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MWC Hostile Take Over - Detroit

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Saturday June 17 10:53 A.M.

EZ: (on the phone) No I'm not kidding. We thougth it would be a good idea and we have the means to do it. My question to you is are you interested? Really? Well then let's get everything set up and we can do this. Trust me you have made the right decision. (hangs up the phone) Well he went for it.

RH: He did?

EZ: Yep. He said he'll get back with us just as soon as some loose ends are tied up, but everything should be good around the next Pay Per View.

RH: Hey this is great. Finally.....

EZ: Well he should've seen it coming, but now that it's in his face he has no reason to turn it down.

RH: But what about the boy?

EZ: Hmm...well I kinda like kickin around the little squirt. Maybe we shouldn't tell him!

RH: Oh that is so rude!

EZ: Yeah....I know.


Saturday, July 17, 11:17AM

Nurse: Mr. Powers it's time for you to wake up!

KP: Um...go away! Kevin need sleepy!

Nurse: Mr. Powers if you don't get out of that bed right now I will go and get the attendents to get you out that bed.

KP: Uh? What?? What are you talking about now hag?

Nurse: I said get out of that bed now otherwise I'm gonna get the attendents to get you out!

KP: Oh really? Well when you pick out the candy stripers I want the red head and the blonde from down the way. She's got a sweet lookin set of.......


KP: OH MAN!!! I swear how long do I have left on this freakin term????

Nurse: You have to stay for at least three more weeks.

KP: DAMN!!!! I'm getting chills you don't understand! I need my liquid breakfast and I need it NOW!!!

Nurse: You know the rules Kevin....no liquior of any kind.

KP: You dirty rotten fat piece of......

Nurse: You say it and I'll get those attendents to fluff YOU!

KP: Please.....just go....and get me....my BREAD AND WATER HAG!!!


Sunday, June 18, 5:17PM

{Mechanical Animals are in their locker room getting ready for their upcoming match. Sephroith is doing some last minute streatches while Angelus is getting dressed. As he slips on one of his boots a strange look comes over his face. After a few moments Angelus is jumping around trying to get his boots off, but he can't.}

S: What's your problem?

A: AUGH!!!! ITCH!!!! ITCH!!!!!

S: What?

{Angelus comes running out of his locker room screaming 'Itch' down the hallway while Sephiroth follows out laughing at his tag partner. As Angelus runs out he pass a black man with dreadlocks and wearing a tropical shirt. He's minding his own business pushing a broom down the hall as Angelus comes running past.}


{The man watches Angelus run past and then looks into the camera.}

Jammy: Mon, this dude be smokin' too much ganja, for true.


V/O: Ever since the beginning of time things have always changed. In the MWC it's no different.

{Pictures of Ivy and Flair shaking hands with JW Locke Sr, Harders and Zieba shaking hands with Locke Sr.}

V/O: And always with change you have to expect the unexpected. Tonight one of those unexpecteds come into play as eight wrestlers vie for the Extreme title once held by 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair...

{Pictures of Flair handing over the Extreme title to Locke Sr, Wrestlers such as Angelus, Hellfighter, and Radder standing in line to sign up for the Extreme tournament.}

V/O: How many changes will there be tonight...

{Pictures of Casanova Clique fighting Lunar Express, San An's Best holding up the Tag Belts}

V/O: Only time...

{Pictures of Commando involving himself in one of Dean's matches. Dean standing on the second turnbuckle holding the IC belt.}

V/O: Will tell...

{Pictures of Love pinning Vizzack and taking the win. VP Zieba restarting the match. Love getting pinned and holding the World Title.}

MWC Hostile Take Over in Detroit

Held at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan

BS: Ladies and Gentlemen WELCOME TO DETROIT! We're at the Joe Louis Arena right here in MoTown all set to go with another Hostile Take Over!

MP: Yeah BABY this is a SWINGIN TOWN YEAH!!!

BS: You are so right Mike well before we start there were some.......

['Turn the Page' by Metallica begins to play over the PA system as Vice President Zieba makes his way out towards the ring apron. He gets the ususal response any figurehead would get coming to ringside.]

MP: Oh the Vice Prez is out tonight. You better be on your P's and Q's Brett.

BS: I'm not worried about my job....are you?

MP: Oh no. I hear that the VP has a eye for the ladies and that makes him very cool in my book.

BS: He's a married man for goodness sakes.

MP: He can still swing like the best of'em!

[VP Zieba goes towards the side of the ring and asks for a microphone.]

VP EZ: DETROIT! Welcome to MWC'S Hostile Take Over! I just wanted to come on out here and hope that everyone has a great time tonight cause you are being witness to a rare card. Usually a card like this would be a Pay Per View event, but since there are some new POWERS in charge we can have the matches we, and you, wanna see!

[Big crowd cheer]

VP EZ: Now first off it has come to my attention that Commando and current IC champion Eddie Dean wanna battle for the Intercontinental Title inside of a steel cage WRAPPED in barbed wire. Well if this was the OLD MWC we could never have that match cause the MWC wouldn't accept the results, but this is a new company and I'm gonna let it happen. If Commando and Dean wanna battle in a cage then who am I to say anything different?

[Another crowd cheer!]

VP EZ: Now I've have soemthing for the Tag Team Championship match. This whole week all I've heard from MD, in paticular Kevin Nine, is nothing but curse words. He has this warped idea that it's O.K. to come onto the TV screen with a bottle in one hand and waving the finger like it was the National Flag with the other. Along with the constant throwing out of MANY words that cannot be repeated on any MWC broadcast. Now the rest of MD doesn't have a problem with this, but when it comes to Kevin Nine there is a BIG problem, but I'm gonna solve it. After tonight, because tonight is gonna be the VP's freebie if I catch you using one more curse word on television and I mean ANY CURSE WORD not only am I gonna fine you so hard that you'll be feeling lint in your pockets for the next twenty years, but I will do the unthinkable. Now I've noticed that your group of merry men like to have title shots and LOVE to show off the gold. Well think about this. After today, if Commando wins the title and San An's Best can keep the titles then Kevin Nine you will be in control of their title holding destiny. What do I mean? Oh that's simple. What I mean is you better clean up your act otherwise if I catch you cursing just one more time on Television I'm gonna strip your buddy Commaond of his title. If you do it again then I'm gonna take the Tag Titles and I'll give them to who I desire. I think that should give the rest of your friends MORE than enough reason to limit your speech on Televison. And if you guys don't have titles after tonight then I'll just add pressure instead. First to your partners and then to you last. Let's call it tough love Kevin. And don't give me that freedom of speech crap cause you signed a MWC contract and....well guess who you work for. So Kevin Nine after the show I'm really interested to hear your opinion and when you say it say it loud and proud and right into the Camera lense cause you know I'll be watching and waiting to strip you of those belts! And Kevin...this isn't towards anyone else....just you and only you. Now who's in charge of MWC?

