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NBW Web Exclusive: Sorry, No Refunds.

Spike Saunders

Super Moderator
Oct 7, 2004
The scene opened with the Interim General Manager of No Brand Wrestling Richie Keal at his desk with the NBW Keystone championship placed front and center. Richie himself … well he was facing with his back to the camera.

“Hey guys! I’m Richie Keal and I’ve got some sad news that I need to report …”

An unknown finger tapped on Richie’s shoulder.

“What? I’m busy man.”

A voice whispered to him quietly from off camera and the finger pointed back at the camera.

“Oh … ha! I knew that silly gus. I was just testing you.”

Richie turned his chair to properly face the camera and the audience. His face was covered by the title.

“Hey guys! I’m Richie Keal and once again I’ve got some sad news ... "

The off camera voice interrupted him again. Richie moved to the right so his face was finally not obstructed.

"Testing again! I'm Richie Keal and twice again I've got some sad news that I need to report where it concerns the Keystone champion Rey de los Diamantes …”

Richie did look like a sad puppy.

“Following the attack by Erick Davies on Rey in the parking lot on Slam last week, Rey was rushed to the hospital. He had successful surgery on his arm and shoulder which have been giving him issues since winning the title from Alex Reyn. Unfortunately the nature of the injury and recovery time of his arm and shoulder will be anywhere from six to nine months. Not only will Rey not be wrestling at Scorched but because he will be unable to defend the championship the Keystone championship has been vacated.”

He looked pretty upset by the news.

“Shame. He was liked a lot of people and he and the House were going to teach me to pick up wom … I mean I’m just testing you again!” said Richie with a nervous laugh and collar tug. “I’ve got some news to tell you as it goes with the Keystone title.”

He held out the big flyer that debuted on Slam/GOLPE 120 with the name “Rey de los Diamantes” crossed out and a question mark for his name across from the name of Erick Davies.

“The Keystone title match will now be Erick Davies fighting for the vacated championship against a returning NBW wrestler that will be revealed at bell time. We apologize to our fans who were looking forward to seeing Rey de los Diamantes compete. Sorry no refunds.”

Richie was about to sign off when some angry whispering was heard off camera again.

“Sorry refunds are available at your local ticket outlet. Thanks!”

Source: http://thenbw.com/18/nbw-exclusive-sorry-no-refunds/

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