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My Review of Shows and Who Everyone Was

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Episode 1

strongest player- Cynthia, who managed to thrwart Mark's plan to vote her off and instead get mark voted off

Why Mark lost- Because he had no legs, duh.

Who was Mark- my friend Nat Tuck, who thought a legless guy would be ultra tricky, I told him it would suck.

Episode 2

Strongest player- Cynthia again, this time forming the Ned/Olivia/Cynthia alliance to further themselves in the game

Why Chris Lost- Because he talked to Ned and Cynthia and believed their BS

Who was Chris- Dan of the new fed on efednews.net fame, join his league!
and also guy who came in 2nd with Cloverleaf in season 1

Episode 3

Strongest player- Peggy, who's iron will dictated everything.

Why Karla lost- Because Peggy said so

Who was Karla- Sean Edmunds

Episode 4

Strongest player- Blaine, who formed a counter alliance against the Cyn/Ned/Olivia alliance

Why Ned Lost- He picked the purple rock, duh!

Who was Ned- Casey of Matthew Malone A1E Fame and Survivor fame.

Episode 5

Strongest Player- Peggy, Queen of Wallen

Why Tiffany Lost- Becuase Peggy wanted her to

Who was Tiffany- Shane of new fed on efed.com fame.

Episode 6

Strongest Player- Olivia, who went to Mary and Blaine about booting Diva, before then going to Diva and getting her to boot Mary.

Why Mary Lost- Because she was a follower, and Shak-No was getting so small anyone could be a target.

Who was Mary- Jon Katz

Episode 7

Strongest Player- Cynthia, who spurred the anti-Peggy rebellion and broke the lines that divided the tribes.

Why Peggy Lost- Her own tribe feared her as much as the new tribe, her lack of setting up a true 'inner circle' who could trust they would go far in the game with her was her undoing.

Who was Peggy- Paul Miller, winner of season 1 with Brandon Jacobs.

Episode 8

Strongest Player- Jason, who allied himself with Olivia, Cynthia and Diva, and then got a little unexpected help to win a huge vote.

Why Kevin Lost- Mostly because Blaine distrusted him, Blaine was the swing vote.

Who was Kevin- Steve A.
Episode 9

Strongest player- Olivia, who demands Blaine be voted out and got everyone to listen to her

Why Blaine Lost- Because he really had nobody to defend him from Olivia's madness

Who was Blaine- Chris of Big Brother Fame

Episode 10

Strongest player- Jason, who got Olivia and company to vote off Vincent instead of himself

Why Vincent lost- Not active enough in politics to change what was going on

Who was Vincent- Russell, winner of Big Brother

Episode 11

Strongest Player- Diva, who basically put things back to the way they were at the start of the show, with the expected Steve booting, after a giant series of events made everyone but Diva a target, and then put the boot back on Steve.

Why Steve Lost- Because he didn't instantly grab onto the 'boot Cynthia' plan and held out for a booting of Olivia. Beggers can't be choosers.

Who was steve- My friend ralphus

Episode 12

Strongest player- Jason, who got Diva booted so he could insure he'd be closest to Olivia and Cynthia at 4.

Why Diva lost- Jason/Olivia/Cynthia alliance

Who was Diva- Ryan of Shawn Hart fame.

Episode 13

Strongest Player for first vote- Jason, who told Olivia/Cynthia Emilia was way to dangerious to let near the jury

Why Emilia lost- on the short end of the stick alliance wise.

Emilia was- Lindz

Strongest player for second vote- Jason cause he won immunity

Why Cynthia lost- Cause she would clearly beat Jason in front of the jury

Who was Cynthia- Ryan of Rocko Daymon fame

Why Olivia beat Jason at final 2- She pissed off less people.

Who was Jason- That guy who Rp's Michael Manson, whoever he is

Who was Olivia- that guy who rp's Felix Red, whoever he is.
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