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My Hero


Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Feb-25-02 AT 02:58 PM (EDT)]"...hey Hornet..."

[small]A special 'U62' logo flashes across the television screen, before finally finding a home in the lower left corner of your tube. [/small]

"I know you probably don't know me. Will probably brush off everything I say to you. ...chalking it all up as pointless threats, from a meaningless, talentless rookie, uncapable of even competing on your level."

[small]His voice was familiar to you... the viewer. But, it still left you wondering. You didn't want to jump to any false conclusions... you didn't want to get your hopes up, only to have them crushed, because the individual before you wasn't as good looking, wasn't as talented, or charismatic as the man you hoped he'd be.[/small]

"Good, Hornet. I like that. I want that. I wouldn't have it any other way. But, from me to you, Hornet... if I were a betting man... and, I'm sure you are... I wouldn't be so sure. This is not easy money. A cakewalk. Just some practice for another epic battle with Eli Flair. GUNS. Or whomever..."

"Before it's too late, Hornet... go to your local Blockbuster... rent you a tape or two... they won't be hard to find. Take notes. Say your prayers. Eat your vitamins. And, drink your milk.

"Maybe you can save yourself a bit of embarrassment. Maybe you can make this into a contest. Maybe, just maybe... if you rent the right tape... you can see why I'm really looking forward to this match. Why I really can't stand you. Why this match is far more important to me than your US Heavyweight title, my Presidential title, and bragging rights.

"This match is about my life. And, how for almost two years... you, without knowing, ruined it.

"Yeah, Hornet... you're in for a fight. You're in for a battle. And, your opponent... Heh... he aint some push over. He aint some average twenty minute spar partner. I'm the 'Blue- Eyed Badass', Hornet. I'm the 'Greatest Wrestler on the Planet', Hornet... better than even you.

"...hello, Hornet... I'm Triple X... your worst f#ck#ng nightmare..."

fade- in:

[small]He was shirtless. Standing in the middle of a regulation sized wrestling ring in nothing more than workout shorts, Sean took about four- or- five steps toward the camera, not even contemplating cracking a smile.[/small]

"And, i know you're not to blame, Hornet... how could you, of all people, know that your f#ck#ng with Poison Ivy's mind would effect me in any way? Right? If you'd have known... you'd have done it differently... right? This... EVERYTHING... it wasn't your fault. It's never your fault. Just one big misunderstanding... right? Please, Hornet... ten years ago, at the age of sixteen, when I didn't know any better, I'd have bought your games. Your lies. Your deception. In fact...

"...I did.

"I believed in you, Hornet. Not only were you the 'Greatest American Hero'... not only were you adored, and loved by millions, Hornet... you were loved, and adored by me. You were my 'Greatest American Hero.'

"I f#cking believed in you.

"F#ck with my mind once, Hornet... shame on you. F#ck with my life... whether it be intentional or not... I'll kick your a##. You're not my hero anymore, H... ever since I've stepped foot in this promotion... I've longed for this day. The day I got my chance to look you square in the eyes, man- to- man, face- to- face, waiting... daring you to make a move."

[small]He cleared his throat, pausing if only for a moment to collect his thoughts.[/small]

"If you don't know me, Hornet? ...if you haven't been made a believer by some of the things I've already done, even here in the CSWA. it's too late.

"...it's sad, but true...

"You, my friend... are in for a night of pain... a night of surprise. Against a man who doesn't fear you. Against a man who respects no man while we're standing toe- to- toe in the center of the ring. Hornet, you're going up against a man who loves to be told he can't do it. Against a man who loves it when his back is against the wall, in situations some would call, un- winnable.

[small]After pausing for a moment, hanging his head in the process, Sean looked up, hoping his look and tone conveyed his seriousness.[/small]

"If you swing a punch... I'll duck. If you kick... I'll catch your foot. Try that weak ass Hornet Splash... i'll move. I'm gonna be one step ahead of you, Hornet. In every way imagineable.

"So while you're looking up at the lights, Hornet... with about one million and one thoughts running through your oversized head... wondering 'what went wrong?'... it's not you, Hornet. Flair has had to face it. Powers has had to face it. Gabriel Poe has had to face it.

"I am the best this business has to offer. It's about time you realized it."