{A huge crowd reaction after that shocking annoncement}

VP EZ: And talking about titles. This one goes out to Eddy Love. You say you've been screwed? You say you haven't had it your way? You say that nobody LOVEs you? I almost feel bad and yet...I don't, but I will be fair. Since you have been screwed time and time again, so you say, I'll make your World title match kinda special. You will fight Vizzack and it will be for the World title. This you know, but did you know that I just made it a NO DQ match??? That's right Eddy. I have so much confidence in our champ I'm willing to bet that he will take you down at your own game. Yet, and I have to be ready for the worst, if you somehow happen to win I will be humble enough to present to you the MWC World Title right into your filthy little hands, but I know that's not gonna happen so I'm not even worried.

Tonight is gonna be a great show. I can feel it and soon....so will everyone else! Take care and enjoy!

['Turn the Page' by Metallica starts back up again as Vice President Zieba makes his way back towards the locker room area.]

BS: VERY STRONG WORDS by the Vice President tonight! Not only has he allowed the Steel cage match....

MP: That's a steel cage, BARBED WIRE MATCH!

BS: Very true. Not only that he has also put a gag order on K-9! And if they manage to have titles after this HTO and he slips up on any bad words then his friend Commando would loose the title first and then San An's Best!

MP: Well what if they don't have any titles after tonight?

BS: I am sure that VP Zieba will get creative cause he has before. And not only that, but the shocker of the night. Not only is the World Title up for grabs in a NO DQ match, but if Eddy Love wins tonight then VP Zieba will PERSONALLY hand the title to the Huricanne himself!

MP: Oh tonight is gonna be a special night in the Motor City BABY YEAH!!!!

BS: Well like I was saying before the Vice President came out, we had some debut 'dark' matches and.....

MP: They wrestled in the dark? Groovy baby!

BS: Are you that stupid? That means that they wrestled before the broadcast!

MP: Um...no.

BS: Anyways....The first debut match showed newcomers Fallen Angel and Dreamer also known as Fallen Dreams took on The Nightmare Express. Once the bell rang it was all Fallen Dreams.

{Stills of Fallen Dreams walking to the ring along a still of Dreamer picking up Fear in a suplex.}

BS: After about five minutes Dreamer put Horror on his shoulders and led him to the corner where Fallen Angel was wating for him. One Annialator later (Opponent on shoulders while his partner comes off with a top rope clothesline) and Fallen Dreams pick up their first win in MWC.

{Stills of Dreamer holding Horror on his shoulders and Fallen Angel covering for the win are shown)

MP: But that wasn't all because we had several debut matches.

BS: That's right. The next match brought Wrestling Legend Randy 'Rusty Cage' Cobb to the MWC and his first ever opponent just happened to be Frank 'The Showstopper' Camarotti.

MP: What Camarotti was thinking is beyond me. He signed to face a man that has done just about everything in the wrestling world. He's a former NBW TV and US champion. Former MHW Rocky Mountain Champion. Former NthWA Brass Knuckles champion along with a lot of other titles. He's even the current TCW US champion.

BS: People have said that when the Vice President put out the call for new blood to join the ranks of MWC that many would come and Randy was one of the first. Once he hit the ring he showed everyone why he is an Assisan in the ring.

{Stills of Cobb hitting a Rocker Droper and running powerslam pass on the screen.}

BS: And at the rate Cobb was going it was only a matter of time before he hit his finisher on him.

MP: Yeah BABY! Blowing up the Outside World (Northern Lights Bomb) and the victory!

(Stills of Cobb hiting his finisher and raising his hand in victory pass across the screen)

BS: With a man like Randy Cobb running wild in MWC it's only a matter of time before he eyes one of the titles in this league.

MP: I'm surprised that he didn't sign up for the Extreme title tournament.

BS: Who knows. He has been a thinker of the game and knowing him it's only a matter of time. And the action didn't stop there! We still had ONE MORE DEBUT MATCH and this team does not play!

MP: Oh no. Blade and Zero make up Zero Tolerance and when they entered the ring Dread and Tony Corleonea of The Softcore Syndicate never had a chance.

{Pictures of Zero Tolerance coming to the ring and Zero in the face of Dread}

BS: I'm just surprised that the fef could keep control of this match cause Blade and Zero wanted to be in there all the time.

{Pictures of Blade and Zero peforming a double clothesline and a Heart punch/Drop kick from behind}

MP: Well you see what they did to their opponents! And that finisher....

BS: Oh you mean Zero Barrier (Chokeslam/Top rope legdrop). Once Zero landed on Dread it was quick to get the three count.

{Pictures of Zero landing on the face of Dread with the legdrop and the chair and their hands raised in victory)

MP: Well he didn't have to come landing on the man's face with that chair under his leg did he?

BS: Well we have a Extreme singles division. Who's to say that we cannot have a Extreme Tag division as well? Well from what I understand the first match LIVE tonight is gonna be for the IC title and there will be a special stip. It's gonna take place inside of a steel cage wrapped in barbed wire!

MP: Normally MWC doesn't allow that match, but they said they wanted it so let'em have it.

BS: You can't deny them and as you heard earlier from Vice President Zieba he is gonna allow it. As the cage is being lowered onto the ring lets go over some other key matces today. After this match we're gonna be starting the first round matches for the Extreme Title. It wasn't too long ago that 'Total Elimation' Eli Flair held that title. As a matter of fact he was set to defend that strap against his long time rival 'Good God' Kevin Powers in what should've been one HELL of a match, but things turned out for the worse.

MP: Yeah baby. Poison Ivy became Commissioner and Eli was her right hand man, but she got fed up with the league in the shortest of time spans and walked out just like that. And on the way out Flair dropped the title right on the desk of Locke and called it a day.

