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MWC Presents Domination

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Jul 8, 1998
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The scene opens to JW Locke standing in the back of the stadium before the show begins. He's speaking with the Eliminator and Ms. Feelsgood seems to be laughing at everything JW says to the point of irritation. The camera gets close and you can hear...

JW: Eliminator... tonight is your night to shine. All you have to do is get back at Angelus for his little..."office" visit, AND make certain that Mark Vizzack doesn't get that title shot. We already have Eddie Dean, that BTR croonie, grabbing at gold tonight... Vizzack would be completely unacceptable.

ELIMINATOR: Sir, you pay the money... everything will be taken care of. Angelus is of no consequence and Vizzack, well... your situation is about to get a LOT more interesting.

JW: That's what I thought Eliminator.

The scene fades out and then back into this time showing Dr. Destructo arriving to the stadium carrying his bags. His manager, Corporal Max Punishment is seen in the background talking with several of the local security and wearing his eyepatch.

MAX: I tell ya what... I've been rakin' in the boys! Merc signed up & Dr. Destructo is looking pretty good.

SECURITY: You lookin' forward to that stretcher match?

MAX: I might not be able to be there, but you never know what I've got cookin' on the flank.

SECURITY: Poor Doc, having to go up against Love from the starting gate.

MAX: It'll be tough, that's for sure - but he's shown me he's twice the man that the fancy pants (sarcasm) "lover". This isn't a sport for lovers, it's a war for soldiers, Domination will prove that all the more.

Cut to Mark Vizzack walking in with Sunshine and Eddie Dean. Jim Sears is alone drinking some coffee against a wall. Eddie passes some friendly comments and then goes off down the hallway. Mark stops with Sunshine who seems anxious to go ahead.

MARK: Go ahead Sunshine, I'll catch up with you and Eddie in a sec.

JIM: You ready for tonight?

MARK: Sure. Sephiroth won't be able to recover from Eli's Shirley Manson uncovering last week. I can handle anyone else for sure.

JIM: You ready for the potential round 2?

MARK: Eliminator... yeah, I guess everything is squared away. I know I've been training for this as hard as in my CSWA World champion days.

Cut to a scene showing Bryan Blair holding the MWC World title above his head after pummelling Bruno with it as he was held in the stockade. A voiceover begins...

VO: Tonight, that esteemed title will be up for grabs as the working class of America faces off against the Elite.

Cut to each of the Domination tournament entrants. It gives a close up of their face as the look of determination crosses each of their faces...Dr. Destructo, Sephiroth, Angelus, Jonathon Hammer, Crippler, Eliminator, Mark Vizzack, Eddy Love. The VO continues...

VO: But tonight is about more than one shot at the World, it's about 8 men vying for ONE shot at the MWC World title. EIGHT MEN, ONE SHOT - 7 are goin' home lickin' their wounds...one will get a shot at being the DOMINATE wrestler for a night, and then ride that wave to the World title...

The screen fades out and back into...


Held at Madison Square Garden in New York City

Cut to LIVE in MADISON SQUARE GARDEN in New York City, New York. The place is packed for this ENORMOUS card. Everyone is going nuts, trying to get their sign in front of the camera. Signs like: "Hit me with your glove Blair", "This 'AIN'T' Charlotte LOVE", " 'Nator is a bootlickin' Commie", "The big dogs are gonna kill each other", "Honorary 'CUBE-head'", AND "Deacon's 2nd coming!". Fireworks explode up and down the entranceway running all the way to the ring. Showers of sparks fall from the ceiling. The camera quickly speeds down the ramp to the ring and then we cut to...

JS: HELLO FANS to the MultiNational Wrestling Corporation's 3rd Pay Per View - DOMINATION! My name is Jim Sears and beside me is...

LK: The king of quotes, the sultan of sarcasm, the big daddy of your...


LK: Liam Kennedy.

JS: We are live here and ready for the BIGGEST MWC card ever. Let's give you a quick rundown.

LK: You do that, I've got a fine peice of New York Metropolitan real estate to check out.

JS: LIAM! Leave those women alone!!!! Never mind, he's outta here. Commando and Bret "Brass Knuckles" Kross go at it in a taped fist matchup. This should be in Kross' favor, but Commando always has something up his sleeve.

LK: Uhm. yeah, big boyfriend... I see that now... uhm... where were we?

JS: The matches.

LK: Yeah, Blair vs.

JS: Liam, in a sec will get to him.

LK: oh

JS: "The Franchise" Lance Bishop takes a shot at the BIGGEST ICON in Pro Wrestling. 2 huge egos go in, only one comes out just a little bit bigger.

LK: Bishop... come on, he hangs with those idiots - Ecubed.

JS: No matter, he's a great technician. John Ranger Styles and the Merc go at it again... but this time in a stretcher match.

LK: They've shown a LOT of animosity going into this..

JS: Speaking of Animosity - Lone Wulf and K9 finish it TONIGHT!

LK: Yeah, yeah - heard that before.

JS: Jack Emerald is risking his life, breaking the ideas of his doctors and getting in the ring with BATT.

LK: Batt kills him... end of story.

JS: LIAM!...Armageddon took the last one these guys met with... he thought Deacon was gone, but Deacon is back and taking their feud to the grave... first one out, wins this RESURRECTION match.

LK: Different music, same lyrics - Armageddon destroys the pious one.

JS: the Extreme tournament ends tonight as "Total Elimination" Eli Flair fights "Iceman" Steve Radder in a Mega Cage match for the MWC Extreme tournament.

LK: Who cares? They're both punks!

JS: Our next match should be interesting. Eddie Dean gets a shot at MWC Gold when he faces the champion, Kevin Powers - who's returning tonight from a shoulder injury he received during a house show in Buffalo 3 nights ago... a tough defense just got tougher.

LK: Who cares? They're both punks!

JS: The newly named "The Method" gets a shot at the championship. A rematch with Ecubed... but this time, Lunar Express will be locked in a cage with Willaim H. Bradley III.

LK: Boring.

JS: Blair, Bruno - MWC World title. It happens tonight...

LK: Yeah, but I have a feeling that last week's HTO will be a showing of what's to happen tonight... Blair is the champ - and Eddy Love says it's gonna stay that way!

JS: Speaking of Love...the #1 ranked guy in the Domination tournament. Along with Vizzack, Eliminator, Crippler, Hammer, Angelus, Sephiroth, & Dr. Destructo.

LK: And the winner gets the shot - what a night!

JS: That's right... what a night! Let's get to our first matchup as we start round 1 of the Domination tournament...



Crippler w/Mercedes Devon vs Jonathon Hammer

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall and is a 1st round match of the Domination Tournament. Introducing first...

(Hammer comes out from the back to a huge appalause. He is wearing his black wrestling tights that go the full length of his leg. On the right leg it says "Hammer" in red. He is also wearing an MWC t-shirt. He puts both arms in the air and brings them down quickly and fireworks blow off behind him in reds and golds. He then walks down towards the ring. He shakes hands with the fans and slides under the bottom rope. He jumps onto the second turnbuckle and raises his arms to the fans.)

The arena goes dark and once again we hear someone on the microphone say "HIT THE MUSIC!" and Crippler's music comes on. Spotlights light up the curtain as Mercedes Devon comes out, dressed in an evening gown, followed by Crippler, arm in arm, dressed in wrestling tights with a towel over his shoulder. Reaching the ring Crippler drops to one knee and holds his arms out, presenting himself with Mercedes behind him.

(As this happens, pyro fireworks go off in the ring behind them)

JS: Liam, our first match pits the technical prowess of Crippler against the hardcore nature of Jonathon Hammer.

LK: Crippler is one of the best technical wrestlers in the sport but he'll be no match for Hammer. Hammer would rather break your arm than to give ya the time of day.

JS: What is Hammer looking at? What, is that who I think it is? (The camera pans around the faces sitting in the front row and rest on the face of former WoW World Champ, Mark Maverick.)

LK: What the… Sears, that is former WoW Champion, Mark Maverick. What is he doing here? Doesn't he belong in that bush league that's called WoW? This is the big time, he doesn't belong here. Especially with stupid fans holding signs saying, "King of Extreme is gonna get ran over by a bull." Sears, this texas dweeb better head back down south - he's in Yankee tough man country.

JS: Be nice, Liam. Wait, Hammer has made his way over and is having words with Maverick. (Hammer grabs Maverick and rares back to throw a punch at Maverick.)

LK: Get'em Hammer! Send him back to that minor league of amateur wrestling. We all know amateur wrestling is fake anyway.

JS: He's a former world champ that… Crippler has just nailed Hammer with a baseball slide through the ropes. Hammer was too busy jawing with Maverick and he paid for it. (Crippler has picked Hammer up off the floor and is throwing right and left combinations.)

LK: See what that bush leaguer has caused? We do have rules here in the MWC that need…

JS: (Drowning out Kennedy's comments.) Crippler has staggered Hammer with a series of rights and lefts. Crippler is on the offensive. Body slam by Crippler. That nearly broke Hammer's back.

LK: Security! Security! Where's security when you need them. I bet Maverick didn't even buy a ticket. He probably stole one from a poor defenseless kid. (Reflecting to him self.) Hmmm, that's what I would have done. Maybe this guy isn't so bad after all.

JS: Will you get your mind on this match. Crippler with an Irish whip. Drop toehold by Crippler.

(Crippler executes the drop toehold and turns it into a spinning toehold. Hammer screams in pain but quickly waves the referee off when he asks for a submission. Hammer rakes Crippler's eyes to break the hold.)

JS: Hammer with a vicous lariat. Crippler rolls to the outside to take a breather and talk strategy with Mercedes Devon.

LK: Would you look at the number Mercedes is wearing. Now, there's a WOW for ya.

JS: There is a match going on, Liam. Why don't you do some color commentary and earn your paycheck.

LK: If you keep yelling at me like that, I'm gonna slam you through this table.

JS: (Screaming.) Any time, you spoiled pompus a…

LK: (Interrupting.) Now, now Sears. We are live and there are children watching.

JS: Fans, I apologize for my outburst…

LK: Apology accepted.

(Crippler has re-entered the ring and has a standing arm bar on Hammer. Hammer attempts a standing switch but Crippler refuses to let go of the hold. Finally, Hammer reaches back and grabs one of Crippler's legs and pulls him down to the mat.)

JS: Elbow drop by Hammer is on the mark. Hammer with an Irish whip into the turnbuckle,

LK: Crippler is stunned. Hammer whipped him into that corner with such force, it must have knocked the wind out of Crippler. Wait, Hammer charges…

JS: Crippler moves! Crippler moved out of the way and Hammer crashed into the turnbuckle. Quick roll up by Crippler! (Referee is there for the cover. 1…2…)

LK: Kick out! Hammer kicked out at 2 ½. Whew, that was close.

JS: Crippler is back on the offensive as he has a rear chinlock on Hammer. Fans, this move is a painful hold as Crippler has his knee jammed into Hammer's back and pulling on Hammer's chin at the same time.

LK: Who are you, Jerry Brisco? Where are we, Mr. Fuji's dojo?

JS: (Ignoring Kennedy.) Hammer has fought his way back to his feet. Hammer breaks the hold and spring s to the far side ropes. Crippler ducks a boot to the face. Belly to belly suplex by Crippler. That was a text book belly to belly suplex right there, Liam.

LK: Nobody can question that Crippler is a great wrestler and the guy has one great looking manager.

JS: Hammer is back on his feet. Gracious, that European uppercut nearly drove Crippler over the top rope. Crippler seems stunned.

LK: Hammer is going in for the kill, Sears. Hammer with another uppercut…

JS: NO! Crippler ducks. Backslide by Crippler. 1…2…

LK: Hammer's out of there. Got that shoulder up in the nick of time.

(Hammer responds by smashing Crippler with a forearm that drives Crippler to his knees. Hammer follows with a boot to the face that sends Crippler crashing to the mat. Hammer pulls Crippler to his feet and picks him up.)

JS: DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Hammer with a DDV and the cover… 1 … 2…

LK: NO! Crippler kicks out. What does it take to keep the Crippler down?

JS: Crippler has intestinal fortitude, Liam. Something you don't.

LK: Intestinal what? Hey, isn't that what that masked champ in that bush league up north says. Something about testular formaldehyde?

JS: I won't even acknowledge that. Hammer has pulled Crippler to his feet.

LK: Body slam by Hammer. Wait a minute…

JS: Crippler reverses, DRAGON SLEEPER! DRAGON SLEEPER! Crippler countered with a Dragon sleeper.

LK: Geez, come on Hammer. (Starts pounding the table.)

JS: You break that and you buy another one.

LK: Sears, I have enough money to buy everyone a, oh never mind. Call the action.

JS: Ref over to check on Hammer. (The ref raises Hammer's arm once and it falls, twice and it falls, the third time…) Wait, Hammer is coming alive. Hammer powers out of it.

LK: Scoop slam. Hammer picks up Crippler…

JS: Running power slam by Hammer. Hammer drops a leg across Crippler's throat. (Hammer has dragged Crippler to his feet.)


JS: Hammer with the cover. 1…2…3.

LK: Wait, the referee is indicating only a two count. It was only a two count. Come on! Hey, did Crippler grease the referee's palm or what.

JS: Leave the referee alone. Our referees would never stoop to bribes. Hammer has dragged Crippler to his feet. (Mercedes can be heard encouraging her wrestler and beating on the ring apron.) Hammer whips Crippler into the ropes…

LK: Crippler ducks a lariat attempt. Hammer stops. Big boot to the midsection by Hammer.

JS: DDT! DDT! Hammer just nailed Crippler with a thunderous DDT that nearly broke the ring. Hammer with a cover.

LK: That should do it. (Counting along with the referee.) 1… 2…

JS: Devon just put Crippler's foot on the ropes. She saved her charge from certain defeat.

LK: She can save me from certain defeat anyday. She's gotta drop that chump, Crippler, and hook up with a real man. Hey, Eddie Love is a real man. I'm sure he'd show her the time of her life. (Starts an Eddie chant.) Edd-ie, Edd-ie…

JS: Hammer has thrown Crippler to the outside. Irish whip into the security railing. Look at the whelp that left on Crippler's back. Uh, oh, Hammer has picked up the ring steps… (A loud crack is heard followed by a huge heel pop.)

LK: Hammer just brought those steel ring steps down on Crippler's noggin. Wait, is that… yes, we have blood! We have blood! Hammer has busted Crippler open, Sears.

JS: Indeed, he has Liam. Hammer pulls Crippler to his feet. Rams him into the ringpost. Crippler is in a world of hurt now. (Camera shot of Mercedes.) Mercedes can not be pleased with what we are seeing here. Look out… (Hammer has dragged Crippler over to the announcer's table. Hammer picks up Crippler and choke slams him through the table.)

LK: (Moving out of the way.) I don't get paid enough for this.

JS: (Standing.) Hammer is raining blows to Crippler's face and body. He's pummeling Crippler. Why hasn't the referee disqualified Hammer?

LK: The ref is letting them fight. This isn't the bush leagues, Sears. This is the MWC at its finest. Go Hammer!

JS: Wait, Mercedes is sneaking up behind Hammer. Mercedes Devon has just raked Hammer's eyes. Run Mercedes, run.

LK: Forest Gump, she's not.

(Mercedes Devon has started to retreat away as Hammer follows her around the ring. The referee has gotten in between Mercedes and Hammer and starts to push Mercedes up the rampway.)

JS: The referee is doing the right thing. She has no business confronting Hammer. Wait, Mark Maverick has jumped the security railing.

LK: (In disbelief.) Sears, Maverick has Hammer in a full nelson. (A loud audible crack is heard followed by a huge face pop from the crowd.)

JS: Maverick just planted Hammer into those steel steps while he had Hammer in a full nelson. Maverick looks pleased with himself... Givin' the Horns he calls it.

(Maverick struts his stuff before the crowd who give him a mixed reaction before rolling a semi-conscious Hammer back into the ring. Crippler has stood up from the beating he endured and rolls back into the ring. The referee has returned to the ring also.)

JS: Maverick is walking towards the back. Wait, he stops and says something to Mercedes.

LK: Did you see that? Sears, Maverick just laid a big wet one on Maverick.

JS: A wet one is right. She doesn't seemed pleased.

LK: Of course not. Maverick is no Eddie Love.

(Mercedes slaps Maverick twice in the face but Maverick just laughs and walks away. Mercedes chases after Maverick and wallops him with her high heel before Maverick disappears behind the ring apron.)

JS: Crippler has pulled Hammer to his feet. Crippler with an Irish whip into the ropes… reversal by Hammer. Crippler ducks a big boot. CRIPPLING PLUNGE! CRIPPLING PLUNGE! (Ref is in position to make the cover. Sears counts along with the referee.) 1…2…3.

LK: NO! This can't happen. Maverick cost Hammer the match. Maverick is in for a beating when Hammer gets a hold of him. JW has to do something about this.

JS: I'm sure Hammer will want retribution for what just transpired here. Crippler moves on to the next round of the Domination tournament.

RA: Ladies and gentleman, the winner of the match, the Crippla. (Crippler is shown being assisted down the rampway by Mercedes Devon.)

Winner: Crippler



"Daredevil" Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine vs Sephiroth

lights dim, the ring turns red with lights, comes out to the ring with Marilyn Manson's "Man That You Fear" . While walking to the ring, red lightning bolts shoot down near him. One fan, a young man of twenty, is taunting Sephiroth. Sephiroth turns, grabs the young man by the arms, and spits in his face. The young man, trembling with fear, quietly sits down in his seat and bows his head. When Sephiroth enters the ring he "commands" the lightning bolts to strike the ringposts which burst in fire.


(Cue Up:"Smoke On the Water" - Deep Purple. The lights dim... and the crowd soars. There's no movement as of yet from the curtains... until the guitars KICK IN and fireworks explode ALL around the ring entrance... and two of the 'Forbidden' ones emerge. "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack wears "BTR DAREDEVIL" tights, black boots, and a leather jacket. His hair, sprayed and dripping with water, is pulled into a short ponytail behind his head. Next to him is the incomparable Sunshine Del Payne. Her traditional pre-event shopping trip with Steve Radder's manager, Kelly. A small amount of makeup is on her face, as is a rather large smile. They do well to cover... Cover, not hide, the emissions of sadness that her eyes continue to project.They begin their slow walk to the ring, shaking/slapping the hands of any fans who were able to get close enough.

Vizzack stops to sign an autograph for one of his endearing fans. Vizzack notices a young boy who is holding a sign that reads 'I want to be like Mark!' The young fan is wearing a Daredevil Junior T-shirt. Vizzack picks the young boy up and holds him as the boy's father gets a snapshot of the moment. Finally, the Daredevil steps through the ropes into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.)

Approaching the ring, Vizzack holds the ropes for Sunshine to enter before doing so himself... The lights dim once more, as a dozen or more spotlights converge on a singular spot in the middle of the ring, where Vizzack and Sunshine stand tall. The ringposts SPEW fireworks and pyros, bringing the fans to their feet once more...)

JS: The former television champion is always a big hit with the fans. He is always willing to stop and sign an autograph for his fans.

LK: That's his downfall. He cares too much what the fans think and not enough about himself. If he changed his attitude, he would be the next World Champ, well - if Eddy Love and Bryan Blair weren't ever born.

JS: Collar and elbow tie-up. Wow, what a display of strength by Sephiroth as he throws Vizzack into the corner.

LK: This Sephiroth is one tough customer. Don't expect Vizzack to get an easy pinfall on this guy.

JS: Another collar and elbow tie-up. Again Sephiroth throws the Daredevil into the corner. Vizzack charges out of the corner…

LK: Scoop slam by Sephiroth! He picked Vizzack up like he was a one-year-old tot in diapers. Can't you see it, Vizzack roaming a elder care - heck, Sunshine would be right at home

JS: Come on Liam, we have fans in elder care homes.

LK: Sure, but I prefer my fans to have teeth.

JS: Sephiroth misses an elbow drop. Vizzack up… arm drag takedown… hip toss by the Daredevil… hip toss again…

LK: Wait, Sephiroth blocks it. Thunderous lariat by the big man! He knocked Vizzack right out of his shoes. Wait, what's that smell… Sears, have you been eating garlic again?

JS: (Ignoring Liam AGAIN.) Sephiroth picks up Vizzack… he's got him set up for… High vertical suplex.

LK: Vizzack crashes to the mat. Sephiroth looks impressive in the early going.

JS: He does indeed. Vizzack back to his feet. Vizzack reverses an Irish whip… dropkick by Vizzack.

LK: Vizzack floored the big man with that move. It'll take more than that to keep Sephiroth down.

JS: Vizzack with a head scissors takedown… drops an elbow to the sternum of Sephiroth… rear chinlock by Vizzack.

LK: Are we going to get another wrestling lesson from Mr. Fuji or Jack Brisco here?

JS: (Annoyed.) Sephiroth is back on his feet… whips Vizzack into the ropes. Leapfrog by Vizzack… Sidewalk slam! Sidewalk slam by Sephiroth!

LK: That move really hurt Vizzack. Cover by Sephiroth… 1…2.

JS: Kickout by Vizzack. Sephiroth pulls Vizzack to his feet… bear hug.

LK: Vizzack looks to be in a lot of pain. (Screams.) Give up Vizzack, Sephiroth is the better man.

JS: That'll be enough. You're supposed to be fair and impartial. Sephiroth rams Vizzack into the turnbuckle back first. Vizzack slumps in the corner.