[small]Sean turned his back to the camera, exiting the ring, and walking out of the camera's viewing range.[/small]

fade- to- black


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
(The camera crew has set up in Hornet's den, ready for him to cut a promo against an almost-ski lodge background: fireplace, leather and pine. Hornet enters the room, and the production assistant points out his mark.)

Hornet: Thanks man. I've been doing this a while, I know where to stand.

PA: I'm sorry, it's just...

Hornet: It's not a problem. (He turns from the PA to his subordinate, James the cameraman.) Are we ready, James?

James: As soon as you are.

Hornet: Let's get it over with, then.

PA: Then in 3...2...1...

You think I don't know you, Sean? I know I've been a little preoccupied for a while, but I still notice a lot of what goes on around here. I still know when Melton and Merritt screw another champion like Shane Southern, and I certainly know when you cut a promo for San Diego.

But even if I didn't keep up around here, Sean, I'd still know your name from elsewhere. Whether it's the fWo, or the old TCW, I'm not completely ignorant...or arrogant, for that matter, no matter how it may sometimes seem.

I certainly don't take you lightly, Trip. Merritt signed the match because he wants you to embarrass me...he wants you to show me up. He thinks any of the 'young blood' would want to do that. But even though I don't know you well, I'm willing to bet I know you better than he does.

When it comes down to it, Sean, you and I know exactly what this is about. And I'm not going to demean myself or our mutual third party by going into anymore detail on national television. But we know, and that's enough, isn't it? Even if you don't quite know all the facts.

I'm not Hulk Hogan, Sean. I never sold my own brand of vitamins while taking steroids. Hell, unlike some of the big guns around here, I've never touched the juice. But in one respect, you're right... I was a role model, whether I asked for it or not. I signed every poster, every hat, every retarded kid's cast that needed signed, and then I signed some more. I showed up for every event, every personal appearance, every talk show and more.

And then one day, I decided it wasn't worth it. I decided I was getting screwed. And I decided that I wasn't going to be that role model anymore...that I was going to do whatever I wanted to do, and Merritt, and the public, be damned. So I launched into a scorched earth campaign, doing whatever I wanted and burning the ground behind me.

But you know what the funny thing about a scorched earth philosophy is, Sean? Eventually, everything around you is burned up, and you've got no one left to blame but yourself.

So then, the opportunity came.... Why not try and make it better? Why not depose the despot and turn things around?

(He looks away from the camera.)

But the bitterness was still there. The distractions were still there. The sick feeling in the stomach...and the back... was still there.

And at ANNIVERSARY, I got to experience that twice in one night. All the old feelings welling up...all the wrong feelings...

Jimmy, stop tape.

PA: Mr. Hornet, sir, we're not supposed to...

Hornet: I wasn't talking to you.

Jimmy: Done.

Hornet: Rewind it back seven seconds and give me a few, alright?

PA: But we can't...editing supposed to be done....

Jimmy: You got it. We're ready when you are.

(Hornet has stepped out of the den into a bathroom down the hallway. He runs the water and slowly washed his hands, then looks into the mirror.)

Merritt probably doesn't even know. Heck, who am I kidding, of course he does. There's only one reason he made this match, and it's because he wants fireworks. He knows who Ivy turned to... and he knows it's the one crack he can dig into.

Not this time.

(He walks back into the den.)

Hornet: Alright James, start rolling.

Well, the despot still rules, Sean, and maybe I have to live with that for another two and a half years. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

"The Greatest Wrestler On The Planet," Sean? I'd say at the moment, Evan Aho has a better claim to that title than you do.

"My worst nightmare?" Nope, you're not even the top five.

But that still doesn't mean I take you lightly, Sean. It still doesn't mean that I'm just gonna 'maintain' until the next big 'epic battle.'

I don't know that I have any 'epic battles' left, Sean. Because in my experience, all they leave me with is scorched earth.

But realize this, Trip. If you've learned anything from watching me the last thirteen years, then you ought to know that the only way I've stayed near the top in this business is to always have something unexpected...to always be ready to do something that the opponent doesn't expect. Or at least to make the opponent worry about it. (He smiles.)

See ya in San Diego, Trip. And I'll even bring the belt.


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