BS: And to make matters worse Kevin Powers, with his recent problems, was put on a forced vacation by new Vice President Zieba and missed the PPV. Well almost.

MP: Yeah baby he came back and CRASHED the party!

BS: That is until the VP got right in his face and did everything BUT fire him. Detox, rehab, and most important SUSPENDED from MWC action for an undisclosed amount of time. Earlier today the MWC sent Victoria McCave out to the Betty Ford Clinic where Powers is spending some time.

MP: That is totally unfair. If a man chooses to drink and have a good time then what is someone else to say he's wrong?

BS: Well he was making a scene on the PPV and it was obvious that Powers has problems. VP Zieba is doing it for his own good.

MP: He's a square if you ask me.

BS: Roll the tape.


[The scene opens up inside one of the common areas in The Betty Ford Clinic. In front of the camera wearing a green business-like suit/dress is Victoria McCave. She stands at six foot tall and her legs don't seem to quit. Behind her is 'Good God' Kevin Powers 'studying' the scene.]

VM: MWC fans this is Victoria McCave coming to you from The Betty Ford Clinic for an exclusive interview with former IC champion 'Good God' Kevin Powers. (turns to Powers) I guess the first question is....

KP: Oh yeah....I could climb that mountain all night long.

VM: Excuse me. Kevin? Would you mind paying attention up HERE unstead of down there.

KP: (with a cocky smile) Down where?

VM: You know where....HEY!!!

KP: Gotcha!

VM: Well first of all is how is your treatment coming along?

KP: Well I guess that treatment is going good. I know that I've done some wrong things in my past and it was really a good idea that Vice President Zieba put me in the clinic because I really needed help.

VM: Really? You agree to this?

KP: Oh yes. With Gina and Susan leaving me the only place I could turn to was the bottle. I now know that was wrong and I needed help. Hopefully I'll be out of here soon and reinstated.

VM: Well. That's great Kevin. I'm proud of you and I'm sure the rest of MWC is as well.

KP: Thank you Vickie and I'm looking forward to returning.

VM: There you are fans. This is Victoria McCave reporting.


{Cutto: Sanders and Powers with a surprised look on their face.}

MP: He actally admited to it? I can't believe it. Kevin is goin soft.

BS: It takes one Hell of a man to admit his problems and Good God did it. It'll be great to see him back in action very soon.

MP: I still think he needs a drink. That's my opinion.

BS: Well everyone has one just like other things. Let's go to Mark Bravo for the introduction to tonight's matchup.

MP: Everyone has a what....?



'The Extremist' Eddie Dean vs The Commando w/Casey Taylor

MB: Ladies and gentlemen the following match is scheduled for one fall and a thirty minute time limit. It will be for the Intercontinental Title and it will be inside of a barbed wire steel cage. The only way to win is to either climb over the top to the ground or to walk out the gate to the floor.

Introducing first, the challenger.....

[MD's music begins to play as The Commando makes his way out towards the ring. Casey is in front of him drawing all of the males' attention in the audience. He climbs the stairs and walks around inside of the ring.]

He comes in at six foot seven and weights two hundred and sixty eight pounds. Being lead to the ring by Casey Taylor.....Representing the Manifest Destiny.....this is Commando!!

And his opponent....

(The lights in the arena go off as "Bombtrack" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play as the crowd hushes to the steady bass line. The drums are soon added, as the beat gets more intense, working up to a cymbal crash to which fireworks explode, and "The Extremist" Eddie Dean emerges from the curtain at the top of the ramp. He takes a second to gaze out into all of the fans that have gathered for this event before continuing down the path, which is lit up by various flickering figures of the word 'eXtreMisT.' Along with his usual attire of a pair of goggles, a set of breathe rights, and two streaks of red face paint running down both sides of his face, he has dyed his hair jet black and spiked it. Dean is wearing a long black trenchcoat and is carrying a trashcan in one hand, as he works the crowd to excitement. The crowd warms up for Dean and on the LockeTron his music video featuring match clips and movie stunts play for all to see. As the cymbals crash again, Dean throws his trashcan into the ring. He enters the ring with strobe lights. He seems to be enjoying himself, bouncing back and forth from each set of ropes. At the next cymbal crash, Dean leaps on to the second rope and starts running his hands along his waste to indicate he's there for a belt. After a few seconds, he does a backflip and lands gracefully on his feet. As the music dies down and the lights come back on, Eddie Dean lets out an "Ohhhyeahhhbabyyyy!" and arouses the crowd once more. A good portion of the fans is clearly behind this former BTR superstar for now. "The Extremist" then takes off his trenchcoat to reveal the neon green tights that he is wearing along with the MWC IC belt. He sets the trashcan outside of the ring by his corner, and gets to it.)

MB: He is the CURRENT Intercontinental Champion Ladies and gentlemen he is 'The Extremist' Eddie Dean!

{Bell Rings}

BS: This should be one great contest. These two have been building this up for sometime now ever since Commando made his appearance in the Dean versus......what are you doing?

MP: Doesn't Casey look extremely SEXY in that tight white shirt? Oh the headlights are on and ....

BS: This isn't a PPV Mike. Ya better watch what you're saying.

MP: But look at her. She's just sticking all out and about! My God I could shag her for HOURS!

BS: Try and quit staring at her like a deer looking at headlights and let's get back to the action.

MP: Oh yeah baby.....Headlights.

BS: Back to the action Commando and Dean are in the middle of the ring trading punches with Commando and the ex-CIA agent is getting the better of the two. Commando goes to whip Deain into the cage....no reversal.....and Commando goes CRASHING into that cage and barbed wire! The match is just in the opening stages and already Commando is cut open in several places from that wire!

MP: Well that's how us spies like it. Always working for danger. Being men of mystery.

BS: You was never a spy! Face it you're nothing more than a carbon-copy of an actor that PLAYS a spy!

MP: I sold him the rights to make my movie baby YEAH!

BS: You're insane. Dean trying to be careful here in this matchup. He catches Commando with one reverse atomic drop and follows it up with another and Commando isn't looking that hot all of a sudden. Dean takes a couple of steps back and measures Commando with a flying clothesline!! I guess Dean took some of Commando's words to heart.