LK: Vizzack is through. Clubbing forearms to the back of Vizzack.

JS: Daredevil is in trouble here. Sephiroth picks Vizzack up for a power slam. Small package! Small package by Vizzack! 1…2..

LK: Sephiroth gets a shoulder up. Whew, that was a close one. Sephiroth is back to his feet and he's stomping a mud hole in Vizzack.

JS: Vizzack is hurt. However, we've seen this time and time again. Vizzack can take a lot of punishment and still come back to get a victory. Vizzack rolls to the outside and tries to catch his breath.

LK: Sephiroth comes out after him. Sephiroth rams Vizzack face first into the security railing.

JS: Vizzack is in obvious pain here. Sephiroth pulls Vizzack to his feet. Sephiroth rams Vizzack's back into the ringpost.

LK: Sephiroth body slams Vizzack on the ring steps. Vizzack is through. He can't take anymore.

JS: Sephiroth rolls Vizzack back into the ring. Vizzack is sent in to the turnbuckle…Sephiroth charges… Vizzack moves! Vizzack moved out of the way. Vizzack with a series of knife-edge pops (Face pop from the crowd.)

LK: NO! Vizzack has staggered Sephiroth. Sephiroth is down.

JS: Vizzack drops a leg across Sephiroth's face. Vizzack is going up top. SHOOTING STAR PRESS! SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Referee over to make a cover…1…2..

LK: Sephiroth gets a shoulder up! Sephiroth staggers to his feet…

JS: Missile dropkick by Vizzack! Again, Vizzack with the cover…1…2..

LK: Again, Sephiroth gets a shoulder up. What resiliency Sephiroth has shown.

JS: Both men have given it their all here in this match. Vizzack climbs the turnbuckle… Sephiroth slowly gets to his feet…


JS: VIZZACK WITH A BULLDOG FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! What a move by the Daredevil! Vizzack with a cover! 1…2..

LK: Sephiroth gets his foot over the bottom rope! Wow, Sephiroth has really shown me something here in this match.

JS: What about Mark Vizzack?

LK: Who?

JS: Nevermind. Sephiroth rolls to the outside. He looks to be hurt… Vizzack with a suicide dive…

LK: SEPHIROTH CATCHES HIM! Sephiroth plants Vizzack into the ring apron, injuring Vizzack's back even more.

JS: Body slam by Sephiroth. Sephiroth rolls Vizzack back into the ring.

LK: Sephiroth with a vertical suplex…

JS: Vizzack blocks it! Vizzack tries a vertical suplex…

LK: Vizzack's back gave way! Sephiroth falls on Vizzack… Referee over for the cover…1…2..

JS: Daredevil gets a shoulder up!

LK: Come on! Slow count by the referee!

JS: The ref's been consistent the entire match. Sephiroth hauls Vizzack to his feet.

LK: Sephiroth with a Boston crab! Vizzack will surely submit to this.

JS: Referee over to check. Vizzack refuses to give in! What a great match we are seeing here!

LK: Sephiroth cinches the hold in tighter. Listen at Vizzack scream in pain! How much more can that worm take?

JS: Ref again over to check Vizzack. He raises Vizzack arm… it falls… raises the arm a second time… it falls again. Come on, Mark!

LK: This is it, Sears. Your hero goes down in defeat.

JS: Ref raises the arm a third time…

LK: It falls!

JS: Wait, Vizzack's arm fell halfway but stays there! Mark is still in this one. Wow, listen at this crowd. (Vizzack chant starts and increases in volume.) Vizzack crawls to the ropes to break the hold!

LK: Vizzack back on his feet… He looks to be in tremendous pain… Sephiroth is stalking Vizzack…I guess all those Final Fantasy comments are coming back to haunt the flyer?


LK: Sephiroth with a full nelson face slam! Good lord, this Sephiroth is impressive! Sephiroth with a cover…1…2.

JS: Vizzack's leg is draped under the bottom rope! Referee has to break the count!

LK: Jeez, how lucky can one man be?!

JS: Sephiroth drags Vizzack to his feet… (Shocked.) OH, NO!

LK: YES! Sephiroth has Vizzack in a torture rack! Referee over to check Vizzack…

JS: Wait, Vizzack grabs the turnbuckle…Sephiroth stumbles...Mark spins around…Springboard NO WAY! DAREDEVIL FLYER!(flying DDT) DAREDEVIL FLYER! DAREDEVIL FLYER! Vizzack drapes an arm over Sephiroth… Referee in position…1…2…3! (Shouting.) VIZZACK WINS! VIZZACK WINS!

LK: Oh, no! I'm going to be sick!

(Sears runs from the broadcast location and jumps into the ring. Sears and Vizzack embrace and Sears raise Vizzack's arm in triumph.)

JS: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match, the Daredevil Flya, Mark Vizzack.

Winner: 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack



Eliminator vs Angelus

The lights go out and an eerie candle-like glow slowly builds in the entranceway. The fans start to boo as "TIED UP, DRIED UP, AND DEAD TO THE WORLD" begin to play. A candleabra begins to ascend from under the stage, Angelus standing in front of it with his face turned from the crowd...he turns as the platform levels off and begins to walk toward the ring

ELIMINATION TIME begins to play, but Eliminator does not step out from the curtain. Suddenly a huge pyro ball filled with sparkles of green and gold seems to come up from beneath the rampway amidst a puff of smoke. At both sides of the aisleway, green and gold sparks fly everywhere. Then suddenly, the curtain splits, and yet still it is not him. JW Locke makes his way to the ring, and the boos are heard throughout the arena. Then, as we look back towards the entranceway...he emerges from the curtain...there he stands ... powerful, taut, with a look of self-confidence on his face--THE ELIMINATOR. The large man is a sight to see as he begins to make his way through the last of the sparkling pyrotechnics towards the ring. JW Locke is in the ring clapping for his bodyguard, and Eliminator looks like he is in the best shape of his life. Eliminator enters the ring and flexes his muscles confidently for the crowd. Some gasps are heard, some cheers, and a lot of boos as JW Locke exits and remains at ringside. Eliminator turns around and flexes to the other side, his muscles rippling as he does so. As (opponent) makes his way towards the ring, Eliminator fixes a stare that has no expression at all on him.

LK: Are you sweating a little bit Jimmy-boy?

JS: Shut it, Liam.

LK: My, my, aren't we touchy.

JS: (Huge heel pop from the crowd.) Wait, something is happening. Max Punishment has jumped the security railing and is confronting Angelus. God, where is JR Styles when you need him!

LK: (An even bigger heel pop erupts from the crowd.) Mercenary has sneaked up behind Angelus! What is that he's carrying?

JS: It's a steel chair! Oh no, Angelus watch out.

(Mercenary brings the chair back and starts to bring it forward.)

JS: (A loud crack is audible as the crowd is booing vehemently.) Mercenary with a chair shot! Mercenary slammed that chair into Angelus' back.

LK: Merc is wailing away on Angelus! One, two, three shots to the head. Angelus is down. Angelus is busted open! Max Punishment is laying the boot to Angelus!

JS: (As a huge face pop erupts from the crowd.) JR Styles is coming down the aisle! Styles is here!

(JR Styles races down the aisle and grabs Mercenary…)

LK: (Sarcastically.) It looks like Styles is the calvary. Styles grabs Mercenary…

JS: STYLES IS STOMPING ON ANGELUS! (Huge heel pop from the crowd.) GOOD GOD WHY?! Styles has the Cobra Clutch and NO - he just suplexed Angelus onto the steel steps!

LK: (Screaming with delight.) YES! I knew there was hope for that Army Ranger yet! Sears, I'm beginning to like JR... well, if he wasn't on the opposite side of Mercenary???

(Styles and Mercenary go nose to nose. Neither man backing down an inch. Finally, Max Punishment drags his man back towards the back stage area. Styles picks up Angelus, drags him to the ring, and rolls him under the bottom rope to a waiting Eliminator.)

LK: Would you look at that grin on Eliminator's face!

JS: Why would Styles do that? I don't get it.

LK: Styles and Mercenary did the MWC a big favor and disposed of the trash here in the MWC.

(Meanwhile, Eliminator dropped an elbow on Angelus' throat and starts stomping on the forehead of Angelus.)

JS: Eliminator drags Angelus to his feet. Angelus can hardly stand, Liam.

LK: Swing neckbreaker by Eliminator. Eliminator with a cover. This should be it. Referee drops to the mat, 1…2…

JS: Angelus gets a shoulder up!

LK: What! How! After the beating he's had already. You normally don't like Angelus, what's up with the cheering?

JS: I'm not cheering, and besides - I may not like Angelus, but this Eliminator - he's pure mean (funny sound in his voice) trust me.

(Eliminator pulls Angelus to his feet and drives him into the mat with a running power slam. Eliminator climbs to the second turnbuckle.)

JS: Guillotine legdrop by Eliminator! This should do it.

LK: (Referee drops to the canvas and starts the count.) 1…2… the referee stopped the count. Why?

JS: Angelus' leg was draped under the bottom rope. How much more can Angelus take? Vertical suplex by Eliminator!

(Eliminator has picked up Angelus and draped him across his shoulders and starts to spin.)

LK: Eliminator with an airplane spin.


JS: Eliminator with a diamond cutter out of an airplane spin. What a move!

LK: Where is Angelus?

(The move had such impact that Angelus rolled from the ring to the floor. Suddenly, the crowd erupts in a huge heel pop, as JW Locke walks down the aisleway.)

JS: (Seeing Locke.) I'm outta here!

LK: What? Sears, where are you going?

JS: I'm not about to put up with Locke, besides, I want to talk to Styles. (Sears walks away from the broadcast location and down the rampway.)

(Locke rolls Angelus back into the ring as Eliminator mocks Angelus to the crowd's disapproval. Liam motions for Locke to come over and sit at the table but Locke waves him off and turns his attention back to the match.)

LK: Well, I guess I have to do the play by play. Eliminator dumps Angelus over the top rope and follows him out. (Eliminator drags Angelus to his feet and Irish whips him into the security railing with a loud crack.)

LK: OWWW! I felt that from where I am sitting. Wait, Eliminator picks up the ring steps… (Eliminator slams the steps down onto Angelus' back as the crowd erupts in a huge heel pop.) Angelus will need a chiropractor after this match… I'm told Sears has found Styles. Sears take it away.

(Split screen shows Eliminator pummeling Angelus with powerful forearms to the back of Angelus and Sears standing beside a pacing JR Styles.)

JS: Styles, what the **** was that? Why did you beat on Angelus?

JRS: What gives that punk Angelus the right to be in the Domination tournament? I'm tired of not getting a push here in the MWC so I have taken matters into my own hands. Be warned MWC, what you see here is a rougher, tougher, meaner Ranger. Sears, after tonight they are gonna be calling me JR F'N Styles. (Back to the match.)

(Meanwhile, Eliminator has continued to beat on a semi-conscious Angelus as Sears is shown walking back to ringside.)

JS: (Putting on his headset.) Man, I don't know what JR Styles' problem is but…

LK: Styles now knows what it takes to succeed here in the MWC. You have to be impressed with the Eliminator, Sears.

JS: He has pulled off some great moves. Yeah, I'm a little impressed.

LK: Look at that. Eliminator has picked up Angelus by his throat. Sears, it looks like were going to see Angelus fly. It looks like a choke slam powerbomb!

JS: Wait… Angelus counters … ANGEL'S TOUCH! ANGEL'S TOUCH! How did Angelus pull that off? Angel's Touch outta nowhere. Angelus drapes an arm over Eliminator. 1…2… What the ****? Locke just put Eliminator's foot on the bottom rope! That dirty…

LK: What? I didn't see anything.

JS: Angelus is going after Locke! Angelus is in Locke's face!

(Angelus and Locke are nose to nose in front of the announcer's table.)

JW: Angelus, go ahead, hit me! Go ahead, punk, but if you do, I'll fire you on the spot.

(Eliminator has re-gained his feet, drops to the arena floor, and stalks Angelus.)

JS: Angelus look out! (Eliminator taps Angelus on the shoulder and Angelus turns around…)

LK: Eliminator picks up Angelus by the throat! Choke slam powerbomb! Choke slam powerbomb on the arena floor!

JS: Gracious, I'll be surprised if Angelus can get up much less move after that move. (The timekeeper's bell rings in the background.)

LK: What the… the referee has called for the bell!

(The referee and Locke approach the announcer's table.)

Ref: Eliminator has been disqualified!

JW: What! Why?! Oh no you don't, if you DQ Eliminator it'll be your job! Now get back in that ring and count the pinfall.

(The referee climbs back into the ring as Locke signals for Eliminator to roll his unconscious opponent back into the ring.)

JS: (The referee drops to make the three count as Eliminator puts his boot on Angelus' chest.) This is sickening. First, the attacks by Mercenary and JR Styles and now this. (Dejectedly.) 1…2…3.

LK: (Liam grabs the house mic…) Worms, your winner, the Eliminator. (Heel pop from the crowd.)

Winner: Eliminator



"Hurricane" Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa vs Dr. Destructo

(The fans are talking when the Mission Impossible theme starts. The fans look towards the entranceway. Suddenly, Dr. Destructo appears. Accompanied by his manager, Corporal Max Punishment, Dr. Destructo is wearing a full length black trench coat. He stops as green and blue lights flash and fireworks go off. The crowd mildly cheers, as Dr. Destructo is still new in the MWC. Destructo jogs to the ring and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He flexes for a minute, then takes off his coat reveling his uniform - a blue unitard, with black jeans on.)

The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain pops Sweet Melissa dressed in solid black short sun dress. She turns facing the curtain holding her arms together while pointing as "Hurricane" Eddy Love comes through the curtain with his hair sprayed to perfection. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. They come down the aisle and Melissa holds the ropes open while Eddy enters the ring, pulls the top rope then jogs to the other side of the ring and tugs on the other rope.

JS: Tough call for the good Dr.

LK: Tough call is the understatement of the century... more like IMPOSSIBLE draw.

JS: They lock up and Dr. spins around with a chicken wing behind Eddy's back - nice initial work there.

LK: PLEASE! It's a chicken WING - I could get outta that!

JS: SHall we try?

LK: That's ok - cause Eddy just showed you! Quick adjustment, a drop down, and leg drag takedown... looks like the good doctor should've stayed in the office.

JS: Dr. grabs the ropes forcing the break... Eddy up and smiling broadly.

LK: We have another lock up and ...NO

JS: Forearm shot by the Dr. and Eddy's stunned. Following him in and here comes CLOTHESLINE!

LK: NO! Get away from him Dr. DeLego

JS: What? Oh never mind. Dr. picking Eddy up - NO, Eddy sends Destructo to the outside! Right at Melissa's feet.

LK: This is looking bad for the malpractice insurance man... here comes Melissa and Eddy has the ref tied up.

JS: There's CORPORAL MAX! Nothing gonna happen this time! Max helps his man back in and here comes Love.

LK: Get that...

JS: Destructo with a small package - 1....2....KICKOUT! Close one there

LK: Shew... someone get me depends!

JS: Coming right up...Eddy back up and CLOTHESLINE! sends the Dr. back down. Eddy sending him into the ropes and BACK BODY DROP! Eddy bounding into the ropes and

LK: That jerk!

JS: MAXWELL PUNISHMENT GRABBED EDDY'S FOOT! Turn about fair play and here comes the Dr.

LK: Stupid cheaters.

JS: I thought you'd call that teamwork? Anyway, Dr. sends Eddy into the turnbuckle - BACK ELBOW! He's got Love in the corner and...SHOULDER RAM, ANOTHER, AND ANOTHER! Eddy feeling those. Irish whip to the other turnbuckle and bullcharge - CONNECT! Eddy tried to get outta the way, but was caught to early. Eddy doubled over in the corner.

LK: This is so ridiculous - Eddy'd have this match won if not for that idiot.

JS: He has it set up - POWERBOMB! Quick pin attempt - 1...2...KICKOUT! He's serious about this only taking 3 seconds...going to the well for a fresh pinfall.

LK: It'll take more than that to beat Eddy.

JS: Like an Irish whip into the turnbuckle - BULLCHARGE!

LK: NO, EDDY WITH THE VICTORY ROLL - 1....2....3!!!!!!!

Winner: 'Hurricane' Eddy Love


LK: So, about your good Dr.?

JS: Well, he only was able to see Love by tape... I think he'll be back for PLENTY more action and perhaps another shot soon at the Hurricane.

LK: Don't bother.

(cut to the back with Humberto Ramos standing with...)

HR: Hello I am standing here with bret "brass Knuckles" kross and...

Kross:In a few minute is my MWC debut. Commando, you are the unlucky one to first feel the pain I can distribute. For all the rest of you, you will soon meet me in the ring and it wont be pleasent. tonight my match is not the only impact I will make, later I will have a much bigger impact on the MWC, and you are not going to like it.



Commando w/Casey Taylor vs Bret "Brass Knuckles" Kross

JS:Okay, well up next we have The Commando verse Bret "Brass Knuckles" Kross. This will be a "Brass Knuckles Match". Each mans' fists are Tapped and will wear Brass Knuckles.

LK:Ahhhh Duh! Thats why It is called a "Brass Knuckles Match"

JS:The match goes until one man is TKOed, and that is decided by a manditory ten count. Once one man falls to the gorund and he does not respond, the other man standing is declared victorious.

LK:And Yes they both Suck!

JS:You can't say that, you have never even seen Bret wrestle.

LK:Well then I can say...Commando Sucks, Right?

JS:Well I guess.

LK:Hah, I was right.

JS:Lets go to the ring...

Bret Kross begins his entrance - Same music, Bret Hart them from the wwf, also lightening with big pyrotechnics, the firwowrks go off and then i walk out alone, with my leather jacket and addidas pants with sunglasses, I give the fans dirty looks and then jump in the ring, and more fireworks as I showcase my muscles



CASEY:Obviously everybody thinks I can do this job better than you can ringannouncer, hell I don't care what you name is (THE CROWD BEGINS TO ERUPT.)

CASEY:But intorducing to you 6'8 and 269 of the hardest puonds I ever felt, he hails from Fort Bragg North Carolina or where ever the hell he wants to, ladies and gentlemen I present to you ... Coooooommmmmmmmmaaaannnnnnndddddddoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JS:Ok, the bell has rang and these two men start to size each other up. Commando and Kross cirlcle the ring, and Now Kross showing he wants a clean lock up. Commando locks the first hand both move up there other hand slowly...and Commando catches a STIFF right to the jaw.

LK:Kross, This is wrestling...NOT BOXING!

JS:Must you!? Wait don't answer that. Ok now Bret pushes Commando back into the corner and is working him over now. Commando taking rights and lefts. Kross throwing jabs, uppercuts...

LK:And my Favorite...yup, there is the EYE GOUGE!

JS:Well always an evening factor in a wrestling match, right next to the Low Blow. Kross now with Commando by the hair...and lets him drop out of the corner face first on to the mat...Kross picking him back up

LK:Wait what was the point of dropping him?

JS:Anyways...Now a Drop Toe Hold...

LK:What is this idiot doing...he drops him then picks him up to drop him.

JS:In a match were you have to Knock the other man out, Its a good strategy to keep delivering blows to the head. I guess in those rich schools they didn't teach you that repeated blows to the head, and more exactly to the lower part of the skull, there cerabellum of the brain, will knock you out. The cerbellum is what controls some balance and what keeps you concsious, wait I'm sorry, What keeps you from passing out, what keeps you awake...get it


JS:Bret with repeated stomps to the back of the head, good thinking on Brets part. Bret is now picking up The Commando...Yelling somthing obsecene, He set The Commando on the top rope.He follows to the second, has the Commando by the neck DDT, off the top rope...and maybe Commando has taken a licken' and stoped tickin'. Kross waits for the refs count

REF:One, Two, Three, Four, Five

JS:Commando back to his feet, bearly.

LK:Yeah he stands long enough to get plowed over by Kross and a clothsline to the back of the head. Now Kross yelling You want my kinda match, You got it...

JS:Commando laid out on the mat, Kross demands the ref counts the ten.

REF:One, Two...

JS:Commado back up, Kross in the corner going crazy he doesn't know why Commando is not staying down, Kross back over to The Commando now, Full Arm Drag Twist...Kross with a head butt to the back of Commando's head.

LK:Good way to knock your self out!

JS:Commando, twists, flips and is out NO! Kross kicks him in the back of the head before he can reverse it completely. Commando is taking a royal beating. Commando struggling to his feet, Kross tosses Commando out the ring...Casey up on the apren to protest.

LK:Bad move...Kross has got a chiar now...and the ref is destracted! (Loud BANG of the Chair slaming against Commandos head - FAN POP!!!!)

JS:Ohhh, and Kross combashes Commando over the head, and thanks to Casey, his own maneger, the ref never saw it

LK:Yeah and Commando never SAW IT COMIN'

JS:Kross roles him back in the ring. Picks him up DDT...Kros calls for the ten count and the ref complies

REF:One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Ni...(stops for Commando On his knees)

JS:Commando up on his knees, Kross pulls him to his feet, and spins...BIG RIGHT HOOK TO THE JAW...Commando falls but just won't quit.

LK:Won't quit getting beat up!

JS:Commando on his knees, and he gets kicked right in the face, Kross turns him over and applies a reverse arm bar...Sitting on the back and wrenching that shoulder

LK:plus making Commando support his weight plus Kross's weight.

