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Mr. Incredible


League Member
Aug 7, 2006
Name: Mr. Incredible

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 250 lbs

Image: Very muscular built man. He wears a bright blue mask with a white star covering the face that's outlined in red. The eye sockets are outlined in a sparkly blue. To the ring Mr. Incredible wears blue tights that have the good ol' red, white, and blue colors of the American flag on it. When he's not in his wrestling tights, Mr. Incredible wears nice button up shirts, khakis, and even suits, because when he's out in public, he represents his country with pride and dignity. (Think Patriot (WCW) mixed with a bit of Hulk Hogan/Kurt Angle(face)).

Hails From: Washington D.C.

Entrance Music: "Star Spangled Banner" ~ (played on electric guitar with drums)

Entrance description: Star Spangled Banner begins to play its regular soft intro but then suddenly changes into heavy guitar riffs and drums. Then Mr. Incredible comes out to the ring, followed by a huge American Flag dropping from the ceiling and rows of fireworks go off behind him as he points to the crowd and gives kids high fives. Mr. Incredible goes all the way around the ring and greets with all the fans before entering the ring. He finishes his entrance of by saluting the flag and pyros go off on each ring post corner.

Finisher: "The Incredible Dream" - (aka: "tazzmission") - can be applied from anywhere. On the ground, standing, out of the ring, ect...

Style: Mr. Incredible is an excellent technical wrestler, but he does fancy beating the pulp out of his opponents.

Other moves: (Basic move sets) face buster, bulldog, leg drop, slow fist drop to face, 10 punches to head to opponent against the turnbuckle, superplex, tazplex, super-tazplex from second rope, russianleg sweeps, triple suplex, fisherman suplex, brainbuster suplex, belly to belly suplexs, belly to back suplexs, super Incredible-Plex (think Chris Benoit germanplex when he flips the oppenent over and they land on their stomach)

Wrestles As: A Super Face!
Quotes: "I'm not perfect, I'm INCREDIBLE!", "Simply Incredible"

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