MP: Dean is an actor and he doesn't need to hurt himself, but if he has to defend his honor then he will.

BS: You know where Dean is coming from then right?

MP: Well yes I do.

BS: Since he's an actor and plays a character who isn't real.

MP: Exactly.

BS: Just like you.

MP: That's right....HEY!!!

BS: I love my job at times....back in the ring and Dean has made it to the top rope making sure he doesn't catch himself on the barbed wire. It looks like he about to launch himself on Commando and make some quick work of the big man. He jumps....AND NOBODY HOME!!! Commando just rolled out of the way of Dean and his flying elbow! Now it's Commando that's in control. He picks up Dean and whips him into the cage.....and he meets it FACE FIRST!!! Now Dean is cut and they're both even.

MP: Well I don't think he'll be winning Most Sexiest Person from People Magazine anytime soon...

BS: I don't think so either.

MP: Unlike me...YEAH!

BS: I'm not even gonna comment on that. Commando in control. He whips Dean into the ropes. Dean comes off and is met with a spink hook kick and Dean goes down hard!

MP: I guess it doesn't hurt to know some of that Tae-Bo or whatever it's called.

BS: Tae-Bo? What do you think he watches? Tapes? The man studied Judo, Aikido, and Tae Kwan Do!

MP: I bet he tries to push tape sales soon.

BS: Well Money is the root of all evil so ya never know. Right now Commando picks up Dean in the Powerbomb and he drops him on the ropes! Commando then takes the momentum and turns around and drops Dean right on the canvas!

MP: A slingshot Powerbomb? Isn't that....

BS: That's Kiss the Canvas! Is Commando trying to send out a message to Kevin Powers? Commando should be making his way out of the cage right now, but instead he is standing over Dean and he is giving him the badmouth!! Wait a minute what is this.....

[Jammy, the janitor from earlier, comes walking down the rampway with a bouquet of flowers in a vase. He walks down the side of the ring and makes his way towards Casey who is trying not to pay attention to him.]

MP: That is a true swinger baby yeah! Giving the lady flowers to make her feel better.

BS: Well Jammy really has no reason being out here in the first place, but when a man sees beauty he'll do anything to get their attention.

[The camera picks up on Jammy and Casey.]

C: How many times do I have to tell you? I don't want your flowers!!!

J: Oh come on girl. Take de flowers you are so beautiful!

C: NO! Get the HELL out of my FACE!!!

J: Oh girl. Make Jammy happy and take de flowers.

C: Fine! Give me the damn flowers.

{She goes to snatch them out of Jammy's hands. When she does the vase breaks and water comes flowing out....right on her white shirt and show a little bit more of Casey then anyone expected to see.}

BS: Did you see that?

MP: YEAH BABY YEAH!!! SHAGADELIC!!! That is how you play the GAME!!!

BS: Casey, shocked, covers herself and runs towards the back in shock. Commando, who finally noticed what was going on, is yelling at Jammy who is now looking at Commando. Jammy just flashes him a smile and starts to walk towards the back. Commando tries to go after him, but his pulled back in by Dean.

MP: You got to finish the match first Rambo.

BS: Eddie Dean is continuing the onslaught of punches and kicks and whips Commando into the ropes again....Commando reverses it! Dean off the ropes and he's met to a boot to the midsection. Commando just picked up Dean and......THE NOSE DIVE!!! (Corkscrew Piledriver) Dean is out and Commando is trying to crawl his way towards the door. He's getting closer and closer while Dean is still out. Commando looks back to make sure that Dean is not moving and continues for the door. Both men are bloodied from tonights match and it's amazing that they have gone on this long. The gate is opened and Commando is finally there. Wait Dean is up! He's trying to reach for Commando, but he doesn't even know where he's at right now! Commando is almost out! Dean finally realizes where he's at and he lunges at Commando, but it's too late! Commando has made it to the floor!!! COMMANDO WINS!!!


Winner and NEW MWC Intercontinental Champion



BS: My GOD I can't believe it. What a way to start off a Hostile Take Over! And we still got some Extreme matches to go through before we can even get to the Tag Titles and the World strap!

MP: But did you see Casey! WOW!

BS: You're still on that?

MP: Well wouldn't you be?

BS: Well yeah....we'll be right back with the first rounds of the Extreme title tourney!

BS: Welcome back everyone. If you are just joining us then you've missed one Hell of a show so far. From Commando winnning the IC strap to VP Zieba's recent announcements to....

MP: Casey turning on the Headlights!!!

BS: Well that too. Lets get to the first round of the Extreme Tourney!



Sephiroth vs Hellfighter

In the first match of the Extreme title tournament it was Sephiroth versus Hellfighter and it didn't take very long before these two went at it. The action continued back and forth and very soon they were out of the ring and into the stands. It was your basic combinations of sharp fist to the face and short-armed clotheslines until they got into the hallways of the Joe Louis Arena. Once there Sephiroth hit a powerbomb right into one of the many concession stans and didn't let up. Once he dragged Hellfighter back to his feet he connected with a bearhug/belly to belly suplex, but his advantage wouldn't last long. When Sepiroth went to go look for something to nail Hellfighter with he gave his opponent more than enough of a break to recover. Hellfighter got set up and when Sephiroth finally turned around he was hit with a running spear timed perfectly. Hellfighter returned the favor from eairler with a flurry of punches to the face on Sephiroth and the fans in the lobby were going NUTS! Soon Hellfighter dragged his opponent back through the stands and back into the ring. From there Hellfighter whipped Sephiroth into the ropes and caught him with a DVD. As Hellfighter was making his way to the top rope Angelus made his way down the ramp and QUICKLY got involved. Since the Extreme matches are no disqualifiation Angelus and Sephiroth doubled teamed the Revelution leader until he couldn't fight back no longer. From there they hit their finisher Deformography (Gorilla press slam into a stunner) and Sephiroth was about to go for a pin, but that was not meant to be. From out of the crowd two men dressed in cloaks slid into the ring and attacked both Sephiroth and Angelus. Once the cloaked men got the better of the unsuspecting duo one of the cloaked men threw Angelus over the top rope and onto the floor below. The cloaked men finally take off their cloaks and they are revealed to be Goth and AC from The Gothic Alchemy. As both men go back to the floor and chase off Angelus Hellfighter finally regains his composiure and hits his finisher The Crossface Hell Slam (Jackhammer/Vertical DDT) After that it was only the matter of the three count.

