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Naoki Inoue


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
Name: Naoki Inoue
Other Aliases: "Diamond Child"
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 177 lbs
Hometown: Omuta, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Date of Birth: 4/7/1990
Music: "Canon Rock" by Jerry Chang
Ring Entrance: The lights darkened as the opening violin strains of Pachelbel's Canon in D hummed throughout the building, a single spotlight illuminating the entranceway. As an electric guitar slowly begins to wail, the silver-hooded figure of Naoki Inoue stepped into the light, standing still, head looking down. Soon enough, however, the guitars crashed to a rapid crescendo, and the Diamond Child flipped the hood away from his head and sprinted to the ring, immediately leaping to the top rope and backflipping to the center of the ring underneath the flood of silver strobe lights before finally taking off his silver ring jacket.

Physical Appearance: Slight but toned, clean-shaven with dark brown eyes and short, spiky bleached blond hair.

Ring Attire: Silver and blue half tights with a bright white diamond emblem on the back and his initials in spiky white script on the outside of each thigh. Silver knee pads with a blue diamond emblem and white amateur shoes with silver and blue kick pads. Walks to the ring in a full-length hooded silver jacket with the blue diamond emblem on the back and both his name and "Diamond Child" stenciled on in bright, metallic white.

Out-of-ring Attire: Athletic casual, usually t-shirts, jeans, shorts, although he'll almost always show up to events wearing the same black F-PRO (Fukuoka Pro) tracksuit he's had since he started his training at 18.

In-Ring Style: High-flying junior heavyweight mixed with stiff strikes. (Best comparisons: Masato Yoshino, Taiji Ishimori and to a lesser extent Kota Ibushi)

STRIKES - Kicks are the flavor of the day, including a lot of flashy combos, but mostly snap roundhouse kicks to the legs and body. Enziguiri, Tree of Woe dropkick, spinning back elbow.
SUBMISSIONS - Flying Jujigatame, rolling heel hook, Diamond Cross (Combination Triangle Choke/Kimura, can be used to finish matches)
IMPACT - Jumping DDT, Tornado DDT, Brainbuster, Fisherman's Neckbreaker, Bridging Dragon Suplex
AERIAL - Top Rope Reverse Franksteier, Missile Dropkick (Done a la Masato Yoshino, flying seated dropkick with tons of air time), Springboard Double Stomp, Twisting Moonsault, No-hands shooting star plancha to the outside

Finisher(s): 1. Cascade Kick (Springboard Shining Enziguiri) 2. Diamond Press (Inward Twisting 450 Splash) 3. Diamond Spike (Sheer drop cross-legged fisherman's buster)

Personality: Wide-eyed 19-year-old getting his first taste of the big time. He's aware of his innate talent and how quickly he's progressed, so he's a little brash, but mostly he's just desperate to do anything to prove himself as quickly as possible.

Background: Nicknamed the "Diamond Child" because he hails from a former coal mining community, Inoue was born to an upper-middle class family. He participated in amateur wrestling while in high school, then left for Fukuoka immediately after school to begin his wrestling training at the F-PRO school. He made his professional debut in Oct. 2008 and quickly rose through the independent F-PRO junior heavyweight ranks, winning their 2009 Under 22 Junior Heavyweight Tournament before deciding to head to Tokyo for bigger things.

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