JS:Commando flips and starts to turn this thing around for himself...role up, but the ref can't make a pin...Commando lets go and slides his knee under the back of Kross, and yes, thats a Revrese Full Nelson...Kross slides out, slings his body behind Commando into a roll up, Commando slides out quick and grabs Kross into the ropes...Commando drops to the ground, Kross over top into the other ropes, he comes back leap frog


JS:Kross back again and catches a big boot...Commando back to the submission offense, applying a Camel Clutch. The ref is checking on Kross, will he tap.

LK:Commando is taking this over in pure wrestling ability.

JS:Some real commentary by Liam Kennedy. Commando still holding this camel clutch, Kross not tapping, a "boring" chant his faintly heard, but heard. Commando releases...

LK:And Commando lets go of that Camel Clutch!

JS:Ohhh my gosh! Ladies and Gentlemen Color Comentator of the YEAR!

LK:Ha,Ha, Ladies and Gentlemen Stand Up Comic of the Year.

JS:But I'm sitting. Anyway, Commado sets up Kross, Textbook Vertical Suplex. Commando holding Kross in Mid air showing off his extreme power.

LK:Yeah, Commando can bench 20 pounds.

JS:You know thats not true.

LK:Sure its true, I saw him working out in the back and he had sixteen spotters.

JS:Thats all the comments we need from the Peanut Gallary.

LK:What the heck does that mean?

JS:SHUT UP! And Commando dros Kross down on the mat, with floot over and starts choking Kross...The Ref counts

REF:One, Two, Three, Four, Five...break the hold, you can't choke like that!

JS:A blatent choke by The Commando, Commando sends Kross into the ropes stiff clothsline sends Kross down to the mat hard. Kross being dominated badly here by lack of experance. Dealer now, picking up Bret...and laying him out with a text book double arm DDT.

LK:Why doesn't he just end it?!

JS:Not everyone is so (laughs) Smart as YOU! Sorry.

LK:Thank goodness we don't have people as DUMB as you running around. I'm much better when we have people like my self and Eddy Love!

JS:Why don't you go find EDDY in the back, Give my ears a rest

LK:you ever get tired of hearing you self?

JS:Do you?!

LK:No, not really, you YES!

JS:Anyways, back to the ring...Commando is working over Kross in the corner with rights and lefts, Kross drops flat on his face as The Commando backs away. Kross up, The Commando sets up Bret as if he was going to give him a side russian leg sweep. The Commando pushes Kross's head and shoulders downward and the commando falls forward,pinning the victim's shoulders to the mat.

LK:That was inovative.

JS:A complement out of Laim Kennedy...I can not belive it.

LK:Don't get use to it

JS:Commando pulls Kross to his feet, Sends Kross for the ride, and ohhh! Kross runs in to those Brass Knuckles..Kross down on the mat. Wait someone is coming down to the ring, who is that.

LK:I don't knw, but man...She's a Looker

JS:I will agree with that. But never the less who is she and what is she doing here. She is down in Caseys face, there yelling back and forth, And OHHH!

LK:Casey just got slapped

JS:And she's not taking kindly to it, Casey with a Slap of her own, and A CAT fight ensues, The ref and Commando both at the ropes tryin' to stop this, Kross is up, he turns around Commando and a kick to the gut gives him easy access to a 3/4 front face bulldogg commonly known as a stunner. Commando is out laying in the Corner. Bret up to his feet he maybe ready for that Half Crab.

LK:The ref is out side with those two woman still!

JS:Wait the crowd is on its feet, that usally mean someone...YES Justin Sane just hit the ring. Kross doesn't even see him. With a kick to the lower back he catches Kross...INSANIAC (Inverted Suplex into a Stunner)...Kross is down...Commando stiring in the corner he doesn't know what happened...Sane leaves the ring, Commando to his feet, and the ref coming back in the ring after stop the two lovly ladies...the ref counts One Two Three Four Five...No Commando picks up Kross...NOSE DIVE, and that just ads insult to injury, as the ref starts his count...

REF:One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten...Ring the Bell he is out

JS:As Commando wins this match a little unfairly...We will try to get some medical attention down here for Kross...stay tunes as up next we have the Franchise and the Icon in action.

Winner: Commando



Mercenary vs. John "Ranger" Styles

Ground burst Explosions go off and the crowd jumps to their feet. Styles walks out from behind the curtain and makes a direct walk to the ring not looking to the left or the right.

Corporal Max Punishment is on the locketron. He has a patch over his eye and two beautiful nurses by his side. He's in the backstage area you can tell, but it's made to look like a hospital bed.

MAX: Styles, tonight when its all over, I'll be waiting for you

He motions to an empty hospital bed and laughs. The lights go out, then the theme for Apocolypse Now plays, illumination flares go up lighting the arena and the Mercenary comes out with his boa wrapped around his body.

JS: Just look at these two men, Liam. Rugged brawlers who look like they could each wrestle a tiger in place of one another.

LK: They are somewhat different in the way they approach each matchup, though. Styles is a technician, while Mercenary is more of a brawler. That should have an interesting role to play in this contest.

JS: There's the bell, and this one is underway. Both men circling the ring, each looking for the other to make a mistake. Mercenary with a lunge, but Styles moved. Mercenary was ready for it, though.

LK: These guys are just feeling one another out right now...seeing what the other man is going to do. They look like they're about to lock horns here, though. Yes, they lock up, but neither man can seem to get the advantage.

JS: Mercenary finally gets a leverage advantage now and pushes Styles back into the ropes. The referee is calling for a clean break, and Mercenary reluctantly gives him one. Styles fast out of the corner with a clothesline, Mercenary wasn't expecting that.

LK: Good move by Styles. Let's see if he can follow it up. Styles pulls Mercenary to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Mercenary ducks a clothesline attempt, and now another. Mercenary off the ropes for a third time...flying clothesline by Mercenary, and now he's pounding away on Styles' head!

JS: Mercenary picks him back up and irish whips him into the turnbuckles. Mercenary backing off...here he comes with a full head of steam...NO! Styles moved, and Mercenary went full force into that top turnbuckle with his left shoulder.

LK: Perhaps more important than that in itself is the fact that Styles knows it, and is going after the shoulder now, catching Mercenary in a full arm drag and twist. Series of elbows to the upper arm of Mercenary by Styles, but look at this! Mercenary with a roll and now he catches Styles with an arm-drag takedown!

JS: Mercenary back to his feet, but here comes Styles. Drop toehold by Mercenary, and now Mercenary switching positions and he has Styles in a side headlock on the canvas.

LK: Excellent technique being used by Mercenary, who is typically a brawler. But I wonder if that's a mistake, because he's venturing into an area that is more the expertise of Styles. Styles back to his feet, and he hits one, two elbows to the gut of Mercenary to break the hold.

JS: Styles runs to the ropes...hip toss by Mercenary, but Styles blocked it. Styles with a knee to the gut, and now a double arm DDT. Mercenary looks hurt, and Styles looks happy with himself.

LK: Yes, he certainly does, too bad he doesn't have what Merc has - the ability to do ANYTHING to win.

JS: Well Liam, I'm sure anything is in his possibilities - this is, after all, WAR Styles is calling for the stretcher, and the doctors are bringing it over. Styles rolling Mercenary towards it...OH! Mercenary suddenly popped up and nailed him with a right hand to the jaw. Another right by Mercenary, and Styles staggers back. Mercenary gets back to a verticle base...series of lefts and rights by Mercenary has Styles staggering back at an alarming rate.

LK: And the great Styles gets Ambushed for the first time tonight!

JS: And more trouble - Max Punishment is to the RING!

LK: Now this guy I'd like, if he wasn't such an overinflated ego.

JS: And you'd know lots about BIG egos Mr. Eddy Love Lover

LK: Sears...bite me.

JS: It's as if he's gotten his second wind, Liam. Mercenary with Styles to the ropes and runs against the opposite ropes...football tackle by Mercenary, and that one looked brutal to say the least! Mercenary's not done, though. He pulls Styles back to his feet and scoops him up for what looks to be a Tombstone piledriver, but Styles is kicking, and he flips it over! Styles has Mercenary positioned for it now, but Mercenary kicks, and flips it over again! This time Mercenary took no chances, though, and immidiatly planted Styles' head in the canvas.

LK: Mercenary calling for the stretcher, and it's already right there at ringside. He rolls Styles over and onto it now. And it looks like Mercenary has almost won this thing. Max Punishment urging him on, and Mercenary is pushing the stretcher up the aisle, and Styles isn't moving.

JS: Wait, Liam, who's that?

LK: Looks like Angelus to me - now there's a guy who NEVER cheats.

JS: It is! What's he doing here? Well, I guess we're about to find out. What's that stretcher attendant doing? He's got the heart difilibrator, and we can audibly hear it charging even from over here...OH MY! He just nailed Angelus with those shock pads from the heart difilibrator, and Angelus is out of it.

LK: Aw... the sniper was ambushed! No, Security is escorting that attendant to the back, but meanwhile, Styles has regained conciousness. I don't think Mercenary knows that though, as he's looking down at the form of Angelus. Styles from behind...he's got the Cobra Clutch on Mercenary!

JS: Mercenary is in trouble here. He's going to have to find a way out of this thing or he'll be dreaming shortly. Styles suplexes him, but he doesn't let go of the Cobra Clutch. Another suplex by Styles, and he still doesn't let go of the hold.

LK: I don't know how much more of this Mercenary can take. Another suplex by Styles, and Mercenary looks to be out cold. One more suplex while maintaining the hold for good measure, and finally Styles releases Mercenary.

JS: Styles puts Mercenary up on the stretcher and wheels him out. There's your winner, John RANGER Styles.

Winner: John Styles



'Innovator of Insanity' K-9 vs. Lone Wulf

Jim Sears: this next one guarantees to be a show-stealer folks, K-9 vs Lone Wulf in their LAST MATCH as our co-commissioner has ORDERED them to face off in a Torture Chamber match. In this match, there are no ring ropes, no turnbuckles, and no way out. The cage that this match takes place in has a top to it. The goal is to get 3 pins on your opponent before he does the same to you. It is a match that is so dangerous, the MWC refuses to sanction such a barbaric bout. but with our new co-commissioner, Nemesis at the head of this match, well.....let's call it an exception. I've also received word from the head offices of the MWC, that Nemesis has ordered an EXTRA brutality to this matchup, BARBED WIRE. the cage will be intertwined with barbed wire, I guess he's trying to boost ratings, make the LAST K-9/Lone Wulf confrontation in the MWC a memorable one, or god only knows what other reasons he could have. this match is guaranteed to spill a lot of blood, injuries are a given, this match will not be for the week of heart. for those of you who are new to the MWC, the Torture Chamber match has only happened ONE other time here, and that was at the MWC's FIRST EVER Pay Per View, Wicked Ways, in a torture chamber match that was also ordered between "Iceman" Steve Radder and Armageddon. that was a blood bath. Armageddon ultimately winning that match after Mastermind intervened himself in the matchup, and Armageddon reversed the flying cross body block into a powerslam for the final 1, 2, 3. this match promises to "contend" with that matchup, maybe be even MORE memorable. K-9 the "Innovator of Insanity" standing at 5'10", and Lone Wulf the powerhouse of a man standing at 7'2" weighing in at 420 pounds. this has the same prospects of Steve Radder/Armageddon. Armageddon standing at 7'0, and Steve Radder self proclaimed "king of extreme" standing at around 6 feet. we have received a PROMO for this match by Nemesis himself, we're going to play it for you right now.

(the camera cuts to the MWC logo, cue up "Living Dead Girl" by White Zombie as the tape cuts to Lone Wulf and K-9's first confrontation at Wicked Ways when Lone Wulf nails K-9 over the head with a steel chair. then it cuts to K-9 vs Lone Wulf in Mexico City, both hitting eachother with chairs, Lone Wulf hits the Sheriff Killa on the chair, cuts to K-9 locking on the TAP OUT, and the ref calling for the bell. cut to Lone Wulf/K-9/John Hammer/Nemesis matchup, Lone Wulf and K-9 fighting through the crowd using anything they can get their hands on. cut to Nemesis talking inside the ring. "you two are fighting for the LAST TIME in MWC, in a TORTURE CHAMBER match". cut to K-9 pouncing on Lone Wulf during the Lone Wulf/Kevin Powers match. cut to Lone Wulf crushing K-9's face with a steel chair while he walks down the rampway. "and there's only two things you can do about it....". cut to K-9 slamming the arena door on Lone Wulf head three or four times. "NOTHING....and like it!". cut to K-9 at a house show sitting in the corner with a mic. cut to Lone Wulf at a house show mic in hand. cut to still picture of all three, Nemesis in the middle in a semi-business suit with his hands on his hips, head to the side like a super hero. K-9 sitting down in the corner to the left of Nemesis, blood on his face. Lone Wulf to the right with his arm raised in a victory pose. all on a black background. cut to DOMINATION: LAST CHANCE in letters dripping with blood with a picture of the Torture Chamber cage in the back ground. the camera cuts back to the commentator's table, with Liam Kennedy and Jim Sears.)

Jim Sears: that sums it up ladies and gentlemen, Domination, in just a few minutes. it is the LAST CHANCE for a Lone Wulf/K-9 showdown here in the MWC.

Liam Kennedy: you are full of hot air, do you know that Sears?

Jim Sears: I'm just hyping the match, Liam.

Liam Kennedy: whatever.

RING ANNOUNCER: ladies and gentlemen the next match is scheduled for a barbed wire TORTURE CHAMBER MATCH!! the first to get three pinfalls is the victor. announcing first, standing at 5 feet, ten inches weighing in at 200 and 39 pounds. the "INOVATOR OF INSANITY". K NIIIIIIINNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(cue up "Hit 'em up" by Tupac Shakur. as K-9 appears at the top of the rampway to a pretty decent fan pop, pyro goes off but K-9 doesn't seem to notice the pyro OR the fans. he just walks solemnly towards the ring in his torn up blue jean shorts, torn up rap shirt, and leather jacket. his brown hair in tangles, covering most of his face. he makes it to the TORTURE CHAMBER and walks into the door, he walks over to the corner and just sits there, no emotion on his face what-so-ever.)

RING ANNOUNCER: AND HIS OPPONENT. from San Antonio, TEXAS! standing at 7 feet 2 inches, and weighing in at four hundred and TWENTY pounds, LOONNNE WWUUUUULLLF!!!!!

(cue up "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" by Tupac Shakur to a semi-huge heel pop. Lone Wulf appears at the top of the rampway looking arrogant and cocky but it's obvious that he's nervous and has the butterflies. he lifts up his arms in a victory pose and the crowd boos get even louder. he makes his way to the cage and into the door and the ref follows him in, shuts the door and a ref outside padlocks it.)

Jim Sears: this is it, the bell has been rung, and this is TORTURE CHAMBER, there's no way out, that door has been padlocked.

Liam Kennedy: (sarcastically) I'm getting goosebumps Sears.

Jim Sears: oh hush up, nobody asked you.

Liam Kennedy: there's a match going on Jimbo, do your job!

Jim Sears: K-9 gets out of the corner now, he charges for Lone Wulf, he clips out his knee. but it's going to take more to take out a man of that size. K-9 knees Lone Wulf in the gut, DDT. K-9 just DDTed Lone Wulf into the side of this cage, WITH BARBED WIRE! Lone Wulf is bloody already.



Liam Kennedy: true, but it's not MY human body.

Jim Sears: K-9 just took out something, IS THAT A CHEESE GRATER? OH MY GOD!! Lone Wulf is going to have scars from that, HE'S DOING IT AGAIN. NO! LONE WULF PUTS A BOOT UP AND THE GRATER GOES INTO K-9'S FACE! this match already living up to the hype as BOTH men are bleeding in less then 20 seconds into the matchup!

Liam Kennedy: Lone Wulf pulls himself up, THAT'S BARBED WIRE YOU IDIOT! Lone Wulf just cut his own hand, but I'm not sure he notices!

Jim Sears: these two running on fumes at this point, Lone Wulf PILEDRIVES K-9 onto that Cheese Grater, and the cheese grater is STUCK in K-9's long hair!

Liam Kennedy: for once K-9's goofy looking hair actually serves a purpose. that could have been FATAL.

Jim Sears: these two men have HATED eachother for what appears to be YEARS, and Nemesis has personally put them into this situation, the MWC roster may be SHORT two wrestlers before this match is done.

Liam Kennedy: what do you mean?

Jim Sears: THAT! K-9 just low blowed Lone Wulf and nails him with a russian leg sweep INTO that cage.

Liam Kennedy: that move was so ****ed up I don't know who it hurt more.


Liam Kennedy: but I'm right.

Jim Sears: both K-9 and Lone Wulf are intangled in the barbed wire, K-9 gets free first, but Lone Wulf is still stuck to the cage. knife edge chop to the bloody chest of Lone Wulf!

Liam Kennedy: and the crowd goes "woo"

Jim Sears: Lone Wulf falls off the side of the cage, and K-9 picks him up by his hair. irish whip, NO NO, Lone Wulf reversed it and with AUTHORITY sends K-9 flying FACE FIRST into the other side of this barbed wire cage! K-9 stumbles back, Lone Wulf turns him around....SHERIFF KILLA!!!! SHERIFF KILLA!! Lone Wulf may have the first pinfall.

Liam Kennedy: 1, 2, 3. NO WAIT! K-9 got his shoulder up

Jim Sear: HOW DOES HE DO THAT!! THAT'S INHUMAN! that's, that's

Liam Kennedy: that's HARDCORE!

Jim Sears: Lone Wulf frustrated by that decision, know looking underneath the ring, HE'S GOT A TABLE. he's setting it up next to ringside as the bloody K-9 stirs inside the ring, is that cheese grater STILL stuck in his hair?

Liam Kennedy: he hasn't combed that hair in YEARS! I don't think that grater will EVER get out!

Jim Sears: Lone Wulf has the table set up against the walls of that cage, and he's going back up to K-9. K-9 stirring. Lone Wulf on the ring now, he's got K-9 between his legs. IS HE GOING TO SHERIFF KILLA K-9 OFF THE RING DOWN ONTO THE CHAIR ON THE CONCRETE?

Liam Kennedy: no, because K-9 will probably go through the table and into the barbed wire cage before he hits the concrete.

Jim Sears: I can't believe he's going to do this, Lone Wulf has him up, K-9 with a few punches to the face, HURRICANRANA! that's a daredevil move we rarely see K-9 do, and in desperation it could have SAVED HIS LIFE!

Liam Kennedy: and it may have cost Lone Wulf's. Lone Wulf went flying through that table. his right leg is caught up in that barbed wire, the back of his skull hit the concrete he could have a concussion!

Jim Sears: K-9 crawling over to Lone Wulf, there's the cover. 1, 2, 3!!!! K-9 gets the first pinfall, via a hurricanrana off the ring through a table and onto the concrete and into the cage! and he still has 2 "victories" to get before this match is over.

Liam Kennedy: or Lone Wulf gets three to win.

Jim Sears: I don't think Lone Wulf's in any condition to get a victory. K-9's up, and pushes his hair out of his face, WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT FACE!?

Liam Kennedy: please Jim there are small children watching this!

Jim Sears: K-9 is not a looker, but I was referring to the blood and scars. K-9 pulls Lone Wulf up to his feet using his hair, K-9 with a few well placed elbow to the stomach of Lone Wulf. AND LONE WULF fires back with a right hand that ROCKS K-9 back! Lone Wulf is a big, big man especially compared to 5'10" K-9. K-9 not to be outdone hits Lone Wulf with a kick right to the groin area....

Liam Kennedy: come on get more hardcore Jimbo. K-9 hits him right in the BA...

Jim Sears: don't even say it Liam. K-9 with a DDT, NO, Lone Wulf trips him up and now has his legs with K-9 on his back. OH MY GOD!!! Lone Wulf just catapulted K-9 face first right into that steel cage! that's just that many more scars to add to K-9's face.

Liam Kennedy: and lord knows he has enough of 'em.

Jim Sears: K-9 has a long history of hardcore matches, scars are badges of honor to him.

Liam Kennedy: in other words, HE'S A FREAK!

Jim Sears: Lone Wulf pulling K-9 to his feet now, military press and K-9 is over Lone Wulf's head, now. Lone Wulf SPIKES him down with a tombstone piledriver! Lone Wulf now going underneath the ring searching for a new weapon.

Liam Kennedy: a LADDER? What is Lone Wulf doing with a ladder?

Jim Sears: Lord only knows. Lone Wulf tosses the ladder into the ring and does the same with K-9. Lone Wulf balancing the ladder up against the corner of the ring, and tosses K-9 like a rag doll into the ladder!! And Lone Wulf under the ring again, now he's got a steel chair.

Liam Kennedy: but K-9 has been stirring, how hardcore can this guy get? He's been slammed into the wall of a steel cage, a cheese grater has been shoved into his face, he's been PILEDRIVEN onto a cheese grater, he's been against barbed wire, he's had barbed wire wrapped around him, he's received a Sheriff Killa, he's been thrown into a ladder, he's been tombstone piledriven on the concrete, and much more TONIGHT!

Jim Sears: that's why they call him the "Innovator of Insanity", Lone Wulf up on the ring with the chair now, K-9 DROP KICKS the chair into Lone Wulf's face though, and the direction of this match has just been changed. K-9 has the steel chair now, STIFF chair shot to the face of the fallen Lone Wulf, there's another one, and ANOTHER chair shot, I don't think I've seen K-9 this brutal before!