Winner: Hellfighter


BS: Just when you think you've seen it all something more happens. Yet ANOTHER tag team has made it's way to MWC in the form of The Gothic Alchemy. It finally looks like that Hellfighter got some friends.

MP: Yeah baby the more for the party the better, but he needs to get some ladies in his party.

BS: Well I dont' think he's worried about that in MWC right now. He has stated that he was starting a Revolution in the MWC against the forces of Evil and it looks like the Mechanical Animals are his first target. And with friends that look like AJ and Goth he might just get the job done. Well it's time for our second match which, amazingly enough, pits Angelus against "The Monarch" Mark Martin.

MP: Quit talking like a square and let's get to the match.



Angelus vs "The Monarch" Matt Martin

This match was billed as one of the many Veterans vs Rookies match. Matt Martin, fresh into the MWC, wanted to prove to the world that he belonged there and he didn't waste no time in proving that point. From the start of the bell the two went at it in the ring, out of the ring, and in the stands. After hitting eachother with everything in the arena from broomsticks to fire extinguishers to two by fours they eventually made it back into the ring. As Martin hit Angelus with a powerbomb he waited for his opponent to get back to his feet. He went to the ropes and attempted to hit him with a flying clothesline, but who he REALLY hit was the ref who was pulled in by Angelus. As the ref went down and Martin was on top of him trying to wake him up Angelus took over unleashing a utter ONSLAUGHT! From clotheslines to DDT's to Thrustkicks Angelus would not let up and when his opponent went down Angelus went to the outside and pulled out a table to add his arsenal. As he was setting up the table Martin finally made it back up, but Angelus was aware of it and he hit him with his finisher Angel's Touch (Stunner) and continued to set up the table. Suddenly, from out of the stands, Bret Kross made his way into the ring and caught a unsuspecting Angelus off guard. They traded punches until Angelus got the better of the two. Angelus was about to whip Kross into the table that was set in the corner for Martin, but Kross reversed the whip and it was Angelus that went HARD into the table. After that Kross went over and connected with his finihser Brass Bomb (Suplex/Powerbomb). He picked up Martin and drapped him over Angelus. Once Kross was out of the ring the ref finally woke up and it was simple after that.

Winner: "The Monarch" Matt Martin


BS: And Kross isn't letting up! He just brought a chair into the ring and nails Angelus again and again. The man isn't even on his feet!

MP: I guess it is safe to say you can kick a man when he is down.

BS: Oh this is not right. Kross finally lets up after several officials make their way to the ring. Now he's getting Martin and he's walking away with him? What the....

MP: I knew it baby the man had a plan!

BS: Martin is a new comer to the MWC and Kross hasn't been heard from since SuperNova Someone needs to get a camera back there so ..... O.K.? Good a camera crew caught up with Kross.

MP: Oh this should be some good viewing. Hey parents now might be a good time to put the little rugrats to bed.

BS: Bret, you haven't been active in the MWC since your loss at Supernova, now...

Bret Kross: That loss, should have never happened, and I am still waiting for my rematch. I asked Mercenary if he was up to defending that title, he said he was, but I knew he wasn't and this proves it. This is a televised event, but do you see the TV Title being defended, NO. Next HTO, I want my rematch, I am the number one contender for that belt, and I will get it.

BS: Ok, that being said, earlier tonight, you helped out 'The Monarch' Matt Martin, is there a team forming?

BK: How did I know you were going to ask that? There isn't nothing. he was merely in the right place at the right time. I didn't come out to help Martin, I came out to hurt Angelus, and that's exactly what I did. The guy couldn't take that I was better than him, that I beat him, fair and square. He blinded my eye, but it was only temporary, as you can see. Angelus, after I get my title, we will meet again. I promise you, the outcome won't change.

BS: Are you sure there is nothing going on with Martin?

BK: Like I told you, NOTHING.

BS: What about your business, what happened?

BK: No comment, I'm out of here.

MP: Well it looks like you handled that very well.

BS: Oh...nothing out of you! We're gonna take a little break in the Extreme action right now for a special interview by the former MWC Tag Team champions Lunar Express who, in my honest opinion, BARLY lost their match to The Casanova Clique. It could've gone either way and that night just happened to belong to

MP: Oh do shut up and let the team come out and defend theirselves for being such losers.

BS: I can see that I need to have a dicussion with Vice President Zieba about you.

MP: Oh?

BS: Let's go to the ring for the next match-up which puts Simply Stunning against one another.

MP: This is unfair to Simply Stunning. What was the MWC thinking when they paired these two to fight eachother?

BS: I don't know, but I'm sure it will be one heck of a contest.



"Simply Devine" Michael Hardy vs "Stunning" Simon Wilcox

This one was never a match to begin with. As the two finally made it to the ring they couldn't hide their laughter. They looked out towards the crowd and soaked up the fan approval they got into the center of the ring and was about to spar off, but stopped. They looked at eachother and shook their heads in disbelief. Hardy made his way towards the ropes and called for the microphone and a towel.

MH: To have myself and Wilcox wrestler one another would be exactly what the MWC management wants since they made the brackets, but it's not gonna happen.

After that the two began to play rock, paper, scissors. After a quick one two thre it was Wilcox that won the hand match. Hardy then called the ref over and handed him the towel. The ref, knowing what he meant then did what he had to do.

Winner: "Stunning" Simon Wilcox


MP: Oh THAT WAS GREAT! Why should my brothers hurt themselves when they can live for another day? That was truly a smashing idea!

BS: Well if you think about it then you can say that it was. Granted whoever made the brackets had an idea, but Simply Stunning had another and it will be Wilcox going into the semis to face the winner of the Radder versus another rookie into the Extreme contest Trey Holmes.

MP: Yes can another veteran be upset by a rookie?

BS: Angelus was far from being upset and you know that.

MP: Did he loose?

BS: Well yes, but....

MP: Enough said.

BS: And I acutally tried to aruge this.



