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NBW Presents: Gods Versus Titans II & WAR GAMES

Spike Saunders

Super Moderator
Oct 7, 2004
Athens, Greece - This Sunday the blood-thirsty and eager fans of the NBW, piled into the Nikos Galis Hall for what would surely be a battle on scale of legend. Worthy rivals stepped up to the squared circle to face the champions. Dynasty Tag Team, Keystone and Blitzkrieg Championships all on the line! Plus, not to steal our headline for our next pay pre view, but PRIDE was also on the line for the continuation of the Best of Series with The Players and Entertainers, while former team members of A-List are set to collide.

Oh but there is still plenty more folks! On top of all that we have the return of Laszlo from suspension to face Jonny Bedlam in the Steel Cage! Plus the Guild War battle, that we know little about other than it'll be interesting to see what it is about. And Doritos Man makes his wrestling debut against Richie Keal. Talk about a stacked show!!!

Oh but wait, there is more. I'll get fired if I don't mention this... the match you all have been waiting for of course. The Main Event which will see Team Tockwell, consisting of Jake Tockwell, Benjamin Jones, The Great Wall, Freddie Rich, The Law, and Raul Ramirez, taking on Team Newbludd, consisting of Brock Newbludd, Warren Spade, 'Big' Rick Strongbern, Spike Saunders, E.Z. Blaze as announced over social media, who is replacing the injured Son of Malta, along with two to be named veterans from All Star Championship wrestling. And where are they having this clash of epicness? Inside the squared circle, times two, surrounded by the re-enforced Steel Cage construction.

That's right. WAR GAMES are here. So head on over to the site or your local pay per view provider and order Gods Versus Titans II today!

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