Liam Kennedy: what are you talking about Sears? He's been more brutal earlier in this match!

Jim Sears: he is a talented young athlete, and a resilient son of a gun, maybe even more so then Eddy Lo…. Liam Kennedy: don't go there now, Jimbo. That's my main man you're talking about

Jim Sears: K-9 with a few more chair shots for good measure and now he's outside getting a table from underneath the ring. K-9 setting up the table at ringside now, he's back in the ring and has the chair. K-9 sets the CHAIR up now. He helps up Lone Wulf, RUNNING BULLDOG! ONTO that chair! I think Lone Wulf's eye hit the corner of that chair, and that chair is gone, it's wasted! K-9 rolls Lone Wulf over onto the table waiting at ringside, and provides a few more kicks for good measure.

Liam Kennedy: what is he doing now? Is he INSANE?

Jim Sears: some say so. K-9 is setting up the ladder in the middle of the ring, as Lone Wulf tries to regain his senses on that table. K-9 up on the top rung now, OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! Tell me K-9 didn't just do that! TELL ME!

Liam Kennedy: can't do that, Jimmy. K-9 just jumped off of the top of that ladder and splashed Lone Wulf THROUGH that table onto the concrete. That had to be a good 20, 25 foot fall!

Jim Sears: K-9 could have had a great pin right there but he rolled off of Lone Wulf.

Liam Kennedy: why on earth did he do that?

Jim Sears: Lord only knows what's going on in that sick twisted mind of K-9's. Lone Wulf has taken the brunt of K-9's attack for a good 5 minutes now, and before that K-9 was catapulted face first into the side of the barbed wire cages, both of these men are definitely injured. Concussions, and both have bleed more blood then I thought humanly possible! K-9 has a new chair now and he's back in the ring, he's climbing up onto that platform that the MWC set up to replace the turnbuckle. What is he doing?

Liam Kennedy: the hokey-pokey? I don't know!

Jim Sears: leg drop with that steel chair underneath his leg onto the fallen Lone Wulf, WAIT, WAIT! Lone Wulf moved out of the way! K-9 took too much time, that has GOT to hurt!!

Liam Kennedy: now it's a race to see who can regain consciousness!

Jim Sears: I think Lone Wulf has that won already, he's had plenty of time to stir.

Liam Kennedy: look at the look on his eyes. HA! The big goof doesn't know where he is!

Jim Sears: but he has enough sense to pick up that chair and nail K-9 with it a few good times. Lone Wulf now helping K-9 back to his feet, DOUBLE ARM DDT by Lone Wulf onto that steel chair! The cover, Lone Wulf may be seeing his first victory of this matchup.

Liam Kennedy: and of his career in the MWC!

Jim Sears: oh hush up, Lone Wulf is a superb athlete. Wait a minute K-9 kicked out at two, this man is the most resilient athlete I've ever SEEN! Lone Wulf picks up the steel steps near by, and slams it on K-9's face. I don't care WHO you are, those things hurt!

Liam Kennedy: I doubt it would hurt Eddy, or even JW, that sort of thing doesn't effect REAL MEN!

Jim Sears: whatever you say Liam. Lone Wulf tosses the steps asside and picks K-9 up, SHERIFF KILLA! Wait a second, Lone Wulf didn't let go of K-9, he picks him up again, ANOTHER SHERIFF KILLA! And Lone Wulf STILL hasn't released his hold on K-9's waist, he picks him up, there goes ANOTHER Sheriff Killa, and the cover. One…….two…….THREE!!!! it took a double arm DDT, a shot to the forehead with those steel steps and three consecutive Sheriff Killas to put K-9 away!

Liam Kennedy: ok, ok, I think the people have gotten the idea by know Jim. This match is tied at 1 a piece and both of these men need two more victories to walk away with the win.

Jim Sears: well Lone Wulf has the momentum of the match at this point, but with the resilience of K-9, all the "goodies" in this matchup, and everything else that could quickly change. Lone Wulf picking up K-9 by his long hair and carrying him into the ring with him. Now he tosses him up on that platform, what's he doing? Now Lone Wulf's up on the platform.

(Lone Wulf puts K-9 between his legs then looks at the crowd and points down towards the ring.)

Jim Sears: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? You don't suppose….

Liam Kennedy: come on Jim, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what Lone Wulf has planned for K-9. PUT THAT FREAK AWAY WULFY!

Jim Sears: K-9's body has already been through so much in this matchup, Lone Wulf has him up. But K-9 fights back with a few right hands to the face of Lone Wulf and jumps of Lone Wulf. Both men are still on that platform. K-9 with a forearm shot to the head of Lone Wulf, Lone Wulf fires back with a right hand that ROCKS K-9 backwards nearly knocking him off the platform. K-9 with a boot to the groin of Lone Wulf, bending him over, DDT! No, no! Lone Wulf stops it and picks up K-9. He has him up in a military press now! Oh my god, what's he going to do with K-9?

(the platform begins to shake.)

Liam Kennedy: looks like 400 plus pounds holding up 200 plus pounds is just a little bit too much for that platform to hold. Look at Lone Wulf's face, he doesn't know WHAT to make of this.

Jim Sears: that moment of uncertainty made it possible for K-9 to slip out and get behind Lone Wulf, TAP OUT!!! TAP OUT!!! K-9 locks on the TAP OUT, and it looks like Lone Wulf is trying to hold on to consciousness.

Liam Kennedy: K-9 has no regard for his body, Lone Wulf will lose his balance with that locked on, and then they'll both fall, and K-9 will be crushed!

Jim Sears: K-9's mind has always been an enigma to us. Lone Wulf's still standing, but he looks shaky. OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!!! Lone Wulf falls off that platform with K-9 still holding onto the TAP OUT and both of them went through the ring canvas below! THEY'RE DEAD! THEY'RE DEAD!!! There's no way they could have survived that. ESPECIALLY K-9! I'm not sure how much longer this can go on, what do you think Liam? (long pause) Liam? (snickers) ladies and gentlemen Liam Kennedy has PASSED OUT. And I'll be getting another commentator down here shortly. But in the ring, K-9 and Lone Wulf have been motionless underneath that ring, there is a big gaping hole in the middle of the ring. I'm pretty sure K-9 took the brunt of this, although he brought it upon himself by locking Lone Wulf in that move he calls the TAP OUT! Not only did he fall, not only did he go through the ring, but there he also had 400 plus pounds falling down on him at a tremendous speed, not to mention those metal support bars down there. Wait, there's Lone Wulf crawling out of the hole, bloody as ever, and obviously disoriented. But he's up, and out of the hole, but that still leaves the question of the condition of K-9. He could be paralyzed, hell, he could be dead!

Victor Creel: they told me to come in and fill in for Liam, what'd I miss?

Jim Sears: one of the most extreme things I've ever seen!

Victor Creel: Blood shed?

Jim Sears: yes Victor, a lot of blood has been shed. JUST LOOK FOR YOURSELF!

Victor Creel: in a match, aren't there normally TWO people in there?

Jim Sears: one of them is in that hole.

Victor Creel: cool.

Jim Sears: this is giving Lone Wulf PLENTY of time to rest, if not the match, I have been informed that officials won't enter the cage until 5 minutes have passed with no movement from K-9. We want to look out for the well being of our employees, but we don't want to disturb the match either.

Victor Creel: Love but hurt, that's our policy.

Jim Sears: um….yeah. WAIT A MINUTE! There's K-9, I can't believe he's standing. I don't think Lone Wulf sees him, he's catching his breath and gloating to the fans. K-9's out of the hole, LOW BLOW from behind! There's the TAP OUT! K-9 has it locked on again! Can you believe the RESILIENCE of this young man?

Victor Creel: how tough is it to come out of a hole? I don't think he's that resilient.

Jim Sears: well you haven't seen this entire match. K-9 has been to hell and back. And he's got that TAP OUT locked on now. Lone Wulf falls off the ring, of course in a torture chamber match there are NO ROPES, and they go CRASHING to the ground hitting against the barbed wire cage wall. That has GOT to hurt K-9. But he's still got that TAP OUT locked on good and tight.

Victor Creel: COME ON! Don't just sit there with a hold locked on, grab a bat, throw him though a table, hit him with a chair! This match just isn't living up to the hype it's been getting.

Jim Sears: when this is over I'm going to show you a tape of what you missed. Lone Wulf reaching for something on the ground now, looking for a way out, and I think he's found it! He has the cheese grater that was stuck in K-9's hair earlier….

Victor Creel: cheese grater that was stuck in K-9's hair?

Jim Sears: Lone Wulf NAILS K-9 in the face with that grater, and again!

Victor Creel: YES! Blood! Blood! BLOOD!!!

Jim Sears: but K-9 still has that hold locked on. Lone Wulf gives up on the grater and tosses it aside. Now he's trying to stand up, he's using the cage to pull himself up. He's standing, but K-9 STILL has that TAP OUT locked on! He's had that on for a good 5 minutes, Lone Wulf's neck might snap in two!

Victor Creel: look at the veins popping out of Lone Wulf's head, HILARIOUS!

Jim Sears: Lone Wulf sets up a chair, and…..falls back on his back again? WHAT'D HE DO THAT FOR?

Victor Creel: wait a minute, he has K-9 in a pinning maneuver now.

Jim Sears: and there's the three count. Lone Wulf is up two wins to one against K-9, and K-9 needs to make a serious comeback here. K-9 has FINALLY let go of the TAP OUT, and Lone Wulf is coughing up a storm as K-9 goes and yells at the ref, he's arguing that Lone Wulf submitted, but the ref insists that it was the pinfall.

Victor Creel: troubles brewin' behind you K-9!

Jim Sears: Lone Wulf grabs K-9 around his waist, GERMAN SUPLEX! NO! K-9 lands on his feet, Lone Wulf thinks he threw K-9 onto his skull on the concrete and slyly turns around, SUPER KICK by K-9 onto Lone Wulf who was on one knee. I believe K-9 calls that "The Bite". I can't believe he managed to land on his feet!

Victor Creel: K-9 reaching around for some goodies to continue further beating on Lone Wulf.

Jim Sears: he reaches under the ring. Wait a minute. He's got a set of brass knuckles that look just like the ones used in the Brass Knuckles match earlier tonight.

Victor Creel: don't read anything into it Jim.

Jim Sears: Lone Wulf starting to stir but K-9 sends him back down with a shot to the jaw using those brass knuckles, Lone Wulf's jaw will be able to move in completely different ways from now on. Lone Wulf down and now K-9 with a SHOT right to the temple of Lone Wulf with those brass knuckles! Look at those dents on Lone Wulf's skull!

Victor Creel: yeah, isn't it great?

Jim Sears: no it's NOT great! This is by far, BY FAR, the most extreme match that has taken place in an MWC arena.

Victor Creel: yes, and that's kind of a disappointment really.

Jim Sears: K-9 leaving the semi-concious Lone Wulf, and now I don't know what he's doing. Wait, it looks like he's going up on that platform, the platform that he and Lone Wulf fell off and went through the ring canvas earlier in this matchup. K-9 up, way up on that platform, but Lone Wulf's not on the ground anymore, HE'S BEHIND HIM!

Victor Creel: YES!!

Jim Sears: NO!! they've already done serious damage to themselves and to the ring up there. K-9 turns around to catch a vicious right hand by Lone Wulf. K-9 fires back with a jab to the stomach, followed by a left cross to the jaw, I believe that's the same side that he hit with those brass knuckles.

Victor Creel: come on, these are wrestlers, not boxers. What are they doing?

Jim Sears: Lone Wulf and K-9 are trading punches and the platform is shaking, I got a bad feeling about this. K-9 and Lone Wulf in a collar and elbow tie up, K-9 with a knee to the stomach, punch to the face. K-9 with a few rights and left, Lone Wulf answers back with an upper cut. Lefts and rights, OH MY GOD!!!! The platform gave out, the platform broke!!!! K-9 and Lone Wulf just went THROUGH that steel cage well! The platform's gone, a portion of the cage wall is gone, K-9 and Lone Wulf are OUTSIDE of the cage, IN THE CROWD! Who knows how much damage they'll do out there!!

Victor Creel: oh man that was SWEET! But I don't think K-9 and Lone Wulf will be doing much damage in a while, they could be unconscious after that fall.

Jim Sears: well the crowd's certainly getting they're monies worth. I think the crowd broke K-9 and Lone Wulf's fall a little bit, as K-9 starts to stir. As does Lone Wulf, but it may be a while before either of them have enough mind to be able to throw a punch.

Victor Creel: it looks like K-9 just spit out a tooth!

Jim Sears: well I'd like to take this time, since it doesn't look like K-9 and Lone Wulf can do much for a minute or two, to promote the rest of the Pay Per View, if your listening in at home. Because I know some of you cheapskates are sitting there trying to watch the wavy lines on the PPV channel without paying. We will be seeing "Good God" Kevin Powers, defend his Intercontinental gold against the "extremest" eddie dean. We'll also be seeing Bryan Blair defend his World title against Bruno "the bruiser". Not to mention the DOMINATION tournament.

Victor Creel: HERE WE GO! Lone Wulf just crushed a beer can on K-9's skull!

Jim Sears: well that didn't take long. K-9 with a kick to the groin of Lone Wulf, DOUBLE ARM DDT, onto a steel chair, and there's one fan who will be standing for the remainder of the match. K-9 picking up Lone Wulf by his hair, and sends him over the steel guard rail, the two are now brawling on the entrance ramp. PILEDRIVER by K-9! But Lone Wulf's massive body fell ontop of K-9. Pinning predicament, 1…..2….TWO AND A HALF! Lone Wulf almost had this thing won! Both men up now, K-9 with a kick, no Lone Wulf caught his foot, MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE! By Lone Wulf. And the back of K-9's head BOUNCES of the rampway. Lone Wulf picks up K-9 by his tangled hair, hoists him up in a vertical suplex, DOWN with a brainbuster! Lone Wulf centering his attack on K-9's head, I think he's trying to knock K-9 out!

Victor Creel: that seems to be the only way to pin him.

Jim Sears: "the innovator of insanity" is in a bit of trouble right here, as the momentum of this match seems to be going to Lone Wulf at this point. LEG DROP by Lone Wulf! Lone Wulf spits in K-9's face as K-9 tries to stand to his feet. Lone Wulf puts K-9 between his legs, is this going to be a sheriff Killa? DOMINATOR! I haven't seen that move in a while, and I think that face first powerbomb might have taken K-9 out of this match.

Victor Creel: oh, don't EVER count out K-9. If it wasn't for Lone Wulf, I think K-9 would be in the extreme title finals tonight.

Jim Sears: that may be so, but the punishment K-9 has been taking in the past few minutes have been BRUTAL! Lone Wulf setting up K-9 for a belly-to-belly suplex, K-9 with a few wellplaced headbutts and a low blow manages to escape it.

Victor Creel: see what a mean, but this match is turning into a yawner.

Jim Sears: I seriously doubt that, I'm on the edge of my seat.

Victor Creel: well that's probably because you can't fit in it.

Jim Sears: K-9 with an eye gouge to Lone Wulf, and now a choke hold.

Victor Creel: why are you changing the subject tubby?

Jim Sears: I'm doing my job! K-9 with a stomp to the throat of Lone Wulf. K-9 going to the crowd and grabs a…sign? He just grabbed a sign from the crowd that said "K-9 use my sign". Lone Wulf getting to his feet, but K-9 sends him crashing down with that sign. He cobashes Lone Wulf over the head with that sign. Now he tears the sign up….THAT WAS A STOP SIGN!!! Wait a minute, that fan that was holding up that sign was one of those jokers K-9 was hanging around with during some of his interviews!

Victor Creel: well I'll be damned, a plan CAN go on in the mind of K-9. I had no idea a thought could exist in his sick little head.

Jim Sears: well it's always nice to have an escape route I guess. K-9 taking that stop sign to the downed Lone Wulf, right on the back, the skull, now his legs. Overall punishment is being dished out by K-9, who was just minutes ago being beaten unconscious with a barrage of attack from Lone Wulf. With this two you never know HOW to call it! K-9 places the stop sign on Lone Wulf who's laying on his back now and he's going to the crowd again. That same fan gives him a….gulf club? What's he going to do here. OH MY!!! That stop sign was right on Lone Wulf's, well…..privates, and K-9 drills it in with that golf club! Is it getting hardcore enough for you Creel?

Victor Creel: oh I don't know……so-so.

Jim Sears: whatever you say Victor. K-9 tossing the stop sign and the golf club aside, now he's unleashing a couple of right hands right to the face of Lone Wulf. K-9 helps up Lone Wulf and is dragging him up the rampway by his hair, what's he going to do now?

Victor Creel: something crazy, no doubt.

Jim Sears: where does he think he's going? K-9 just took a "detour", it looks like he's going into the crowd again.

Victor Creel: he's almost up in the balconies now.

Jim Sears: yes he is, he's right above the speakers, and audio equipment right now. He places Lone Wulf between his legs, motions to the crowd, and points forward. IS HE GOING TO TRY TO POWERBOMB THAT 420 POUND MAN OVER THE RAILING DOWN 20 FEET?

Victor Creel: come on Jimbo, you've been watching this match. I'm surprised that your surprised by this.

Jim Sears: K-9 pulls up, but Lone Wulf's struggling back, BACK BODY DROP! And K-9 goes flying off the balcony, down by the speakers and such through several tables! Just when I think it can't get any more extreme, K-9 and Lone Wulf take it to a new level! Oh my god, K-9 isn't moving, he's dead! There's no way, I can't even see him amongst the rubble from the tables, he has to be covered in splinters!

Victor Creel: oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Isn't this GREAT Jim?

Jim Sears: no, it's not great! How can you say something like that? Do you find it entertaining to see somebody damn near killed?

Victor Creel: ah…

Jim Sears: DON'T' EVEN ANSWER THAT! Lone Wulf making his way through the crowd down to where K-9 is, and I don't believe it….it looks like K-9 is starting to stir, how can he be so resilient?

Victor Creel: you've seen his promos, he's been through worse Sears.

Jim Sears: oh I just find that hard to believe. Lone Wulf almost at K-9 right now, and K-9's almost to his knees, I'm not sure, but I THINK that this is falls count anywhere since they're out of the torture chamber cage now. The ref is out there, right by the match so I'm just assuming.

Victor Creel: yeah, that's probably right. But I don't think this match isn't gonna end for a while, both of these men have taken this so far, I don't think they're going to stop until they can't even MOVE!

Jim Sears: you may be right, Lone Wulf has made it to K-9 finally and plants him down with a big boot to the face, now he's dragging him onto the rampway, and places him between his legs. What's this? SHERIFF KILLA!!!! What a move! I think Lone Wulf has this one. Lone Wulf is cupping his ears. Can you believe this crowd? Do you hear what they're chanting?

Victor Creel: ONE MORE TIME!!! ONE MORE TIME!!! I'm sorry, what were you saying Jim?

Jim Sears: oh lord. Lone Wulf has K-9 between his legs again, ANOTHER SHERIFF KILLA!!! K-9 BOUNCED off the rampway, and the back of his skull hit the steel guardrail.

Victor Creel: this is great! OOHH this is great! I think there should be more matches like this.

Jim Sears: well there you go thinking again Victor, and you know what happens when you think………BAAAAAADD THINGS!!!

Victor Creel: um…..uh.

Jim Sears: Lone Wulf picks K-9 off the ground, is he going to do another Sheriff Killa? Wait, no, this might be worse. He has him up in a military press, and TOSSES K-9's lifeless body into the crowd like a RAG DOLL! I can't believe this! I bet Lone Wulf is already hearing his victory music in his head, he's loving this, the momentum is back in his favor. He's going into the crowd to get K-9, Lone Wulf picks up a fan's chair, spits in the fan's face and slams K-9 with the chair. Lone Wulf's now dragging K-9 back to the rampway. He's got him set up for another military press, and looking at the crowd on the opposite side of the rampway.

Victor Creel: now he's looking to throw K-9 into THAT side of the crowd. He's such a crowd pleaser!

Jim Sears: I can't believe he's going to do this. He's hoisting him up, WAIT! K-9 manages to get out, MILLION DOLLAR DREAMER INTO A SUPLEX! I believe he calls that the K9er! Lone Wulf a little shaken but not down stands right back up, but K-9 locks on the TAP OUT before Lone Wulf can even react! What a turn of events! With two simple moves K-9 has managed to change the complete momentum of this matchup. Lone Wulf has fallen down, and K-9 still has the TAP OUT locked on, and the ref's checking to see if Lone Wulf will submit.

Victor Creel: I can't believe my eyes, it all happened so fast.

Jim Sears: can you sense the electricity? This match has the crowd buzzing, they don't know what to expect.

Victor Creel: it doesn't look like Lone Wulf's going to submit?

Jim Sears: this match has already gone on so long, barbed wire, cheese grater, tables, chairs, the works have been used in this matchup, both of these men running on fumes, on pure hatred for one another, fury from years past, and they KNOW what win here will do, they know that this is reconciliation, this is they're last chance, I think Lone Wulf has a lot of skill, and a lot of heart. And I also know that once K-9 locks on that move, the match is pretty much over, he just won't let go, this could go on for a while.