"Iceman" Steve Radder w/Kelly vs "Hot Shot" Trey Holmes w/Tracy

A lot of words were shared between these two befor their matchup and it showed while they were in action. As the match went back and forth Kelly could always be seen with a worried look on her face while her counterpart, Tracy, could always be seen with a smile on hers. The fighter didn't stay long in the ring as they tumbled outside and used everything that was within limits. From ring stairs to near-by chairs the two were puishing eachother. At one point Holmes caught Radder from bhind with the ring bell and almost got the win, but somehow The Iceman kicked out. As the two made their way back into the ring it looked like that Holmes was gonna win. Holmes just finished putting the StarStruck (Stun Gun) as was setting up for the Hot Shot (Blockbuster from the top rope) As Radder was trying to make his way to his feet Kelly kept screaming to him louder than a banshe until he finally realize where he was. As he turned around he noticed and ducked Holmes attempt at the Hot Shot. That is when Radder took over and took complete control of the match. As Radder was having his way with Holmes hitting him with a Powerbomb, Piledriver, and even a Samoan Drop Tracy was trying her best to get Radder's 'Attention', but he wasn't buying into it. Instead she did the next best thing and got the ref's attention. As the ref was making his way towards Tracy Radder noticed this and relased his hold on Holmes. He tried to get the ref's attention, but he was pre-occupied with Tracy. This gave Holmes enough time to catch Radder off-guard. This time Radder was met with a boot to the midsection and followed up with double arm jumping piledriver. After that Holmes put Radder in The Devestation (Jericho Boston Crab) and was waiting for the ref to turn around, but he couldn't because another fight broke out on the OUTSIDE of the ring. Kelly, noticing earlier that Tracy got involved in the turns of the tide, made her way over to where Tracy was standing on the ring and puller her down. After that a pushing match started between the two and the ref was trying to separate the two. Holmes, noticing this, released the hold and made his way over to get the ref's attention. This was all that Radder needed. He finally made his way up and caught Holmes in a full nelson. Quickly turned him around and hit Absolute Zero (face first full nelson slam) All that was left was the three count.

Winner: "Iceman" Steve Radder


MP: He was so close. So very close, but he let it slip away.

BS: Well he should've won, but because the ref was distracted with Tracy and Kelly on the outside that is what it took for Radder to get the win and move towards the semis.

MP: That dirty bird! He needs to give her a good tongue lashing.

BS: For the first time I can agree with you there.

MP: And then a good shagging! YEAH BABY YEAH!

BS: Why do I even bother. We'll be right back with Casanova Clique taking on San An's Best for the Tag Team Titles!



San An's Best vs The Casanova Clique

BS: We're back folks and the action isn't done yet! Coming up next is San An's Best and they're putting the titles on the line against The Casanova Clique.

MP: Well the San An's, especially K-9, feel that The Casanova Clique doesn't deserve to have a shot at the belts considering this is only their second match in the MWC.

BS: They deserve everything they get. They just came off an impressive win against Lunar Express and with the depature of the LE's the Clique has pretty much moved into that number one slot. What can they do?

{The fans start to cheer as Victoria McCave makes her way down the rampway and to the announcers booth. She picks up a head set and sits on the right side of Sanders. Far away from Mike Powers.}

BS: What an unexpected pleasure. Welcome to the booth Vickie.

MP: Yeah baby. Hello!

VM: Hello Brett....Mike. You know I couldn't stay away from the action. Especially with the final two matches of the night being the Tag and World title straps. This should be pretty good.

MP: I saw how you converted Powers from a swinger to a square. How could you?

VM: I'm not even gonna address that. The man is making progress and you should be happy.

MP: The square needs a drink.

BS: Anyway let's get to Mark Bravo for tonight's match-up.

MB: The following contest is set for one fall with a thirty minute time limit and it is for the MWC World Tag Team Titles! Introducing first the challengers.....

{"Hot Lava" by Perry Farrell and D.V.D.A. begins to play as Chip Allthat and Dale Johnson emerge from behind the curtain. Chip is wearing a purple singlet with "Casanova Clique" printed in white script on the back, and white calf-length boots. Dale is wearing long white tights with "Casanova Clique" printed in purple script on the rear, and purple calf-length boots. Both men wear pairs of Oakey sunglasses as well}

MB: Coming in at five hundred pounds and hailing from Dayton, Ohio.....Chip Allthat and Dale Johnson.....The Casanova Clique!!!

{Chip has a microphone and he begins speaking as they walk down the aisle.}

CA: That's right! Casanova Clique in the house! In just a few minutes, the world will know that we mean business and that the new team in town is a force to be reckoned with!

{Crowd boos intensely. Both men roll into the ring. Chip continues speaking.}

CA: Cut the music!

{Music fades out.}

CA: Now I know all you ladies are dying to get your hands on us, and you will get your chance, but first I wanna talk to my all my dawgs in the house! Where my fellas at!? Huh!?

{Crowd boos even more loudly.}

CA: All right, all right. You guys can pretend you hate us while your women dream about us. But ladies, here's a treat for you! Dale...let's show show 'em what they came to see!

{The two Clique members begin to flex and pose}

BS: Well here they are. Allthat and Johnson are in the ring and you can see that they are making an instant impression on all the fans here. Including the ladies.

MP: Allthat....Johnson....hey do you know....

VM: Don't even think it.

MB: And their opponents....

(The cameras are backstage, K-9 is sitting in the dark corner with a 40 in hand. He is not sippin it though. He stares at it, he stands and continues to stare. He looks up, closes his eyes then opens them and looks at the bottle again as he pours it on the floor. As he pours it out on the floor, Lone Wulf walks in...Lone Wulf watches and as the last bit pours out, they both hug. When there done K-9 still has the empty bottle)

LW: Lets go make these mouthaa-f##kas bow down to somthin greater than themselves...so, give me the bottle.

K-9: Can't I at least use it to hurt 'em?

LW: Nah' no weapons...

(they both walk out of the room, as 2 of Amerikaz most Wanted by Tupac Shakur, and Snoop Doggy Dogg, cues up.)

MB: Now coming to the ring, residing from San Antonio, Texas...At a combined weight of 8 hundred and 89 pounds...They are the CHARTER MEMBERS of Manifest Destiny...They are also the reigning, Multinational Wrestling Corporation Tag Team Champions...they ARE...San Ans' Besssssssssstttttt!!!!!

