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Nakita Dahaka vs. Johnny Nash


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
Singles Match.

The RP deadline will be Wednesday, March 21st at 11:59 PM EST.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
"Let The Suspicions begin" (Confronting an old friend)

(The scene opens inside a hotel room. The lights are turned off but we can see what appears to be the silouette of a female individual in the room sitting in a chair. Suddenly the door opens as another female individual opens the door and walks inside. The female searches and feels her away along the wall for the lightswitch finally turns it on to provide the neccessary illumination in the room revealing the one that just walked in as Delilah Demonik, but then she stops dead in her tracks as she is starring face to face with "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka sitting in the chair.)

Delilah: Nakita, you scared me. Here to take out your aggressions on me for losing another match against The First in your non title match against the UCW World Champion?

(Nakita chuckles as she stands up and walks towards her manager.)

Nakita: That depends Delilah, on whether or not that you had something to do with causing me to lose my match against The First on Revolution, did you?

Delilah: Nakita, I don't know what your talking about. I really don't know how you got into my hotel room, but I must ask you to leave. We're done, remember?

(Delilah tries to brush past Nakita but The Dark Phenom grabs her sultry manager by the arm forcibly and tosses her down slinging her across the floor. Delilah can only look up with silence and fear back at Nakita with her beautiful blue eyes as she pushes her long jet black hair out of her face. She tries to stand to her feet and regain her composure. Nakita approaches her and gets in Delilah's face to where she is nose to nose with her manager.)

Nakita: You better not be lying to me Delilah because I know when someone is lying. I'm the mother of mendacity. I wrote the book on lying. I got my magic green eyes on you. Maybe you did and maybe you didn't have something to do that mystery person coming down to ringside and attempting to help or screw me out of my match with First. Maybe you were trying to redeem yourself in my green eyes. Maybe you were trying to get back into my good graces. If were either under the mask or sent whoever it was to help me. You failed miserably because I lost because of it. I was just fine without anybody's help. Had you not interfered, I would of gotten back in that ring and defeated First thus putting me one step closer to becoming the next UCW World Heavyweight Champion. Now I'm being delayed and prevented from my goal. You forget Delilah, time is always on my side just like the song says.

Delilah: Nakita, your paranoia only offsets you by your foolishness. I had nothing to do with this mystery person, but if I did trust me I'd be a lot more clever with my tricks. If wanted to f**k with you b**** even you as the Harbenger of Fate and Death would never see it coming. If you lost, you lost because your pride made you lose. At least look on the brightside, at least First only pinned you with a simple small package. He survived against you. I have a feeling that your paths will cross again. But as for this mystery person under the mask, I know nothing about her or him. All I gotta say is suspect everyone and trust no one.

Nakita: Especially you?

Delilah: Especially yourself. Be ready for anything and everything.

Nakita: I no longer have your whispers crawling inside of my head, why should I listen to you now?

Delilah: That's all comes down to choice. You'll just have to make the right one won't you?

Nakita: I have a match this coming Revolution against Johnny Nash. Should I be graceful enough and extend my hand out to you asking for your assistance when I face him?

Delilah: It's your choice, but if you do ask for me to be there. I will be in your corner, but only if you ask for me. Otherwise, just like First, your on your own. Call on my name

Nakita: I'll consider it. Don't call me, I'll call you.

(Nakita and Delilah turn to each other facing each other as they walk off. Delilah walks towards the wetbar and pours herself a drink. Nakita walks towards the balcony.)

Delilah: I'm sure you will.

(The balcony sliding glass doors open as a cool breeze blows into the room. Delilah turns around as she finds Nakita is gone and has disappeared from the room. Delilah sips on the glass of scotch that she has poured herself.)

Delilah: Great, another one of those disappearances. I hope that this isn't going to be a habit. I'm gonna hate that. Well good luck in your match against Johnny Nash. You don't need luck. You never will, but he will.

So it is said...

Let it be known...

So it shall come to pass...

Another chapter shall be written...

In Johnny Nash's blood...

Another chapter according to HER GOSPEL...

Thus declares ME...

Goodnight my champion, I toast you.

(Delilah downs the remnants of the beverage from her glass as the scene slowly fades out.)

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