Victor Creel: I've heard K-9's threats about submitting or I'll snap your neck, break your arm, brake your back in two or whatever. And I can see in his eyes that he's pretty much lost it. I don't think he'll even notice if he wins, he's concentrating less on winning, and more on DESTROYING Lone Wulf.

Jim Sears: WHOA! A fan just threw a unfinished beer can at Lone Wulf and K-9. A crowd's starting up a chant, what is it that they're saying?

Victor Creel: who cares? They'll probably chant it again.

Jim Sears: wait a minute, I think Lone Wulf has just PASSED OUT! He was knocked unconscious from the TAP OUT, the lack of air supply or something I guess and the ref is calling for the bell. The third and final win goes to K-9, THIS MATCH IS OVER. I CAN'T BELIVE IT! What a classic match. I'd hate to be the guy to tell Lone Wulf that he lost when he comes to.

Victor Creel: K-9 finally lets go of Lone Wulf and raises his hands in victory as the crowd responds with a loud cheer and a chant of "I-O-I".

Jim Sears: THAT'S what they were chanting earlier. Well this match is finally over, after this much extreme, we need a breather. we also need to fix the ring and set up for our next match.

Winner: 'Innovator of Insanity' K-9


Biggest Icon in Pro Wrestling (BIPW) vs "The Franchise" Lance Bishop w/Sampo

A blue fog hits the entrance ramp, as the theme from Rocky plays. Black trunks, with White boots. Out comes the Biggest Icon in Pro Wrestling ready to strut his stuff for the MWC.

The lights dim until they are completely out. ThunderKiss '65 by White Zombie begins to play over the PA system while pyrotechnics begin blasting off in the ring. In the entrance way strobe lights flash the letter "F" in various colors. As Lance Bishop step through the entrance way...with Sampo of Ecubed, a huge "F" over the entrance way gets lights up and starts to burn and light the place up providing enough light to get him to the ring. Lance stops to shake hands with the fans and then...

JS: BIPW with a double fist to the back of Bishop!

LK: Thats what that goon gets for hanging out with those idiotic Tag Team Champs.

JS: You are referring to E3 and yes they are Tag Team Champs, thats for sure. Bipw is stomping on Bishop with major intensity.

LK: It almost looks like these two have a past, Jim.

JS: Actually they do. Its funny that you say that, Liam because LB and BIPW were both wrestlers in the former OWA. Their paths never really crossed, but ......and here's a bit of info that youll only get in first class broadcasts like this one........LB and Pestilence were allies in that old fed, teammates in fact, and Pesty had a major win over the 'Icon' at one supercard.

LK: How do you know this stuff??

JS: Im smart, LK. I did make Big Time Rasslin' the premeir fed in the world by getting only the top talent in the world.

LK: Oh please. JW Locke made the MWC what it is today, not you and........

JS: BIPW has Bishop up and down with a scoop slam. He is getting major heel heat.........this crowd is surely behind Mr. Bishop and E3. Icon picks Bishop up by the hair now, hooks him under his arm, and delivers a powerful suplex. On top now .... not even a one count.

LK: Dont interr......

JS: Bishop isnt gonna go down so easily, especially to this newcomer. Spinning kick to the face sends LB down to the mat. BIPW down with a quick elbow smash. More gloating by the Icon!

LK: I kinda like this guy's style.

JS: I kinda figured you would. Icon whips Bishop into the ropes - flying forearm by BIPW. Bishop in trouble early on here.

LK: Bishop is a los...

JS: Icon heading to the top rope - CLOTHESLINE! and the Icon pops up - what's he doing now!

LK: Dancing and listen to the girls sc...

JS: He goes for a cover - only a one count. He knew better than to count Lance out that easily. He's setting Lance up - POWERBOMB and MORE strutting by the Icon.

LK: Strut your stuff big man! He's almost as likeable as Eddy Lo...

JS: Icon with the Irish whip into the turnbuckle - Lance is limp in the corner and here comes BIPW - FLYING DROPKICK! Oh, he knows he has him now! That's a setup for his finisher, and with the previous history these men share - you know that Lance knows as well, but can he do anything about it?

LK: Lance couldn't do anything about anythin...

JS: Icon setting up for the ICONOCLAST (SHort Arm Clothesline) - LANCE DUCKED and has the ICON - REVERSE UNDERHOOK DDT BY BISHOP!!! That's a new one!

LK: That was...uhm, Impres...

JS: Good point Liam but Can Bishop recover from that move?

LK: Doubtfu...

JS: Bad point Liam, and Bishop is getting to his feet as is the Icon, albeit slowly! Lance going over to the Icon who is getting to his feet as well - TILT A WHIRL SLAM!

LK: NO! Icon flipped outta that and landed on his feet - IMPLANT DDT!!!!

JS: And the Icon is VERY impressed with himself after that coup... and the fans certainly AREN'T impressed - we may have to throw some of them out for tossing beverages in the ring! But it's truly the Icon who is egging this Heat ON! Look at him.

LK: Ain't he great! I mean...

JS: LB starting to stir.......he's up..........

LK: Stop interr........

JS: The fans are roaring! No, BIPW, those cheers arent for you. BIPW turns around............WHAM! Wow! That looked like one of Ironfist's right hooks! BIPW is flattened! The fans are going nuts!

LK: What has 50 legs and 17 teeth?

JS: LB on top of BIPW with a blatant choke hold!

LK: An E3 family reunion.

JS: After a 4 1/2 count, LB finally breaks the hold with BIPW writhing around on the floor. LB is on fire! He picks up BIPW and delivers a beautiful slingshot suplex. He runs across the ring, leaps over BIPW.......onto the middle rope........wow!........what a big elbow smash to BIPW's face! He really just got a lot taken out of him with that one. Lance not letting up! He flips over the 'Icon' and sits into a great Boston Crab. LB really showing his versatility here. Watch out title holders.......Mr. Bishop is on his way up!

LK: Oh please. The only people that need to watch out are.....

JS: Icon somehow gets to the ropes. and out to the floor now........trying to escape LB's wrath.

LK: Im reporting your attitude to JW!

JS: LB on the floor after him. He better be careful.......his temper has gotten him in trouble before. BIPW grabs the time keeper's bell and swings at LB.......he ducks! Dropkick by Bishop sends the Bell right back in the Icon's face. He's stunned and turned away from Bishop - ATOMIC DROP! Look at the Icon squrim! I love it! Bishop drives BIPW's head into the ring post and throws him back in. He signals somthing to the crowd who are going nuts! He picks up BIPW.........sets him into position.........Running Lyger Bomb........The Bishop Bomb! Ref down now.........1.......2.........3!

The Winner: 'The Franchise' Lance Bishop



"Daredevil" Mark Vizzack vs Eliminator

JS: We're going to see Eliminator in action against Mark Vizzack now...any thoughts?

LK: I've always got something on my mind, and if your lucky I'll tell you what it is...

JS: : I'm waiting...

LK: Oh...Here goes..Eliminator's without out a doubt a guy who will be leading the MWC into the 21st century! He's got it all...but it might take time to develop it! And tonight, he's at a real advantage. He's backed by JW Locke, and that's the biggest factor, I think...

JS: Speak of the Devil, here comes JW.... Locke is in the ring, giving a 'pep talk,' it seems. More like a pep LECTURE. He wants Mark Vizzack to be OUT of this tournament! He's really giving it to him!

LK: Okay, what's this all about?

JS: Uh-oh, now he's berating Mark! JW seems to be on the rampage here.

LK: Mark makes a move toward JW! Get outta the... Good man, JW, get behind your bodyguard.

JS: We've got a STAREDOWN in the middle of the ring as Vizzack and Eliminator are NOT budging! JW is rubbing this in on Mark! He's paid good money for this protection and...Eliminator's mouthing something to Vizzack... what is it? B... BT - WHAT! HA HA! ELIMINATOR TOOK A STEP TO THE SIDE! JW is unprotected! He's backing up now!

LK: What the **** is he thinking???

JS: JW backed up into the corner... NO WHERE TO GO! Vizzack with a HARD right hand! He whips Locke into the opposite corner! VIZZ SPLASH! THIS is justice!

LK: Now Eliminator has a limp JW... This is wrong!

JS: Mark grabbing something from Sunshine...He's got a black marker! Eliminator is actually holding JW up! Mark writing "BTR RULES" on JW Locke's forehead, and he's tossed to the outside! This match is already off to a GREAT start!

LK: Great start? How could this be a start for anything good?!

JS: This 2nd round matchup is starting and it seems that JW's (glee obvious in Jim's voice) 'former' bodyguard has a collar and elbow lockup with Vizzack and backing him into the corner. The ref calling for the clean break, and we get one.

LK: Man, Eliminator has lost all his guts - what a loser!

JS: He's trying to wrestle it fair and square.

LK: Like I said, no guts.

JS: Well, another lockup and this time Eliminator just tosses Vizzack to the mat... Vizzack getting up and - CLOTHESLINE! He rocked him with that one.

LK: Yeah, whatever!

JS: Eliminator whips Vizzack into the ropes..HURRICARANA! Eliminator goes down!

LK: That's what I like to see..Vizzack taking advantage of the stituation and being aggressive...of course with a man the size of Eliminator, he's going to have to hook the tights when he pins...

JS: Liam!!!

LK: What?

JS: Vizzack with a series of savat kicks that send Eliminator to the mat! The former TV champion, with a belly to back suplex! But,Eliminator pops right back up!! He didn't even feel that one!

LK: Kick him in the groin, kid...

JS: Will you shut up?!

LK: Why?

JS: Vizzack with another Belly to back suplex! And this time, he's going for the cover, ONE...NO! It's going to take more than that. Vizzack with an Irish whip to the ropes, reversal by the Eliminator and

LK: Powerslam. The Eliminator nails a Powerslam - 1...NO! Again, neither loser wants to go down THIS quickly.

JS: Yeah, well Vizzack is big trouble right now. Eliminator with a SNAP SUPLEX...WHAM! Nailed it. Eliminator picks up Vizzack, and throws him off the ropes and gives him a BIG BACK BODYDROP!

LK: He was in the LIGHTS on that one. I don't believe the height on that hold.

JS: Eliminator is taking Vizzack up to the TOP ROPE! He lands a right hand, and now isGOING FOR A TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX! HERE IT COMES ......WHAM! Vizzack is in huge trouble! Eliminator gets up.

LK: He'd better make this tourney count, cause when JW gets done with him!

JS: That could VERY well be true. Eliminator following this up - Crucifix Powerbomb and another cover - 1...2..(kickout)

LK: I don't know who to root for here?

JS: That's good. Just call the match then. Eliminator seems to be running out of ideas on how to finish this ... Spinning toe hold. I think we see a plan developing here - work on the wheels of the flyer.

LK: Like it matters. I only have one hope in this tournament now - Eddy Love.

JS: Big surprise there. Eliminator really working Vizzack's leg over. I think maybe his VERY tough match with Sephiroth earlier is coming back to haunt him. He seems quite tired.

LK: Eliminator with an Irish Whip, he goes for another BACK BODY DROP .... NO! Vizzack COUNTERS WITH A DDT!

JS: The old cliche - once to many times goin' back to the well. Great move by Vizzack. Vizzack now with a KNEEDROP, and goes for the pin, ONE --- TWO --- NO! Eliminator with a kickout. Vizzack goes for a SWINGING NECKBREAKER...WHAM!

LK: I think the neck and spine of Eliminator may have gotten separated on that one.

JS: I doubt that Sammy. Vizzack is still limpining in obvious pain. Vizzack is going for a PILEDRIVER, can he do it with that knee - he's loosing his balance, but ...... WHAM! Vizzack hit it! He covers, ONE---TWO---THR--NO! Eliminator with a kickout. Vizzack with an Irish Whip, and nails a CLOTHESLINE! Vizzack is heading to the TOP ROPE!

LK: This could make or break the match! Eliminator gets up, AND IS DECAPITATED WITH A TOP ROPE CLOTHESLINE!

JS: This could be it folks! ONE----TWO---THREE! NO! NO! The ref said, Eliminator got a shoulder up! Vizzack is up, and arguing with the referee. He's not paying attention to Eliminator! Eliminator gets up, and CLOTHESLINES Vizzack INTO THE REFEREE! THE REF FELL OUT OF THE RING! Vizzack up again, AND MET WITH ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE! Eliminator off the ropes, and Vizzack gets up....BIG LARIAT! The fans love it, and Eliminator is going ballistic! Eliminator with an Irish Whip....WHAM! BIG POWERSLAM!

LK: He's going to work on that knee again! Wait... What's he doing here?

JS: Fans, Bret "Brass Knuckles" Kross has come to ringside... what's he doing? Eliminator with another Irish Whip... NO! Vizzack reversed it!


JS: Kross and Vizzack are just staring at each other now. Wait.. Vizzack asked him to come up onto the apron.. What's going on?

LK: Vizzack's turned to the darkside! Yeah!

JS: NO! Kross gets to the apron, and VIZZACK DROPKICKED THE CHAIR INTO HIS FACE! Kross hits the floor, HARD! The referee is getting back into the ring, and Eliminator is stirring!

LK: Why doesn't Vizzack make the cover?

JS: Fair play. Eliminator is climbing to his feet....Eliminator seems groggy, but he grabs Vizzack into an Atomic Drop - Vizzack flips backward and heads into the ropes. HURRICARANA and Vizzack grabs the legs - here's the ref - 1 ... 2 ... 3!!!!

LK: Vizzack takes a win (sarcasm) yeah.

JS: It's going to be Vizzack up against either Eddy Love or the Crippler. Both men, Vizzack is VERY familiar with.

Winner: 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack



"Hurricane" Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa vs. Crippler w/Mercedes Devon

JS:Crippler looked VERY impressive in his victory over Jonathan Hammer. He could be, as Mark Vizzack said in pre-event commentary, the 'sleeper' favorite to win it all.

LK:You really think so? I think he's about to hit a brick wall named Eddy Love. Besides that, Crippler barely got past Hammer. I'm telling you, he's just got no talent.

JS: -I'm- telling YOU, one day we're gonna find you stuffed in a trash can. And I won't be letting you out. It's just about time to get this match underway folks.

LK: Ooo, a threat.

JS: Eddy Love offers a test of strength to Crippler. You have to think Love would have an edge power-wise.

LK: If Crippler thinks he's gonna toe-to-toe powerwise with Eddy Love, he's got another thing coming.

JS: The two men lock up, and Crippler immediately hits his knees on the mat as Eddy Love squeezes down with tremendous power. But Eddy Love almost immediately lets up. Crippler stands slowly, not sure what to make of all this. But Crippler comes across quick with a kick to the head!

LK: At least he's done one smart thing, when a man gives you an opening, take it.

JS: Eddy Love's still on his feet, and Crippler follows up with an armbar. He's trying to drive Eddy Love to his knees, but Love quick maneuvers his way out. They stand across the center of the ring facing each other again in a sort-of staredown. Crippler goes for another kick to the head, but Eddy Love ducks and then comes up with a heart punch on Crippler!!!

LK: That'll knock the wind out of your sails.

JS: Eddy Love follows up with a full nelson, but he's very close to the ropes. Crippler grabs them, and Eddy Love immediately breaks the hold and steps back. Crippler rushes at him with a clothesline, but Eddy Love sidesteps him. Crippler wheels around just in time to be on the receiving end of a dropkick that sends him through the second ropes!

LK: Uh oh, Eddy Love can be VERY dangerous outside the ring.

JS: Love does indeed follow Crippler out...but he immediately rolls him back in...that's not real characteristic of him. Eddy pulls Crippler to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Crippler comes off the ropes with a cross body block, but he gets caught by Eddy Love and slammed down hard. Eddy hooks the leg. ONE...TWO....no, Crippler gets the shoulder up. Love stands up and walks over to the corner, where he sits on the second rope, waiting.

LK: He may be a little too cocky in this one, even for Eddy.. He could get himself into some trouble.

JS: I don't know that it's "cockiness" per se. He's doing the job of wrestling, but he's not staying on top of Crippler. Crippler is on his feet. He pulls Eddy Love out of the ropes and whips him across into the opposite turnbuckle. Eddy Love rolls out of the corner, dodging the elbow from Crippler. Now it's Eddy Love's turn, he whips Crippler across the ring and into the turnbuckle hard!

LK: Here we go.

JS: Wait a second, Eddy Love just stopped to fix one of the laces on his boot. Now he's back up into the corner and starts running across the ring, he launches....Eddy Love... Love tried for a splash, but Crippler ducked! Love hits the turnbuckle HARD!

LK: No kidding, a little more momentum, and he might have sent himself over the top rope!

JS: Crippler sets Love up for what could be the Crippling Plunge... HE HITS IT! Wait... WHAT is Sweet Melissa doing?

LK: Work it, Sweetie!

JS:She's distracting Crippler, trying to give Love a little time to try and collect his thoughts! He's pulling himself to his feet with the ropes, and I think he realizes that Crippler could very well beat him!

JS: But in the meantime, Mercades Devon is climbing into the ring with a briefcase in hand! Eddy Love hasn't seen her yet!

LK: She want to make sure that Crippler wins this match, but will this even be enough?

JS: Devon runs towards Eddy Love's back with the briefcase.... No! Melissa shouted a warning and he sidesteps her and grabs her arm as she goes by! The briefcase goes flying through the ropes, and now Eddy Love has a hold of Mercades! He's shaking his finger at her. He escorts her to the ropes and sits on the second rope to allow her to exit.

LK: What a gentleman.

JS: He may be wasting too much time here. Crippler comes at him from behind! He rolls him up in a small package, and the ref dives to the mat. ONE.....NO, Eddy Love kicks out, and now he's staring down Crippler. He apparently didn't like that very much, especially not after allowing Crippler's manager out of the ring after she tried to whack him!

LK: She tried to what?

JS: Shut up. Eddy jumps up and clotheslines Crippler! Irish whip into the ropes, drop toe-hold, but the ref gets caught. We have yet ANOTHER ref down.

LK: Who's that?

JS: Who's what?


JS: Good lord, we've got ourselves a 7 footer heading to the ring. Love doesn't hear Melissa yelling and even Mercedes seems a bit panicky. Love puts a spinning toe-hold onto Crippler, but he doesn't see this HUGE man behind him.



LK: What's happening here? WHo is that idiot!

JS: Beats me, but he just bought Crippler some time there... and just like he came, he's gone. Crippler nails the Crippling Plunge (German Suplex into a bridge), but we're still without a ref! He gets up and Irish Whip into the ropes, reversal by Love and Sweet Melissa!

LK: SHe's grabbed Crippler's leg sending him to the mat!

JS: Eddy Love pulls Crippler to his feet. BELLY TO BACK suplex. But Eddy Love doesn't cover. He gets to his feet and slaps on a Figure- Four! This one could be over right here. Crippler isn't in a position to make it to the ropes. We could have a submission win right here for Eddy Love. That is, if the ref gets up.

LK: I'll be right back. (Liam goes to the ref to revive him)

JS: Liam's taking things into his own hands here. Welcome back Liam.

LK: I give the kid five seconds, max.

JS: So far, Crippler's shaking his head no as the rejuvenated referee asks him if he wants to give. But he's getting awful slow. You can see the pain on his face, but still, after thirty seconds of the hold, he still won't submit. You've got to at least give that to the kid. He's not answering the referee anymore, though.

LK: I think the kid may be out on the mat.

JS: And apparently so does the referee. He checks the hand of Crippler once. Eddy Love still has the Figure Four hooked on tight. He check Crippler a second time, still nothing. The third and final time. That's it, there's the bell.

LK: Love moves on to the finals, but this was JUST a little too close for comfort.

JS: Crippler should be proud of his efforts tonight, however, as he took "Hurricane" Eddy Love, a man with only TWO losses in the entire span of his CAREER, to the limit and beyond. Be that as it may, he moves to the finals to take on the other winner , Mark Vizzack. Another classic confrontation between these two.

Winner: 'Hurricane' Eddy Love


(The camra is looking at a door with K-9 written on the door. A reporter wearing a green polyester suit with a light blue tie with read Wally World shoes(Walmart shoes) he knocks on the door, there is no response...he knocks again, no response...he looks at the camraman...shugs his shoulder then the camra man looks at him like he is crazy he knocks again)

(A faint Voice)What!?

(Reporter)Ahh could I get a few words?

(A faint Voice)I don't care, whats it matter?

(Reporter)Is that a yes?

(A faint Voice)Take it as you want it.

(The reporter opens the door and walks in after the camra man the camra shows a dark room with a raggy cach wear if you sit down in the wrong place you can't have kids anymore, on the other side a bathroom, the camra searchs for the voice...he does not see the man...he coontuies to look around)

(k-9)I'm here, in the corner.

(The camra turns to a corner wear you can see k-9s legs and hands his ingulfed in shadows...hidden from the camra and the naked eye. The reporter looks at the hands of k-9 bloody from the LW match blood split all over them were the white tape atarting at his knuckles and going to his forarm says k-9 but you can barly read it for the blood all over them)

(Reporter)Ahh, Mr. Nine will you comment on the Lonewulf issue?

(k-9)The Lonewulf issue? The Lonewulf issue? The only isue is that I'm sheeding his blood...The blood that which flows threw thy vains, and the blood that thy sheds, the blood on thys hands...(Starts to yell) the blood on my F***in' hands...the blood in my F***in' veins...(stops)The blood that we traded on that faithful night is not two but ONE...one

(Reporter)What? Don't you mean after that long terifying battle in the Torture Match you blood shed and became one...