(Lone Wulf steps out first as Tupac talks over the loud speaker...Lone Wulf moves his lips as he is talking, "Ahh s##t, you done f##ked up now, You done put two of America's most wanted in the same mother-f##kin place at the same, at the same motherf##kin time, hahahahah, Y'all niggaz about to feel this, Break out the champagne glasses and them motherf##kin condoms, Have one on us aight??" The beat drops and K-9 runs into the scene, rapping with the song as he walks down the ramp, "Picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture Bomb the hoochies with precision my intention's to get richer." Both start to make there way down the ring, wearing the usual. K-9 with is "Tupac, RIP" T-shirt, and shorts, and Lone Wulf with his regular, "SaB" tights. They make there way down to the ring, the get up on the apron, and Lone Wulf throws his big leg over the top rope and moves his 7'2" frame into the ring. They ask for a mic, and K-9 sits in the middle of the ring talkin.)

K-9: You know, they told me I was an alcoholic...but I said NO! Alcoholics go to meetings, I was a DRUNK, and now I have put do the bottle for good!

(Large Fan Pop, for a Heel)

Eh' Eh' Eh'...Damn, Band Wagon jumpers, you booed me the whole way down to the ring, how you gonna clap now? f##k ya'll!

(K-9 throws down the mic, and Chip picks it up)

CA: Isn't that cute? K-9 and Lone Wulf back to gather again....ahhhh...

(K-9 still with his leather jacket on, and Lone Wulf rush them to start it all off.)

{Bell Rings}

BS: And San An's wastin no time starting this match off with a bang!

VM: Well the San An's wanted this to be a no DQ match, but VP Zieba ruled against it and made it a regular match instead.

MP: He never enjoys having fun.

BS: San An's are just TEARING into the CC's, they aren't backing down! The CCs fire right back and it's a four way BRAWL right now! Chip has paired off with Lone Wulf in one corner while Dale and K-9 are going at it in the other corner. The ref is trying to gain control of this match, but it's just not looking good.

VM: Well ever since the match was announced these two have had strong words for eachother. The San An's feel that they shouldn't be wrestling this match while The CC's feel that they earned it and should be here. Considering at the time there was really no tag competition this match had to be signed. What about you Mike?

MP: Headlights....

BS: Are you STILL on that kick? Speaking of kick K-9 just delievered a low blow to Dale right in front of the ref. The ref is calling for the break, but K-9 flips him off right in his face and continues to attack Johnson. The ref tries to get K-9's attention again, but he pushes the ref to the ground! K-9 takes a look at Johnson and sees that he's still in pain and moves over to his tag team partner and works over Chip!

VM: This match is getting out of control...oh great!

BS: K-9 just went to the outside and brought in a table! He's setting it up in the center of the ring. Things don't look good for the CC's right now.

VM: K-9 places Chip on the table and holds him there while Lone Wulf makes his way to the top, but where's Dale at?

BS: During all of the excitement Dale slipped out of the way and now he's nowhere to be found. Wait he's sneaking up behind K-9! And he's got a fire extinguisher in his hands as well!

MP: Oh yeah baby YEAH!! They're gonna fight fire with fire!

BS: Dale taps K-9 on the shoulder and he sprays that stuff in his face!

VM: And Lone Wulf just leaped off the top rope, but NO ONE WAS THERE!!! Chip rolled out of the way and Lone Wulf came crashing down on the table face first! Chip picks him back up and tosses him out of the ring and to the floor! Oh man this is total chaos!

BS: Well the ref is calling for the bell which he should've done a long time ago.....

MB: Both San An's Best and The Casanova Clique have been disqualified . This match is ruled a NO CONTEST!

No Contest

Still the MWC World Tag Team Champions

San An's Best


BS: But that doesn't bother the CC's cause they're not done with K-9! Chip whips a blinded K-9 into the ropes. K-9 coming back and .... OH MY GOD!!! Dale just cracked that Fire extinguisher right on K-9's head! Now they're laying the boots to him and they're not letting up! HERE COMES COMMANDO!!!

VM: The Clique sees him and they make a quick exit out of the ring. Commando slides into the ring and heads towards his fallen friend K-9 to see if he's O.K., but he's busted wide open from that shot earlier.

BS: Lone Wulf is finally back in the ring and heads towards his MD brothers. Well the good news is that the San An's keep the belt, but the bad news....

MP: Yeah baby! The Casanova clique just sent a message to San An's Best and K-9 got the FULL message!

VM: Well if you think about it now MD now have the IC and Tag titles. If you thought they were powerful then...wait until now.

BS: Fans we'll be right back, but when we return the MWC World Title is on the line and it's a NO DQ affair....NEXT!!!




'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine vs 'Hurricane' Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa

BS: Welcome back folks. Tonight has to be one of the most exciting nights ever in MWC history. In one show we've seen first round action for the Extreme Titles. A new IC champ decided in a steel cage with barbed wire. A no contest for the Tag belts. NUMEROUS Surprises to include several announcements by Vice President Zieba and we STILL have the World Title to deal with!

VM: And this one should be an interesting contest. Eddy Love feels that he's been screwed twice and he has let his case be well known. The Vice President, hearing those comments, quickly signed this match and added a twist to it...he made it a No Dq affair.

BS: Well he didn't want to hear no complaining from Eddy Love if he lost this one so he gave him exactly what he wanted. Is that the smart thing to do?

MP: Let's not forget the best thing. If The Love Man can secure the win then the Vice President has PROMISED that he will personally give Eddy Love the title.

BS: That'll be one for the record books. Let's go to Mark Bravo who is ready to announce this blockbuster match.

MB: The following contest is set for one fall with a one hour time limit and it will be for the MWC World Title under No Disqualifation Rules!!!

Introducing first, the challenger......

(The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Trampled Under Foot" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain pops Sweet Melissa dressed in solid black short sun dress. She turns facing the curtain holding her arms together while pointing as "Hurricane" Eddy Love comes through the curtain with his hair sprayed to perfection. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. They come down the aisle and Melissa holds the ropes open while Eddy enters the ring, pulls the top rope then jogs to the other side of the ring and tugs on the other rope.)

Coming in at six foot five and weighing two hundered and fifty-five pounds. Being lead to the ring by Sweet Melissa.....represting The Elite.....'Hurricane' Eddy LOVE!!!!

BS: And just look at him. Always with a cocky look on his face.

