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NBW Presents: SLAM! #103 - WAR on the Horizon

Spike Saunders

Super Moderator
Oct 7, 2004
[h=5]PUBLISHED BY: ADRIA HOYT[/h]Barcelona, Spain - We're just a few weeks out from all hell breaking loose at the War Games, for Gods versus Titans II. However the action is never-ending here in NBW. Clan Strongbern will defend their Dynasty Tag Team Championships against the Rich Family tonight. We will also see the extremely exciting The Players take on The Entertainers in their seventh bout! And the hired security of In Crowd, the Law, taking on Son of Malta and Spike Saunders. As well we're expecting the return of the Keystone Champion following those cryptic videos two weeks ago! So head on over and stream the show today!STREAM IT TODAY!

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