(k-9)No, you walking Blue Light Special...No...We shair the same blood

(Reporter)(all confdent)This was not a Blue Light Special(all non-confdint)It was a St. Patricks Blue Light Special

(k-9)I don't care either way its $1.89 at the Local Walmart

(Reporter)Back to what you were saying about the blood

(k-9)Don't you get it...Don't you understand...you don't get it do you

(Reporter)I'm lost!

(k-9)Its not that hard of a concept to under stand...He has my blood...I have his...it is the same blood...Brought forth to this world by the same mother...

(Reporter)Are you trying to say that your HALF-BROTHERS(turns to the camra)What a turn of events folks k-9 and--(inturupted by a blow to the back of the head as k-9 satnds over him with his faces covered in blood.)

(k-9)You see this...this is my blood and his...WE ARE BROTHERS....Lonewulf you dessered me along time ago...you left with Mom and were dad was who cares...but I was left to find for my self on the streets with NO help from no one but two friends of mine and they were always high on in JAIL...I lived all my life on the streets...Lonewulf...jst get the hell out of here

(K-9 shoves the camra man out of the way and walks out of the dressing room throwing stuff as he walks out the door covered in blood)

JS: We have our Domination finals set and it's time to get back into the other matches of the night. This match has a VERY interesting subplot going. Let's cut to a pre-recorded tape to see the events of what has been happening.

Tape starts with a Doctor sitting in front of the camera. The surroundings are in a hospital and through the back door walks Jack Emerald.

JE: You wanted to see me doc?

DR: Yes, Mr. Emerald - this career decision of yours is quite dangerous as you know, but to go into that wrestling ring again...it could be...

JE: Doc, I don't wanna know. All I want, is to finish this insanity. I've fought my whole life...I can't stop now. This is who I am... I *HAVE* to get in that ring, and I have to win. If you just want to pass to me bad news, I don't need it right now. I'm wrestling BATT at Domination and that is final.

With that, Jack turns around and walks out of the room. The Dr. looks down at his papers and says...

DR: If you get in that ring, (quietly) It very well may -be- final.

Cut back to Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy in the front.

JS: So that's what we know... evidently, Jack Emerald has suffered several SEVERE concussions... but he is demanding to wrestle tonight. With that, let's go to the entrances.


Jack Emerald vs BATT

Desire by U2 blares over the PA as Jack makes his way out of the curtain and down the aisle to a good response. He slaps hands with several fans, but a look of TRUE nervousness forms over his face. He climbs in the ring, and sits up on the top turnbuckle awaiting BATT's entrance.

Cue up - "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Ozbourne...the lights go out and only a spotlight goes to the rafters where BATT can be seen...slowly lowering down to the canvas - hanging by his feet! EXPLOSION of Pyro out of the ringposts followed by FIRE as the 'creature' flips out of his lowering apparatus and falls a good FIFTEEN FEET...landing on his feet, flips the long hair out of his face that reveals a white 'formed' mask that covers the upper 1/2 of his face...his long black hair hanging wet around his shoulders...his trunks are BLOOD red and go just below the knee. On them, various Aztec symbols fit almost indiscriminately....but that isn't the most endearing part...aside from the frightening visage on the mask - the "markings" on this 'creatures' chest...An Aztec like symbol...that may look like a - BATT!

JS: We've not seen this monster like this since his 'match' with Mark Vizzack. This guy shouldn't even be in a wrestling ring - he's as bad as that Inferno nut that wrestled on and off, constantly chasing Mark to every league he went to.

LK: Poor Mark Vizzack, please - just call the match.

JS: Well, Jack's surprisingly staying calm in the corner as BATT stares intently at him, turning his head like some animal stalking his prey. The ref comes over to check BATT's trunks and - HE SLUNG HIM ASIDE AND IS AFTER EMERALD!

LK: Whoa, he's not even after a win, this could be a DQ right now!

JS: Jack flies off the middle rope - CLOTHESLINE! Jack back up and he's pounding away at BATT with a fury...good LORD!

LK: BATT'S got him by the throat... in some sort of Tengu Death Grip - Jack's arms are flailing...this is GREAT!

JS: Are you insane? THis is the same guy from Season's Beatings! Attacked Mark AND JW! This is ridiculous. He's pulling something from his trunks - FLAPJACK!!! He just knocked Jack senseless! Batt heading outside the ring - he's got a chair!

LK: Oh yeah, he's bringing it inside and wrapping it around Emerald's leg - he's heading to the top - SENTAI MOONSAULT onto THAT CHAIR!!!! Jack's leg MUST be broken! Jack seems awake enough to be clutching that leg.

JS: GOOD LORD! Batt pulling the chair off his leg and - who's this? NOT HIM AGAIN!

LK: Here comes that 7 foot monster that attacked my MAN, Eddy Love earlier - what's he doing?

JS: Batt stops as this monster gets behind him - BATT'S SMILING? THe monster grabs BATT - CHOKESLAM!

LK: Oh man, Batt is LAUGHING at this... he's on the mat, laughing????

JS: The 7 footer grabs Batt's legs - kick to the groin! and...he's not laughing, but he IS smiling - the 7 footer grabs him and tosses him over the top rope! Now he's going after Emerald??? WHY? This is ridiculous! He picks the limp Jack up by his neck - CHOKESLAM and Jack hit his head on the chair - what a sickening THUD!

LK: And the 7 footer leaves again! But look, Batt is staring at him from behind, smiling...like he's stalking his prey, turning his head slowly, methodically as this GIANT leaves the arena.

JS: Emerald is trying to stir, but is grabbing at his head... this doesn't look good! HE's pulled himself up by the turnbuckle and...

LK: BATT back in the ring and he has a FORK! Sneaking up behind Emerald and...

JS: YES! Emerald implanted him with the Luck o' the Irish (3/4 bulldog - Diamondcutter) ONTO THAT CHAIR! Emerald's head hit the chair also, but he's still stirring, grabbing at his head. THe fans are ECSTATIC!!!!

LK: Unbelievable! WHere'd that come from?

JS: THat's called heart and so is THIS! Jack trying to use the turnbuckle to get to his feet! He's up...WHAT?

LK: WHat's happening Jim?

JS: I'm not sure? Someone get a DOCTOR!

Jack clutches his head and then collapses to the mat. The scene that follows is pure chaos as ring attendants and EMT's enter the ring rushing Jack Emerald out. To allow for the PPV to continue, the MWC offices decide to cut to ...



Deacon vs. Armageddon

HR: I am Humberto Ramos and I'll be calling this match with Victor Creel.

VC: Yeah, you guys have already had me calling some, but this will be different. For this 'match', we have camera's stationed throughout a cavern. That is where the match will take place between Deacon and Armageddon. The winner is the guy to escape the cave first.

HR: A very unusual match to say the least, so lets show you what led up to this.

Deacon grabs Armageddon yet again - Sidewalk slam

JS: Great move by Deacon...he's continuing to work over Armageddon - he throws him into the security railing - HIGH back body drop - EWWWW, Armageddon hit the stairs with his back - not a good landing! Deacon grabbing Armageddon by his head - drags his face across the railing...Armageddon bloody also now! Deacon sets him up...CRUCIFIX SLAM (Face First Slam and Deacon's setup for...)

Deacon moves Armageddon over toward the cross and sets him up for...

JS: ALTAR CALL!!!!! DEACON JUST DID HIS ALTAR CALL ONTO THE CROSS ON THE CONCRETE! He's tying Armageddon to it...this could just about be over. He's got one hand tied...what's wrong?

Deacon looks at Armageddon...then his hands, the blood still fresh on them. He looks to the sky and then...

JS: He's looking over to Shepherd...still tied up at the ringpost! He's leaving Armageddon?

Deacon goes to Shepherd in the corner...and he grabs Shepherds chains with both his hands, and PULLS!

JS: NO WAY! He's...SNAP He just snapped those chains loose!!!! Unbelievable!!!!

Deacon points for Shepherd to leave, but Shepherd is adamant about what is coming behind Deacon - ARMAGEDDON...Deacon speaks in some long dead language for Shepherd to leave as he holds his arms out like he's going to hug someone and then...

JS: Good Lord, Armageddon just drove that sword's hilt just into Deacon's side - he could've destroyed Deacon's kidneys with that shot! Deacon is DOWN and grabbing his side...Armageddon beating him mercilessly with the hilt! He's grabbed the stairs - DOWN onto Deacon...Armageddon getting into the ring...he's climbing the ropes??? He's not going to!


JS: Liam?

LK: No way I'm going to miss this!

JS: Armageddon off the top rope and DOWN onto the stairs -KKKK-RUUNNNGGGG GOOD LORD!!!! HE JUST DROVE THOSE STAIRS INTO DEACON'S SKULL!!!

LK: And now...time for the END!

JS: Armageddon dragging Deacon to the cross - one arm tied

Deacon wakes up almost mystically and just looks toward a busy Armageddon as...

JS: ...the other...he's got the ankles cinched in!

LK: This is over...

JS: NO...It can't be..wait Armageddon is stopping - he's grabbing his sword?

LK: He's back dragging Deacon up the ramp - he's put it in the space - DEACON IS UP!!!!!!! ARMAGEDDON DID IT - HE DESTROYED THE DEACON!!!!

JS: NO, but what's he doing with that sword? He hit Deacon again in that side! Those ribs MUST be broken!

LK: One can only hope!

JS: Come on...have a heart!

LK: I do...just not for pious overbearing intolerant big oafs

JS: (shakes head) What? Armageddon unsheathing the sword...he wouldn't!

LK: Uhm...this is ...oh lord..

JS: HE's going to send it through Deacon's side - this has gone TOO FAR!!!!

LK: Uh...huh...this

JS: Vizzack is on the ramp...Flair...Harders...Crippler...Armageddon is a man possessed though...he's trying to use that sword on them! What's happening??? Where's the lights??? The monk chant?? No, Pestilence's entrance music...the monk chant? No Pestilence's entrance music - what's happening?

LK: Uh...

JS: Lights are on...Pestilence has a hold of Armageddon's sword arm...he's not letting it go! WHOA! Their eyes...their eyes just met, those 2 RED eyes! Armageddon pulls his arm back...takes a long stare at Pestilence


JS: Armageddon just disappeared in a fireball! And Deacon??? He's being lowered down the ramp? He's saying something as he goes down...Pestilence limps toward Deacon trying to get him off, but they share a look, Deacon speaks in a language again long dead...what is happening - HE's GONE!!!! UNDER THE RAMPWAY!!!


cut to last week's Hostile Takeover...

JS: Pestilence with a right hand, that rocks the Armageddon!! And now, a DDT!! Goodness!!

LK:Nope! Armageddon with a shot to the groin, and Pestilence goes down again! He's human, after all, it would seem!

(The lights begin to flicker)

JS:What... What was that? Never mind. Armageddon looks to end this one as he heads for the top rope! Here he comes...

VOICE(In a whisper):Faith.... Faith is the EVIDENCE...

(The lights go out completely, except for a lone spotlight that shines as if like a star high in the rafters. When the lights come back on, Pestilece is up, Armageddon is still on the top rope, and Deacon is standing in between them. The crowd goes CRAZY!!)

JS:CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??!?!?! It's Deacon! Deacon has returned to the MWC! THERE THEY GO! Armageddon and Deacon are trading punches in the middle of the ring! Here comes security to break it up!

Pestilence seems to smile as these 2 giants tear into one another.

LK:Deacon is back.. I can't believe Deacon is back.


Finally, the match is ready and The camera cuts to a large room obviously in a cave. Standing on one side is Armageddon and on the other is Deacon. They slowly are circling one another as...

HR: Big boot to the face by Deacon! Armageddon staggered and Deacon following up - he picks him up - BODY SLAM!

VC: And that floor is SOLID rock, no give at all!Armageddon grabs his back as Deacon - DROPS THE LEGDROP! He picks up Armageddon and a whip into the wall!

HR: NO! Reversal and Deacon goes face first into the wall - his face is cut open!

VC: Armageddon following that up by grinding Deacon's face into the cave.

HR: Deacon with a elbow to the breadbasket, and another!

VC: Armageddon goes face first into the cave wall! Deacon has him, RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! Great work there, he's working over Armageddon's back.

HR: Deacon going for a Piledriver...NO - Back body drop by Armageddon.

VC: This is already a devestating matchup...Armageddon going to a corner, what's there?

HR: He has a rock! A BIG rock and he's coming to Deacon - SLAM! Deacon is DOWN! Armageddon grabs him - DDT!

VC: Oh man, killer! Armageddon grabbing Deacon - Jacknife Powerbomb! What a move! Armageddon picks the rock back up and DUMPS IT ON DEACON! He's going for the exit folks!

HR: He's heading there now, we're going to split the camera views now...Deacon moving the rock, but can he get up in time. Armageddon not moving quickly either. Deacon is up and is hurriedly trying to get there.

VC: Armageddon seems to be turned around, looking for the exit - REVERSE DDT by Deacon! Great move! Deacon picks up Armageddon by the throat - Chokeslam!

HR: Armageddon hurting after those 2 moves... Deacon grabs him - VERTICAL SUPLEX! Great move there! and now Deacon is picking up Armageddon.

VC: Face into the cave wall!!!! Deacon getting outta here! He's heading for the outside - split screen again.

HR: Armageddon stirring now and heading for Deacon...Deacon's near the entrance...

VC: DON'T THINK SO! Armageddon with a bulldog! He takes Deacon back up - Tilt a whirl backbreaker!!! These 2 are beating the daylights outta each other.

HR: Deacon whiped into the wall and 6:00 Suplex!!!! by Armageddon. Armageddon heading outside, Deacon trying to get up and - WHAT WAS THAT????

VC: I'm not sure, I just seen a flutter of black material and Armageddon staggered back enough - DEACON WITH A LAYOUT ATOMIC DROP!

HR: Thas was weird...But Deacon kicks Armageddon in the stomach doubling him over - ALTAR CALL (Crucifix Powerbomb)!!!!!Deacon hit his head with that one.

VC: He's staggering, but getting up - Armageddon not stirring. Deacon stumbling through the cave...Armageddon reaches his hand into a crevise... what's he have?

HR: He's got his SWORD! He's going to try to kill Deacon!

VC: Deacon getting close, but he's suffered some injury to his face or head... blood is covering his eyes, maybe that is why he's so slow.


VC: Deacon just about to the exit, but Armageddon is pulling back - HE'S GOING TO STAB DEACON!

HR: WHAT? WHat happened?!!! Did you see that?

VC: I did, but I'm not sure what happened. Armageddon just disappeared!!! We had a flutter of black robes and then when they moved - Armageddon was gone!!!!

HR: And Deacon is out - he wins...he wins!!!!! Deacon wins the Resurrection match!!!!

Winner: Deacon


(suddenly, the lights go out. a few members of the audience scream out, others hold their lighters up in the air. then 2 Of Americaz Most Wanted by Tupac Shakur starts to play and pyro goes off at the same time as the lights turn back on. Lone Wulf is now standing at the top of the ramp way, still with a little bit of his own blood stained on his face that he didn't wash off from his match with K-9. he's wearing the same wrestling attire he wore earlier in the night, some of it is torn up, some stained with blood, and he wears an Orlando Magic's warm up jacket. he holds up his hands to a decent crowd pop and makes his way down to the ring. he finally makes it to the ring and grabs the mic, he looks a little depressed, and sits on the turnbuckle.)

Lone Wulf: as most of you know by now me and K-9, are blood. we were born, and raised under the same roof. that is until I was eleven years old, dad died, mom went crazy, me and K-9 were out on the streets. I didn't know that he was alive, he didn't know I was alive, and each of us blamed the other for our problems. he thought that I abandoned him, I resented him. we went on to live our lives. if you call what we had to do "living". K-9 turned to drugs, stole, cheated, ran from the police, even crossed the border to Mexico a few times. I did pretty much the same thing, I lived in the streets of San Antonio for a good part of my life. I even killed a man one time. I was picked up in some independent wrestling leagues, and apparently so was K-9, and when we found each other here in the MWC, it wasn't a pretty reunion. both of us have tried to kill each other trying to make the pain go away. hoping that once the other was gone, that the memories would disappear as well. I've hit him with a steel chair, tried to injure, possibly even KILL my brother. and he's done the same to me, I've broken some of his bones, he's broken some of mine. since the end of Summer both of us have been running on nothing but pure hatred for one another, I hated the sight of him, his voice, his name, and I'm sure he's hated the same things about me. and less then an hour ago we both reached the peak of this madness, both of our blood pouring out all over the arena, compressed vertebrae, fractured skulls, it's just the beginning of the long list of injuries both me and K-9 sustained tonight. when he made me bleed, both of our blood came out of me, and when I broke one of his bones I broke part of my own bones as well. our souls our one, his blood is my blood, and tonight I tried to destroy him, and in that act, destroy myself. but that's all behind us, that's the past, I'm tired of living in the past, I come out here tonight to make amends with my blood. my brother. I'm not proud of what I've done to him in the past, and I'm sure he's not too happy with himself for what he's done to me. But right now, tonight, I want to make amends with my blood. K-9, I want to say this, I did not abandon you, I did not leave with our mother, and leave you. She left the both of us, it's not my fault, it's not your fault. It's just the way things happened. I understand if you hate me K-9, I understand if you want to kill me, beat me down, degrade me. It's the anger inside you, you see me, I bring back memories. Bad memories, memories you don't want to have, memories you'd rather not think about. But I don't want to fight with you anymore, Brother. I don't want to hurt my own flesh and blood any longer. I don't want my own flesh and blood to hurt me any longer. I'd hate to sound a little like Deacon, but you have the flesh of my flesh, and the blood of my blood. When it's all said and done, you take away the hatred, take away the wars, the battles, the controversy, we are, after all……siblings. And I just want to say that I love you, AND BEFORE YA'LL FANS START THAT BS ABOUT QUEERS YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!! As a brother, as myself, as family. In fact, K-9, I want to put all our past, behind us…where it belongs, in the past. No more fighting, no more BS, none of that. SCREW what Nemesis said, K-9 GET DOWN HERE!!!!

(Hit 'em Up by Tupac Shakur kicks in as K-9 shows up at the top of the ramp way, still in the same wrestling attire, still stained with blood, just like Lone Wulf, he begins to walk slowly down the ramp way but stops halfway, mic in hand he speaks.)

K-9: living, and almost dieing in the streets of San An, have made me not trust as much as I should. You come out here, after years, decades of feuding with me, hating my guts, wishing I was dead, and all of a sudden you have a change of heart? No, no, no, that's not the way it works, br….(slight pause.) brother. You don't all of a sudden, just HAVE a change of heart. You were never there for me. Where were you those Christmases where the Salvation Army gave me a few measly things from the Toys for Tots collection for sitting on the curb in front of the Salvation Army so that people would feel sorry for people like me, and donate? Where were you on my birthdays, when I wished myself a "happy birthday" while I sheltered myself from the rain in a dumpster? My life has been a living hell ever since Dad died, and you and mom ditched me. I've spent my life in the gutter, stealing for food, shelter, and the like. I haven't seen you for over 10 years, hating you more and more each and every day. And all of a sudden, after we nearly kill each other, you come out, and just EXPECT a relationship?

Lone Wulf: How many times do I have to tell you K-9? I did not abandon you, mom abandoned both of us. I've had a life just as ****ty as yours. Where were you when I spent Christmas in jail? Where were you when I thought about killing myself for 8 years? Where were YOU during MY birthday while I hid from the cops, and the rain under a couple of trash bags? We've neglected each other, and hated each other our whole lives. It's time to stop that, it's time to move on. Me and you have had it worse then ANYBODY, in this entire ****in' FEDERATION! We can take more **** then anybody else I know. We're from the streets of San An, and if you come and join me, we can be San An's Best here in the Multi-National Wrestling Corporation. There's not a single tag team here that we can't beat, not a single stable we can't destroy, not a single man in the MWC that we can't kill with our own bare hands, AND YOU KNOW IT K-9!! I want you to be my brother instead of my enemy for once, I want you to be my tag team partner, I need your help.

K-9: (now a little closer to the ring, but still on the ramp way.) How am I supposed to know that you aren't lieing to me for your own personal gain? How am I supposed to know that you won't just use me to get a title, then dump me on the streets again?

Lone Wulf: (looking almost heart broken.) K-9, come on man, please.

(K-9's at ringside now, with his arm resting on the ring apron. He looks up at Lone Wulf, and it looks like he's about to roll into the ring, but then he stops. Pauses for just a minute, but then rolls into the ring, but stays there, just barely into the ring his arm still resting on the bottom rope. K-9 opens up his mouth by Lone Wulf interupts him.)

Lone Wulf: Your going to have to trust me.

(K-9 stands up and slowly walks over to Lone Wulf, every one and a while turning his head to look out to the crowd to see their reaction. He pauses about 2 feet away from Lone Wulf. There is a long pause, but then they finally embrace, then hold up each other's hands in a victory pose.)




'Iceman' Steve Radder w/Kelly vs 'Total Elimination' w/Poison Ivy

(CUE UP: "The Dope Show" - Marilyn Manson. The arena lights go down as the fans rush to their feet in hopes of catching a glimpse. Spotlights surround the arena, finally focusing in on a spot about six feet from the curtain... and standing there, Eli Flair and Poison Ivy. They acknowledge the crowd for a minute, and begin to walk forward toward the ring. It takes them about two minutes or so, as they take in the crowd and smack a few hands. At last, they enter the ring. Eli moves toward the center of the ring, Poison Ivy in front. The song kicks into the chorus, and the arena lights raise and lower in tempo to the song, as glittery sparks fly from the ringposts. "We're All Stars Now," like the song says... but if that's true, this man is the true "ANTI-Star." Ivy then leaves the ring and sits next to Jim Sears.)