VM: Well it should be more cocky than before considering what's gonna happen if he wins.

BS: This is true.

MB: And his opponent.......

(Cue Up:"Smoke On the Water" - Deep Purple. The lights dim... and the crowd soars. There's no movement as of yet from the curtains... until the guitars KICK IN and fireworks explode ALL around the ring entrance... and two of the 'Forbidden' ones emerge. "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack, is wearing "BTR DAREDEVIL" tights, black boots, and a leather jacket. His hair, sprayed and dripping with water, is pulled into a short ponytail behind his head. Next to him is the incomparable Sunshine Del Payne. A small amount of makeup is on her face, as is a rather large smile. They do well to cover... Cover, not hide, the emissions of sadness that her eyes continue to project.They begin their slow walk to the ring, shaking/slapping the hands of any fans who were able to get close enough.)

{Bell Rings}

BS: And this one is all set to go. Vizzack and Love are walking around the ring right now trying to see who is gonna make the first move.

VM: Well considerning their past. Vizzack scored an impressive win over Love in the last contest and...

MP: That match was restarted by Vice President Zieba and President Harders only because they don't like Eddy.

VM: Oh no not you too.

MP: It's all about Love baby don't you get it?

BS: I've learned not to bother with him. Well it looks like Love made the first move and he's got Vizzack in the ropes. Love is just LAYING into Vizzack with chops and punches, but Vizzack isn't putting up a fight. Why?

VM: Who knows. Vizzack hasn't really been the same since the recnet management movements in MWC. It has been heard that he was upset when Jim Sears was recenlty fired from MWC.

MP: Well if he wasn't fired then I wouldn't be able to have my job.

VM: I might have to talk to the Vice President about that bad move.


BS: Love has got Vizzack wrapped up and he's going for a running bulldog, but Vizzack pushes off and Love comes crashing down! I'll tell you what Vizzack can take a lot and come back with so much more. That kid has a lot of heart.

VM: He also has a lot of will and desire to go the distance.

MP: Well if you ask me he has a lot of brain cells missing

VM: And you wonder why no one asked you.

BS: Vizzack off the ropes and he catches Love with a running dropkick. Love over the ropes and to the ground. Vizzack quickly gets to the top rope and...OH MY GOD!!! A HUGE Splash from the top rope to the ground!

MP: Looks like Vizz was paying attention when the Vice President made the No DQ call.

VM: And it looks like he wasn't the only one! Look who just made his way down to ringside.

BS: Brian Blair is in the building and this cannot be good. Vizzack notices Blair on his way and he tosses Love back into the ring. Vizzack tosses Love into the ropes. Love comes back with a clothesline that misses and now Vizzack goes into the opposite side of the ropes. They pass eachother again with Vizzack doing a HUGE leapfrog over the big man. Into the ropes and Blair hooks Vizz's foot. Vizz turns around....Love off the ropes....Vizzack ducks...LOVE OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO BLAIR!!! Now Vizzack runs towards the ropes....he leaps...HE SCORES!!!!

VM: What a vicious Cross body block! He jumped on the top rope and hit both of them on the floor.

BS: Vizzack rolls back inside and Blair is the first one on his feet. He comes into the ring and heads towards Vizzack!

VM: Normally this wouldn't count, but with the NO DQ thing....

BS: Blair charges Vizzack .... Leapfrog ... Blair goes into the opposite ropes and comes back only to be met with a dropkick to the face. Blair staggers back and is met with another dropkick! Now Blair is on the ropes.

VM: He better be paying attention to Love cause he just got a steel chair in his hand. Vizzack measuring up Blair. Into the opposite ropes. CHAIR SHOT BY LOVE!!! Now Vizzack is staggering! What the?

MP: Contessa just threw her purse to Blair and now he's charging a unsuspecting Vizzack!

BS: And Blair just LEVELED Vizzack with that purse. Blair slides out with Love coming back in. This is unbelieveble! I can't believe that Vizzack actually agreed to this! Love picks Vizzack back up. He's got'em hooked. HURRICANE PILEDRIVER!!! Love goes to roll him up. ONE......TWO.......THREE!!!! Son-of-a.......


VM: And you know it's only gonna get better.

Winner and NEW MWC World Heavyweight Champion

'Hurricane' Eddy Love


{Melissa comes into the ring and hands Love a microphone.}

EL: HEY VP! I believe you owe me something. So why don't you bring your ASS down here right now and give me what I just EARNED!!

['Turn the Page' by Metallica begins to play over the PA system as Vice President Zieba makes his way out towards the ring apron. He walks over towards the announcers area and grabs a microphone of his own along with the MWC world title. He turns around and then gets into the ring.]

VP EZ: I made a promise to you and I plan on sticking by it! I agreed to your rules and I actually thought our champion could do it, but I was wrong. So....


VP EZ: Ladies and gentlemen. The winner and NEW MWC WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.....'HURRICANE' EDDY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

EL: (takes the title from Zieba) Thanks boss. I knew ya had it in ya. Now if ya don't mind I have some celebrating to do.

VP EZ: (walking away and seeing Vizzack starting to move) As for you! I wanna see your butt in my office tomorrow morning at nine o'clock SHARP! I suggest you don't be late!!!!

BS: OH MY GOODNESS WHAT A SHOW!!!! We've got a new world champ and a IC champ. New faces and old alike coming into the MWC. What more could you ask for?

VM: When is the next Hostile Take Over?

BS: Well that will be in two weeks in Indy.

MP: Oh YEAH BABY! You know the Indiana girls LOVE to SHAG!!! This is a LOVE NIGHT!!! New World Champ YEAH!!!

BS: For Mike Powers, Victoria McCave, and everyone else in MWC this is Brett Sanders saying good night from the Joe Lewis Arena in Detroit!!!!


Sunday night....after the show.

KP: (watching the TV from his room in the Betty Ford Clinic) MY BOY WINS!!! And he made punk boy come out and give him the title!!! Way to go Eddy!!! (takes a swig from a flask he has hidden) Hopefully Eddy will come back and get me a refil.

Nurse: (knocking on the door) O.K. Kevin Lights out.

KP: Yes nurse Battle Ax. Would you tuck me in and tell me a bedtime story?

Nurse: Screw you!

KP: Oh that's my favorite! Night baby!

Nurse: Whatever.......
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