belts? Well where the hell have you two been? Off in Monsta Country workin' on your gimmicks? Off runnin' around in crappy half assed leagues winning against people not worthy to lick my jock strap?"

""Here's the bottom line, fellas..."

"At Revolution, we make quick work of you two choads. Then it's a one way ticket to whatever hole you pulled them punkasses out of."

Poe: "Don't expect the Dark Reign to be ended so easily."

Powers: "Best thing going today? Ducking you?"

"I got somethin' right here ya better duck, ya little catchphrase whores."

"This is the best thing going today, tomorrow, next week, last week, down in Monsta Country, over at the Bellows house....HELL....down the street at great granny Ferrell's house with the 4X gigantor dirty panties....."

"That's just the way it is....now if you'll excuse me...I've got some beer to drink before I wrestle....hit the bricks...."


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