[Cue Up 'Bulls on Parade' by Rage against the machine. White and Blue fireworks explode all around the arena as the overhead screen shows in Emerald letters 'PR' on a black background. Radder comes out from the backstage area, wearing a t-shirt which reads 'EXTREMELY Cool' across the chest, carrying a chair in one hand, and holding one of Kelly's hands in the other. The fans let out a good pop, and Radder and Kelly do seem a little surprised by it. Kelly looks up at the huge 'covered-cage' structure and a worried look crosses her face, as Radder lets go of her hand, gives her a quick kiss, and steps into the ring, as the cage begins to lower ...]

JS:I'm joined now by Kelly, manager of "Iceman" Steve Radder, and Poison Ivy, manager of "Total Elimination" Eli Flair. It's a pleasure to have you here, ladies.

IVY:pleasure's all mine, Jim, Kelly.

K:I just hope Steve can walk out of this match allright.

JS:These two men have gone through hell and back so far in this tournament, and they're staring each other down as we speak! Radder still has a hold of that chair! THERE THEY GO! Radder flies at Eli with the chair, but he ducks! Drop toe hold, and Radder lands face first on the chair he brought into the cage!


IVY:He'll get up.

JS:Radder does indeed get up, as he tosses the chair outside and locks up with Flair! Flair, having the height, weight, AND strength advantage, sends Radder into the corner! He's got the Iceman by the throat, and he's chokeslammed out of the corner!

IVY:I thought this match would be a bit longer. But, Eli's setting up a table on the outside, so it looks like the KING of EXTREME is wrapping things up.

JS:Wait... Flair is setting YET ANOTHER TABLE up, on top of the last one! He picks Radder up... and hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex, and sets him up on the table!



JS:Flair to the top rope... SPLASH! Both men crash through two.. count 'em.. TWO tables, and hit the floor! Remember, this is falls count anywhere! The referee makes the count..

IVY:One, two, three.

JS:NO! NO! Radder kicked out!

K:Steve... Why can't he let go of this extreme thing?

IVY:Honey, it's in the blood. He's got something to prove in there now!

JS:Radder is picked up... and face first into the cage! NO! The force of the blow knocked a section of the cage out! Radder is a bloody mess! Flair sets him up for a side suplex...

IVY:S***! How'd he counter that?

JS:Radder hooked Eli's head, and countered with a DDT! He's got a hold of that chair again, and he's climbing the outside of the cage!

K:NO! It's gonna collapse on him!

IVY:Relax, kiddo. A section of the cage got knocked out but the skeleton is still connected. He's gonna be fine. That is... unless he falls.

K:You're not worried about Eli at all?

IVY:Not a bit. He knows what he's doing in there. And, if I may, so does Radder.

JS:Radder's at the top of the cage... and he DROPS the chair on Flair's head! Eli is busted open as well! But he looks like it only made him mad! He flips his hair back, sending a spray of blood all over the first two rows! NOW FLAIR IS CLIMBING THE CAGE!

IVY:Hold on a second... what's he doing here?

JS:Dr. Detructo has come out to take a closer look at the action, it seems, and he's shouting words of encouragement to Flair as he climbs!

IVY:He'd better stay the hell away from both men... They've got enough to deal with already!

JS:Indeed, as Flair gets near the top, Radder begins to stomp away at him! He's trying to cause Flair to fall!

K:Be careful, Steve... Be careful, Steve...

JS:NO! Flair lost his grip, and falls to the floor! OH MY GOD! He went through the timekeeper's table!

IVY:Now I'm getting a little concerned.

JS:He's heading this way... what's he doing?

K:I don't know.

JS:Uh-oh... Fans, Eli Flair has reached behind Poison Ivy and recovered the Singapore Cane that she brought to ringside... this could get messy.

IVY:There are bloodstains showing on your BLACK tuxedo, Jim... I think things are already messy.

K:How can he use that thing?

IVY:No DQ, kiddo.

JS:Eli is climbing the cage again, albeit slower this time... Radder tries the same trick as before, but Eli tripped him up with that cane! FLAIR AND RADDER ARE ON THE TOP OF THE CAGE!

K:And thankfully, Flair sent the cane back to the floor.

JS:Where it was deftly caught by Poison Ivy. Nice catch.

IVY:Hey, I try.

JS:They're exchanging punches now, and the roof of that cage looks like it's wavering just a little! This thing could collapse in on itself with al the weight on top of it!

IVY:Forget that, one or both of 'em could fall from the top and end a career REAL quick.

K:Don't say it. Don't even THINK it!

JS:Flair... oh my god... Flair's got both of Radder's arms hooked.... OVERHEAD BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! RADDER FALLS TWENTY FIVE FEET TO THE FLOOR!

IVY:That's gonna ruin his day.


JS:Fans, Kelly has left the broadcast area and is cradling Steve Radder's body in her arms... This is a tragedy... This young man's career could be over.

IVY:It is a tragedy... but Radder knew the risks involved.

JS:Be that as it may.... Flair is still on top of the cage, though he is looking down with what you could call concern in his eyes for the Iceman... and here comes the medical team with a stretcher.

IVY:This isn't how Flair wanted to win this match.

JS:Be that as it may, I think it's safe to say that Eli Flair is the Extreme Champion as a result of Steve Radder's inbility to continue. Let's get the official word from Humberto Ramos.

HR:Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please... Because of Steve Radders inability to continue the match, the winner... and NEW MWC--

JS:Humberto is cut off by some sort of commotion near the curtain...

IVY:You've got to be kidding me.


IVY:What's left of him, at least.

JS:This match has been a toll on both men so far... Eli Flair has a huge gash on his forehead, as well as a definite limp in his step and definite cracked ribs from that fall from the top of the cage. And he looks completely healthy compared to Steve Radder! Radder is bleeding from a most likely broken nose, he's holding his chest as if he's broken a few ribs, his arms are COMPLETELY torn to shreds, and he too is limping! Right now, he's limping right back to the ring! Kelly is trying to restrain him but he's pushing her arms aside! He wants this fight!

IVY:He's feeling the pain, allright.

JS:He's working through it, as he's once again ascending the cage! Flair is ready for him as well!

IVY:Welcome back to the land of the living, Kelly.

K:No jokes, Ivy... Not now.

JS:Radder climbs the cage, and he LAUNCHES himself at Flair! His forearm caught Flair across the temple! That cage is still wavering, Ivy... It;s going to give way!

IVY:More to the point, we've got another spectator.

K:Crippler? What's Crippler doing here?


IVY:Radder's on top... and he's got the cover! Damn it, Eli, kick out!

JS:1..........2........NO! Flair kicked out! We said it before, what will it take to get Steve Radder out of this match... what will it take to pin Eli Flair? Or make him say those two words he's never said before?

IVY:Eli won't quit... He doesn't know how to fail.

JS:Crippler has entered the cage to get a better look at things... WAIT! He's got a chair! CHAIRSHOT on Radder! And another one! He's setting up yet ANOTHER table for use in this matchup, and he lays Radder out on it!

IVY:Get up, Eli!


JS:CRIPPLER PUTS RADDER THROUGH THE TABLE WITH A LEGDROP! Flair saw it! Flair saw what happened! He's looking at Crippler, and he wants some answers!

IVY:Eli doesn't want this guy here.... Get him outta here.

K:Someone needs to get Steve out of there! This is too much!

JS:Flair gives Crippler a hard shove, and Crip fires back! Flair takes a punch to the chest, and fires back with one of his own that levels Crippler! DR. DESTRUCTO MAKES HIS MOVE! He's got Crippler by the hair, and they're brawling down the aisle!

IVY:I can't believe it... Radder's STILL getting up!

K:If he gets up, he's okay. I'll take it.

JS:Eli's under the ring now... what's he pulling out? A LADDER! Eli Flair has pulled out a ladder and a length of chain! This spells trouble for Steve Radder!

IVY:For both of them, possibly. See? Eli's hooking the two of them together with that chain, by the NECK.

K:This is bad.

IVY:Eli's pulling Radder to his feet, look at this, he can barely stand. How long has this match been going on?

JS:Fifteen minutes.


IVY:See? Good matches just FLY.

JS:Eli's got that ladder set up, and he's using that dog collar to pull Radder up to the top with him... POWERBOMB FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER! There's the cover, 1.........2.........NO! Radder's not out yet.

IVY:If that didn't do it... what WILL?

JS:THIS! Flair's tossed Radder over the top rope, and has a hold of that chain! Radder's being hanged!

K:End this, now! Stop the match!

IVY:Sit your butt in that seat, kid. Radder's got to see this through to the end or he'll never be able to live with himself.

JS:Radder fiddling with the chain, and he disconnects himself from it! Falling to the floor, Eli does the same.

IVY:Eli's got that ladder set up near the ropes now... What's on his mind?

JS:Eli's a good fifteen feet above Radder, from the top of the ladder to the floor! HE SPLASHES! There's the cover, 1........2.........3! 3! We've got an EXTREME Champion, in "Total Elimination" Eli Flair! This match has cost these men a great deal, however, and it couldn't have been between anyone else!

IVY:And Flair's the only one who could've done that title justice.

JS:Radder's on his feet, though VERY shaky... and Flair has been presented with the title belt! He extends his hand, and Radder shakes it! These two men have gone through the fires together, and they've emerged stronger for it!

IVY:Nice talking to ya, Sears, but it's time to de-traumatize Kelly.

JS:Kelly and Ivy have left the broadcast table... but the real story is leaving the ringside right now, as Eli Flair has the EXTREME belt over his left shoulder, and is supporting Steve Radder with his right! We have seen history made here tonight, and we've seen an AMAZING pair of men put on a show that NOBODY in the world can duplicate!

Winner and NEW MWC Extreme Champion

'Total Elimation' Eli Flair



"Good God" Kevin Powers w/Gina vs "Extremist" Eddie Dean

The lights in the arena go off as "Bombtrack" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play as the crowd hushes to the steady bass line. The drums are soon added, as the beat gets more intense, working up to a cymbal crash to which fireworks explode, and "The Extremist" Eddie Dean emerges from the curtain at the top of the ramp. He takes a second to gaze out into all of the fans that have gathered for this event before continuing down the path, which is lit up by various flickering figures of the word 'eXtreMisT.'

Along with his usual attire of a pair of goggles, a set of breath rights, and two streaks of red face paint running down both sides of his face, he has dyed his hair jet black and spiked it. Dean is wearing a long black trenchcoat and is carrying a trash can in one hand, as he works the crowd to excitement. The crowd warms up for Dean, and on the LockeTron his music video featuring match clips and movie stunts play for all to see.

As the cymbals crash again, Dean throws his trash can into the ring. He enters the ring with strobe lights. He seems to be enjoying himself, bouncing back and forth from each set of ropes. At the next cymbal crash, Dean leaps on to the second rope and starts running his hands along his waste to indicate he's there for a belt. After a few seconds, he does a backflip and lands gracefully on his feet.

As the music dies down and the lights come back on, Eddie Dean lets out an "Ohhhyeahhhbabyyyy!" and arouses the crowd once more. A good portion of the fans are clearly behind this former BTR superstar for now. "The Extremist" then takes off his trenchcoat to reveal the neon green tights that he is wearing. He sets the trash can outside of the ring by his corner, and gets to it.

['(Can't You) Trip Like I Do' by Filter & Crystal Method begins to play as the LockeTron begins to go off. Pictures of Powers and Gina flash along with some of their recent actions. In-between the cuts the words of 'PR in Da HOUSE', 'YOUR IC Champion', 'Gorgeous Gina', and 'GOOD GOD' Kevin Powers begin to show here in there in emerald letters on a black background. The curtains open up and Gina walks out wearing black leather pants and shiny black stretch halter top. Behind her follows the IC Champion of MWC 'Good God' Kevin Powers and he is carrying the MWC belt. As they walk out Gina stops and puts her hands on her hips as Powers stands behind her and holds up the title belt. A white fountain pyro affect goes off behind them and the fans are giving their best heel pop. Gina takes the microphone from the announcer.]

G: (giving a look towards the announcer) You know better. (Sets her pose) Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and children of all ages. Now that the Leach of PLR is out of the group PR proudly presents to you it's current MWC INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! From Chi-Town and current Bad Boy on the Block! He is ALWAYS full of US Steel and Sex Appeal. He is 'GOOD GOD' KEVIN POWERS!!!

JS: Fans, we are set to get underway in this title matchup. The champion here is in a precarious situation - he has a shoulder injury suffered last night. One thing you can say about this champion though, he doesn't miss the BIG shows for NOTHING! I don't agree with everything Powers does, but the fact that he's here now says a LOT about what a champion is SUPPOSED to be.

LK: He's a punk... but I have to agree with you. Collar and Elbow lockup and a Standing Armbar by Dean - he's going right to work on that shoulder.

JS: Not a bad plan if you are Eddie Dean. Powers though takes the other hand and - THROW HIM OFF!!! Dean back up - Clothesline by Powers! Dean back up - Powers tosses him into the ropes and spinning Elbow to the face. Good succession of moves and Dean is rolling to the outside.

LK: Not a bad plan there... catch his breath and Powers isn't chasing him either.

JS: I wouldn't if I was Kevin.

LK: If -I- was Kevin, I could keep 2 girls satisfied... not like this chump.

JS: Sure you could Liam. Dean back on the apron and Powers there to meet him - Shoulder block by Eddie, and another - SUNSET FLIP! - 1... 2...NO NO NO!!! Close one there surprisingly enough. Powers having problems acclimating that injury to his style it would seem.

LK: Not to mention that Gina is unsatisfied with any other acclimating he's tried to do.

JS: ... Both are up and Dean with the Irish Whip into the ropes and HURRICARANA!!! - NO! Powers turns it to a powerbomb! and a pin - 1... 2... 3 - NO NO NO!!!! Close call there. Powrs back up and Elbow drop down onto Dean. Picking Dean up - SHort arm Clothesline sends Dean hard to the mat. Tough match thusfar for Dean, but Powers still not able to do his usual domination.

LK: Dean rolling to the outside and THERE'S Gina - Powers holding the ref and Gina with some solid kicks from those heeled shoes.

JS: Unfair advantage there! Dean slowly getting back into the ring and Powers is waiting for him - SWINGING NECKBREAKER!!! And a cover - 1...2...KICKOUT! Dean hanging onto this one.

LK: Hanging is about all he's been doing.

JS: Powers pulls Dean to his feet and a solid BOOT TO the Face sends Dean into the corner. Powers picks him up to drop him across the top rope - his arm gives out!!! Unbelievable! Dean with the cover - 1...2..KICKOUT!

LK: Close call there - Powers having some severe problems tonight. And here comes more problems - SUSAN!

JS: Yep, and Gina already in her face with this one - SUSAN grabs her hair and vice versa - we got a cat FIGHT!

LK: And inside, Dean with a springboard Legdrop onto Powers after a terrific Tiger bomb. He has Powers in trouble. Dean tosses Powers to the outside and Susan and Gina are nearby - ref out to keep this seperate.

JS: Nice work Liam.

LK: That'd be a compliment, but ... well, it's from you.

JS: ... Dean sees his opening and is grabbing his garbage can - he's going up top and OFF


JS: What a shot! Right on Powers shoulder! Dean tosses him back inside and - EXTREME PLUNGE (leaping Brainbuster) - He's got the cover, but no ref...1...2...3....4.......5 - Dean heading out to get the ref back into the match.

LK: Look out Eddie - Susan missed a wild shot at Gina and just sent those nails down Eddie's face...he's stunned after that one and Powers taking advantage. He grabs Eddie by the hair and is pulling him back in OVER the TOP ROPE!

JS: The ref is back in of course now as well. Powers has a stunned Dean and is calling for KISS THE CANVAS (Slingshot Powerbomb) - he's got him up, the slingshot - HE LOST CONTROL OF IT!

LK: Dean springs onto Powers shoulder - 1...2...3!!!!!

JS: We've got a new champ - one of my BTR guys is the CHAMP!!!

LK: Uhm, Jim.

JS: Oh...sorry.


'The Extremist' Eddie Dean



E-cubed vs. The Method

Lunar Express comes down with their manager and is quickly pushed into the cage - no interference by them tonight!

The lights go out, and Rough Riders by DMX starts to play. Two pyro missle type things fly from the ring posts and appears to hit the MWC banner above the entrance way. This appears to trigger lots of white and red spinners.after that, The method makes there way through the curtain, and on their way to the ring, the fountains shoot off(green and white).

The arena lights dim as the opening notes of 'Eye of the Tiger' gets the crowd to their feet. A spotlight focuses on the curtains and everyone waits patiently for this new team's entrance. First through the curtain is Sampo, wearing a Quit Riot T-Shirt, long blonde hair in a single pony tail on the side of his head, grinning like there is no tomorrow. Closely behind follows Ironfist wearing his old boxing robe. The robe is dark blue with thousands upon thousands on sequins and beads. The hood is drawn over his face and he is hopping and dancing towards the ring just like at prize fighter at thier biggest match. Three slightly over weight men wearing white t-shirts that are too small follow the two men. Each of the 'escort's' shirts have an 'E' handwritten on them in a black magic marker (one is even backwards). The three men are also carrying flashlights and are waving them around like they are some kind of a light show. They also are popping blackcat fireworks on their way to the ring as if they are pyrotechnics. Sampo seems comfortable with this now usual entrance, but that's before Fireworks take off behind his butt. He runs toward Ironfist who just shakes his head. Sampo turns around to see that his heart infested BLOOMERS are showing and a smoke is being emitted from his butt...similar to Goldberg 'breathing smoke'.

JS: The bell has rung and we are ready for the Tag team title match.

LK: BORING! The only REAL tag team is 30 feet above the ring.

JS: Which is were ... uhm, the BIG guy for the Method nearly threw Ironfist.

LK: What is his name anyway?

JS: Well, Mailman Mike, Malkia, and ..uhm-

LK: Loser

JS: No, it's - Clothesline by Ironfist.

LK: Where'd he clothesline him, his navel?

JS: No, but close... uhm,

LK: Loser

JS: Is staggered... someone help me with this guys name.

LK: Loser

JS: His real name!

LK: Loser

JS: Whatever. The big guy trying to get back into it - body blow combo from Ironfist.

LK: Bet you can't say that 3 times fast.

JS: Bet I don't want to - Ironfist has him in the corner and is going to work - but it's the wrong corner cause here comes Postal Paul, I mean Kilika, I mean...

LK: Loser #2

JS: No, 187

LK: 227? Isn't that a bad 80's show.

JS: Right now, 187 doing some quick work in the corner - but HERE COMES SAMPO! He's up and FLYING over the top, sending both himself AND 187 to the floor.

LK: 227... yep, bad 80's show... like the A-Team

JS: Ironfist continues to work him over with left and right combinations, the ref is getting in between them.

LK: (Humming the A-Team theme song)

JS: The big guy grabs him by the throat - CHOKESLAM! Outside the ring, Sampo takes off running - NO - backbody drop by 187 onto the ringsteps.

LK: (Terrible 'Hannible' impersonation) Murdock, I love it when a plan comes together.

JS: Sampo is hurting and in some serious trouble...Inside, the big guy has Ironfist and POWERBOMB! What a move there.

LK: (Even worse Gary Coleman impersonation) Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis?

JS: (rolls eyes) He's got Ironfist hurting now with LEGDROP. Outside, the ref trying to get this into a semblance of a tag team match but 187 following his name sake with a Powerbomb onto the security railing - GOOD LORD!

LK: (Back to the A-team's Mr. T) I pity the fool that...

JS: Sampo grabbing at his back as Ironfist does the same inside... he's in some real trouble there. The big guy takes him to the corner, Irish Whip and Running Back elbow in the corner! Finally, the ref gets 187 back to his corner, but I'm not sure Sampo can do the same...tag by the big guy and in comes 187.

LK: Who shot JR?

JS: 187 climbs onto the big guys shoulders - flying elbow!!!! Goes for the cover - 1...2...(kickout) Close one there. 187 climbing the ropes again...what?

LK: Who shot JR?

On the Locketron, the image of a mysterious man appears...

MYSTERY: Tonight, the reign of terror begins!(Snow on the screen)

JS: What is that? Paul, I mean 187 loses his balance and falls... both him AND Ironfist trying to get to their feet. 187 does first and makes the tag - in comes the big man again and He has Ironfist from behind - Reverse DDT! Who was that guy on the screen?

LK: WHo shot JR?

JS: I think I'm gonna shot JW for putting me with YOU! Sampo slowly trying to get into his corner for a tag, but he's still very groggy it seems. Ironfist has takena LOT of punishment tonight.

On the screen again, the same mysterious man appears. Everyone conscious looks his way.

MYSTERY: For tonight, I will bring about the end of one team and the beginning of another's hope from their ashes.

JS: What? Another guy, just layed out the BIG guy with a chair and no one saw it... he's GONE! what's happening here? Sampo is still face down on the turbuckle clutching his back, the ref seems to be looking at that screen intently, AND 187 AND the big guy WAS looking at it - he's down and IRONFIST WITH THE TAG! He's climbing the top rope, springboard, lands on it again facing out and MOONSAULT onto the big guy - 1...2...3!!!!!! Sampo with a quick pin on the big guy.

LK: And then, we always had that 'classic' Miami Vice.

JS: That's it - VICE just got pinned, but who is those guys?

Winners and still MWC World Tag Team Champions




"Hurricane" Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa vs "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine

(Cue Up:"Smoke On the Water" - Deep Purple. The lights dim... and the crowd soars. There's no movement as of yet from the curtains... until the guitars KICK IN and fireworks explode ALL around the ring entrance... and two of the 'Forbidden' ones emerge. "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack, looking somewhat more haggard after 2 HARD matches this night, wears "BTR DAREDEVIL" tights, black boots, and a leather jacket. His hair, sprayed and dripping with water, is pulled into a short ponytail behind his head. Next to him is the incomparable Sunshine Del Payne. Her traditional pre-event shopping trip with Steve Radder's manager, Kelly. A small amount of makeup is on her face, as is a rather large smile. They do well to cover... Cover, not hide, the emissions of sadness that her eyes continue to project.They begin their slow walk to the ring, shaking/slapping the hands of any fans who were able to get close enough.

Vizzack stops to sign an autograph for one of his endearing fans. Vizzack notices a young boy who is holding a sign that reads 'I want to be like Mark!' The young fan is wearing a Daredevil Junior T-shirt. Vizzack picks the young boy up and holds him as the boy's father gets a snapshot of the moment. Finally, the Daredevil steps through the ropes into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.)

Approaching the ring, Vizzack holds the ropes for Sunshine to enter before doing so himself... The lights dim once more, as a dozen or more spotlights converge on a singular spot in the middle of the ring, where Vizzack and Sunshine stand tall. The ringposts SPEW fireworks and pyros, bringing the fans to their feet once more...)

The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain pops Sweet Melissa dressed in solid black short sun dress. She turns facing the curtain holding her arms together while pointing as "Hurricane" Eddy Love comes through the curtain with his hair not the usual perfection that we have become accustomed to. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. They come down the aisle and Melissa holds the ropes open while Eddy enters the ring, pulls the top rope then jogs to the other side of the ring and tugs on the other rope.

JS: Mark Vizzack is in the ring along with Sunshine Del Payne and Sweet Melissa is in there with Eddy Love! Vizzack is chomping at the bit to get his hands on him!

LK: Eddy's just as happy to be in there against Vizzack.They've been looking forward to this!

JS: Wait a second! Love just RAN at Vizzack! Clothesline! Vizzack goes over the top rope! But Vizzack catapults back into the ring and catches Love with a flying clothesline!

LK: Too bad Vizzack probably put HIMSELF in line for serious injury, Jim!

JS: Vizzack whips Love off the ropes and catches him with aBEEL THROW! Now Love scrambles to his feet and he gets caught with a STANDING DROPKICK right to the face! Another dropkick by Vizzack sends Love over the top and onto the floor!

LK: Love looking for a breather, but Mark Vizzack doesn't give breathers!

JS: Love back to his feet...but not for long! Mark Vizzack comes down with a PLANCHA! Now he grabs Love by the hair and rams him headfirst into the SpanishBroadcast Table!

LK: Love is busted open! He's not gonna like that!

JS: Vizzack rams Love headfirst into the table again!

LK: Your golden boy has lost it!

JS: Vizzack rolls into the ring and runs off the ropes! Love climbs to the apron and he's caught with a FLYING BODYPRESS by Vizzack! That knocked both men to the arena floor! Vizzack back to his feet quickly and jumps on the apron and comes down on Love with a MOONSAULT!

LK: This kid is really taking it to Love on the outside! Both of these guys like the floor better than the mat!

JS: Vizzack rolls Love in the ring and now he climbs to the top rope! Here comes Vizzack with a ONE AND A HALF SPLASH! NO! Love got the foot up and caught Vizzack right on the jaw!

LK: That's the problem with those high flying moves, Sears! One screw up and you're in deep trouble!

JS: Love back up to his feet and he's going to work on Mark Vizzack! He picks him up for a bearhug and just rammed him backfirst into the corner! Now Love just ramming that shoulder into the ribs and abdomen of Mark Vizzack! He whips Vizzack across the ring into the far corner! Vizzack leaps up to the top rope! Love charging in...Vizzack comes off with a STANDING MOONSAULT! NO! I don't believe it! Love CAUGHT him!

LK: What strength by Love, Sears! I can't believe that!

JS: Love walks around carrying Vizzack to the center of the ring...Vizzack squirming! Love trying to set up for a Tombstone piledriver...but Vizzack shifts the weight, and YES! Vizzack got his feet to the floor and now he's got Love in position for a TOMBSTONE! Wait...Love shifts his weight...and he's REVERSED it again! And now Eddy Love delivers the TOMBSTONE! The cover! ONE ... TWO ... NO! Vizzack got his shoulder up But Love stays on the offensive! He scoops Vizzack up and PLANTS him in the mat with a bodyslam! Now Love runs off the ropes and drops a BIG ELBOW! And now Eddy Love just choking the life out of Mark Vizzack!

LK: He's breaking before the five count each time, Jim! This is all perfectly legal!

JS: Now he takes that choke up to the feet...he picks Vizzack up and delivers a CHOKESLAM! That could do it! The cover! ONE...TWO...NO! Vizzack once again kicked out! Love whips Vizzack off the ropes! He put his head down for a back body drop and Vizzack leaps over...SUNSET FLIP! ONE ... TWO ... THR-NO! Vizzack almost had him there! Vizzack quick up to his feet and catches Love in the chest with an open hand chop! He shoves Love into the corner and now whips him across! Here comes Vizzack with a HANDSPRING ELBOW! He connects...and he follows it up with a BULLDOG out of the corner!

LK: Vizzack should have gone for the cover there but he's climbing to the top rope for another high risk move!

JS: Vizzack off the top with a REVERSE MOONSAULT! He hit it dead on! He rolls Love over for the cover! ONE...TWO...THR-NO! Love just barely kicked out!

LK: I don't know how he does it, Jim!

JS: Mark Vizzack a little frustrated with the count and he's making a point of telling the referee! But Love is up to his feet! Vizzack turns around and Love caught him with a BIG BOOT to the face! The cover! ONE...TWO...NO! Vizzack got his foot on the ropes! Melissa and Sunshine have stayed completely out of the way in this one!

LK: Are you kidding? Sunshine is a fine upstanding citizen and a community leader!

JS: Will you stop it, Sammy! Vizzack back to his feet and he dropkicks Love from behind! Love staggers backward! Vizzack has him...DRAGON SUPLEX! ONE ... TWO ... THREE ... NO! Love kicked out JUST in time! Mark Vizzack can't believe it!

LK: Neither can I! What do you have to do to put away Eddy Love!

JS: Vizzack has an idea, it looks like, as he throws Love through the ropes and down to the arena floor! Now Vizzack catapults over the top rope, flips in the air and delivers a SPLASH down on Love! But he's not done! He scoops Love up and slams him right on the Spanish broadcast table! Love is prone on that table while Vizzack climbs to the top rope! Here he comes with a MOONSAULT ... NO! Love got out of the way and Vizzack crashed right THROUGH the table!

LK: He knocked himself out with that one! No question about it!

JS: Love picks Vizzack up and delivers a PILEDRIVER on the broken table!

LK: Well...if Vizzack wasn't out before, he certainly is NOW!

JS: Love sends Vizzack back into the ring, and he goes for the cover! ONE .... TWO ..... NO! Vizzack gets a foot on the ropes! Love picks him up, and goes for a short arm scissors!

LK: He needs to go for the pin!

JS: Vizzack gets out of the short arm scissors and gets back to his feet! He locks up with Love again, and this time he takes him down to the mat with a nice side headlock!

LK: He pulled the hair again!

JS: He did not, Liam! Love grabs Vizzack's tights and rolls him over onto his shoulders! ONE ... TWO ... NO! Vizzack adjusts and maintains the side headlock! Love uses the tights to roll Vizzack over again! ONE...TWO...NO! Vizzack now brings the side headlock up to his feet! Love picks Vizzack up and delivers an atomic drop, but Vizzack maintains the headlock, and Love grabs the ropes to break the hold!

LK: Love's always thinking in that ring, Jim!

JS: Vizzack releases the side headlock, but stays right on Love with a forearm smash to the face! He whips him off the ropes and delivers a SHOULDERBLOCK! Now Vizzack picks him up to his feet and hooks a full nelson in the center of the ring!

LK: He doesn't have his fingers locked right! He's not gonna get a submission that way!

JS: You're right, as Love counters out of it and hooks a full nelson of his own...NO! DRAGON SUPLEX! That could do it! ONE...TWO...THR-NO!

LK: If this referee could actually count to three, it would beover!

JS: Eddy Love stays right on top of Vizzack and hooks in an abdominal stretch! He doesn't have it hooked tight enough, Liam!

LK: But he's making up for it by pulling on that top rope for leverage, Jim! It all evens out!

JS: Vizzack is in a lot of pain with this maneuver, and Loveadding leverage by pulling that rope! Wait a second! The refereesaw it and kicked Love's arm off of the top rope...and Vizzack breaks the abdominal stretch with a HIPTOSS!

LK: That's not fair, Sears! Another example of the corruption of MWC referees! They're out to get Eddy Love!

JS: Vizzack now hooks Love in an abdominal stretch of his own, and he's got it hooked PERFECTLY! He might get a submission out of this! No! Love reached up and raked the eyes, and that broke the hold!

LK: Smart move by Love! If you can't power out, THINK your wayout!

JS: Eddy Love maintaining his advantage over the former Television champion! He whips Vizzack off the ropes and he gives him a big back body drop! Now Love is going to the top rope! Vizzack doesn't know where he is!

LK: Here it comes, Sears! YEAH! Love hit a bulldog from the top rope! It's over, Sears!

JS: Love with the cover! ONE...TWO...THREE...NO! So close!

LK: TOO close, Sears! That was a three count!

JS: Love is not happy and he's arguing about the count! Vizzack rolls him up from behind! ONE ... TWO ... NO! Vizzack almost got him there! Both men back to their feet, and Love fires a superkick! No! Vizzack ducked it and nails Love with a hard right hand!

LK: That was a closed fist!

JS: Vizzack whips Love off the ropes and puts his head down! Love with a SUNSET FLIP, but Vizzack won't go over! He drops to his knees and onto Love's shoulders! ONE...TWO...NO! Love got his legs up and hooked Vizzack's arms and got him over into the sunset flip position! ONE ... TWO ... NO! Vizzack kicked out!

LK: Come on, Eddy! Put the WORM away!

JS: Love whips Vizzack off the ropes for a clothesline! No!Vizzack ducked it and comes off the ropes with a FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Love went flying through the ropes and onto the floor!

LK: It's a good thing he did! Now Vizzack can't pin him!

JS: Vizzack going to the outside and throws Love back into the ring! Love quickly back to his feet and he caught Vizzack coming in with a SMALL PACKAGE! He's got the tights! ONE ... TWO ... THR-NO! Love almost got him again! Now Love places Vizzack on the top rope! We're going to see a superplex here! Wait! Love turns it into a CRADLE SUPERPLEX! That will do it! He nailed it! ONE .... TWO .... THREE! NO! NO! Vizzack kicked out!

LK: How???

JS: Pure will... that's what he's got to be running on right now. Love picks him up and sends him into the ropes.... Knee to the midsection! He sets Vizzack up for a powerbomb.... NO! Vizzack countered with a back bodydrop! Love to the outside!

LK: Get away from there, Eddy!

JS: Love pulling himself up with the timekeeper's table, while Sunshine hands Vizzack a chair! He sets it up... MOONSAULT! Love goes face and chest first through that table! Vizzack cracked his head on the guardrail! This match has hit the sixty minute mark, fans!

LK: Like it matters? We've got a ten-count that's already hit seven, and neither man has moved!

JS: There is the bell, and we've got a double countout on our hands!

Double Count Out




"The Maestro" Bryan Blair w/Contessa vs Bruno 'The Bruiser'

A lone tan light follows Bruno as he comes out from behind the curtains. Walk by Pantera blasts over the PA as he stalks his way to the ring. Bruno climbs into the ring and runs his hands along his waist letting everyone KNOW what he's here for... The MWC World title. He holds his hands up in victory and a pyro bomb explodes overhead.

"Fireworks music" by Handel cued up as the lights go out again. A clear, white spotlight hits the curtain and out walks Contessa. She walks through the curtain wearing her 18th century clothing. She's wearing her dark burgany crushed velvet victorian dress, powdered wig with a tiara throwing the spotlights energy into a myriad of colors, a choker pearl necklace with a large heart shaped garnet stone, a gold bow in the back of the wig, & her victorian 'masquerade' mask with plenty of jewels and a tear shaped jewel under her right eye. She steps onto the ramp, turns around, and holds the curtain for … 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair. He's wearing a black tux with tails, mounds of lace on his shirt's front and cuffs, black 'knocker' pants that come down to his knees, black wrestling boots that hit mid-calf, & a powdered wig with a gold bow in the back around its ponytail. He is also wearing proudly, the MWC World Heavyweight Championship. He walks through the curtain and as they make their way down the aisle, a lighting cel throws music notes in various colors in the aisle for them to walk through. He helps Contessa up the stairs and then walks himself up them. Contessa stays outside the ring (in that dress, she'd never make it in), but holds the ropes up so that Blair can enter the ring. Blair puts his back to Contessa, holds his arms out, and she takes his jacket off. She helps him out of his shirt, takes his wig off (revealing his dark black hair in yet another gold bow for the ponytail) and then walks down the stairs to be seated at ringside. Blair moves to the center of the ring, bowes low in that aristocratic way and up from the 4 corner posts shoots fireworks. The crowd responds in full.

JS: Something quite odd here... the fans are rooting for the champ.

LK: Of course they are! It's BRYAN BLAIR...

JS: Uhm, maybe you haven't noticed, but he's not - well, too popular.

LK: I noticed... but I KNOW what the fans REALLY need, and it's a good dose of LOVEly MASTERed music.

JS: Nice play on words and NICE MOVE BY BRUNO! A quick jaw punch sends Blair down...

LK: And to the outside, good show Bryan.

JS: The fans, taunting Bruno who didn't endear himself to them in DC either... I think he should go back to Southside Chicago.

LK: I think he should go to he--

JS: HOLD IT LIAM! Blair grabs Bruno's foot and drags him out, eye rake by Blair and Bruno into the stairs.


JS: Uhm...no. Bruno just shaking his head, I think I'd go for another body part if I was Blair... like

LK: BRUNO'S NOSE - easiest target of all - it covers his whole face... never knew someone's nostrils could connect to their ear lobe like that.

JS: You excited Liam?

LK: Oh yeah, I've been able to watch Eddy Love protect the Maestro from any title shot at our next PPV and now...I got the MAN himself.

JS: Lovely... well, Blair with another headsmashing event on Bruno - but still NO effect. Blair grabbing Bruno again for it - back elbow to the gut and FACE DOWN FOR BLAIR!


JS: yes, Blair sent into the security railing, CLOTHESLINE over the top. Bruno had better watch himself, the ref is nearing a 10 count.

LK: Bruno can't count to 10... how could he know?

JS: Blair rolling through the crowd, if we have a countout, the champion retains.

LK: Run Bryan Run.

JS: So who are you know? Forrest Gump?

LK: Shut up Jim and call the match - Blair getting away - NO

JS: Bruno has him by the hair and bringing him back to the ring... but NOT before a free shot on the ringpost. Finally, we have action in the ring again. Bruno tosses Blair into the ropes - PowerSlam!

LK: Come on Bryan, we NEED you.

JS: Needy person aren't ya? Bruno with a whip into the turnbuckle...following Blair in - Clothesline and Blair is reeling. Bruno grabs Blair and up with a vertical suplex and DOWN! Good wrestling on Bruno's part.

LK: Shut up Jim and let me call the match.

JS: OK - call it.

LK: Bruno trying to pick up the much better Maestro into a piledriver - No, Blair squirmed out and Bruno sends Blair face first to the mat.

JS: It's called a Flapjack facebuster.

LK: No, it's called "Bruno can't pull any wrestling moves off against the superior, technical wizardry that is our champion - 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair".

JS: Do you feel better now?

LK: Yes.

JS: Good, cause that 'non'-move just set Blair up for DA SLAM! Irishwhip Blair into the ropes - Contessa grabs his foot and he is out of the ring!

LK: Nanny nanny noo noo.

JS: Good Lord, where's Sammy Benson when you need him.

LK: Who?

JS: Never mind. Blair is out of the ring, Bruno coming after him AND Contessa.

LK: You better stay away from Contessa, Bruno. She's dangerously danty.

JS: Blair still catching his breath, Bruno over him and...


JS: Blair just wrapped a cord around Bruno's neck, he's taking it to him now!

LK: That's the way uhhuh uh huh

JS: You like it, we know we know - Ref forcing Blair to let go, but the purse, Contessa dropped the purse. What are they up to?

LK: Up to? Nothing?

JS: yeah right. Contessa trying to get in the ring and the ref is busy with her. Blair has the purse, and he tosses Bruno in the ring... what's he doing? He's got the handle wrapped around Bruno's throat and

LK: Sending him over the TOP baby - look at Shorty dangle at the end of a thread!

JS: The ref can't see this, but Bruno in some serious trouble. Blair does nothing without cheating.

LK: Huh? I can't see. I have something in my eye.

JS: Please... Blair lets him go and Bruno is gasping for breath down there. Blair going after him outside - he takes Bruno's knee and DOWN across the ringsteps. He's already working over that leg... we know what that means.


JS: Yep, Bruno writhing in pain on the concrete outside and Blair grabs him...UP into a hanging vertical suplex and DOWN


JS: It certainly is dangerous. Blair takes the match back inside and is climbing the top turnbuckle - Bruno is prone on the mat below.

LK: Probably a hangover.

JS: (rolls his eyes). Off the top and DOWN with a Knee drop to the head! Great move!

LK: What else would you expect?

JS: Blair heading back up top, I guess an encore of a different kind - he leaps and


JS: NO ONE'S HOME! Bruno is up shaking the cobwebs loose and he has Blair's legs...what's he doing?

LK: Is he?

JS: I ... 'think' so, he's tying Blair up in a figure 4... but he can't figure it out.

LK: What are you saying? He couldn't figure out a Boston Crab.

JS: Bruno gives up on the figure 4 and settles for a kick to the midsection - the crowd SEVERLY jeering him now.

LK: Yeah, sing it and let the Maestro Bring it.

JS: I can't believe these fans are rooting for Bla..or should I say AGAINST Bruno.

LK: No, they're rooting for Blair - New York City people have class.

JS: You do know Steve Radder lives here?

LK: Sure, but he's a transplant from Canada, eh?

JS: Indeed he is...sarcasm noted. Bruno back in control and a DIVING HEADBUTT - he goes for the pin...1...2..(kickout - fan pop). Bruno is disgusted.

LK: DisgustING, you meant to say disgustING.

JS: Anyway, picks up Blair for a HEART PUNCH and another cover - 1...2....the ref stopped the count...Contessa put Blair's foot on the ropes!

LK: Huh? Somehtings in my eye.

JS: Bruno is incredibly insenced - he's going after Contessa... this could be a mistake. Blair is recovering in the ring and slipping out as Bruno stalks the beautiful Contessa.

LK: Oh yeah, can you say turnaround?

JS: Blair is hiding and he has the purse... here comes Bruno and




JS: Eye gouge from Bruno and now HE has the purse... pulling back and

LK: Good job ref!

JS: The ref grabbed it from him, this match is going on with Bruno and Blair trading punches outside - I think Blair needs to stop imitating a bar fight here.

LK: For once, I agree with you and Bruno sends Blair into the ring. Bruno getting on the apron, but Contessa has his foot...Blair from behind and Bruno down and into the railing!

JS: Blair gets him and sends him back inside...Blair getting in now - Bruno with a forearm smash to the back of his head. This match is back and forth all the way.

LK: No way, Blair is playing with him, like a violin.

JS: Bruno with an irish whip into the turnbuckle and he's following him in.

LK: Blair over the top of Bruno and a victory roll 1...2...

JS: He's got a handful of tights and his other arm on the ropes holding him down!

LK: 3!!!!!! This one is OVER. The well-built man has stolen the fat lady's song and ended it without an Encore...Now - Here comes Eddy Love for the celebration.

JS: Or the backstabbing.

LK: NO WAY! He hands the belt to Blair as Bruno still can't believe how this one ended - he's STILL arguing with the ref. What a celebration! The people can't believe it. What a champion. What a man. What a- -

JS: rube. BRUNO JUST DECKED THE REFEREE! Here comes the officials and Blair and Love are outta there - Bruno has went NUTS!

Winner and still the MWC World Heavyweight Champion

'The Mastero' Bryan Blair

[Fadein to a hospital hallway that is completely deserted except for one nurse at a station, and a young lady sitting with her face in her hands on a bench. An elevator's door open and Sunshine Del Payne and Mark Vizzack walk off, and see the young lady. She takes her hands away for a second, and we see that it's Kelly. She stands, and Sunshine walks to her, while Vizzack hangs behind a little.]

Sunshine : Oh, Kelly.

[Kelly breaks down in tears as Sunshine hugs her.]

Sunshine : I'm sorry ... I'm so sorry ....

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